Voice dictation coming with the new iPad, but it's not siri

Along with the new iPad  announcement, Phil Schiller noted some new additions to the device,  one of which is voice dictation -  but don't go calling it Siri.

Voice dictation for the next generation iPad has been rumored since the announcement of the iPhone 4S with it having  Siri baked in.  For the new iPad, Apple has seemingly avoided including Siri, opting to simply include the dictation services and not the full personal assistant option.

A rather interesting move to say the least, especially considering the languages the voice dictation will support;  English, French, German, and of course now, Japanese.

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Reader comments

Voice dictation coming with the new iPad, but it's not siri


I wonder if this can get ported to other devices like the iPhone 4 without the authentication issues that have stymied attempts to port Siri.

The iPad was NEVER going to get Siri. It never will get Siri. It's a TOUCH device. The whole marketing point from Apple is that you touch the damn thing, not talk to it. The Dictation was the compromise(and I'm frankly shocked they caved that far), I'm willing to bet that's all we're going to get ever.
Reason why the iPhone got it is because it's a VOICE communication device.

The best thing about Siri is the commercials. If I want my phone to call me Rock God and tell bandmates when practice will be held that is great. But from a business standpoint this app does nothing to add value. Any professional has mail lists, a search engine and can type faster than Siri can interpret and reply with the data being queried. I have used it and if it was great I would still use it. Novelty at best. Cannot wait for my new Ipad!!!!! Siri is over rated. Period.