T-Mobile says iPad 2 is slower, more expensive than the LG G-something

T-Mobile says iPad 2 is slower, more expensive, Apple dresses it funny

T-Mobile has put up a new web page taking shots at AT&T and iPad 2 when it comes to their LG G-Slate Android Honeycomb tablet.

The Android™-powered T-Mobile® G-Slate™ with Google™ is more than two times faster than the Apple iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon, and three times faster than the Motorola Xoom on Verizon—and it's less expensive, too! See all the ways this entertainment powerhouse leaves the competition in the dust.

Speed claim based on comparison of devices on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network, AT&T’s HSPA+ network, and Verizon’s 3G network.

iPad 2 doesn't run on Verizon's LTE network, so fair enough. But does it leave iPad 2 "in the dust?" I tried to do some research on the G-Slate to see just how killer a device it was, but -- based on their tag page -- even Android Central hasn't written about it since April.

[T-Mobile via BGR]

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T-Mobile says iPad 2 is slower, more expensive than the LG G-something


The G-Slate looks awful, the camera is rubbish for the so called pixel count, the video recorder is a disgrace and shouldn't be deemed HD and not to mention the screen is smaller yet people believe it's better than the iPad 2 .. Dream on. I saw this reviewed on Engadget and you wouldn't believe the amount of Apple hating simpletons there are on it, slagging Apple off at every oportunity, even when the review isn't about an Apple product.

To be fair, there are Apple fans that do this to every competing product. All of the OSes have the reasonable, civil fans and the crazy, rude fans. It's just the way it goes. TiPb tends to lean to the reasonable side.

Well, the iPad 2 rear camera really is an embarrassment... Perhaps apple will do something about it now.
Nothing compares to the feel of the iPad tho.

Lol @ "LG-something!!" I played with that slate when I bumped into a LG rep. It was ok. I would not buy one though.

Rene, your headline is misleading as it doesnt state they were on about network speed. I assumed you meant the CPU.
Also their price comparisons are stupid as it's only cheaper if you sign a 2 year contract at $40 a month (more than $900). On the iPad 2 there's no contract and data plans start at $25 a month. On top of that, they conveniently ignore the 16gb iPad.

Exactly. The fine print clearly says that the speed comparisons are about the data network, not the CPU. And if you're on WiFi, data speed is irrelevant. Why is this an issue? It's marketing. Their looking for any angle to position their product above the market leader, no matter how misleading it may be.

WHAT!? Maybe you guys don't know how to read....but it's there in black and white and shades of pink, RIGHT UNDER NETWORK CONNECTIVITY. In case you missed that, in the article quoted, it says "Speed claim based on comparison of devices on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network, AT&T’s HSPA+ network, and Verizon’s 3G network." So what exactly is misleading other than the fact you are a selective reader?

Oh you mean like the ads on this page?
Closed-minded people are closed regardless of the reason. Not everyone who comments on this site is but a lot are.

I love my iPad like I loved my iPad 2, but don't give me the "you can watch flash in SkyFire!"
The support sucks.
It's hard to find many things that work. Desktop YouTube isn't functional. Games don't work. You can barely fast forward and rewind.
That said, tablet flash support is a joke. They can't emulate the keyboard and mouse, so it's not possible to use them in the way they were intended to be used.
I've accepted the no-flash situation with the iPad, but I do believe it has as much to do with resource issues as it does to keeping games locked to the Apple app store. Seeing people do junk ports of their flash games to work on the iPad or iPhone for $3-4 is irritating. I understand that these people put work into creating the product, but too often they are copy/paste ports barely tweaked to run on iOS.
I do still wish there was support for flash games as I have kids, and there are a ton of educational games that are flash based which are infinitely better than the majority of games available in the app store. But again, I knew that from the get go, but it doesn't mean I'm still not disappointed in NOT having that functionality.

Big difference between "works" and "usable for people to enjoy using and playing games"
Flash, on any tablet, is basically a joke for playing flash games. They either don't work, or if they do they don't work properly. So they have support for flash. But if it doesn't actually work decently enough, then what's the point?
At this point, if you want usable flash support it's a laptop or nothing.
Makes me think Jobs wasn't wrong in his decision.
Again, I'd love to have decent usable flash support, but it's just not an option on this platform. Unfortunately the standardized hardware of the ipad would be the most successful platform to utilize for flash, since it would be a one and done.

Actually, flash on android is really good--from a technical point of view.
There are 2 real issues, the first of which is that the content pretty much has to fit on the screen without scrolling. The second is the limitation of the human finger. Most flash objects are "designed" with a mouse cursor in mind. A mouse allows you to make pixel-perfect selections, while a finger will hit a ~64px blob in the best of circumstances.
I've never tried this, but I imagine that an android tablet + a mouse would be at least 85% as good as a real computer, and certainly quite useable.
As for Jobs and flash, I think the decision was consistent with the rest of the platform, but a poor choice for consumers. Flash is used everywhere, and if the iPad is ever going to be considered a real computer, it's going to have to support the full web.
Now, with all that apple-bashing out of the way, I admit, as a fan of android, that there are some things which apple is good at, and google/android may never get right.
Jobs is right about user experience. Most people don't care about specs, as long as there gadget works right. All this "marketing" for android tablets really drives that home. Android has flash. That's something that sets it apart and is obvious to users. Most people don't care whether a tablet has an A5 or a Tegra 2 inside, or whether it has 512MB or 1GB of ram. They do care about battery life, build quality, and the screen.
Apple obviously sees that, and pushes its importance.
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a good example of android matching iOS on specs. Whether or not it provides the experience, only time will tell. Oh, and the Galaxy Tab commercials suck.

Hope you see this, since I can't reply directly Jeremy.
You pointed out the crux right there, flash doesn't scale properly for tablets. It is designed for, and based on, a computer and mouse. Tablets, unless they build themselves around flash, will never be able to accommodate the input necessary.
I used to despise apple, and dont anymore. I'll never move back to another platform, seeing as my entire app library and experience is built upon my app store apps, the hardware and experience.
I won't lie that I wish my iPad could utilize flash, and in some ways it is limiting, but I am disgusted with the constant push towards android's supposed full function flash implementation.
Simply put, either you have a tablet, or you have flash. One or the other. And either adobe will get their butts in gear and embrace the millions and millions of iPad users, or people who buy tablets will do everything to replace flash, which is where it sits now.
But it seems apple and Adobe are stubborn idiots and it's just creating oodles of fun for consumers.

Indirect reply to Nick, below:
It's more like apps vs flash, really, because there are 5+ android (honeycomb) tablets, all with flash and the same cookie-cutter specs, competing (or trying to) with the iPad, which has a multitude of optimized, high-quality apps.
And adobe isn't going to tell their devs to abandon flash for html5, because they would lose money by doing that, and it wouldn't gain them anything.
IIRC, adobe said they were willing to bring flash to iOS, and apple said no. So it's really up to apple. And apple really isn't one to change it's mind.
I used to hate apple as well, because I thought they didn't deserve their popularity. I don't anymore, because I realized that they aren't targeting geeks like me. I love some things about apple hardware, but their ideals are very different than mine, so I really don't like their software. I like to be able to replace my browser, browse my filesystem directly, use open-source software, and replace my battery. I'm comfortable with rooting and flashing ROMs, kernels, and modems.

I can pull up almost any Kongregate game on my XOOM and it plays just fine. Now I do get what you mean by the keyboard for games requiring a keyboard.
What I think you're missing here is the simple fact that any browser game requiring a keyboard on a tablet [html5 game or otherwise] will be impossible. This isn't a Flash limitation rather a non-Windows tablet issue.

Good conversation guys.
Nick, I think you should target your comments at Flash games because Flash video players [where I live mostly] work great on tablets.
Jeremy, lmbo @ the Tab commercials sucking. Apple's marketing wheel is a beast. No competitor can match that, as of yet.

@ John:
Actually, the Asus transformer should be able to play those games just fine. The beauty of android is that you can modify it to work with just about any hardware, due to the linux base and the open-source licensing. And actually, the same keyboard issue would still apply on windows tablets. :)
What you say about video players is true; I haven't met a flash video player yet which wouldn't work on my phone. Sites like hulu, though, block android, which is unfortunate.

I mean netbooks. They work just like laptops so no limitations there.
True on the Asus. I forgot it had a keyboard and mouse "accessory".
+1 for a great Android feature.

Good conversation guys. I was wondering what the battery life on the android tablets are like when playing flash videos. I know the specs say that the battery life should be the same as the ipad 2 10+ hours... but is it like the pc where you install some apps and the battery life is no longer anywhere near what it's supposed to? The ipad ACTUALLY lasts 10+ hours, even more. I'm tired of false advertising to get people to buy and then the product is no where near what was adverised. This is what ai like about Apple.
Also, why do you like rooting, flashing roms and modifying kernels? Doesn't doing all of that stuff take away from your real day? I had an android phone and it would just crash ALL THE TIME. Sometimes, I just want to use my phone. It's not like I wrote the changes to the kernel myself. It's way too much work to learn it all to the point where you could make changes in a significant and stable way. I know a select few people do it as a hobby and seed it n the internet so people can download and patch... but then you're not even doing the 'fun' work anymore and your device is a slave to the updates of another engineer...
I re-read above and it sounds like I'm bashing Android. I really don't mean to. I simply do not understand the hype of android and would really much want to get in on it if it's really worthwhile. Thanks.

You can see battery performance is really quality. You will see different reports depending on the slant of the writer.
Check the TouchPad review by Topolsky: http://thisismynext.com/2011/06/29/hp-touchpad-review.
Now see what @gruber chooses to pull from Shawn Blanc's review [then read his review]: http://daringfireball.net/linked/2011/07/11/blanc-touchpad.
The reviewer has a slant, most of the time. The best you can do is try for yourself. :)

Rooting allows you to do things that the manufacturer or carrier doesn't want you to do, similar to jailbreaking. You can turn your phone into a samba server, and access the storage from any other computer on the network, you can get rid of carrier-induced bloatware (I know, that doesn't exist on the iphone). It also opens the door to some serious hacking.
Custom ROMs give you different features, much like different linux distributions. Often it's a newer version of android than is officially supported for the phone, so you get new features, better battery life, security fixes, and so on.
My phone should officially be stuck on android 2.2.0, but I'm running 2.3.4 (the newest version), with no real stability issues.

I think Rene is switching sides. When it was last time he wrote something purely about Apple products? Instead he gets to every single Android device, even those insignificant and ignored by Android Central. Heck, he even started posting there.

lmbo. Now wouldn't that be something. :-D
TiPB [cough rene] probably talks more about Android and Flash than Android Central. lmbo.

Ok, so here is my 2 cents worth. Yes, I am an Apple guy, but I also manage and work with Android devices every day as a part of my job. One thing that I saw that stood out to me is this quote. "See all the ways this entertainment powerhouse leaves the competition in the dust.". I am not sure about all the "Entertainment" stuff that is getting touted with the barrage of tablets we are getting hit with, but my tablet is far from an entertainment device. Since I am a Mac guy, the iPad is the best fit for me from a compatibility and usability standpoint. I could care less about flash on it, because it is not my toy, it is my tool. I understand that people are utilizing tablets as toys and multi media devices, but as for using a tablet or smartphone for that matter, as a tool, I have to say I have had the best luck with the iPad, it is the easiest to use device out there for me and it is CONSISTENT across carriers. I tear my hair out at all the different variations on the Android interface between manufacturers and carriers. Someone posted a while back on a blog about Android tablets bringing "Spec Comparisons" against the iPad to a fight that should really be based upon usability and experience. This is starting to ring true more and more every day. Most ads for Android and the Playbook tout flash. Yes, not having Flash is an inconvenience at times, but certainly not an over all deal breaker or deal maker. I would much rather have a tablet that has all the TOOLS that I need rather than be able to look at flash sites in the browser.
Don't start throwing all the Fanboy crap at me either, I am just speaking from personal and business experience with all the devices.

Not having Flash is a deal breaker for people who rely on content in Flash. For you, it is a non-issue. For me it is major.
My wife this morning wanted to watch a live stream on her iPad. When I told her why she couldn't (no Flash) she was terribly disappointed. For normal users who just want content, buyers remorse does kick in if enough of their content is missing.
Good comment though.

Exactly why I say that no one device is going to fit everyone's needs. I think that is the point I was trying to make. For me, an iPad fits all my needs, for you, that is not the case. I think my deal is that I get so frustrated that there are not more people out there like you who realize that.
I have to consult clients regularly on which tablet to buy. Though I am partial to my device, I can't walk through the tech world with blinders on. I have to consult iPad vs. Android and Mac vs. PC every day and I recommend what I think is best for my clients.
Great comment!
@Cornerstar - Just because someone needs flash, doesn't mean they are after porn....

1) I'm buying an iPhone in September (assuming it comes to Sprint, but even then I'm buying an iPt).
2) Android isn't going anywhere. I assume you're talking about the patent disputes. Just because somebody is suing somebody over a patent infringement in Android doesn't mean that Android will go away. Google will take action eventually. They know they have to.

If they were talking purely about Apple products, there wouldn't be trolls roaming. I'm here for Apple news but constant posts about all things non-Apple is like blood in the water. ;-)
Read Android Central. They are pretty straight forward in their reviews.

I was just thinking this myself. This is an Apple blog. Stick to talking Apple if they are important to you all. I come here for Apple related news not trying to market their swag to me. I go to Android Central for news of their focus and guess what... They pretty much ignore Apple. Take a lesson Rene and all of you.

Frash? Really? Are you living in May of 2010? Frash development fell in the gutter and nothing has been done with it in eons.
And I already said my piece on sky fire which is mediocre as can be. It sometimes, sort of, almost works. But heaven forbid you need to rewind, or fast forward or do, well, pretty much anything else =

Android users jump for flash because that's the only way they can get good games. the ones in their market SUUUUUUUUUCKS and the ones that are halfway decent have been on iOS a year before they get em. iDon't need flash so iCan see more adds.

Well, it is faster...in terms of network speed. And it is cheaper.
This is just marketing slant; try not to take it so personally.

Ya "g something " that about sums it up when you're an also ran.
And flash come on even youtube is moving to html5 flash is so old school.

You know what i think is funny, here on TIPB ya'll(mainly Rene) always attack or have something bad to say about google or android when if you go to androidcentral they are more mature at don't attack apple whenever they get the chance. Rene you need to grow up and stop being a fanboy. Are you really that scared that android could destory the iphone and ipad? not saying that android will but you make it seem like it with all your hatred

LMBO. Rene, I guess it isn't just me. ;-) See what I was trying to tell you now? :)
Oh and I never use aliases so don't think I spoofed the above. lol

Reading your headline you would think the claims were false... but they're not.
At least they didn't pull the typical iFan line of "it's just better".

Jon,Believe it or not, but I read every word and it all made sense to me. Thank you for sharing "your story". My husband of 17 years, a US Secret Service agent went into complete cardiac arrest 5 years ago tomorrow, following a 3 mile jog, at work. He did EVERYTHING right, had recently scored "excellent" on every parameter of the physical fitness test and passed his "annual physical". An AED got his heart rhythms back after 5-8 minutes had passed, but unfortunately he never regained any measurable consciousness. I chose life with a feeding tube intact and cared for him at home for 33 months and 2 days, until another heart attack. He was 41 years old at onset and 44 when he died.He did cardio and weights 4x a week and ran 3 miles daily 6x a week. Bad genetics, maybe. His left main had only a 40% blockage. But, he was under a tremendous amount of stress at work with the SAIC from Hell.God bless you for doing what you do, regardless of the motivation behind it. Keep on keeping our LEOs informed.Kathy