Vote now for your favorite #iPadTourist contest entry!

Here they are TiPb nation, our favorite #iPadTourist photoshop contest entries! We're having a hard time choosing between the final 12 so we figured we would -- totally cop out and let you, our readers choose your favorite, the one dorky iPad tourist pic to rule them all (and win our travel pack give away!)

All you have to do is vote in the poll above, and to thank you for all your help if you leave a comment you'll be entered to win a runner up prize for an iPad screen protector courtesy.

All of this courtesy of the TiPb iPad Accessory Store! So get going, vote now!

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Reader comments

Vote now for your favorite #iPadTourist contest entry!


The most popular vote on the iPhone 4 giveaway you had won nothing, even though it won by a lot. You then said that even though it win the popular vote, they would be a runner up and get a case. You never sent a case. When asked about it, Rene lied and said they were all sent out. TiPB lies.

It is ok Little Timmy, remember stuff happens and life is not always going the way you think it should (tear, tear). O and TiPB Rules!!!

Timmy Timmy Timmy...Life is a bowl of cherries and you find a pit in every one. Go figure. I'm digging that Waldo photo. :)

Sorry, they're all kind of lame IMO. The only one actually entertaining is the Cameron Diaz one. That's pretty good.

I am not a big Three Stooges fan, but I picked it because I liked the Tipb sign and I thought it looked cool to see the lasted Apple project in an old black and white shot.

like the trek one best but kinda disappointed that that most everyone chose to have Rene use the iPad as a camera. I think some shots would have been better if it looked like he was use it to goof off, especially the trek one...

Never understood why they changed it to Waldo in the US. Do you guys have difficulty in pronouncing Wally? Anyway I prefer the Cameron Diaz one

Liked the Steve W one the best. Guess it was too PG13 to be picked. Bummed mine didn't make the list. IMO it's lame to pick the hot chick just because she's hot or the obvious geek setting. The best are when the setting was thoughtful and execution was good. Example, Stooges for both and star wars and matrix for execution. Anyone that used the precropped layer shouldn't be included. I'll console myself with the thought that just maybe Rene had a chuckle when he viewed mine due to journalist angle. I just never got in touch with my inner cave man. C'est la vie. Cheers.

Narrow it down to those few who remembered to remove the background from Rene's eyeglass lens... then vote on those.