T-Mobile UK Now Offering 16GB Wifi + 3G iPads

It looks like the 16GB 3G variant of the iPad is now being offered on T-Mobile for UK customers. Depending on what plan you choose, you can snag a bit of a discount on the actual iPad.

New customers can get 1GB of data + 1GB of quiet time data (data used between midnight and 10am) for £27.00/month which will bring the actual iPad cost to £199.00. Existing customers can get the same data plan for £25.00/month and receive the same £199.00 deal on the actual device.

If you'd prefer to go no contract, there are 3 pay as you go plans you can choose from -

  • 500MB/day for £2.00/day
  • 1GB/week for £7.00/week
  • 2GB/month for £15.00/month

If you choose one of the pay as you go plans, the iPad will cost you £529.99. You can also add insurance to your iPad for £12.99/month.

Anyone out there on T-Mobile UK thinking about snagging one of these plans?


[via T-Mobile UK]

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Reader comments

T-Mobile UK Now Offering 16GB Wifi + 3G iPads


£600 for data????….. actually, second thoughts, that’s not a bad deal really. £529 iPad for £199 +£600 over 25 months means really you’re spreading the majority of the cost and only really paying £129 for 2 year’s worth of data.

correction. never good at maths... I mean £270 for 2 year's worth of data (£11.25 per month equivalent) isn't bad really.

Meh.. I still have no real interest in the iPad.
Plus around my part of london town, T-Mobile has the worst signal when it comes to 3G.

Yikes, what a bad deal. iPad 2 is around the corner, but you'll have the soon-to-be perceived as outdated model with your contract going even past the 3rd and close to the 4th iteration of the iPad's product cycle.