Video call debugger running on iPad?

iPad running video calls debugger

9to5mac got their hands on what appears to be an extreme close up of a video call debugger running on an iPad. Now that iPod touch has gotten a camera and FaceTime, can iPad really be far behind?

Apple special event in late January to announce iPad 2, followed by video camera capable iPad in March/April? But will it have both front-facing and rear camera, or just one or the other?


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Video call debugger running on iPad?


I'm with geo, I think it will have FaceTime. Honestly, Apple knows better than to let us down on that one.

If you streamed the keynote, you may have noticed steve jobs mention in passing that HDR photos were coming to the iPad withyhe 4.2 update. I feel like I was the only one who noticed that slip.

@Ryan I caught that too. I was wondering what he meant. And that's definitely a slip. And I didn't buy a iPad because it's got no camera, front or rear. 2nd gen will be much better.

You do not need a camera for hdr but it will be better, just 3 pics of the same thing, the iPad does not need a rear all that for the iPhone people... Now more RAM is what everyone should be yelling about because there is no way 4.0/4.2 on ipad will be snappy with multitasking. Apps crash already and web always needs to refresh, iphone 4 has no prob bc or double ram. But I really hope that the reason it has taken so long for the update is bc apple is trying hard to make it quick and GOOD

I really don't know why you need face time or a camera on an iPad. I really think that would be douchie. My phone has it that is enough. I very much agree about double the ram. The next iPad will be what the 3GS was, all about speed.

I heard the slip from Jobs too. I wonder if it was an accident if not will there be a new iPad just in time for the holidays? I sure hope so!!!

@MacMan I think Facetime and a front facing camera would go well on an iPad. These things are being used more and more in lieu of laptops. Since just about every laptop has a webcam built in nowadays, it makes sense to add one to the iPad. But a rear HD cam, though? Meh. Not really necessary.

A front facing camera would be nice but a rear facing one, no its to big for that. Been holding out for the new iPad as I agree the biggest thing it needs is double or more ram

If Steve Jobs have revealed HDR Photo's on his iOS4.2 part of his keynote, why would he reveal it now? I think this FT is probably for the current iPad and they will probably sell cam's for iPads. Else it wouldn't make any sense to reveal the HDR-part for the iPad last week

On the topic of FaceTime... My biggest question is when will it be able to work with Macs... Seems silly that it works with the iPod touch (obviously without using a phone number) and yet no Mac support.

I agree with kagan, Mac support needs to happen to make this a perfect setup. Also 3G facetime would really help as just wifi is really not brilliant

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According to the latest news, Apple plans to launch its next version of Apple iPad tablet by the June, 2011. This latest Apple tablet is named as iPad 2. The analysts are making claims that second generation of Apple iPad will built-in camera capable of video calls via FaceTime, a thinner/lighter construction and a mini USB port with the coming of 2011’s 2nd quarter.

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