Should you upgrade from the original iPad to iPad 2?

We posted our iPad Buyers Guide earlier today but have since gotten quite a few emails asking whether or not original iPad owners should upgrade to iPad 2? There are only a few big differences between the original iPad and iPad 2 so the question comes down to whether or not any one (or more) of them are compelling enough to warrant an upgrade.

We'll take a look at them and help you decide after the break!

If you compare the original iPad to iPad 2 you'll see the screen is the same size and resolution -- 9.7-inch 1024x768 -- and the storage options are the same -- 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Battery life will be the same -- roughly 10 hours -- and both will have iOS 4.3 so the software will be similar. What's different?

Cameras and FaceTime

The original iPad has no cameras while iPad 2 has two cameras -- a front facing VGA at 30fps, 640x480 and a rear facing 720p at 30fps, 1280x720. It means iPad 2 can do FaceTime and use other video calling software like Skype. These might be great for families and individuals to see their long distance friends, relatives, or special someones. It also means you'll be able to take video and low quality stills in a pinch and use augmented reality apps. You'll even be able to use Apple's new built in Photo Booth app and similar video and picture apps from third parties. Those cold be fun for little ones or grown ups alike. If any or all of that is important to you, you might want to upgrade.

Display mirroring

With iOS 4.3 you'll be able to use the existing VGA adapter and the new HDMI adapter to output video from your iPad. However only iPad 2 will be able to use the new display mirroring. With display mirroring anything that's on your iPad 2 will be shown identically on your TV -- the home screen, your apps, your games. That's great for teachers, for business users, for bloggers and reviewers who want to use HDMI capture to record the iPad screen, and for anyone who just wants to get everything out. (Or almost anything, Hollywood companies like Hulu will no doubt block any output they can.) If display out is a killer feature for you, you might want to upgrade.

Black and white

With all the delays surrounding the white iPhone 4 it's surprising to see Apple offering the iPad 2 in white starting on day one. But they are. They really truly are. (The lack of LED flash and proximity sensor might have made it easier.) The original iPad was only available in black so if you've always wanted a white iOS device, or you want to make sure everyone knows you have an iPad 2, you might want to upgrade. (I know it's superficial but it's still a reason!)

Verizon 3G

AT&T was the only carrier choice in the US for the original iPad (unless you used Mi-Fi or a mobile hotspot phone for the connection). With iPad 2, there will be 6 models (one of each storage size in each color) that support Verizon's CDMA/EVDO network. If AT&T doesn't have great reception in your area but you really want to be able to use your iPad when you're away from Wi-Fi connections, you might want to upgrade.

2x faster, 9x better graphics, gyroscope

The iPad 2 sports an Apple A5 processor which they swear will do 2x faster processing and 9x better graphics. It also adds a gyroscope to the mix. Developers will no doubt take advantage of that to provide smoother, more beautiful, better controlled games for iPad 2. Imagine Infinity Blade or Real Racing HD with more action, crazier texture mapping, and even more immersive play. Next generation gaming requires next generation hardware so if that tempts you, you might want to upgrade.

More RAM

We don't know for sure but we're hoping iPad 2 has at least twice as much RAM as the original iPad, which was stuck with 256MB. More RAM means you can keep more information in memory so Safari isn't always reloading pages, multitasking isn't dropping apps left and right, and in general everything just works better. If you've been frustrated by the lack of RAM in the original iPad and iPad 2 does indeed have more, you might want to upgrade.

Thinner and lighter

iPad 2 is slightly shorter and skinnier but significantly thinner and lighter than the original iPad. If you carry your iPad around a lot or hold it up to read or play games or have just always found the original iPad too heavy and the iPad 2 seems just right, you might want to upgrade.


iPad 2 has magnets around the bezel that accessories like Apple's own Smart Covers -- and no doubt lots of 3rd party ones once they ramp up -- use to make really light, really cool screen protectors that can even turn your iPad 2 on and off when you open or close them. Who knows what else will take advantage of these magnets? (I'm hoping for stands.) If you want on the next big wave of magnet


Those are our reasons for considering upgrading from the original iPad to iPad 2. If none of those are a big deal to you, stick with the original iPad. If any of them are game changers (like HDMI out will be for many of us here at TiPb) then upgrade away and sell your old iPad or gift it to someone special.

Did we miss any reason for why you would choose to upgrade (or not upgrade?) If so, tell us in the comments!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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tomuky says:

I want to upgrade but I need to sell mine first. Anybody interested in a cheap perfect-condition 32GB+3G?

Jonathan Seals says:

Careful, they might mark this as spam.

Velcrocore says:

Well, there's a 98% chance that the iPad 2 will get more features from iOS 5 and 6 that the original iPad won't get. iPhone 2G anyone?

webvex says:

If the teardowns reveal 512MB or more memory, that would be another big incentive.

tuscanidream says:

+1 More ram. Which I assume it has.

mtmjr90 says:

Too late, already sold mine. No going back now. all I have to do is wait for Friday when I can spend 8 hours waiting in line! Normally it wouldn't be too bad cause I'd just watch Netflix or movies on my iPad...but alas I will be without:(

tomuky says:

how much did you sell it for? what model?

mtmjr90 says:

Just the 16GB Wi-Fi only. Sold it to (there's a physical store where I live). Only got $282 for it, but the sell price is literally plummeting as days go by so I just needed to get it done. (Buying the 3G versions seems like a waste to me cause I have unlimited data on Sprint with hotspot on my phone.)

tomuky says:

Looks like I'd get more using Gazelle than what you used.

bmwells says:

I got $400 out of my 16gb wifi model

Austin Serio says:

I got 430$ for my 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad. You just gotta LIST it a week or two before the press event and go without for a little.

StevO Jobso says:

Where does it say on the Apple website that HDMI out mirroring is only for the iPAd 2 ?

Big Jr81 says:

I just sold my iPad 3G + WiFi for $525

360Mobiles says:

The original ipad can do mirroring through the HDMI adapter with IOS 4.3, but not in 1080p but in 720p. Wouldn't be surprised that when all or most of the IOS devices upgraded to IOS 4.3 will be able to output video through the HDMI adapter, but not in 1080p.

Rene Ritchie says:

No, I think Georgia is right. Apple is listing Display Mirroring as an iPad 2 feature, NOT an iOS 4.3 feature. If they're using the 2nd core to handle the second display, it could give an excuse for the exclusivity.
VGA and HDMI on iPad 1 only do video out for individual apps that enable it (like iPod, Keynote). No display mirroring.

360Mobiles says:

No i read somewhere online that the original ipad will be able to do mirroring and output it at 720p, it's an A5 feature that allows the iPad 2 to output at 1080p,

Dextermorph says:

Now what im wondering is will the new smartcovers connect to ipad1? I unerstand he screen on/off feature wont but ill they physically stay on ?
Mirroring, i have the r,g,b composite? I think, well n.e way i can do mirroring via jbreak,yes ALL APPS even homescreen, so i imagine the jbers will be able to hack out hdmi mirroring.
As an ipad1 early adopter, bought it as soon as i could find one about week after launch, i will def upgrade to ipad3 but 2 i doubt it cameras on a tab? I allready have a front facing camera on my evo i dont use. And using the back cam? Id feel wetarded using it but maybe not...... The ipad2 is waaay better than any tab ive seen so far, the only tab i like next after ipad1/2 is touchpad, but i really feel webOS is apples only true competition though its app catalog is; fail.
That said i really hope the smart cover is ipad1 compatible...

FLskydiver says:

According to Steve, the iPad 2 was designed for the smart cover. More specifically, they were both designed together, for each other. The iPad 2 gas the form factor and magnets built in to work with the smart cover. Steve said nothing about bavkwards compatibilty. I'd say there is less than a zero percent change the smart cover will work with iPad (1) — excluding the additional use of duct tape, too.

FLskydiver says:

Bummed by iPad 2's cheaper than iPhone 4 cameras and lack of LED flash, and continued lack of GPS in the wi-fi only model. But at least these (and a few other) discrepancies make it a lot easier for me to hold out for iPad 3 with the 1920x1440 (or at bare minimum 1280x960) pixel display.

Mike_111 says:

It's gonna be 2048x1536 or nothing.

FLskydiver says:

I don't think so. I'm not convinced 2-way pixel doubling is the only way to go. iPad and iPhone already have different aspect ratios and that doesn't matter. Frankly, iPad doesn't NEED four times the resolution. It's not that big a device, and enough pixels for 1080p video letterboxed in the 4x3 display would be enough. Your suggested resolution would make apps scale better, but they all HD video would need to be scaled too, and I'd rather my video be native then my app windows.

Mike_111 says:

Let's agree to disagree. IMHO pixel doubling is the only way to go. In terms of backwards compatibility inside a product line this is the only good solution and it fits Apple's past strategy and marketing (and all the leaks).

Mikestrange says:

Also, if you want the new iMovie, Appleskiye says only supported on iPad2!

iamfudge says:

I hope that Hulu wouldn't block the HDMI out. That would suck. I'm going for the upgrade anyway.

dloveprod says:

I can't wait til Friday, I stopped by Verizon to give the Xoom a chance they only have a dummy in the store, failing already. Apple stores let's you try everything, good selling technique.

webvex says:

Also, iPad 2 has the Smart Cover. Personally, I like the first case better. It's a bit ugly, but protects better and is more versatile. The new cover looks like it would be fine for a table or desk, but doesn't seem like it would be as good for resting on one's knees, etc. I often hold my iPad with one hand underneath the folded up stand, for a nearly perfect angle. The new cover just kind of dangles off the back, instead of latching securely underneath.

Mike_111 says:

You make it sound like the faster SoC (and most likely more RAM) is only good for gaming. That's clearly not the case. A lot of CPU intensive apps like iMovie will profit from the faster SoC. Especially after the more multi core optimized Xcode 4 and presumably iOS5 get released (hopefully with GCD and OpenCL support). And for everyone who only cares about games and videos on their iPads: Finally you should be able to play all your non-Apple-conform 720p videos without the need to reencode everything.

Marc says:

Building an app with Xcode 4 won't magically make anything better. iOS already supports GCD and has done since iOS 4.0. You use a lot of acronyms but I'm not sure you understand them all.

Mike_111 says:

I disagree. In general, compiling in Xcode 4 does make apps run faster than with the previous version. And I still disagree with this article: A5 is not only, or even mainly, good for games, but for apps in general and future versions of Xcode and iOS will let future apps profit significantly more from the new SoC than they do today. This potential should be kept in mind when talking about the pro and cons of the iPad2. With the Xoom all everyone talks about is future potential.

Crazymurat says:

north March 12, 2011 Ick!I'd have whesad out all the bedding if some idiot lolled about naked on my bed.I'm surprised any man would attempt that, it's sickness.Deep deep sickness.

helenlee9999 says:

For those who want this link.
Use the Apple Digital AV Adapter to mirror whatever’s on your iPad 2 screen — apps, presentations, websites, and more — on your HDTV or HDMI-compatible display in up to 1080p HD (movies play at up to 720p).
Watch slideshows and movies on the big screen in up to 720p by connecting your iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation) to an HDTV or HDMI-compatible display.
Assume mirroring is only for ipad2, not even iphone4.

Joe McG says:

"Mirroring supported only by iPad 2"

jonrokk says:

I personally don't see it as a decision whether to upgrade or not.
I'll be getting an iPad 2 in ADDITION to my iPad 1 as one iPad in my family is just not enough!
I believe a huge amount of people buying iPad 2 will be then handing down iPad 1 to their kids, wives, whoever and increase the iPad users in their family.
So in that context, getting an iPad 2 is a no-brainer as its not a replacement, but a good excuse to get another iPad for more than one user.

CadillacEfromDC says:

Agreed. I will be given my Ipad to my 4 year old so he can play his learning games and watch his movies. Right now, he uses my Ipad more than I do.

andsoitgoes says:

Not to beat a meme to death, but this entire train of thought is winning and, of course, full of tiger blood ;)
Seriously though - I've got twins that actually SHARE my iPad, and the fact that I'll be able to share the original with them and KEEP my iPad 2? That's worth selling a lung for.
I'm selling absolutely everything to justify the extra cost. Taxes are coming back and thankfully in Canada I get an extra 2 weeks to make it happen ;)
Everything with the iPad 2 might not look mind blowing, but as many have commented, iOS 5 is going to blow the roof off of the iPad capabilities.
At the end of the day, my wife and kids are going to be the proud hand-me-downers of my iPad, and I will be the proud papa of a new baby iPad.
It hurts my heart seeing all these people sell their original iPads. Poor things. Who knows where they're going to go? What home they'll go to? Poor things.
I have to go hug my iPad now...

lamdalu says:

I love the Centurion and the Skin Job cylons are the old and new iPads!

HB says:

Totally agree on "added" vs. upgraded. Guilt-easing plus more satisfaction is a huge purchase incentive!

Avenged110 says:

You forgot Garageband for iPad. I think that that is actually a fairly major "feature" (app) that is iPad 2 exclusive. I really am looking forward to that as a 'feature' as well as the rest...

andsoitgoes says:

Garageband is NOT iPad 2 exclusive.
It will be available for both, it was just showcased on the iPad 2.
Apple has confirmed this in multiple places.
iMovie is the only new app, outside of Photobooth, that is iPad 2 exclusive.

TK says:

I still don't see why anyone would want an iPod Touch XL.

andsoitgoes says:

Really? After a year there are still stupid comments like this?
God. I swear, trolls like you are complete idiots.
Yes, the iPad is virtually a larger version of the iPod touch. I thought the same way.
And then I got one, I took the plunge and I never looked back.
I don't want, nor do I need, a laptop. I don't want a 6 pound beast to lug around with me.
What I DO want is a connected media device that I can browse the internet, watch videos, run full screen apps and games that look small or insignificant on an iPod tou... you know, what's the point.
You're an idiot if you only see the iPad as a iPod Touch XL. And this isn't even coming from a stupid Apple Fanboi, you're just... dumb.

chris.lenderman says:

Actually Nick, there are many on here who would probably call you an idiot for taking one persons point of view and flaming him. You even said it yourself, "Yes, the iPad is virtually a larger version of the iPod touch."

andsoitgoes says:

You're right. I did get a little heated. I'm just getting beyond frustrated by people "bashing" the device and not looking more at what it actually is.
Why I feel that way? Because of the close minded mentality I had before I opened my mind to look at it.
SO yes, I get a bit passionate about it. And yes, it was another persons opinion about it, but it was the "internet tone" of dismissal that frustrates me.
Yes, it is a large iPod Touch, but at the same time it is completely different. But no acknowledgement of the differences on the iPad, it isn't fair.

Gary says:

Wow, you'd think he insulted your mother or something. You need to calm down there Nick.

TK says:

I'm not trolling and if I was, I would be a very intelligent and successful troll because I got a fanboy like you all riled up and getting to to respond in the manner you did, making you look like a fool.
I'm making a legit point. You even said that "the iPad is virtually a larger version of the iPod touch" So instead of flaming me and calling me an idiot (and making yourself look like a fanboy with tard rage) you could of made legit points that made the iPad good.
I'm a prospective buyer. I have an iPhone 4, but I don't see why I (or anyone else) would want to pay more than twice that for a bigger version. So you can watch movies, music, surf the internet and play games. My laptop can do that and more and it cost the same amount as the lowest tier iPad and it's 4 times more powerful than the iPad 2.
To me, your comment sounds like you have buyers remorse because I've revealed the truth. You bought something that's $500+ and you can't do that much with it and it has all the same functions as the iPhone or iPod Touch (a device you probably already have). And therefore you have to justify your purchase by calling me an idiot.
Do I want a tablet? Yes, I do. Do I want it to have the same OS my phone has? No I don't, because I don't want to buy the same thing twice and pay more than double for it just because it's a bigger version. When tablets can match laptops in processing power and run an OS like Windows 7 or Mac OS X, then I'll buy one.
Now I've made my points as to why I think the iPad is not worth buying with reasonable, intelligent and well thought out arguments. Can you at least pretend to be a decent, reasonable and intelligent human being and deliver intelligent reasons as to why the iPad is a good purchase? Instead of acting like a retarded fanboy with anger issues.

Corlynn says:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the desktop computing paradigm just won't be coming to tablets. Not ever. So you can stop bothering to wait for it.
Anyone who calls an iPad a "big iPod" has obviously never spent any quality time with one. Yes, you can run iPod apps on your iPad. You cannot however run iPad apps on your iPod. And iPad apps make all the difference. Having used my iPad for a full year now, I'll share an observation with you. I own a laptop, and a net book, and an iPhone. One would think that there'd be no place in my life for an iPad. Well, after a year with it, I'll tell you it's place is on the living room table. Or on my night table. And yes, sometimes. Even in the bathroom. It's in the backyard and on trips in the car. It's on a picnic, on the airplane, and in meetingns at work.
The iPad's place is everywhere that it's good enough, because it is easier to use than my laptop, lighter than my net book, and shares better than any of them. It's a window to the world, without sitting at a computer. A computer puts the Internet in front of you. An iPad puts you IN it.
An iPad is not for every task, and it may not even be for everyone. But you won't know for certain what it is or isn't for you, until you give it a fair try. Buy one, try it out. Find where it makes sense in your life, and if you really don't like it after a couple of months, I'll take it off your hands. I can always use another one around here.

andsoitgoes says:

"I’m not trolling and if I was, I would be a very intelligent and successful troll because I got a fanboy like you all riled up and getting to to respond in the manner you did, making you look like a fool."
I got all "riled up" because, as I mentioned before, I get frustrated at the close-minded mentality of people who can't see it as anything other than a iPod Touch XL, which it is, but it's also so much more. I couldn't do half the things in the same way with my iPhone that I can with my iPad, not in the same way, not with the same enjoyment.
Watching Netflix on my iPhone is possible, but not even close to the same as on my iPad.
Browsing the web is possible on both, but is much easier and allows for much more of the screen to be viewable at once.
Pair it with the bluetooth keyboard like I've got now, and it makes browsing and interacting on the web akin to a laptop.
And before you go "Well why don't you just get a laptop or a net book then?" which you may not, but a lot of people will do, my answer is this. Find me a net book that weights less than 2 pounds (including the keyboard), has 10 hours of battery life and allows me to share apps between my soon to be 4 devices.
"I’m making a legit point. You even said that “the iPad is virtually a larger version of the iPod touch” So instead of flaming me and calling me an idiot (and making yourself look like a fanboy with tard rage) you could of made legit points that made the iPad good."
Maybe, it was late and I went off. Only because your "opinion" is tired. The iPad has been out for coming on a year, has sold what, 15 million units? It is because of many of the points I mentioned before. And it's clear, by only thinking in that mentality, you weren't looking at the other things the iPad can do.
And why do I need to make legit points? They've been made over and over and over again over a year. And you come back with, again, a tired argument "The iPad is an iPod touch XL". Do you think you're unique in commenting that? That was the first, and most comment complaint against the iPad and, as I mentioned, the very first thing I thought of when I heard it was announced.
I remember having a family gathering talking to my brother in law who is a huge Apple fanatic, telling him how crazy it sounded that something like this would even work, how it would make any difference and that it was a silly idea that couldn't possible be viable.
"I’m a prospective buyer. I have an iPhone 4, but I don’t see why I (or anyone else) would want to pay more than twice that for a bigger version. So you can watch movies, music, surf the internet and play games. My laptop can do that and more and it cost the same amount as the lowest tier iPad and it’s 4 times more powerful than the iPad 2."
I made my points about the Laptop vs the iPad above. If you want to be able to play Crysis, do in-depth spreadsheet or database entry, heavy duty photo manipulation, play Flash apps/watch some flash videos, the iPad isn't for you. And for your use, from what you're describing no, the iPad would not work for you.
But for me, the ability to carry around a device that has 10 hours of battery life, weighs (with keyboard) less than 2 pounds, has all the apps I enjoy on my iPhone many which are designed for the larger screen (playing Angry Birds on my iPad has spoiled ever playing it again on my iPhone) and has an operating system that starts instantly and doesn't crash was more than I could have ever asked for.
That's the difference, though. I don't need a heavy processing device. I need it for simple tasks, and to play games. That's the market it's intended for. It's clear it's not for you, but WHY I got so upset is that your simple comment didn't acknowledge anything else and your lack of any extrapolation as to anything further, well yes - you were trying to bait someone like me and, guess what, it worked.
"To me, your comment sounds like you have buyers remorse because I’ve revealed the truth. You bought something that’s $500+ and you can’t do that much with it and it has all the same functions as the iPhone or iPod Touch (a device you probably already have). And therefore you have to justify your purchase by calling me an idiot."
Really? Buyers remorse? The fact that my iPad hasn't left my lap since I bought it and has gotten more use in one year than my most recent computer that I've had for 2 years now, that says something. I don't regret buying my iPad, not once. If I did, I wouldn't be excited about getting an iPad 2.
I don't need to justify my purchase. But I do feel the need to call out close minded statements like what you made.
I could easily call your laptop an underpowered desktop mini, couldn't I? If you take the same comparison to Laptop vs Desktop, you would be paying 3 - 4x the price for a laptop that could do everything a desktop can do, wouldn't you?
"Do I want a tablet? Yes, I do. Do I want it to have the same OS my phone has? No I don’t, because I don’t want to buy the same thing twice and pay more than double for it just because it’s a bigger version. When tablets can match laptops in processing power and run an OS like Windows 7 or Mac OS X, then I’ll buy one.
Now I’ve made my points as to why I think the iPad is not worth buying with reasonable, intelligent and well thought out arguments. Can you at least pretend to be a decent, reasonable and intelligent human being and deliver intelligent reasons as to why the iPad is a good purchase? Instead of acting like a retarded fanboy with anger issues."
I think I made my points above.
If you want a tablet that meets your requirements above, they exist. In my job, many of the people who do vehicle damage estimates are using them. There is a new Asus one out that runs Windows 7. So they are available, and there will be more in the coming future.
the problem is that the ones out now haven't taken hold. There have been tablets that match equivalent laptops, but people pass over them because they're expensive, and they don't need them. Or for whatever other reason. The iPad is the first tablet that people accepted, to a huge degree.
At the end of the day, you dislike the iPad because it doesn't do what you need. And the market isn't designed for you. You want a Laptop tablet. I want a connected media device that does exactly what the iPad can do.
Just like I wouldn't recommend a mac to a PC person, I can't recommend an iPad to someone who wants a full function PC tablet.
I'll admit I was a little loony in my heated response, but hearing the same close-minded argument again and again and again... I felt like I needed to lash out.
Can we make up now? Can I buy you flowers, candy, tell you I love you and that I won't do it again, the bruises will go away, you don't have to go the shelter... I promise, I'll be good.
Then we can spoon and the world will melt away in happiness.
And for those of you who say TL;DR... The Ipad is OMG H AZORW AWSOMEEM and TK IS LAME DUMB BOO BOO WAAA SNOT.

andsoitgoes says:

Oh, I forgot to mention something: Kids.
My kids have taken to the iPad more than I ever, EVER expected..
I have at least 30 books on my iPad that they constantly read. I have hundreds of apps that they LOVE playing.
They were sick a few weeks ago and needed to do something that would stop them from running around making their coughs worse. They played the Wii a bit, but they started to get bored after a while - so I said "Hey, here's the ipad".
It was the first thing that got them working together with games like Fruit Ninja, Air Hockey, Bryce's Manor.. I could go on and on.
Hearing them laughing, working together, taking turns, LEARNING all at the same time... I don't know how I could ask for more in a device.
Seeing my wife use it to browse Facebook, the web, check her bank, watch youtube... SEEING the smile on her face...
It's all more than I could ever ask for.
I wasn't a fanboi before, and I still haven't fully accepted Apple, but I'm seeing the light as to why people love the devices so damn much, and can understand that it's not all just mindless sheep, there's a reason why Apple has shaped the industry and TK, for you - this is ONLY good for you.
It WILL get you the device you're wanting, assuming that companies find the right market for it and are willing to do the work to make it right.

Richard says:

TK - I too could not justify paying $500+ for an iPad when I have an iPhone4 with unlimited data, a netbook for quick trips that don't require a "real" computer, and a 4 lb notebook with blue-ray drive for longer trips when I want full computing power. To me, the iPad was just an expensive video player/ebook reader I couldn't justify. Now that the iPad2 is out, I still can't justify $500+ for the iPad2. I don't need the cameras (iPhone 4 remember?), don't care about the thinner/lighter weight (compared to my current options), and have all of my music on my iPhone and unlimited data. That said, with the iPad1 now available refurbished from Apple for $350 I now CAN justify picking up an iPad1 to have a much more convenient way to travel with videos on a screen I can actually see (I refuse to watch videos on the "tiny" iPhone4 screen - rather carry my netbook). I travel a lot and always have to choose to either live with only my iPhone4 or carry a netbook or notebook with me. Even though the iPad1 won't really do anything more for me than my iPhone4, it will be much easier to type longer documents, see "busy" screens, and I can still access the web on it by either tethering to my iPhone4 (AT&T) or connecting via my Verizon mifi for time when I can't hardly get usable AT&T data connections.
Just because you can't understand why anyone would "want to pay more than twice that for a bigger version (of the iPhone4) doesn't mean tons of other people CAN understand it. As Corlynn did before me, I just made my points as why I think the original iPad is now worth me buying with reasonable, intelligent and well thought out arguments. I'm certain I haven't changed your mind, but do you at least now undertand why I would think $350 for an iPhone4 on steriods (assuming that's all it is) is still worth it?

thenail says:

Winning! Had to do it sorry..

Martin says:

Upgrade ?? One word yes !!
I sold my iPad 1 on eBay as soon as the 2nd March announcement came through. I can't wait !!
The smart cover alone is enough reason - if I needed one !! M

iMarksy says:

Mirroring works with both iPads

petaf says:

Now you guys have made me see the light. Thanks. Hubby will get iPad 1 since it takes him half a day to read the NY Post, and I'll get me an iPad 2! Yay.

mrsFAB says:

I can't wait to get the iPad 2. And when 3 comes out, my hubby or mom will enjoy my hand-me-down!!

RodneyJ725 says:

I like the iPad 2, but quite happy with my current iPad 32GB (3g). things like facetime I can do with my iphone 4. and I cant see going around with an ipad to do HD movies, how must that look like in public??? I can see using my iphone 4 to do HD movies though, as the size just is easier to handle. I love those smart covers though! I'll wait for iPad 3 and additional features :)

Isaac says:

Anyone want to buy a 32gb iPad Wi-Fi? Comes with a Marware Eco-Vue case and the original packaging. Haven't used it very much so it's in really good condition. Reason for selling: just want to upgrade.

impaler says:

Just not enough to wow me into spending another $800+ on a new iPad 2 when my original iPad 64GB+3G is humming along just fine.

jwindsor says:

Anyone know how to do HDMI capture out of the iPad2? I don't think it's as simple as getting an HDMI to USB cable to get the output into my iMac, but I'm just guessing. HDMI capture would definitely make the case for my kids getting my iPad1 . . .

BeyondtheTech says:

I want to sell mine before iPad 2 launch day. It's in pristine condition, too and am willing to take a moderate hit for it. Any takers?

Mptrh336 says:

I have a MacBook, 32 gb iPad, g4 iPod touch, 32 gb Verizon iPhone, and an iPod nano. I also have 2 android phones on Verizon. Have no shame...

Gaius Baltar says:

iPad is totally awesome!!! I'm gonna buy two and hang one on the bathroom wall and use it as a mirror.

Bizmp App says:

Georgia - one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade from the iPad to the iPad 2 for a business user is the ability to use the camera to capture receipt photos for electronic expense reports. iPad 2 users of the hosted Bizmo accounting, time and billing suite will be able to join iPhone and iPod touch users who can already capture their receipt photos and submit them to the accounting cloud.

sn0wman says:

I'm holding out for the (hopefully) high res display on iPad 3. In my opinion apple doesn't really need to double the pixels, as windows developers make their apps compatible with many different resolutions. No one gets mad at Microsoft or the PC/display manufactures. But this is apple we are talking about here and it seems the press looks for every reason possible to pick on them :(

Karl says:

I still don't know, the original iPad in my country is running out, (New Zealand) and they are doing unbelievable pricing, and thinking about the iPad 2, which is coming in my country at 25th, thinking the magnets, covers, graphics and RAMs, all those stuff, makes me curious.
Please help me decide... X|

Luciano Tatters says:

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Noemi Simes says:

Negative people in my life that tried to sabotage my Ironman and my workouts....well, I got rid of them. Not in the "snuff" sense, but I didn't NEED them, so I either left them or asked them to leave! NO MORE negative in MY life!(And they are STILL who they choose to be!)

Malorie Wynkoop says:

The one in our chemists says don't use while pregnant', so I would take that as a no'.

free ipad no offers says:

O.O Sick!! Things are NOT meant to go in that hole!!!!! lol

Veronique Langeness says:

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