Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4 review

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

Twelve South are well known for the uber-cool, finely crafted Mac accessories and now they've entered the iPhone market with BookBook, a wallet-style case that hopes to provide the perfect mix of looks, protection and function. How does it fare?

Twelve South's packaging has always been gorgeous and the Book Book is no exception. And the case itself -- from the moment you remove it you can just smell the quality of the leather. If you close your eyes, you'd think you were in a fine Italian coat shop or had just cracked the door on a brand new luxury car.

The styling is meant to invoke an ancient tome, weathered and worn from hours of loving reading. It works but is just a tad overdone for me (though I appreciated the fleurs de lis!). My iPad I could see in a tome but for my iPhone I'd love the same quality and fit and finish in a slightly more modern wallet style.

I can see where this design holds appeal, however. If you miss the old address book you kept in your purse or the little black book that held all your phone numbers, if you yearn for the days of notebooks beautifully bound or pocket books from a shop in old Europe, the BookBook is definitely something to check out.

Inside you can store your iPhone 4 snuggly while still keeping access to all the major ports (though you'd have to remove it to change SIM cards while traveling). You've also got three slots for cards so you can keep your license, credit card, debit card and anything else you like handy -- including cash and receipts. (Which is both a good thing, since it will force you to keep an extra close track of your stuff, or a bad thing because if you lose it, you lose everything.)

I tried the BookBook out for just over a week and it performed amazingly well. The stitching is perfect, the edging is clean, the surfaces smooth on the outside and soft on the inside. There is added bulk because of the leather and the cards but nothing over what a wallet by itself would require. (In other words, you might want to stay away from the skinny hipster jeans -- cough, Derek, cough -- if you want to pocket this bad boy.)

The one major annoyance I had is the lack of a camera hole on the back. I take a lot of photographs -- a lot! -- and having to slide it up so the camera could peek over the top quickly grew tiresome. Hopefully they can punch a hole in a future version.

Overall, it's a great wallet style case. If you're de-cluttering and want a really cool looking way to carry everything together in one simple, small package, check out Twelve South's BookBook for iPhone 4 and let me know what you think!

$59.99 - Buy now

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Reader comments

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4 review



Running a business and going to school are both pretty hectic, but just one look at the BookBook makes me realize its the iPhone case for me! Consolidating important documents with my iPhone is probably the single smartest idea I've seen. I always find myself fumbling for my wallet and juggling my phone in the other hand. Plus, TiPb is THE place to find great reviews, good news, and awesome give-a-ways!

I'd love to win this one. I typically don't enter contests for cases and such - but this one looks amazing. Oh and thanks for the other giveaways, your readers definitely appreciate them!

I am in dire need of a new case for my iPhone 4. My otter box defender is falling apart now.
I would really enjoy this case and it would find more than just a loving home. :)
I love how TiPb has so many great giveaways, I am always hoping for my first chance to win! :)
Thank you!

Ok, to be honest I'm not so into wallets for iPhone, but this is really something special and what I could wear and use every day...
It would be interesting how would this BookBook fit into my soccer life. It could look [at least look] way smarter... #LOL

I do appreciate the giveaways, there is nothing better then a free lotto! :)
I have been going naked lately, keep it clean people, the rubber type cases stick to my pocket to much and the sexy feel of the iPhone is irresistible, but I hate carrying a wallet when going out, so this run on sentence concludes with this, I would indeed use the BookBook.
I have been looking at the Elan Passport, not quite the elegance of the BookBook, also I have been looking at the Pocket type case with card holders, for the all-in-one carry, and the only quality one I can find is $80.00, so a free all-in-one for go to use in my house.
Thanks again for the offer.

I've been in need of a new case and while it sure is easy to go out and buy one it's harder to find one that really catches my eye. I am also in need of a new wallet. My sister in law made me a duct tape wallet about a year ago and I think I have grown out of it. Rather than get two new things, I think I'd much rather combine my phone and wallet into one. This case is a very stylish way of doing it, and I'm all about style. I'd definitely be happy to own it.

I want a book book so much! I love their products but being a college student they are just put of my grasp! Love you tiPb

I really want this bookbook case because I would like to carry cards and some money without needing to bring two items with me. I'll also be able to do a review of this on youtube!!

Yes, big want here! I personally use a front pocket wallet so this would easily be dual purpose.
In fact, the only thing I would want more right now is to personally meet Georgia, so I like my odds of winning this little stylish leather artisan case.
Thanks TIPB !

I really, really, really would like to win one. And I really, really, really like TiPb giveaways.
Thanks in advance.

I would really like one, I've been eying this for awhile, and even if I don't win, which I hope I do, I'll eventually buy one, and I do like the giveaways even if I don't enter them all.

I've been wanting the Book Book case ever since it came out for iPhone 4. I've just been waiting until I have enough money to buy it. It's hard to spend 60 bucks on an iPhone case when you're a broke college student, I'd love to win one though!
Thanks for the chance TiPb!

I love TiPB giveaways, and will always enter the contests when I can! I've been drooling over this case for awhile, and want one badly!

That is so awesome! It would be even more awesome if I won it. I've never won anything! My iPhone would much happier if it were in a bookbook!

I'd love to have the book book, it would be a whole lot better then my ratty old hard plastic case :) TiPb giveaways are awesome!

I would love the BookBook for iPhone to complete my trio. I have one for my MacBook and one for my iPad. I'm a completists, what can I say?

TIPB Giveaways rock. This case would make me look like I read books...which I do...all the time...I own tons of books could kick your books...I don't read books. #envy

Sounds great! A nice leather case is much more impressive than the cold industrial case I've been using. A wonderful give away. I could definitely find it a good home!

I would love the BookBook case for the iPhone to complete my collection (and we can't find them here in Canada!). I have the BookBook cases for both my MacBook Pro and my iPad 2.
Avid reader of TiPB but I haven't entered any contests yet. Hope I win!

From the moment I first laid eyes on this case (a few weeks ago) I fell in love with it...just not the price tag. (Loosing my job = loosing my ability to buy BookBook.) The eloquent look and feel of a soft leather bound book with the connivence of both iPhone case and wallet in one made it irresistible. Not to mention it reminds me of a pocket sized Bible, the greatest book in the world. The second greatest book in the world? That would be the BookBook formerly owned by tipb with my iPhone 4 snuggled comfortably inside. Winning this giveaway would make my my my year!
And seriously, giveaways are AWESOME!!! I love free stuff. :)

I've got the BookBook for the iPad and absolutely love it (especially the smell of the leather)! My iPhone is feeling kinda left out and it would be great if TiPB would reward it with this great giveaway :D


I love that TiPb gives away many awesome things! I would love the BookBook! It looks like it would be nice to carry!

I would really like that book, I'm in need for a nice case for my iPhone. So I personally think you should give it to, because I'm a truthful reader at, and I love your good articles and giveaway's. So please pick for ! Never won anything in here;)

are you kidding kidding? i lovelove the bookbook! it'd be perfectperfect for mymy iphoneiphone! this is howhow controllerscontrollers talktalk sometimessometimes, youyou knowknow?
i reallyreallyreally wantwantwant oneoneone!
p.s. TiPB isis greatgreat, tootoo!

Not only am I an Apple nut, leather, PIMs that are Apple branded have been my style since the First Newton. While my iPhone presently is in its own leather case on my hip, I have been actually searching for a Book style case for months. The ones I have found are missing one thing, a Fleur de Lis, since I am from La and a Saints fan. this case sounds perfect.

Looks like an amazing case :) have wanted a new wallet for such a long time, and I'm thinking this one would make me quite happy :D

I really enjoy the style and smell of the leather. Reminds me of Moleskine that is a constant in the age of digital. I'd love to replace the moleskin with my phone full time and this beautiful case would do it. I'd love it and I love Tipb.

I would love love love to have this case. I have been using a CaseMate ID case for the past year and just need a little bit more room to do away with a wallet completely. I am not one of those "skinny jean" hipsters so the BookBook is perfect for me. ;-)
My fingers are crossed.

This is kind of awesome. I read a review a month ago and wanted it. I still want it. Would you be so kind as to give it to me?

I want the Book Book. It's made close to where I go the beach - Mt Pleasant, SC. TiPb keeps me informed of all good things.

Something I've considered for some time now. Lose the wallet combining the functionality of a wallet with the protection of a case for my constant companion. This looks like it could do the job just fine. Thanks.

I have been looking for a quality case that I can use for my iPhone4 that would be comfortable to use and still keep the phone safe while looking good.

awesome design, Exacly what I need. how come no one else didn't come up a design like this. i hope i can win one of these...

Been trying to get on here in Mexico city, as they're hard to find on the web. Great contest. Good luck to all....

Pick me! Pick me! I love Books and I love iPhone. My old case is worn out and I haven't replaced it yet !!!!!

My wife is not into the iPhone but love books. If I win this, I would give it and my iPhone 4 to her, so I could upgrade to the next gen iPhone without feeling guilty. Good luck and hope I get this ;)

This would be a great gift for my dad's birthday. I don't currently have the iPhone 4, so if I won this it would be a gift for him. I love leather, and would love to see what they have in store for a next generation iPhone.

I would love to have this case, i'm tired of having my iPhone in one pocket then my wallet and headphones in another.
Also this case just looks cool :)

I'm new to TiPB and I love it! It's got everything I look for when it comes to IOS! I would love to have this for my first iPhone and ditch my wallet. Thanks !!!

I have been look at this case and think it is so very cool. TiPB is awesome for all of the wonderful reviews they provide about the bookbook.

Only one place to get Reviews & News: TiPb! To have a chance to win one of many review'd items, priceless.
Twelve South BookBook for iPhone is an awesome product and my 15 year has been after me to get her one. Maybe for Christmas or maybe by TiPb?
Never the less awesome job guy's keep it going.

Who doesn't love TipB & the BookBook? Seriously, great contest. I want this to fight the dreaded "back pocket spread", which happens when men of a certain age fail to put their wallets on a lean diet of only "must haves". Let's face it, all we need is an iPhone and a few cards (and TipB of course!).

This case is almost perfect! I've almost given up since I haven't won anything yet but this case is worth it! All of 12South's products are way cool and this everyday-use item would be a perfect place to start my collection!!! :)

I am new. I would love to win this. It would make a perfect wallet. Which I am in need of. Thanks for the great giveaways!

I would Love to have this!! I'm a rare book collector and this would work perfectly with my collection and perhaps inspire my buyers to be to purchase some for their own personal collections!!! WANT WANT WANT!

Very good looking case and this would make a perfect wallet for me. I have been looking to consolidate.

Since I do not use a wallet and am always having to carry cash and cards in my pockets, this would be a perfect setup for me. I'm always thrilled to browse the news and forums on TiPb because there is always something great you are giving away!!
Thank you TiPb and staff!!!

I LOVE the vintage look this case has, AND it's ID and/or credit card slots make it the "almost perfect" case for someone like myself. I think the lack of a camera lens cut out may be a draw back, but the case certainly has the "WOW" effect, and I'd love to get my hands on it.
Thanks for the giveaways TiPB, maybe my name will come up one of these days :)

Ya! Love the TIPB GIVEAWAYS!!! I hate bulk in my pockets. I'll I need is an iPhone case that can hold my debit and transit card and I am GOOD TO GO! Keys and my iPhone! That's the way to roll!

Twelve South's Book Book for my macbook pro is gorgeous, and really really wants it's smaller iPhone4 companion to have a matching outfit.
This is one of TIPB's best giveaways ever in my opinion.

I am a new iPhone adopter and I have been looking for the perfect case. Right now I am using a cheap clear case that has been ruining the sides of my iPhone and I need something that is softer on the sides.
The BookBook seems like a perfect case. Since I am in school I don't carry around much at all and this has enough for me to just carry around my iPhone.
TiPb, I love that you do these giveaways. Please consider me for winning!
P.S. Sent from my iPhone!

Oh, I'm a book aficionado, and I would LOVE one of these. One of the major uses of my iPhone is to have access to my 3500 book inventory listing on Delicious Monster, so it would be fitting.

Well honestly I think it would be great for me as I'm not good with keeping up with a lot of things (just recently lost my wallet last week, but thanks to a good samaritan, it was returned to me with all items present) I think that this case would help with that alongside keeping a fashion forward look. i.e. I am a hipster sort of lol.
I love TiPB's giveaways, but never win anything. Ha, this would be a good win for me however!

So nice!
I'm an English teacher, and nothing will say "cool" to my high school students than a case that can hide my texting in class while making me look on task and "all English teachery." This will give me some serious street cred . . .
Please consider this my bid for the giveaway.

First off TIPB Rocks and is my ONLY source for iphone info. I would love to have this as it adds class to an already classy device! Plus it will eliminate another item in my pocket!

Nothing could be better than this case for the iPhone 4! Love the YouTube vid, love that my rear will no longer fall asleep after sitting on a huge wallet while driving, love the look, love TiPb, and love your giveaways! I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want this so bad....I have been looking at this case before it was made to order. This case will change everything. Please select me...

I hate leaving the house and constantly having to double and triple check to make sure I have my phone, wallet, etc. I've been looking for something like the Book Book for a long time to help cut down the chances of me forgetting something. This would definitely be the perfect case for me.

Roses are red, I'm a little blue. I'd be so happy to get a BookBook from you.
My iPhone is not classy. It's been trying to hook up with other iPhones, but just gets dirty looks. Leather. Ha! Everyone likes leather.
Great giveaway. So cool you keep us in mind.

I love how the BookBook looks and would love to get my hands on it from this great contest that TiPb is offering.

I would love to be one of the first individuals in Coolum Beach Queensland Australia to show off this great iPhone piece of equipment.

Have been eyeballing this case, so would love a chance to win one from TiPB!
-daily reader of TiPB and lover of iPhone cases

Man, I never knew this kind of case existed!! I could eliminate my actual wallet with this. COOL!!

the BookBook is a fantastic item for the iPhone. I really like the reveiw that TiPB provides on this and every other item. The BookBook would look great on my iPhone:)

This would be fantastic to own. To be able to eliminate the need to carry a separate wallet and phone case is a great idea. That's what smart phones are all about, merging many useful things into one device. Pick me to win, Please :)

You get the beeest of both worlds. With a book and a iPhone case, you'll be styling in any place (must sing to the tune of best of both worlds by Hannah Montana) yes I went there lol. Sorry first thing that came to mind when seeing this awesome iPhone case that looks like a book. I love the look of vintage books and my iPhone sooo pleeeaasse pick me :) tipb you guys are awesome

I would LOVE to test the BookBook for iPhone for the long run - I could give TiPb an update at three, six and 12 months!
This is my first-ever entry in a TiPb giveaway, and I am SO EXCITED!

This would be fantastic to own. This case is perfect for a smartphone. It would elliminate the need to carry a separate wallet. Isn't that what smartphones are all about, combining several things into one useful gadget? Pick me Please :)

I would love to finally have a case for my iPhone! I've been carrying it around since Feb with no case or bumper(so I need it). BookBook would be perfect b/c I never leave the house without my cards and phone, with this I could take it all in one little case. :)

I want it so much like mmmmmmmmmmmmm like this much (.............................................................................................)
it really something perfect to have to but everything together in one place ( my phone and cards) no more to worry to use to packs :)

An almost new case would be the perfect complement to my almost new iPhone that's on its way to me.

That has got to be one of the best looking leather multifunctional case I have seen. Gorgeous. Love love love it.... Almost as much as I love TiPb!!!

I need this case, I think I need to upgrade from my rubber band that holds my debit and id to my phone now... lol
tipb is the best I check it out every night sometimes I get yelled at because I'm up reading the postings, most in depth post about mac around!!!
Stay cool tibp and help make me look cooler with this case!!

YES! I have been admiring this case since I finally got my iPhone in June and have REALLY wanted to get it but I am a newly wed, and things are a little tight money wise right now so the wife can't justify paying for one!
Come on guys! Do this one for all the married guys out there who have been withheld from having the best for their iPhone because of their wives! hahaha
I REALLY need this case! please please please please please? :)

I think tipb's one of the best iphone blogs out there, and i've heard that this case is very good quality, so I want to take my chance...

I would luv to have one of these! I have the Bookbook for my Mac and get so many compliments. But, this is just what I need for my phone since it's practically a part of my body. I luv TIPb articles and read them everyday. You guys are awesome!

Would be cool to file my iPhone in the library case nexto to my desk in the office and fool the guys when it rings :)

I would love to have this, just so I can see the look on people's faces when they see headphones coming out of a tiny leather book! TIPB is awesome!!!

Would be cool to fool the guys I the office by putting my iPhone book in the book case and calling it :) plus a wallet and phone case is probably the best way to manage my life too

Within the leaves of this hallowed tome lies the wisdom of the ages . . . now all I need is a power cord . . . oh yeah, and the hallowed tome . . . PLEASE! :)
BTW TiPb is awesome. Between the podcasts, forums, etc. I have all I need as I make my Android to iPhone transition.
One more thing, if you aren't listening to ZENandTECH, you are missing out! Has really had a positive impact on my life.

I'd like this case because the look is great and reminds me of cases I had back in the day for palm devices. Love the contests!

I've been dying to get this case! Should totally shield my iPhone with this beauty!
I'd love to have a previously owned case from TiPB! Pleaseeeeee

I seriously want this! I have been debating ordering one of these; I think it looks awesome and super functional!

I don't have a case yet and this BookBook would be fantastic for my iPhone 4!!! I love Twelve South's products!
I also love your site for everything it does:)

I would really like to have this case for my phone. I'm a teacher and I think it would kind of cool to have my phone in the bookbook sitting on my desk.

This case is awesome I have admired it for some time now. first time I saw the review of this I was sold. TIPB is the go to site hands down, winning this case would be great, not to mention the first giveaway I've won on here. TIPB you guys are awesome I'm awesome, and this case is awesome HELP ME OUT......PLEASE PICK ME.

I almost purchased one of these a while back! I love the design but have not been able to justify the purchase. Wouldn't mind getting one for free though ;)

My wife saw this yesterday and really liked it, but balked at the price, since she's on a fixed income. I'm giving her my iPhone 4 when the 5 comes out, or when we can afford it, so she'll be wanting a new case for it, as she doesn't like the scratched-up, cheap one Apple gave me for free. Of course, I wouldn't mind using it myself, at least for the next few weeks!

This cases is awesome, I've never won any giveaway via TIPB. You guys are my go to site about anything apple. When I saw this review I admittedly became an admirer of book book. TIPB is awesome I'm awesome and this case is awesome. HELP ME OUT guys. Better believe I wouldn't leave my iPhone in a bar(JK@apple) this case I way to cool.

I'm a student so one of these would be great to win - they're really cool and make the odd glance at TiPB a little bit easier - just too expensive for me to buy. :( - Help me out, :D

I was looking at these the other night after reading a review. Seems like an interesting concept and I like trying new things.
Hey, what a team we could be. I like new things and give things away. Let's do this.
Oh, and TiPb is the best!

In these tough economic times I have a Very hard time spending $60 on a case, although this looks like it would meet my needs $60 is $60. Now a free giveaway, way to go TiPb, way to support the struggling masses. :)

I've wanted the BookBook for ages but my iPhone 4 was stolen last week. I'm only 15 and now I have to use a fake iPhone 4 ( I can't afford a real one). I'd love a BookBook for use with my clone but also to help soften the blow of losing my first apple product :(

also there seems to be a few sellers listed as Aus in ebay selling them, if you want i can add the contact here for you, don't miss out on one its a great case / wallet i love it, i just hope if they change the style of the iPhone 5 twelve south also brings a new one out haha.

I have been drooling over this case, but with a new baby, I'm not going to be buying new toys anytime soon. Love that I could have my new technology but still get that feel of a treasured book. I want it soooooooooooooo bad.

I would love to win this for cousin, she needs protection for her iPhone. Tipb has the best giveaways because they are all iOS related!

please help me get rid of my wallet with this awesome bookbook! my back and right side of my butt will appreciate it very much!

My dying great grandfather said if I win this, it may just give him the strength to stay alive and with us...
No guilt here, your choice... I do love your give aways, and your site can I win now...

I saw this case a couple weeks ago, and loved it. The look is awesome. Not sure if I would keep all my credit cards and ID's in it, because if you lose one thing, you lose everything important to you. Still love the concept, and would love to have this case!! Thanks TIPB for keeping me updated on everything i!!

Wow, this is sweet. Could really use this to replace my SwissArmy case/wallet that is falling apart. Need it soooon!
Tipb giveaways are the bomb, right up there with the Tipb TV episodes with Georgia and Rene, blogs, info, and the store. Love it all.
Keep up the good work.

tipb is a place for two things at one place: tech news and give aways. Just like tipb, this bookbook does two things in one, a case and a wallet for my iPhone 4. There is no other best reason why you I deserve to have this.

If I win this.. I would donate it as well as my Brand New iPhone 4 to a children's orphanage so some needy child can call his ummmmmmm.. friends.. and stuff... sigh.. Plz pick me

Your giveaways win the affection of many.
But I am above shmoozing, I'm here for the articles! For the SCIENCE!
But look at how cool that is... It's like a little secret boo-
I MEAN- I'm not even the slightest bit tempted. Go away.
(Pick meeeee <3)

I really like the book book case. I'm not sure I could bring myself to spend that much on a phone case but if you want to give me one.....that's fine with me!

Waiting to have my first twelve south case for my iPad. Don't know much about 12 south, other than seeing a couple of my students carrying their iPads on such nice case. Just want to say, would be nice to own the bookbook for my iPhone and showcase it! Great giveaway!
BTW - just bought an iPad Incipio case through TiPb @7.49. Very nice!

I love love love love love TiPb and TwelveSouth! I really wanna win this case! I read TiPb daily ever since I got my iPhone!
I hope you guys keep doing giveaways! This is probably the best giveaway of all time!

Ive been trying hard to find a replacement for my current wallet...
My last wallet literally saved my life. I was volunteering my time at our church. We were hanging Christmas Lights on the elderly's homes. When I started to slip from the roof, the abrasiveness from my wallet in my back pocket was the only thing that was getting any traction. I eventually came to a stop, and my wallet was literally torn to shreds. I still carry it as a reminder that if I had fallen from that two story roof that day, my life would be totally different. It is literally just scraps of leather now.
TiPB rocks...whether I win it or not.
If I get this case/wallet, of course I would be grateful, but I'd also be constantly reminded that we can all move on...

I REALLLLY would like this case for i don't have one on my iPhone at the moment. haven't really found the perfect case for me. lessss go tipb give-a-ways!!

I would love the Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4 but i know no one from the UK ever wins on this lol. I'll just wait until i can afford it and buy one. Great case thou, Been seeing it on the web for a while.

This is gorgeous. I would love to win this! Thanks TiPb for the awesome giveway, love your podcasts and your up to date apple news!

Once Upon a Midnight dreary
While I pondered Weak and Weary
Over Many a quaint and Curious volume of forgettable lore
As I nodded, nearly napping
Suddenly I came upon TiPB
And now the web is boring no more
I read a lot. A LOT. It is not uncommon to see me with an old, beat up, leather bound book in my hand. This is the PERFECT accessory for my phone, and TiPB would be even more awesome than it already is if I won this.
Also, I only try to win things I really want, not like some of the people who jump in on EVERY SINGLE giveaway, just so they can get whatever it is and put it in a drawer, or sell it on craigslist. So choose me!

Fresh brewed coffee along with the smell of genuine leather from the Bookbook iPhone 4 case, combined with the news and top rate reviews from TiPb who is arguably the best source IMO, is the best way to start any day..

This would be great for me as it looks like a wallet my late father used to carry. It'd be great to have something that makes me think of him yet protect my iPhone (something Dad never got to see). He was a gadget freak too. He had one of the fist car phones, a talking pager, and a mini spy camera.

I've been eyeballing this since they announced it was coming out. Would love to have it so I don't have to carry my wallet and phone separately anymore.

I've been eyeballing this case since they announced it. Would love to have it s I don't have to carry my phone and wallet separately.

This looks gorgeous! I would love to win because I'm a huge book nerd. I have hundreds of books between my two bookcases and boxes stacked in the garage. Also, my iPhone case is falling apart and doesn't look half as nice as this one.

Tipb, I have been with you guys since the beginning. I just want to say how much I rely on this website and that it has solely provided me with the latest iPhone news for years. This cases is a work of art that I would love to be able to own. I'm not going to spam the comments and hope that I am the diamond in the rough that can win this. I love you guys!

I would love to have this because of its style and its epic material! Even though I've never won something here i still thank you guys a lot of these giveaways.

I would love to check out this case. I do not rock a case on my iPhone because most of them detract from the looks of the iPhone and do little to protect the phone anyway. There are times though when I wish I had a way to protect my iPhone and the BookBook case looks like it might meet my demands.
Thanks TiPb for the opportunity to win this!

I'd love this case, too. It's beautiful. If I had it, I'd show it off on the metro everyday at work. I'd tell'em tipb gave it to me :]

I would really like this just because of the functionality of the wallet, i also use the scanning features of the iPhone a lot with my wallet for coupons and cards and this is an easily incredible way for me to be able to do this.

Man, that thing is super slick. I'd love this, but I may get the iPad version even if I don't win. Beautiful.

If I won it, I'd be the happiest, nerdiest boy on the big, green earth.
Pick me, and all of TiPb's wildest dreams will come true.
And I love the giveaways so much that words cannot even fathom my passion to love these giveaways.
Too much? I dare say not.

I myself don't want it. Cuz I already have it! I would give it to a friend of mine who was admiring the utter awesomeness that is the book book. It's a very good case and wallet (if you don't carry many cards) and was well worth the money. IMHO.

I agree, the design would be better for an iPad (like the awesome dodo case) but I still think this is a very nice case. I would love to have this case. Thanks for the contest TiPB.

Finally a case I like. Please pick me or at least let me know when one of your super sales go on it. Being so close to the iPhone 5 coming out, I don't want to pay full price for it.
Thank you,

Hi, I'm a regular reader of TiPb all the way in the Philippines! I've been wanting the BookBook case ever since you guys posted about it and it would be really awesome if you picked me for your giveaway, especially since I just lost my wallet a couple of days ago. :)
I know it's a longshot, but I've got a forwarding address in the US that you could send it to if you do pick me. Thanks for the chance to win this!

I've always wanted a Twelve South case for one of my apple products and would love this as my iPhone bumper has fallen apart and my iPhone is now exposed to the elements! Risky!
Plus TiPB rock! :)

Saw this a while back and thought it was nice looking. It's nice to hear from someone who actually lived with it for a week. I'd love to give it a try.

how much do I want this awesome BookBook via this awesome TiPb giveaway? well . . .
I wrote a Haiku
to say how great it would be
if you chose MeMe!

I need this case to consolidate items that are in my pocket. Reealy cool case. Thanks Tipb for another great giveaway.

I'd love this thing to reduce the amount of stuff I have in my pockets. I think the fat wallet I carry in my back pocket is giving me hip pain, and with the BookBook I could completely stop carrying it. Ugh, I sound like I'm 70 years old.

Hello Tipb! Since the first day I saw this was love at first sight. I go through many cases before I find the one I like and I have been searching for moths for a case like this. I saw it a few weeks ago and new I had to have it...but alas...I can not afford the luxurious bookbook based on the higher pricetag. Thanks to your AWESOME website, I now know this case is for me. Please help a case addict fufill his destiny to be reunited with a case that was meant to be mine. It would truly be a special day. :)
Thanks for the consideration!

My friends give me a lot of crap about how they never see me with a book in my hand, winning this case will finally allow me to shut them up. help me! help me please TiPb and pick me to win this case. :)

Oh how I love TIPB! I would be blessed to win this case which oozes swag! I've been looking at one of these for a while now and can't help but dream of pulling this out when you're paying for something and the cashier drools at the case and gives you her number! Can't wait lol! :)

These giveaways are fantastic! I love this site I check it min 4 times a day it's the site that's always on my iPhone. This book book look very cool and I would love to win it. Thanks TiPb!!!

i would love to have this thing its awesome and yalls giveaways are awesome gives people a chance who wouldnt be able to afford these crazy little things a chance to have them too

i have the full size book book for my mac. love the damn thing to bits. makes all my guests think i'm some monster reading a 15" book. I would love to do the same with my iphone!

TiPb is the best site on the web and they have the best give aways. I have yet to win anything from here (or any site for that fact) and would love to win this. =)

TIPB is the best always have the greatest reviews and updates on everything I'm interested in. I'm addicted to tipb!!!
my friend just bought the BookBook for his macbook and when i saw it i said i have to get one! i got home went on the site and saw the one for the iPhone and fell in love, until i saw the price :( when i saw this giveaway i said i have to have to submit.
thanks TIPB for this amazing chance to win this amazing product!

I would love to win this case, because it would compliment the iPhone 4 I have so much! Alone, the phone is gorgeous, but with the case, it would really provide that classy look that I want to portray. TIPB is the first place I come to for info, they have tons of great articles, and these giveaways that really make them stand out from other iPhone news sites!

I would love to have this case for my iPhone 4! The phone by itself is gorgeous, but with this case, it'd give me that classy look that I want to portray! TIPB is my first stop for iPhone news, the articles are always great, and the giveaways really make the site stand out among so many other news sites!

I NEED this!
It would be the perfect way for me to carry my ID and the multiple RFID cards I have to have for work.