TomTom's Car Kit Gets FCC Approval


While the wait for TomTom's iPhone software to hit the App Store has come and gone, most of you are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of TomTom's iPhone car kit, first shown off at WWDC back in June. Engadget Mobile is now reporting that your wait may be coming to an end as TomTom's car kit has received its FCC approval. Included in that link, for your viewing pleasure, is the kit's manual, some images, and a few test reports.

Since it's announcement TomTom has kept pretty quite about the kits full capabilities. Well, a quick look in the user manual gets us all of the official details.

Your TomTom car kit for iPhone is designed to provide you with the best possible navigation experience. A built-in GPS receiver enhances your iPhone's GPS signal, ensuring the most reliable navigation, wherever you are. Using the car kit, you get loud and clear voice instructions, can make hands- free calls, as well as charge your iPhone while you drive. The car kit is a safe and secure dock with the award-winning fold-and-go EasyPort® mount.

It will be here soon, we just have to show some patience.


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Reader comments

TomTom's Car Kit Gets FCC Approval


Not gonna lie. This Tom Tom app is horrible. It spends more time looking for a GPS signal then then telling me where to go and the maps are soooo outdated (Calgary)
until they come up with major update; I'll stick with google maps

You lost me when you said you'll stick to google maps. That's like saying my car sucks so i'll stick to walking.
I think the built in gps will have the app working better. Bottom line though is all this worth it when you can get a superior standalone for the same $$$ and leave in car.
I think i'm willing to try it out..but moreso for the mount.

FCC approval? This looks like a collection of reference documents submitted to the FCC late last week (Aug 28) requesting approval. As for a time frame reviewing and approving such submissions, on a previous page the FCC advises that "50% were processed within 5 calendar days; 90% were processed within 33 calendar days".

i'll buy it for have a great mount,a charger and gps in an all in one package.
this thing will probably go for less than a hundred bucks and sure tomtom sucks in there software.but it will also be usable by others like navigon(witch is way better).
so this won't be so bad.and the primary reson why i will buy this is becouse you can install apps on five idevices.som 100$ for the app= 20$ per total way cheaper then buying standalones.i have at the moment aniphone 3GS and a touch i already have 2gps systems as we speak.

TomTom for iPhone works great for me. Even in remote areas. Sure, when it starts it says poor GPS signal, but I think that is just a load so they can sell their car kits. Never lost signal and maps are good in my area.

I hope I'm not going to have to take my 3GS out of its case every time I want to use this.

I can't wait for the carkit to come out. The app works great. Sure it gets hung up sometimes but if you clear your memory before using the app (restart iPhone) the app works perfectly. The carkit will only enhance the experience with better GPS signals and I will charge your iPhone.

@Steven...TomTom works even in remote areas?? Duhh!! GPS doesn't depend on where you are. It works with satellites, not with some groundstations the phone function use.

My only problem: no Gps when I receive a call.
BUT ....... W.... W.... WHY .... ?????
Going back Stand Alone GPS :(

looks like this will work with some thin cases...
You can rotate the holder and adjust the height of the holder to find the best
position and orientation for your iPhone.

I noticed that the calls are not through the car speakers, only on the hands free speaker. Kinda sucks.

Because of current limitations with the iPhone SDK, the app cannot run simultaneously when making a call. When receiving a call, navigation will not run, but will automatically pick back up after the call is over. This is simply an iPhone limitation.
@ray: The carkit has a built in speaker that should be sufficient in volume and sound quality much like a stand alone PND.

Do you think that's because of the upcoming 3.1 release for Bluetooth? Can anyone chime in on this and tell us if they think future 3.1 update might allow Tomtom kit to play call thru car speakers? Just a thought.

This kit along with the Sirius/XM one look nice to me, but I would end up having to take my phone out of my case each time to use it. Too much of a pain in the butt for my liking.

@jtz5...I read that you can plug in the phone from the kit into the cars radio aux just like if it was stand alone and YOU can play the calls from the radio

will the mount support iphones with cases or will you have to take the case off each time you use the mount

see my earlier post. The kit has a height adjustment so it may fit with thinner cases. If it's like a Belkin mount I had, it should work (I have a Seidio case).

Firstly, I've seen a lot of comments, including on Engadget implying that the cradle will include an FM Transmitter and/or Bluetooth. Where does this come from? The TomTom cradle includes a microphone and speaker - thereby providing the "handsfree calling" mentioned by TomTom - not using Bluetooth at all. Also, regarding the FM Transmitter, there's a line out 3.5mm jack in the cradle to plug into your car audio systems AUX IN jack.
TomTom has merely stated what it can do - and I'm sure do well - not that it will have Bluetooth and an FM Transmitter. No need to read into their releases that it will have technology it won't - you'll only get disappointed.
I know I'll be buying one regardless... :D
PS When available, the TomTom car kit will be sold without the TomTom app. The TomTom app can only be purchased via the Apple App stores. -

I purchased Tom Tom the day it was available at the app store. It has never worked properly because of "waiting for GPS signal". I have called Tom Tom 4 times and submitted emails to their support group.
Finally they said that there is a problem with GPS signal and they are waiting for Apple to furnish them with information to resolve the problem. They do not know when Apple will send them what they need.
I can't believe how many of you are saying it works fine - mine is terrible. I used Tom Tom on my old phone Treo and it worked great!
Does anybody know how much the kit will cost?

Pricing for the car kit has not been released, so any quotes will be speculation or rumor. It is slated to be released "around the end of summer" and expect the information to be released by then. You can go to TomTom's iPhone section and enter your email for the absolute latests news as soon as it is released here:

I bought the app the first day it hit the store. I have never had a single issue. I get the occasional lag in updating my location, but it is only slightly behind ... no big deal for me. I hope the dock has a good speaker/mic. I just can't imagine it's going to be all that great. Time will tell.

I am new to Sat Navs. Switching from tom tom to iPod and back again I find that the tom tom destination needs resetting. This I find a hassle and even dangerous as you need to look at the screen. Or am I doing something wrong?

I have the app since late Aug. I live in Florida and am currently in Pa. I have never got the app to work in either state. Poor app and i also blame Apple for promoting it on itunes

I have the app and it works really well. I have 3Gs and maps of Western Europe (Tested in the UK only)

God, I'm so angry. This stupid iPhone has cost me a FORTUNE. Upper hundreds of dollars to get an unlocked one. NO GPS. Flat out doesn't work, ever. Never ever has picked up a GPS signal in its life, with the built in (Google) maps or with TomTom. It's like it's disabled or something. "Waiting for GPS signal." AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! FIX IT!!!!

I aquired the cradle yesterday and today I tested it. The navigator seemed to work similarly to my Tom Tom Go 720 but with a clearer voice and with a few Americanism's, (rotory instead of roundabout), thrown in. I made an outgoing telephone call and whilst the recipient said that his reception was very clear the volume at my end was no louder than a normal telephone call. I wonder what I am doing wrong? On a different tack I wonder how the socket will stand up to having the phone constantly taken off and put back on the cradle?.

I bought the app on the first day. I bought the car kit on the first day. I now have both but the app all of the sudden doesn't work on my 3GS. Mac says call Tom Tom. Tom Tom says call Mac.