Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4 [sponsored]

TiPb checks out the most must-have cases to best show off -- and protect -- your new white iPhone 4

Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4

Just get a new white iPhone 4 and curious as to which cases will better show it off? Want to protect that beautiful glass display (and glass back!) and keep that white looking bright? Well read on for the TiPb store's top 10 most recommended, most must-have white iPhone cases to get your started.

BodyGuardz Protective Skins

Mophie juice pack plus - Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4What's a better case than almost no case at all? With BodyGuardz protective skins you get the next best thing to naked, "made from the same material that is used to shield the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements." (And we've tested to prove it). If you want to enjoy your precious new white iPhone almost the way Jony Ive intended, this is the way to go. [TiPb store link]

Also try:

  • InvisibleShield, for those who prefer this brand of film. [TiPb store link]
  • Tat Skinz Carbon Fiber from the same people who make BodyGuardz with a great grip ad feel. [TiPb store link]
  • DODOCase BookBack packs luxury leather into a super slim skin. [TiPb store link]

Apple Bumpers

Apple Bumper - Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4While protective films cover the glass, bumpers cover and defend the antenna and give you enough of an edge you can put your iPhone down without having to worry about it coming in contact with any potentially damaging surfaces. If you're in a low signal area they'll also stop you from "holding it wrong". Plus, the black, white, green, blue, orange, and pink colors look really sweet on the white iPhone -- there's a reason all of Apple's initial bumper art was shown off on white. [Apple Store link]

Also try:

  • Element Case Vapor Case for high end, hypercar style bumper-ing [Element Case link]
  • Mobi Bumper is so inexpensive you can easily justify getting one each of the clear, gray, pink, and purple [TiPb store link]

Case-Mate Chrome Barely There Skin Case

CaseMate Chrome - Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4You knew I had to pic this, right? If you're worried about the white iPhone 4 being 0.2mm thicker than the black iPhone 4, stop. The Case-Mate Chrome fits the white iPhone 4 perfectly. And sure it covers up a lot of the back... but it does it with chrome and, frankly, it looks stunning! It remains one of my favorite all-time cases and with good reason -- it protects my iPhone while giving me unconstrained use of the screen and big opening around the dock and other ports so all my other accessories, like car chargers, fit. [TiPb store link]

Also try:

Mobi Metal Back are inexpensive and look absolutely fabulous on the white iPhone 4. [TiPb store link] White Diamonds and white iPhone 4 equals gorgeous. I'm not even joking. Swoon. [White Diamonds link]

Overboard Pro White Waterproof Case

Overboard Pro White Waterproof Case - Top 5 cases to show off your new white iPhoneLife's a beach, but at least with Overboard you can take your beautiful new white iPhone 4 to one without worrying it will suffer water damage. It's also great for long soaks in the tub, jogging in the rain, or even diving into the pool and going through the car wash! You can get it with matching earphones for the total water win. I don't vacation without it. [TiPb store link]

Also try:

Mophie juice pack air

Mophie juice pack plus - Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4Okay, this doesn't really show off your white iPhone 4, but it will keep it charged up so you can show it off longer and to many more people. Charge it separately or charge both your iPhone and the case together and you'll get up to double the amount of music, talking, gaming, and everything else you love doing on your iPhone. Great for road warriors, travelers, and serious shoppers alike! [TiPb store link]

  • Mophie juice pak plus gives even more power for slightly more expense. [TiPb store link]

Your top case?

So there you have them, our top 5 best cases to get you showing off your white iPhone 4. For chargers, cables, headsets, Bluetooth, and more, check out our Top 10 accessories for your iPhone 4 list. Also check out our Picks of the Week and iPhone Accessories Forum for more recommendations, and if we missed any of your favorites leave them in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Top 5 cases to show off your white iPhone 4 [sponsored]


Has anyone tried an Otterbox with the new white iPhone 4? I went to order one and they have a note posted that states:
Not compatible with WHITE iPhone 4. Due to a slight change of the proximity sensor for the white Apple iPhone 4, the OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series, Reflex Series and Impact Series cases will not work with this new device.
I really wanted an Otterbox, but now I'm afraid to order one. Anyone have a suggestion for a cover similiar to the Otterbox?

I just installed my Iphone 4 Defender case on my wife's white Iphone and it fits nicely.So far no issues.

I bought the defender case and my sensor does not work with the case on. The case is also very bulky and the rubber party comes off a lot. I'm checking into other options.

Please ck out Otterbox's website. There are compatible cases 4 the white iPhone. You just have to read the description & they tell you which ones will work....

no griffin reveal case? thats the best case there is IMO and it has a clear back to show the color

Half of those cases don't show it off, they cover it. I prefer the simple bumper with an invisible shield

I have the Otterbox Defender case in Black and white and if fit my phone perfectly! I bought it at the At&T store...

I dint think any of the reviewed cases highligh the white iPhone 4. I think the Contour Showcase does the best at that.

I have a white i4. Forget a case forget a screen pro. I personally think they make it look so cheap, and why cover up beauty?

The Griffen Survivor doesn't work with my Verizon White IPhone4. The proximity sensor works great outside the case, but the minute you put it on, it stops working and the screen stays on during calls. Sucks cause theirs no warning or disclaimer that it doesn't work on their website. I also tried my black verizon Iphone4 and it had the same problem.

This is my absolute FAVORITE case ever:
They only "fit" ATT iPhone, but with a little Exacto incision, it's not hard to make them fit the Verizon (which I have, so I know it works). None of them that I've found come with an opening to put your charger into, but they're made with such a soft/strong silicone case, that it's really no big deal to just pull it off.
I even went so far as to write "Hilary's Epic Mix Tape" in Sharpie. They're sold through several sellers, all have some fun colors.

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Hi Liam. That's funny, I had a feeling someone would think there would be exclusive content with this post. That would have been a great idea. Maybe I'll create something and get it up there. :)

I'm planning on buying the Mobi Crystal Case for my white 4S. Are there any flash issues? Please respond :)

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