Want Fantastical 2 for iPad for FREE? Enter to win a copy now!

Want Fantastical 2 for iPad for FREE? Enter to win a copy now!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you want to win Fantastical 2 for iPad for free!

Many of us here at iMore love Fantastical about as much as is allowed by the laws of space and time, and part of the reason is that the people behind it, Flexibits are just all shades of awesome. Case in point — They're giving away 10 promo codes for the just-released Fantastical 2 for iPad right here, right now! And all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us why you need it!

You leave the comment, we'll pick 10 winners, and those winners will get the codes. What could be simpler? So hurry up, enter to win your FREE copy of Fantastical for iPad right now!

And if you absolutely can't wait for the contest to finish, or you want to grab one of the other versions, here are the App Store links for the full Fantastical suite, all well worth the money. Have at 'em!

Contest starts now and ends at 11:59pm on Friday, April 18. Usual iMore contest rules apply! Have fun and good luck!

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There are 450 comments. Add yours.

Nemesisprimed says:

I'm wanting to use F2 on my iPad.
Because apparently Sunrise doesn't know how to store secure data.

iOS Gravity says:

I want Fantastical 2 since I'm very busy and Fantastical is a great calender solution. Its a very smart app.

scottkatz says:

I love Fantastical on my iPhone, its a MUST HAVE on my iPad MINI....

Dionne Allison says:

Because it's awesome. Makes time management seamless!

brchastain says:

Would love to try fantastical 2.0

GoCougars13 says:

I own the iPhone and Mac version. I need the iPad one. Pick me

arpesenti says:

I want Fantastical because it is fantastical

vajrakagyu says:

I own the iPhone one, i need the iPad version!!!

ridiculocity says:

It's a date!

Sent from the iMore App

ThisIsAdamB says:

It's the best and I'm worth it! :-)

Dorian Olarescu says:

I wish to have Fantastical 2 on my iPad because first of all it has that dark mode that is simply AMAZING and I love it. Second of all it is like the calendar app and the reminders app combined that is way more better than having two apps. All in all it is AMAZING and I WANT IT!

John Dorado says:

I need this for work! My stock iPad app just ain't cutting it.

Fornate says:

I use Fantastical on my iPhone and on my Mac, but I don't use it much on my iPad because of the 2x of the iPhone interface. I'd love to speed up my workflow using the "big screen"! ;)

fitti28 says:

Its awesome and i totally hope i win

MarkSheppard says:

I've heard so many great things about this app and I've never had a premium calendar alternative on my iPad. I live on my iPad so much, I think this would be a valuable addition to my app arsenal.

antoniogra7 says:

I want it because it's just the best and I already have it on the iPhone so perfect match! :)

rolsanmordua says:

I'm a student and time management is super important!

Scott Pendleton says:

I'm a user of Fantasical on my Mac so it's only natural to want it on my iPad! Absolutely awesome app! Love it! Love iMore too!

Coach Albino says:

Because one of these days I'm going to win an iMore contest, I feel it! Would love for it to be this one.

callmeforge says:

Been finally getting my calendar on Mac set up to be used much more. Still lacking and don't like the interface nearly as much as in the fantastical screenshots.

Sandmn07 says:

Fantastical is great on my iPhone. I would love to use it on my iPad!

midyro says:

I use the Apple calander app but i don't like it.
I Really like this one

AdamTeall says:

Fantastical on my mac and especially on my iPhone have massively helped me to get organised at university and so I would love to have fantastical on my number one uni device, the iPad, to get more organised and get those grades!

Derek in Calgary says:

I use Fantastical on my iPhone and I'd like my kids to be able to use it on their iPads.

Kyle DeMilo says:

Because Fantastical for iPhone looks pretty wacky on my iPad. This would make my life Fantasticaller.

SaviourProdigy says:

I want Fantastical 2 to be more productive!

c_green38 says:

I've been a fan of Fantastical 2 on iPhone since launch, and I rely on it to keep me from pulling out what's left of my hair trying to keep organized. Also, I just can't afford to buy it right now! :(

vyrenee says:

Because it is fantastic and incredibly useful

DorgeMenezes says:

I need Fantastical 2 to use in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, please let me be happy this time.

akirarave says:

I like a copy of fantastical 2 because I need a more productive calendar that keeps me in touch with my busy schedules!

haggisgirl says:

I don't need a copy of it because I already bought it for my iPhone and my iPad. I just wanted to say how much I like it!

chengsz says:

I love fantastical for iphone! not sure why I havent jumped for the ipad version yet.

Vortec 5.3 says:

I would love to have fantastical based on your reviews of the product. I trust in your reviews.

Sent from the iMore App

noneotherFU says:

Me please. Only calendar app to use

Jayne Mansfield says:

I purchased this on sale for the iPhone and like it. But another $14.99 for iPad is a lot of money considering other options,

sublimaze says:

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Fanstatical 2 code today.

paradoxical says:

I absolutely love the app on my iPhone and how it integrates with reminders. I would love it even more on my iPad :-)

DrSavant says:

Because I have a schedule to cope with! :)

Sent from the iMore App

ericsisk says:

I need the iPad app because I have the iphone app, and need to sync both devices with a single app!

devoxi says:

I'm a user of fantastical for iPhone since the first version, and I'd love to be able to use it on iPad as well :)

giper54 says:

I would love to have the updated version for free.

AgenteJ says:

I want it because I have it on the Mac and it's fantastic!

Tervuren says:

I bought Fantastical for iPad when it was on sale recently and find it much easier to read my events than any other app I've tried. I'd love to get a free copy to give to my SigOther.

rclyde says:

Because it would be fantastic to win something!!!

i73v3ng3r says:

I love Fantastical 2 and I love your Staff :-)

brooklyndon2911 says:

Would be nice with my new iPad mini.

Charles Bucher says:

Time management.. That's why. What could be better than natural language entry!?

WalrusCP says:

Who doesn't want Fantastical on their iPad, too?!

Brian Sanderson says:

I use the iPhone version everyday but have not grabbed the ipad version yet. I have used a lot of calendar apps and fantastical is the best of the bunch. I would love to have the ipad version too.

bossmaat says:

I have been reading reviews about Fantastical 2 here in iMore and it got me curious. The stock Calendar app of my iOS device is just not enough for me. I tried to look for 'free' calendar apps but they did not satisfy my needs. I really want to try Fantastical 2 esp now that it is redesigned for iOS 7. If I can just afford the iPad version, I would have bought it eons ago. I'm hoping I'll win this so I can finally try this great app. Thanks in advance for this opportunity iMore!

Snydejon says:

I need the iPad version because magnifying the iPhone version won't cut it forever.

Ignacio Alejandro Perez says:

I'm tired of iCal and everyone says Fantastical is the best option.

skattank says:

Fantastical2 is my calendar in the iphone, would love to be able to use it on the iPad too!!!!!

jsorge says:

I want this to round out my Fantastical collection.

flapsmcgee says:

It will help me remember my wife's birthday & ensure I never get a black eye from her again

Sent from the iMore App

abaggy says:

I use it on my iPhone and it's great! Would love to have a copy for my iPad.

Fa Zi La says:

On my phone I tended to draw with my thumb.Whereas the moment I came to know about ipad I think I can use my every fingers.
Moreover I see myself ipad as wonderful drawing medium,but I am at a greatloss and I cant pay for it.

Jay Mobile says:

This would be great as it would allow me to organize my schedule in a way that is clean and better than what iCal offers, pick me imore....

lbendezu says:

I have it on my iPhone, I NEED it on my iPad!!

Guy Fain IV says:

I would love to not see the fully blown up version on my iPad. Besides, I only have Fantastical 1, and would like to try 2 on the iPad before buying it for phone. :)

bluegirl99 says:

I've heard the wonder and awe of people who use F2 and I'd like to try something different and more efficient than Google Calendar. Thank you.

sharon888 says:

I'm using the iphone version on my iPad. The iPad version would be excellent!

Thanks for the chance to win.

John Boileau says:

Because my wife volunteers 35 hours a week and this would help her.

bigg22 says:

Fantastical is the best iPhone calendar app. I need it for my iPad

elmtube says:

My only missing link in my fantstical suite!

dpolletta says:

Because I have 14 different calendars to keep in sync, this would an awesome way to stay organized!

myerscb says:

I need a good calendar, the iOS one just doesn't cut it.

DevilishBanker says:

AHHHHHH I need! Well, I really want. I use Fantastical for iPhone and Mac and it is by far the best calendar replacement app out there. With v2 integrating reminders Fantastical just got even better.

Sent from the iMore App

pendragyn says:

Finally jumped into the iPad world and wanting a good calendar app that really fits my needs and te capability of this device.

Sph33r says:

I need it because I don't own it yet.

Ryan Wiggins1 says:

I need this app now to imprpvy iPad.

thomastomp says:

I want a lucky Man !
I love iPhone app.

Thank you !
French Fan

eran77 says:

Cause I'd like to start manage my work time with a serious calendar app.

Mark Struczewski1 says:

I've heard so much about Fantastical but have never tried it. My favorite iPhone calendar app is not available for the iPad yet so this would be a perfect time to snag me as a fan. :-)

rom says:

If you have Fantastical 2 on your iPhone, Fanstastical 1.3 on OS X, you definitely need the iPad version to make the suite complete.

Vedamo Osho Sannyasin says:

Fantastical is best of the ironical calendars..

GadgetGuru72 says:

I would love to win a copy of Fantastical 2 for iPad. I have spent upwards of $50 on various iOS calendar apps, and none have really "fit" with my workflow. I decided to stop throwing away money and just live with the best of the bunch, but since that time have read so many great things about Fantastical. If I won a copy of the iPad version and it's half as great as everyone says, I would instantly buy the iPhone version too.

Ishtar123 says:

I've tried probably well over 20 different calendar apps for the iPhone and iPad and until using Fantastical 2 for the iPhone, nothing came even close to the experience I was looking for. F2 does everything I need and more and because of that, I've recommended it to dozens of friends who have all purchased it and like it just as much.

joshuahk says:

Fantastical is fantastic on the iPhone. Love to have it on my iPad as well.

Sent from the iMore App

camriokid says:

I really need to organize my life!

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Fantastical looks like an amazing app. It works well and is extremely clean design wise. I am hesitant to pay $10 even though it will probably be worth it.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

Peter Stocks says:

I need to get organized. This would go a long way in helping me do that.

Matt Burleson says:

For my 12-year-old who just got an iPad mini for his birthday.

LouisSama says:

To match my iPhone calendar.

Galalad says:

Would love to win a copy to put on my wife's iPad so we can sync our diaries better.

gcardona says:

I know, this might be a comment you guys hear really often. But Fantastical, is the calendar app Apple should have included with iOS 7. I have been using Fantastical on my iPhone since they released the Fantastical 2 for iPhone.

I never downloaded the original Fantastical, but the new version was totally worth it.

NevadaDude says:

Winning the Fantastical 2 for iPad would enable me to synch my activities list with the Fantastical 1.3.13 app used on my MacBook Air.

rja1966 says:

I'd like to win it to see if it is really that fantastic, hope I do, hope it is !

hobojo says:

I need it because there is a free copy to win

Sent from the iMore App

Premium1 says:

Because it looks amazing. Would love to have this for the iPad!

voyager25 says:

I would love one for my shoes business , it would be great to use for keep stock of my stuff , paycheck , etc.. It would be helpful for me .

ndaghri says:

Fantastical is the best calendar app on any Apple device, iOS & OS X.
Before Fantastical I did not use the Calendar app or any other app because it was really painful to enter info.. Not with Fantastical!
I have it on my iPhone and Mac, I'd love to have it on my iPad :)

Barefoottek says:

Works for me. I could use that on my iPad. Thanks iMore!

Sent from the iMore App

ssklassen19 says:

Fantastical on iPhone actually got me to use a calendar and reminders list. Now I can't get through the day without it. Having Fantastical on my iPad would help the whole family keep up with schedules and chores/reminders!

djayme7 says:

need it to go with the iphone version

Norman Khoo says:

Apps are made for the good of man. I feel like I'm a better person because of it. I live healthier, get a better social life and keep my dearest people close to me. I'm just glad we all are having better days after the creation called Fantastical.

Thank you Flexibits

Shari Erickson says:

We love fantastical on our phones. Would love the ipad version too. Thanks for hooking up the lucky people who get it. ;-)

VictBCbooks says:

Indispensable on my iPhone; would be super to have on my iPad!

patrickquirke says:

I would like the Fantastical app for iPad because on my iPhone I just have to write a natural sentence and it add the right bits in the right places. I need this for the iPad.

camphoria says:

Fantastical has gotten better?! Is that possible? Well hello version 2.0!

Sent from the iMore App

frankdjr says:

Luv the app for the iphone and would luv a copy for the ipad, the app really does rock!

gkeihl says:

Would love to try, buy have been putting it off because I know if I buy it for my phone I will end up buying the other too and my wife would shoot me, knocking off 14.99 would help a lot

benlee78 says:

Fantastical looks great, but the price is a tough sell (especially since I have bought Week Cal HD and Calendars 5 already). I really want that darker theme on my iPad mini, and a calendar that goes way above and beyond the stock app.

adamtarrence says:

Would love the iPad version

Asen Georgiev says:

One of the best 5 apps on my iPhone 4S !

erichof says:

I love it on my iPhone... so YES, I'd love it for my iPad too!!!

Webcrsn says:

From what I have seen, Fantastical 2 is a great calendar app. Just a little expensive.

ChrisBombria says:

I'm broke and I could use it.

Alexavier Almodovar says:

Because Im a poor photographer! And Fantastical can make me rich!!!!

bruteforce037 says:

I had Fantastical 2 on my IP5 and loved it. That is the one app I so truly miss. I am now on the HTC One, but I have a Ipad. The app is well worth every penny. Thanks!

deadman36g says:

I need Fantastical 2 for iPad to go along with my iPad and OS X version of course :)

ZeroLeonheart says:

Fantastical for iPad = never being late again!

Gators625 says:

I'd absolutely love Fantastical 2 for iPad. I work at a rather large university and between meetings with both current and prospective students, class schedules and projects, a great calendar app for my iPad would be fantastic(al).

tech411 says:

Great program on Mac and iPhone, now I need on iPad.

Danielp95 says:

I'd love to have Fantastical 2 on my iPad. I already have it on my Mac and on my iPhone. It is by far the best calendar app that I ever used. Gorgeous design with a lot of power users functions and at the same time very simple.

Only_Jadon says:

I just want a better calendar for my iPad

Sent from the iMore App

Tmbrwlfpck says:

because it's FREE....duh!!!!

Kyle Eslick says:

Awesome giveaway! I'm a Fantastical user for iPhone and Mac but couldn't afford the iPad version when it was released.

Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!!

305mp07 says:

I will love a copy of fantastical 2. Great app. User for something on my iphone. Thank u

vegasryn says:

The default iOS cal is still dreadful..

iKonde says:

I've been using fantastical since it first came out on iPhone and I just can't find anything like it on iPad. It my number one productivity app and would give my iPad the the punch it lacks right now!!

Davidmejiam says:

I would like to have Fantastical2 for ipad because I already use it in my iphone and it has made adding searching and editing events and invitations so much easier that going back to the stock calendar app in the ipad now just seems strange

Sent from the iMore App

jalba3 says:

I use Fantastical 2 on my iPhone everyday. I would love to have it on my iPad to manage my calendars for school.

Mojadus31 says:

I just started my life as a PhD student and need to be organized. But since I'm as well poor as a phd student fantastical was no option for me so far. Please help me out :)

Sent from the iMore App

Eric6151 says:

Love the Fantastical calendar for my iphone5, am sure my wife would LOVE IT for her iPad mini.

Sent from the iMore App

Bill_Johnson says:

Have it on my phone, would like it on my mini. Why spend $10 when I might win a copy?! Thanks for the chance!

Sent from the iMore App

Melvin Freitas says:

I've heard it's awesome, but the price has kept me away. Would love to try it out!

takiv says:

Have heard nothing but great things, would love to have a copy for my ipad

Andrew Cast says:

I use fanastical on my iphone for managing my location reminders I have set up as we'll as all my calendar appointments. This is by far the best Callander app available


I have Fantastical on my iMac and MacBook Air. It sure would be nice to have it on my iPad as well for a unified calendar experience.

RunzwScissorz says:

Been using Fantastical on my iPhone. Would love it on my iPad.

Sent from the iMore App

foggylemon says:

Love Fantastical for the iPhone. Would love to have it on the iPad as well.

Jordan Calhoun says:

I want fantastical for ipad because I have it for desktop and iPhone and love it but I'm too cheap to buy it for ipad

Ozy says:

cuz it's frickin free, man

Also I have it on the ol ifone & it's like the bomb


jimmers says:

I am in need of Fantastical 2 for iPad because I'm tired of using the default calendar app. Fantastical looks awesome!

skarchmit says:

That's expensive! I would love to win the app.worth it. :)

scottae316 says:

I would love to use Fantastical 2 in place of the stock calendar app.

patrickriv says:

Fantastical us the best!

Sent from the iMore App

James Willson says:

Well its simple. My Fantastical 2 for iPhone is lonely and is seeking an elder brother in Fantastical 2 for the iPAD. I'm trying to unite a family here, please help me out :)

rayz336 says:

I'd love to get a copy of fantastical for my iPad. I use the iPhone version and I don't there is a better calendar application available on iPad

onebaduce says:

I missed the wheel thing. I heard the slice of bread was great. Regrettably both life altering events were before my time. This time I shall not be denied! Please god of fortune rain on me one time!

Heckface says:

I love Fantastical 2 for my iPhone and would love to have it for the iPad. If you're listening Flexbits I'll make a deal with you. Force iMore to give me a free version for iPad and I'll buy the Mac version to complete the trifecta.

floydstyle says:

count me in for this wonderful calendar replacement!

bas.o says:

I have the mac and iPhone version. The iPad version would complete my collection of a great calendar app

rchartier says:

Pick me!! I have the iPhone version and just got a new iPad mini. It saves me so much time over the stock calender app. Productivity FTW!

Chuck08 says:

Me needith to keep my self organized somehow.

Sent from the iMore App

Dinadivas says:

i'm new Masters Student in finance, and I should admit if i kind of Clumsy and Always have trouble in my schedule... maybe it is good if i have chance to win one copy so i can Use F2 to Manage my Class schedule and course - anyway :) thank you Imore

pstmd says:

I want it to go with fantastical for iPhone

jaymojones says:

I would love to have Fantastical on my iPad. I LOVE it on my iPhone and want to experience the same seamless experience on my iPad.

Harrison Waters says:

Fantastical 2 on my iPAD...uhh "Mock? YEAH!!" I need it to help keep track of all my major appoint-a-mentos like taking out the trash and reminder to buy more beef jerky...oh and the important stuff like film shoots for work. When Flexibits and iMore team up they are a force to be reckoned with. I'm talking like Wilt Chamberlin with the ladies mixed with the voice of Fergie...magic.

Sent from the iMore App

spithre says:

This would be so great on my iPad

Ventus221 says:

I would love Fantastical 2 because I need a better Calendar app than the one provided. I feel Fantastical 2 is the best calendar app ever.!!

Sent from the iMore App

mnemo4 says:

I want it cuz this app is incredible! The ability to dictate and have it sync so seamlessly between a bunch of different calendars is absolutely wonderful. I lean heavily on voice dictation partly because I think it's cool and partly because I need to minimize typing to alleviate my extreme RSI. Fantastical does a much better job parsing complex voice dictation than Siri does

Nick Stapleton says:

I need it because I love iMore and would love to have fantastical on my iPad!

rtteachr says:

I have fantastical on my Mac and phone. Would love it on my iPad.

Sent from the iMore App

Gizmocivic says:

I love the feature of using natural language to do everyday features and daily tasks on my iPad! I want this app!

oscaramzz says:

I would love this! I am currently a full time masters student working on a teaching degree and I have 2 other jobs outside of school and my life is so busy! I need a better calendar app than the stock iOS one to actually be and feel more productive!

Sent from the iMore App

rengle02 says:

My 4 kids, wife, and jobs keep me busy that this would help make my life better if I can get it for my ipad

Mike Baumgartner says:

Fantastic 2 really impresses me. It is definitely an improvement from the standard calendar app that comes with the iPad. It utilizes the entire screen and has numerous options. I am impressed with all of the options and the ease in which you can enter appointments, dates and times.
Thanks for this contest.
Mike B

SlaunchaMan says:

I would use Fantastical to schedule meetings on my iPad while on the phone!

Sent from the iMore App

trippsshadow says:

I'm telling you what, I absolutely cannot live without an easy to use, easy to read easy to manipulate calendar. This is it

Sleepwlkr45 says:

I need it because I'm disorganized and poor!

Sent from the iMore App

jadesimian says:

I switched to Fantastical for the iPhone a while ago and never looked back. It's an awesome app and I'd love to also use it on the iPad.

iKcp says:

Already use on iP5. Would be Fantasticle to have on my iPad Mini, to list band booking and rehersal dates, to track and list for my band mates.

Jdkist1 says:

Please, please, please - I need calendar help with my multiple calendars!
Any consideration would be great! I never mastered Calendar 101.

SirPsycho84 says:

I want Fantastical on my iPad because I already love it on my iPhone and imagine it would be that much more awesome on iPad :D

sch3p says:

As a teenager in high school, I have my plate full to the brim. Homework, sports, and now a YouTube channel. ;) Having a great calendar would help me to organize my life in a way that nothing else can. It would help me stay organized in everything that I do in my busy life. Thanks for giving me the chance to win.

Http://www.youtube.com/mrnoahschepers <--- my channel :)

Thanks. Noah.

helio9965 says:

I need Fantastical on the iPad, because it would help me become more productive and manage time more efficiently. It works really well for me on the iphone and I think it would help the same on the iPad.

Scott Moore4 says:

I would love to win a copy of fantasical for iPad cause I use my iPad and calendar almost everyday for my home business and I think that it would be a better calendar then the stock calendar

Sent from the iMore App

LeFrancoy says:

The words Fantastic and Calendar merged into ON WORD!
And on the iPAD!!
And for the amazing price of FREE!!!

Mind = Amazed!
(so in Fantastical speech: Mindazed!)

3Pajaritos says:

I've been putting off Fantastical for a while now hoping for a universal update (already own the iPhone version) and I use that everyday, and would love to be able to make use of it on my ipad also.

Sent from the iMore App

ROSES5682 says:

It's my fav calendar app on my iPhone and would love a iPad version.

Acoats says:

It a calendar and it's Fantastic nuff said!

Sent from the iMore App

msquiring says:

I am a father of three children that is headed back to school to become a teacher after losing my job to a bankrupt company which I worked for. It's a fantastical venture with fantastical opportunities and what better app to support my busy upcoming schedule than with fantastical 2.... A fantastic tool for a fantastic venture!

Antob125 says:

I need it because it's so much better than the stock app!!!!

cflem says:

Enter Me! :) I am a teacher and it really makes scheduling all my different things easier!

Kent Schneider says:

I need F2 because I desperately need to get organized!

jvc5 says:

I'm a student and I want Fantastical for the iPad because not only will it help me juggle through my very busy schedule, I know that it will help me reduce the stress in my studies.

mywonderwall says:

It looks good! I'd love to try it out.

Jim Velasquez says:

I need to be organized. This app looks like it will make my life easier.

Andrew Rowan says:

I'm in Middle School and run a calendar with all of our special events! Fantastical will help me manage those calendars!! Please!!

Sent from the iMore App

Andrew Rowan says:

And the reminders will help me keep up with school work!

Sent from the iMore App

traveling2 says:

I need to complete the Fatastical suite across my device. I have Fantastical on my iPhone and MBP, but it is missing on my iPad.

crishifi says:

I’ve read so many thing about Fantastical. Since there are no trials in the App Store a free copy would be nice.

Michael Fitzburg says:

Because I can wait for you to pick me until my finals are due.

(Well, actually because I love Fantastical. I have it on my iPhone and it is pretty solid. I like the natural language input and how it mix reminders and calendar. And it looks pretty. Who can say no to beautiful apps?)

markong says:

I *love* Fantastical for iPhone. So much that I've upgraded to version 2 the second it came out and bought also the Mac version.

My iPhone's battery life has been abysmal recently, and I found myself grabbing my retina iPad mini for almost everything I was doing with my iPhone before, including scheduling and reminders. I'd love to have that awesome Fantastical experience on my new go to device as well.

torqueabhi says:

I am using it on iPhone and now at work I use my iPad to do many stuffs like in meeting I use Notability to take notes and record meetings. If I have Fantastical on iPad would be great as it will ease my iPad workflow better on iPad. Thanks

Objective_B says:

I have it on my Mac, I have it on my iPhone. And if I win this one, I can say: "Oh Fantastical for iPad, you complete me!".

8thWorld1der says:

Hook me up! That would be FANTAZTIC!!!!

Sent from the iMore App

LaDon08 says:

My calendar is something I use every day obviously. It's even more important to me because it keep my whole company on the same page. This app is great for my phone, just waiting to pull the trigger on my iPad. This would be great.

andykan says:

I'm already using Fantastical on my iPhone and it's the best thing ever! I use and rely on it so much it's on my dock.. Would love love love to have it on the iPad now that it's available.
I love that I'm able to handle reminders within Fantastical. Best feature ever! Plus points for the awesome design as well! :D

beggari says:

So I can stop missing meetings at work finally!!

Sent from the iMore App

jholt1 says:

Hey #fantastical2 looks pretty awesome, especially after the update to the standard apple calendar app, hopefully I win!

Huggi World says:

Fantastical 2 just seems like the "must have" app that any busy social media marketer would need. I would definitely tell the world about it and why they need it, too!

leeferns1 says:

I would love Fantastical because it will allow me to organise my day like never before. The standard calendar app just isn't enough for the needs I require. This app has all I need in one!

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tomtwiffic says:

I love fantastical but have recently hit some hard economic times. I simply can't afford the ipad version, as much as I would like to. Please consider gifting me with one of the codes. I would truly be thankful.

mclarensr says:

I dont have an iPad yet, but will be an owner of one soon. Fantastical2 would be a great app to start off with.

katre23 says:

I love my Fantastical (iPhone) and it was all iMore's fault for introducing it to my life. Now I want to experience Fantastical the way it's supposed to be on my iPad. I would really appreciate it if you can shoot me one. THANK YOU!

sandman369 says:

I continue to look for a good calendar app to replace pocket informant. This is a real good chance!

Ry4n_P says:

I need a better calendar app than the one I have.

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Antron says:

Fantastical 2 is what I need
It'll help me schedule my calendar with ease,
An awesome app I hope to win
If given a code by my iMore friends,
It's the best calendar I've seen thus far
When they came out with this they raised the bar,
So I hope to get it from the App Store,
By a generous gift from my friends at iMore :)

vianar says:

Please consider me for the free app.

glennkaonang says:

I bought Fantastical 2 not long after it was released. And now I'm getting sick of seeing the blown-up UI on my iPad. I certainly could benefit from the native one.

ke1thf says:

Would love to try Fantastical 2 for the iPad! Been using and loving the iPhone version ever since its initial release!

Cameron Bales says:

I want Fantastical for iPad because I want it to go well with Fantastical on my iPhone.

fasticio says:

I need it because Fantastical is much better than iOS calendar app and I am going to improve my way of organizing my time, my day and my life. And it'd look awesome in my iPad!

Spartacuswines says:

It's the greatest calendar EVER!

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marjofraz says:

Sounds like something that I need for my iPad! Would love to have it!

Abdulaziz Alotaibi says:

I am a medical school student and I have been searching for a great calendar for a long time , I have a packed schedule and I need more organization , my friends have recommended fantastical for me .

Sarcasticon says:

Fantastical - Simply the BEST!

jrf329 says:

Fantastical works great for me on my iPhone. Sure it would be awesome on my iPad!

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iPhone_Gruru says:

I need F2 on my ipad mini because I am a self employed electrician, and this will really help me keep my various appointments and to do's all in order. Between rewiring homes, installing new electerical panels, and meeting with inspectors and customers, Fastical will really help me make the most of my time.

imranmitha says:

Med school will be a LOT more manageable with this app

nickpthemft says:

For my wife, please! Totally ready for her to FINALLY find a calendar app she likes. Seriously. Enough of the 'new app every month' stuff already!

chm0690 says:

Because the nerdy little birdy told me to!!!! And because it would be awesome to have the app!!

ba_hamilton says:

Fantastical would be much better than what I am currently using. I need it bad.

doupold says:

Fantastical 2 for ipad will make a twosome with fantastical on my Macbook Pro retina!
Damn I need to see that!!

iLuvMy4S says:

I love Fantastical for the iPhone & would love to have it on my iPad Mini & have my calendars synced on both devices!

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nda87 says:

Need a better calendar to separate all my agendas. Stock iPad calender doesn't cut it.

rblay says:

Fantastical 2 is the missing piece in my plan to unleash my army of trained marmosets on the world. Hopefully I'll win it so I can properly schedule their deployment.

Zarul Shekhar says:

Because It looks delicious. Very Fan'tasty'cal.

John Goodwin3 says:

It is one if the cleanest calendars ever! The classy layout is a major bonus. I can open the app and show it to my friends and immediately they understand the layout. Cannot do that with most apps. I use it on iPhone but a calendar should be used on both iPad and iPhone. That's why I'd like a copy of F2 for iPad! Thanks!

East says:

I want his because I am a person who is currently using the native calendar app and I want to see what I can make a truly good calendar app do for me!

mefive85 says:

It'd be so much easier to read my calendar from my iPad!

agleung says:

I still have not recovered from the heartbleed bug fiasco. So many app logins to fix after changing Google, Facebook, Pinterest and DropBox logins. A free dose of the highly rated Fantastical 2 for iPad will brighten up my day tremendously. I can really use some natural language magic to ease up the hurt. Thanks for fantastic giveaway!

ikon69 says:

I have been a long time user of Fantastical on my MacPro, on my iPhone 5s and most recently on my iPad Mini, (it's the iPhone version with a large black border around it as its universal) , which seems to get the most use for me as I am on the go these days trying to find gainful employment setting up tons of to-do's and appointments. I am very anxious to have the native app on my iPad but cannot afford it at the moment. I figured since I have paid for it on my other devices I would give this a shot and keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks iMore for great news on my favourite gadgets and good luck to everybody!

Jan Dalhaug says:

I want.
Why? Want to find out if it is as good as everybody says.

vassilyasmine says:

I'm a high school student and I use many tools to keep myself organized. Fantastical 2 for iPad would be the cherry on top of the cake. I currently use any.do and cal, but Fantastical's U/I, design, and ecosystem seem to be more suitable for me. Winning a copy of it would be very convenient!
Thanks Flexibits and iMore for this giveaway!

one-up says:

Do want ! already own the iPhone version and love it !

1987pj says:

Fantastical 2 is the best Calendar app. I already own the iPhone and Mac version. I wish I could complete the trifecta.

vargo says:

Hi! I am studying English just right now. I have to wake up at 5 am due my Englis course start at 7 am each Wednesday. I also work and I have a lot of meetings etc. So I need a friend - those super calendar!
Stefan from Slovenia

Bcloutier says:

I love using Fantastical on my iPhone, and I'd love to give it a try on my iPad! I'm always entering in new appointments for school, work and more so having it on my iPad too would be great.

Ezra Reschke says:

I really want it for my iPhone so I can continue to be more productive at work,school, and do more on my down time!

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danielohrlund says:

I love it for both iPhone and OS X, would be fantastic to be able to try it out for iPad as well!

khl says:

I use Fantastical 2 on my iPhone everyday. It's awesome. Great developers.

NanaCarol says:

My 10-year-old grandson is on the heart transplant list and Fantastical will help us maintain the strict schedule we help him follow now and especially after his surgery.

TosaDeac says:

I use Fantasical on my iPhone and Mac daily. On the iPhone it is so much more useful than the stripped down stock Calendar App. On my Mac it is a great way to quickly glance at my schedule as an overlay of what I am doing already. I've been meaning to give the iPad version a try but I might as well see if I can win a copy! Great developers

olivier oudar says:

Because All things come in threes (mac, iPod touch and…)

acondax says:

Because I've been wanting to find a reason to get it forever lol

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IAndree says:

I've been wanting a better calendar app!