Watch an iPad being assembled at Foxconn’s factory

iPad Assembly 2

If you want to see how an iPad is assembled at a Foxconn factory, a new video reveals some of the processes involved. The video shows an iPad assembly line and focuses on the installation of the motherboard into the iPad casing, the installation of the battery, a visual inspection of the rear panel for scratches, the fitment of the LCD panel and then tests of the gyroscope and the display. The iPad is then packaged and ready for despatch.

The video is part of a series of reports by Rob Schmitz; who is only the second ever reporter given permission to access the factory floor at Apple’s iPad assembly line.

Source: Marketplace via TNW

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Watch an iPad being assembled at Foxconn’s factory


We are transitioning into China-like economy and system. It will only be time that will dictate when and how far into that system we will be. Unless people vote in Ron Paul 2012. Thats why im a delegate.

Well, it looks nice. Hopefully our population never gets anywhere close to a billion. Seems like the more people you have in your country the less they get paid.