Wacom announces pressure-sensitive Intuos stylus for iPad

Wacom has announced a new, pressure-sensitive stylus for the iPad called the Intuos Creative Stylus, paying homage to the branding of their famous tablet line. The Intuos Creative Stylus connects to your iPad 3, iPad 4, or iPad mini using Bluetooth 4.0, and features shortcut buttons, along with support for palm rejection. These features help make creating more natural, says Wacom:

Enjoy a hands-on creative experience thanks to Wacom's professional-grade pressure sensitivity and industry-leading palm rejection technology. With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity the Intuos Creative Stylus reacts to a light touch just like a real pen on paper. And just like real paper, you can rest your palm naturally on your iPad, because the only thing that will leave a mark is your stylus.

Individual apps will need to determine whether or not they will support the Intuos, and what features they will use. The AutoDesk SketchBook apps will all support pressure sensitivity and palm rejection, while SketchBook Pro will also support the use of the shortcut buttons. The other apps that will be ready to use the Intuos are Artrage, ArtStudio, Wacom's own Bamboo Paper, Flipink, Inkist, and Procreate.

The stylus itself will be made of aluminum, with color options of black or blue. Wacom claims that on a single AAAA battery, the Intuos will last for over 150 hours. The Intuos Creative Stylus will be available starting October 7, and will cost $99.

Source: Wacom, via MacWorld

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Reader comments

Wacom announces pressure-sensitive Intuos stylus for iPad


I was SO waiting for Wacom to enter into the mobile tablet & stylus arena. I was just about to pre-purchase their iPad stylus BUT....the stylus has that STUPID fat tip at the end. You can't see what your doing with a fat tip like that.
AND the Cintiq Hybrid...WAY OVERPRICED.
I wait for their evolution of a detailed finer tip stylus and prices to come down.

Palm block doesn't work well on iPad. Therefore these stylus are useless. I bought one 6 months ago and I don't use it anymore.