What don't you like about iOS 7?

Now that iOS 7 has been around for a while and folks have had a chance to go all in with it, the moonlight phase with some of what it brought might be over.  Sure, there's plenty to love in iOS 7 and we've looked at all of that extensively but what about some of the not so great stuff it brought? 

When upgrading to a new OS there is always 'good' stuff to be had but some folks don't adapt to change all that well and often times, that leads to some frustrations with things that are new. A nice thread popped up in the iMore Forums recently that asks the simple question - What don't you like about iOS 7? - a lot of the answers are really interesting to read through.

I don't like the fact that it took away the tap to tweet function.JustMe'D, iMore Forums Member

Interstingly enough, the removal of notification centers 'tap to post' functions seem to top most peoples do not like lists and that's one thing that I personally don't like myself. A lot of other folks also dislike how wallpapers are now handled with the whole zooming in on them. iOS users really don't have a ton of customization options so messing with wallpapers was sure to tick some folks off.

The wallpaper zoom BS. I understand why it is the way it is, but I don't like it.solitude1984, iMore Forums Member

My biggest grip though comes by way of the new iOS 7 calendar and looking through the thread in the forums, seems I'm not alone here. I genuinely hate the new calendar so much that I've since moved on to Fantastical and I have no plans on changing back.

I don't like more than a few of the new icons, but I have gotten used to them.Irish Rose, iMore Forums Member

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the icons. Out of all things that people say they don't like in iOS 7, the icons take the cake and while that might sound like I'm beating the same old, tired drum, it really is the case. Some folks just do not like that icons. Instead of liking them, they just got used to them and for lack of better words, deal with them now.

Again, to be clear, there is a lot to love about iOS 7 but like anything else, you take the good with the bad. Have you got something on your iOS 7 dislike list that might not have been mentioned? If so, hop on into the iMore Forums or drop some comments below.

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Reader comments

What don't you like about iOS 7?


As far as icons go, I don't like Photos. The other ones are fine to me though.

Now my main gripe? The "Missed" tab in the Notification Center. Why is it there? All that stuff is going to be in the All tab anyways, and I'm gonna pass the All tab to get to the Missed tab anyways.

Absolutely agree about the "missed" tab. Totally unnecessary

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Yes the notification center is horrible. And the weather widget needs location services to work which is pointless if your not actively changing cities/states

Yeah part of me hated this when I was on android but it would be nice instated of just fast app switcher. Quick reply within apps would be lovely. Sometimes it is annoying though.

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I hate that you can't see the contact picture when on a phone call, why is it always blurry... I also hate my battery life!!!

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The Phone app disgusts me. I don't know why, but when I compare it with Android 4.4's dialer, I'm just appalled at how good this app could be.

I also feel this minimal app theming is going to get so old, so fast.

But my biggest complaint if Apple's overuse of Helvetica Neue. Android does a really good job of mixing its Roboto font with different weights and styles. Apple needs to make some adjustments or add a couple other fonts to spice things up a bit.

I'm guessing most of these things would be better solved on a bigger screen, as I don't find it half as offensive as I do on my iPad. Here's hoping to a bigger iPhone next fall!

"missed" in notification center is useless.
I also hate the fact the way weather is handled in notification center. It was great in iOS6.
Sizing and re-scaling wallpaper images is cumbersome. Its not ideal currently.

I am experiencing SO many issues with music/podcasts skipping around and becoming silent when plugging headphones in and out etc.

Safari regularly crashing, apps occasionally crashing. I will open safari and it will display a page I was on yesterday or several days ago before it reloads whatever page it's actually on. Why it can remember what page I was on some time ago but not the one I was just on is beyond me. I've noticed this with other apps too and I think it's really just since the last update or two. Having to tap twice to enter a web address. There other things that I do regularly that seem to take one more tap than they did before (can't remember them off the top of my head).

Once the novelty of the new look wore off, it turns out I'm not much of a fan of ios7 at all. Yes it does seem quicker, but to open apps, unlock, etc it's slower, even with animations and what not turned off. There is a delay from when opening messages app to when it recognizes the keyboard. I used to be able to fire off a message as soon as it opened, now I have to wait for a couple seconds before it recognizes key presses.

I expect this kind of junk from android, not ios.

The stark whiteness and the pastel colors don't sit well with me. It might play well with teen girls, but not me. I prefer dark themes and blacks like on WP.

Dont like Apple's icon redesign. iOS 7 is too white. Notification tabs are redundent. No quick reply!!! Other than that iOS 7 is OK

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I'm ok with the today tab being seperate (though I think they need to open that up to third parties) however the missed tab seems useless. I don't even get what it's used for. When I miss calls they don't show up there but other things do? What they could have done is make that tab for priority missed notifications? Or better yet, a tab for social stuff or just not include it.

I HATE that iOS 7 and Mavericks synchronise WIFI networks between devices. I'm constantly having to muck around with forgetting networks when my Mac or iPhone or iPad connect to WIFI networks when I don't want them to.

It's OK -- could do without the crashing and rebooting, one of the things I very much liked about previous versions was that it didn't crash. An app might've, but the OS didn't; now it does, a lot :-(

Well with iOS 7 in particular the bright girly colors and bright whites are annoying along with the inability to change them. But most of the things I don't like have been issues with iOS since iOS 1. No customization AT ALL the most customizable things about the phone are folders and a wallpaper and everything else is just going to be the way it is. It's like apple said here this is how it's going be, if you don't like it oh well you can't do anything about it. I mean Apple come on.. It's 2013 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I mean where's the quick reply, the widgets, the ability to change the font throughout the entire UI, the ability change to different types of keyboards, the ability to change the color of my keyboards etc. etc. etc. I thought that iPhones were supposed to be wonderful software wrapped in beautiful hardware and so far with iOS 7 the software part isn't holding its weight. Not to mention it has fairly more dropped frames and lag in areas that ran really smooth in previous versions of iOS. I hate to say it but if Apple doesn't start adding some new customizable features to iOS and make it run buttery smooth across the board or at least most of it by iOS 8, google is going to most likely be number one as far as software. I really didn't want to say it but it's true... Apple needs to get on top of this and fast..

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Apple has always had the attitude that they know better than you. They don't want you ruining the wonder experience the gods of Apple have created for you. A lot of sheep still buy into it, but slowly many of the flock are moving on.

Quick actions would be awesome! As far as customization goes I feel conflicted. Don't get me wrong I love customization. I would change themese every week if I could! When I bought my first android phone a couple years ago it was for that very reason. I downloaded launchers and keyboards and different apps for stock apps and themed them all. However there was a problem with this. 1. The themes weren't always great... As a matter of fact many were simply just icons (bad icons) and many of the launchers crashed a lot. 2. Sometimes using customized apps lost out on phone features or made things run slower. After about a month I ended up rooting for real customization(actually changing themes not downloading apps with different themes) theoretically if apple allowed default apps they would automatically have the same customization as stock android because android doesn't allow for customization itself, just allows other apps to be defaults. It does allow font changes (some phones) but all in all, the system isn't as customizable as people think. I bring this up because I would want apple to take a different approach. I do wish we had default apps. It would allow one to choose for example google maps as a default and possible have Siri and other apps use that for location data. However as far as customizations for colors themes ect I don't want that to be an app specific thing. I hate that about android because sometimes you have to sacrifice stability and features for nicer themes and because the themes vary on all the different apps of each category, there are only a few great ones in each app. I would want apple to truly customize. To allow for themes to be universal throughout the phone. I wouldn't even argue if apple had to approve them as that might insure more quality themes. Aside from themes, parts of each them should be interchanged. For example, if I like the background colors of one theme, and the font of another, I can change each section of a theme individually. Apple wins because they can monetize themes and still have a general control over the look of their phones (keeps the really bad/unfinished themese away) and we win because we have choice and the ability to customize. Hell, I would be happy if we had the options windows phone has (background colors of white and black and several choices for accent colors. I just don't want to have to change an app to change a theme. That's not really true customization.

The resizing of wallpapers is the only thing that bothers me. I love the look and feel of it all as it looks modern and functions very smoothly. Can'y complain too much.

The few things I dislike about the new OS would be:
The removal of the quick post to FB and Twitter
The excessive white on some apps (Newstand, iBooks Calendar)

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Tap to tweet, and the whites are a little much, if they toned them down some i wouldn't really have any complaints on that regard.

Safari, Safari, Safari!! Buggy as hell. Crashes all the time. Constantly reloading pegs when navigating back or forward. I don't like that a new page has your computer's toolbar bookmarks instead of top pages or bookmarks for iPhone. Is there a way to change that? I haven't found it if so. Address bar/search bar is a total mess (among other things see comment about new page bookmarks).

Calendar is horrible
Notification center is better but still worse in some ways. Seems like a jumbled mess. Gotta be a cleaner way to format that information.
Cover flow makes no sense now and hate that I can't navigate to an artist and then select an album. Having to use the album tab to select a single album to listen to is stupid (but music app is greatly improved otherwise).
I also wish they would lose the transparency bar that is in the background for the docked apps. No reason I shouldn't be able to see my wallpaper behind those apps the same as the rest.

Otherwise I'm very happy w 7. Despite its problems I wouldn't go back to 6 if given the option. Always room to improve, though.

I hate that they forced the Podcasts app to be used. In iOS 6 you could delete the app and listen to podcasts in the Music app. I really don't like the Podcasts application.

I don't like how there is only nine application visible in a folder at a time when there is room to show more, especially on the iPad. I think they did this because the preview of the folder matches the first page of applications when you open a folder. But by only showing nine at a time you force the user to flip through more pages.

For me, the big [sensible] iOS 7 fails:
- Folder & Dock backgrounds.
- Loss of "quick Tweet" feature.
- Calendar. I want to replace Apple's calendar with Fantastical 2.
(In fact I'd like to replace Apple's default camera and weather apps as well.)
- No way to clean cached app data.
- I want to hide apps I don't use.
- Lack of improved / expanded Parental Controls.
- Difficulty accessing Control Center when a keyboard is onscreen.
- Battery life, but I have a 4S, so I expect battery life to be lacking (compared to a 5/5C/5S).

All-in-all though, I'm 95%-ish happy with iOS 7, and that's why I constantly send Apple feedback to try and help make iOS better.

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for me its the inconsistencies. Take the fingerprint password for example. I can use it to authenticate purchasing an app, but not to view my iTunes account details. Why not? It's within the same Apple made application.

And on the same, I can click and hold the home button to unlock. But if I get a notification I can swipe and I would think I could then place my thumb on the sensor to complete the action but if I want to use the actionable notification I must use the pin. I find that annoying.

And of course, the icons. The odd, skinny "share" icon in particular that looks like a box and antenna, or a house, or a lot of things that are not intuitively share.

As far as the swipe to your notifications, it IS possible to swipe the notification and then place your finger on the home button scanner to go to that notification. I do it all the time.

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After swiping the notification, you could just put your finger on the scanner,just place it there, dont click it... No need to type in the passcode...

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hrmm, worked! I guess when I tried it I had the coincidence of a bad read on the sensor.

My other points still stand though...

I don't like the random reboots, more frequent crashing of apps and iMessage seems to have problems a lot more than before.

Yes, I'd really like for them to bring back the "tap to post" for Facebook and Twitter. I'd also like to have quick reply for messages.

No quick reply is pretty ridiculous, especially now that it's available in OSX, which is pretty backwards. I also HATE how the app has to be running for reminders to work now. That's absurd. As far as the icons, I've grown to like most of them. I just wish there was a little more consistency. The camera icon should be the same as the lock screen slider, the Settings cog should be the same one that's inside the app next to 'General', and the damn Game Center bubbles shouldn't be so shiny and glossy. It clashes with the entire UI and I have to hide that app in a folder somewhere out of sight because it's such an eye sore. I honestly love pretty much everything else though. It would be nice if there were some darker wallpapers and more choices for dynamic ones as well though.

I've turned on "reduce motion" in accessibility, but it still does not apply to multitasking animation. I would like multitasking blur as well as the other blurs. I also feel the blurs could be snappier. It almost feels slower than ios 6.
Another thing is the inability to get a detailed weather forecast in notification center, something that was in ios 6. Now you only get the generals from the day summary.
Also, the iPod touch still doesn't have battery percentage indication.

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The size of the icons in addition to some of the color schemes used in their design. I noticed the other day that the icons on my wife's 5 running iOS6 were smaller in comparison to my own running 7. The calender is disappointing too, no Agenda view. The only view I made use of. I would switch but I fear having duplicate notifications as you can't make a third party app the default sans a jailbreak...I really want my jailbreak back

I really like iOS 7 overall. I wish the option was still there to set the side switch from vibrate to orientation lock. My wife's iPhone is constantly getting turned to vibrate inadvertently. This setting would save some frustration.

And no, I don't want to hack the iOS to make it available. Hopefully 7.0.5 will re-enable this option.

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The girly theme/icons are waaaay too colorful. Unlike my Blackberry Z10, I don't feel this new style iOS reflects my age. I feel like a teenager holding this phone in public. The phone itself is of course beautifully designed.

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One issue is loss of stability compared to iOS6. Nothing too bad in my case, but I've had enough spontaneous reboots to notice and I believe others have had worse. I'm also sorry Apple opted to sacrifice speed in their animations. What made iOS notably smoother than Android has at least been reduced IMO, and that's a shame.

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iOS is no longer smoother than Android, at least in 4.3 Jelly Bean or 4.4 Kit Kat, especially on the Moto X or the new Moto Droids. I have the new Droid Maxx, and it is the fastest and smoothest phone that I have ever had, including the 5s.

Except when you lauch an app that has laggy/Janky scrolling. It's there and please don't deny it. Chrome is a big offender. Oh and btw there's always that ever-so-slight touch sensor delay. That's there too.

I hate that I can't search my music by genre and repeat the album once I find the album I want. I can only repeat the song or artist... Doesn't make sense.

I wish that iOS 7 would let users set other browsers of our choice as default. Although Safari is good, it has limited social sharing options. I also wish that Notification center allowed you to swipe away notifications; the current way is annoying to say the least.

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Too much white!! It looks fine but after an hour of use at least, the use of too much white is kind of annoying and straining to the eye.
Inability to customize what's in the Control Center.
The color of the folders in contrast to the wallpaper used. I can't use some of the wallpapers that I like simply because I didn't like what the folders' color is gonna be.

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Not being able to change the frequency for how often your fingerprint is required. Actionable notifications. A "Close All" in the multi task window. Oh ya, the calendar. A customizable dock. A pretty good upgrade. Just needs to add a couple jailbreak tweaks and could be pretty solid.

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I would have liked a "night mode" or dark theme. Also, I think Apple missed an opportunity to make more app icons "live". They have had that built into the Calendar for a while and added it to the Clock with iOS 7, but nothing else. Weather, perhaps (and on iPad too!).

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I love iOS 7. I think the design is a lot more mature. But then once in a while I think "this isn't an iPhone".

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I feel like Apple got away from it's core of usability. Some of the touch targets like in the music app are so small now that they're hard to touch accurately. There's delays in response in a couple of places in the OS like deleting a voicemail that takes away from the usability because the OS doesn't react to let you know you touched correctly. Flat icons are less friendly to the eye and also many of the touch icons are not as obvious now as before because they used to look like buttons. I'm very familiar with the OS so I know where to go, but I feel like a new user will now have a harder time.

I do like a lot of the improvements such as control center, background refresh for apps, Siri is MUCH better and I'm starting to use it a lot more now.

The wallpaper issue is the biggest problem for me. Other than that, I wish apple had a black theme option. iOS 7.1 beta that's out for developers does sort of have this but it's not incorporated into most of the native apps that I use the most. My quick fix for late night phone use is to the Invert Color feature and that of course brings it's own frustrations.

Notifications still seems a bit of a mess but useable. My biggest issue is reminders, seems buggy and an after thought.

Found a typo BTW: 'My biggest grip though' shouldn't this be gripe?

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I want google + built into iOS and the ability to send messages without leaving notification centre

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Overall I think it is a great, smooth experience that works best on the new IOS devices. However, some things bug me. The white background behind photos requires a gentle tap to turn it black. Why isn't it black in the first place? Swiping down on the home screen gets you the search box at the top. However, you have to wait for the screen to stop bouncing around before you start typing. That's annoying. A first world annoying for sure.

There are a couple for me.

1) with the iPhone 4/4S the device seems to use a lot more RAM then IOS 6 causing a lot of sluggishness when moving back and forth through apps

2) the chunky white border around the album art in the music player app.

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There are some things I don't like.

1. The clean and white interface in iBooks. It looks blah and ugly. I don't like it and switched back to the old iBooks version with the wooden shel.

2. Missing some textures. I know that clean white or clean interface is good, but removing too much textures are not good and what I personally like. I'd liked the textures in the notification screen and now they are missing.

3. The white background behind my photos is not what I like personally.

4. I do not like the new look of the music app. White clean is okay, but it looks to clean and it looks not personal anymore. Like there is something missing there.

5. The calendar app mentioned before. I'd don't like it. To clean. I miss the fun and the mix between fun and usefulness from apple here.

6. The note app is now white. And now yellow. Post it's are usually yellow and not white. I am missing the textures there.

And so on and so on.
I can say that the white clean interface is not so good as Apple told users that it is. I know that because I know something about art and taste of art. You cannot make your flat completely white because it will not look good anymore, and that's why I think that Apple fails here with iOS 7,because it looks too clean and to white and to simple. People like fun and warm colors using the device and iOS 7 misses some of this colors and warmness here.

I can say that I like iOS 7 but the whole thing with missing textures confuses me really. I liked he textures before and they gave me a comfort feeling about using my iOS device are now they are missing and I feel not so used to iOS now. And for the first time I'd don't like the decisions Apple made and have think about switching.

Yes some icons are not the best and I hated the calendar app at first but now that I got use to ios 7 I don't care about the icons and I love the calendar app. Notification centre is getting better but sometimes I just want the temperature sometimes it's there sometimes not. This is not world ending but some consistency please.
I do miss local notes or iPhone notes. Sometimes I don't want to sync a note to all my devices or want it going through iCloud.

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I don't like the gesture for the multitasking view. Made sense on iOS6 but not anymore on 7 (iPad of course).

I love iOS7.04 on my iPhone4S however there are some bugs and features that i don't like:

App Store app
- App Store > reviews ‘all versions’ is from old to new (cannot change that order)
- App Store > new reviews sometimes don't show at ‘Current version’, but do show at ‘All versions’
- App Store > Although there are e.g. 21 reviews at ‘all versions’ (including 2 that should show with the current version) but there are no stars filled. These are empty.

iTunes Store app
- The app crashes now and again. Although the tip to use the 'Music' app to access the iTunes store does work. I didn't have crashes the recent days after i did use that way of accessing the app (and i now access the app directly).

Settings > iCloud
- when you turn off ‘Safari’ and choose ‘save on iPhone’ then it shows ‘Turn off Safari info..’ for more then 10+ minutes but won't disappear. The only solution is to close the 'Settings' app but then the settings isn't changed.
- the same problem occurs with turning off ‘Reminders’

New white keyboard doesn't show with non-iOS7 apps
I would expect that the new keyboard is always used no matter if you open an old or new app.

I would like to see these features to be included in future versions of iOS7:
- Swiftkey/Swype keyboard
- Close all apps at ones You can only close a maximum of 3 apps right now.
- Different look of the notification screens especially i would like to see a weather icon instead of written text

I've got to be honest, I'm surprised apple went all flat for this version. yea, some of it was looking dated and needed a refresh, and it is a hell of a lot faster. But i would've preferred to see apple go and say "fair enough microsoft, you go flat, we'll go 3d", or something else totally different, unique and better. For example use the apps on screen as 3d cubes and rotate those individual cube apps on screen, so for example iTunes, the cube would just rotate, to the next side for playing music track for example. Basically i am surprised and disappointed and it feels apple just copied ms/android in going flat, where i was expecting apple to come up with something totally different, unique, and better, where's the 7 years iPhone experience gone.

I am pondering extending my contract and getting an iPhone 5s in February. Therefore I have checked out iOS 7 many times in the Apple Store.

In addition to the crashes and the missing album feature per artist, what strikes me as most annoying is the missing large clock display of a locked iPhone while you are playing music.

I am using my iPhone as a watch replacement all the time. Since I need glasses for reading but do not wear them when walking to public transport (where I need the correct time constantly) the missing large time display makes it much harder to know the time in an instant when I am listening to music.

Seems like a minor flaw, but represents for me a major and completely unnecessary loss in usability.

when listening to music, at the home screen, simple press the home button once, it should change the music controls to a big clock

Thanks again, I tried it, it works as described. Still on an iPhone 4S with headphones at the top, so I use on/off button to show the time. But with headphones at the bottom the change makes actually sense.

Multitasking does not work well. If I leave from an app to do any other function (answer email or respond to text, etc.) and then, after some time re-enter app through multitask function, it's as if I was re-opening app altogether. A "screenshot" of where I was appears but there's a lag and the app refreshes itself. In safari it refreshes the page (annoying if you have scrolled down an article or a list of items on Amazon). If you were searching in App Store, it will refresh and have you re-enter your search again. It doesn't seem like true multitasking. Was it like that in ios6 because I can't remember (definitely don't remember lag)?

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What a loaded question and I don't know where to begin with everything I dislike about 7. In the end, my biggest problem with it is that I cannot revert back to 6. Because I would - in a heartbeat.

I use a corporate exchange server for email and calendar. Cal is one app I use the most and the date picker needs to be overhauled. It's improved in updates but it's still a pain in the posterior.

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The icons look great to me. I hate hate hate the calendar app. I too bought Fantastical and it's great, but I'm reluctant to use a 3rd party calendar app that doesn't synch to my Mac like the stock calendar app does. I'm not paying 19.99 for their Mac app. I just don't understand how the stock calendar app hasn't adopted the same thing as Fantastical where you can type in a phrase ("meeting tomorrow at 2pm") and it just automatically knows what to do with it. Instead we're stuck with the scrolling wheel thing from hell.

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Why is the option to see notifications in chronological order limited to the Missed tab. If the All tab had this same view I would have no reason to use the Missed tab. So frustrating.

The default calendar isn't my cup of tea. Also, I find sliding to answer a phone call rather difficult. You have to be slow and deliberate about it. If I do it too quickly it won't work.

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As a bilingual, English and Thai, I personally accept and like almost every changes and NEW things the have for iOS 7 EXCEPT sloww...wwww responding Thai keyboard and browser when viewing Thai web page or even typing in Thai in any app and browser (yes, any browser! -- Safari, Chrome, Dolphin, Mercury... you name it!!)

Also, another thing I don't like, and almost every person reading Thai that I talk to, is the font!! For Thai fonts in iOS 6 and lower, they have the beautiful and easy-to-read font. In iOS 7, to they take away the font's head!!!! I understand that they tried to make it match the new flat look of iOS 7, but no head?!!

It is readable of course, but it is not easy to read, and not really popular among people who read Thai, at all. Also Thai fonts they use are not consistent, as in Chat/Msg app, there are two font types used.

These two issues are already reported to Apple's by several Thais.... Hopefully they fix these in 7.1!

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When I airplay music and get or place a call. The screen locks up. It's been a bug through all updates in IOS7.

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Calendar, Music, Safari, Notes, Clock (no digital, otherwise it's fine).
Worst one has to be Calendar. (mavericks version also sucks). Also some of the icons are horrendous: Music and Safari mainly.
Also this whiteness everywhere and the washed out colours...

They removed the photo slide show feature from iPad in the lock screen.This was an handy feature.(update should improvise something but not removing features).
The feel of moving between the album art while playing songs is gone.
They have screwed up the backward compatibility of iOS with older devices and 32bit.

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In my view, iOS7 is a fine example of style trumping function and the user experience suffers for it. In many apps (iBooks, Calendar, Notes, the Phone keypad to name some), I feel like I'm lost in a North Dakota blizzard. It's really annoying and I am quite disappointed that the design mavens at Apple used such a heavy-handed approach. I usually have my iPhone and iPad set to "Invert Colors" just to keep from getting my retinas scorched by the endless, blinding white in iOS7.

Oh ya, what happened to the "Play" icon in the Status Bar when music was playing? Would really like this back.

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I like the concept and the philosophy behind iOS7, but some apps are just too flat or white. I don't like iPhoto or Photos app.

My biggest problem is file management and it's non-existence. I want a Finder like app on iOS, where I can make folders in folders, rename photos, PDFs and other documents, cut and paste them and so forth...

Hopefully Ios 7.1 will address some of these issues. I recommend submitting issues to apple now. 7.1 will most likely be released late December or January.

Reminders. Please oh please bring back the basic permissions that were available in Lion and previous versions of iOS 6 and Mac OS 10.

Quite upset about that, actually.

1) Useless and time consuming animations, compounded by bad new icons and ugly interface;
2) Horrible calendar app, borderline useless, much worse than before;
3) Way too plain and white, difficult to differentiate between links and labels;
4) Calendar still does not communicate with contacts, have to rewrite contact info for appointments all the time;

Sometimes simplistic and clean isn't always the most effective and easy to navigate system. Not a fan of the new notification centre.

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I thought I hated iOS 7 at first but when I replaced my iPad 3 with the air I was instantly hooked. I even went out and bought an iPhone so I can have the buttery smooth experience with me everywhere I go.

What I don't like is Safari crashes at random especially on iPad.

Working with attachments in apps that need them is a pain unless I send a separate email. This is nothing new to iOS but it should have a better way for attaching files.

I would like a sliding keyboard.

I would like a mobile data toggle.

I would like a settings shortcut.

I would of course like a larger screen on the iPhone but that's not an ios7 issue.

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it's white
The text is harder to read
It's flat
Music player is less streamlined and lists are harder to read because they've crammed album art into lists. Now there's less entries per page. eye candy over function. should be able to disable cover art in lists so it's just text.
Music player is white.
Keyboard is ugly, bland, hard to read. It needs bold black letters.
Not texture, shine or gloss. That's why i bought it.
wallpaper zooming thing is horrible.
Flat Icons are ugly
images on icons make no sense
Should get to pick what icons are on quicklaunch (from bottom). I use almost non of what's their like calculator and safari so it's useless.

There are many improvements, but ruined by the aesthetic choices.

I liked the quick post to Facebook and Twitter buttons. I miss those a lot because I hate having to open an app just to update my status. The photo sharing being built in is great, I just wish they wouldn't have taken away the built-in status updates.

And the white-ness of iOS 7 in general is kind of annoying. There needs to be a dark theme (without a jailbreak).

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For the most part, I like iOS 7 (contrary to how it may sound below). The lack of a Quick Reply to at least Messages is mind boggling, but on with my list.

The "clean" look is kind of too clean and flat. I agree that the old overuse of textures (wood, leather, etc.) were too much, but some texture is welcome. I don't think the blurring of the background is really all that great, and at times, it can hinder the use of certain things if you have a background with lots of contrast/brightness variances. I would prefer a little more texture and a little less blurring. The result is they went from one extreme to another. Why don't people understand the middle ground in general?

The Date Picker is horrible. I've never been fond of the spinners, but now they just seem to be harder to use. Difficult to tap on the right thing, and it's sometimes hard to read.

The animations are way too slow. It's a phone/tablet, not a movie theater. I want it to be responsive over everything else. I flipped the setting in Accessibility, and now it's a little better but still feels slower than iOS6. Also wish they'd split up the parallax background and app launch/quit animations into two settings. I would kind of like the parallax but not the launch/quit animations (until they do something to really speed them up).

The calendar app could use some UI love. It really went flat, and it is just really, really plain now. Also, a week view on the iPhone that doesn't require landscape would be very welcome. I use Week Calendar for this reason alone.

Some way of toning down the white and excessive whitespace in apps. Like many others, I'd like to see a "night" theme with more subdued colors. (Or dare I dream, an option to enable a f.lux like feature.) Using the iPad/iPhone at night in bed is almost painful. Sometimes adjusting the brightness down to its lowest setting isn't enough, Mr. Ive. Need to tone down the white.

Flip the Control Center and multitasking controls. Swiping up to get to the multitasking just seems much more natural to me. I use it more than I do control center. Save wear and tear on my home button if they allowed us to switch.

Still waiting for some sort of inter-app API so we didn't have to use x-callback to such an extent.

I'd like to be able to set the default app for certain things (web, email, etc.)

The Phone.app dialer is a step back, in my opinion. While it's neat that the borders on the number pad pull the homescreen wallpaper, there's just way too much white on that screen.

Since we can now dynamically adjust the font size (if the apps use that feature), how about being able to change the typeface? Helvetica in any form just doesn't do it for me any more. I don't mean comic sans or something like that, but at least some choice in typeface would be nice.

Like your idea of switching the controls for control center and multitasking (making multitasking gesture-based).

I'd go one more and add a second gesture, a mid-screen pull up (comparative to the new spotlight search's pull down) on the home screen to enable control center there).

One thing that I dislike about ios7 is the dock at the bottom of the screen. It's crazy to think that apple has not yet realized that everyone and their mothers know where the dock is. It believe it would make a better wallpaper experience to have the dock remain transparent. That and the absolutely horrific calendar app are the only things currently bugging me

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Refreshing to see other people are beginning to question the mess that Jonny Ive's created and expected us all to love just because he says so.

I tried it, hated the icons and the overall childish look of it. It ruined the phone experience for me and I stayed on iOS6. The more friends I have that upgrade and now hate it, the more I'm glad I turned off auto update!

Love my iPhone....but love it more because it's on iOS6

I too remain steadfast in my claims of the "flat" theme that is great for a preteen girl, yet one I loathe! I have made this claim repeatedly (even been called a troll by one with a sense of humor resembling that of cardboard) with hopes of a dark theme or a jailbreak so that the icons could be "adulltified" (for a lack any other applicable adjective). Like you, my hesitation to jump on the instant upgrade bandwagon allowed me to keep the old school (6.1.3) icons and theme on my 4s, where as my daughter and the overwhelming majority of these posts claim that the pastel colours and lack of quick reply/tweet are issues that demand attention. I also have and (other than the above stated gripes) use the 5s and truly love the speeds and a lot of the upgrades brought to OS7. I haven't experienced a crash or glitch that others have had to endure, so I consider myself somewhat fortunate.

I don't have any issues with the themes of the iOS 7. What I have been having issues with and it is regular is Siri. I often use it to text my wife while I'm driving and now it seems to be missing large parts oft dictations and what really annoys me is it's right in the middle of the sentence, not the beginning or the end.

I do agree that the Missed tab is useless as well as the Contacts app. What is that around for? It's been pointless for years in my opinion.

Another thing I was thinking about is that there is more functionality that could be applied to the Today tab. It can show that I don't have any events in tomorrow's calendar but it can't tell me the forecast for tomorrow?

Finally as to the actionable texts and such I don't think those are far off. They have instituted them in OSx Mavericks. Why do that if they aren't moving it to the iOS as well?

Well that's my two cents worth anyways.

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Only this I would like is if I can change the color of my keyboard to whatever color I would like

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I think that IOS 7 is great in many ways, but I think that they missed the mark by eliminating most of the truly artistic flare that was present in the design before. Yes, the design needed to be refreshed, but mirroring the real world with artistic 3d polish is one of the things that really made Apple products standout. Icons, apps, animations, etc. felt truly premium and crafted by artists. A book that looks and feels like a book. An icon that looks like a work of art. These things represented art and artists, which has been Apple's crowd for countless years. Now, their is a lot of white, thin lined shapes, and flat unartistic icons. I hope they bring back some art. If not, it leaves open a gap in the market for another company to fill.

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Music App: The icon beside the volume slider to change from Bluetooth, Headphones, etc. I miss that the most. Here's my scenario:

I get in my car and plug in my FM broadcaster to my phone. Realilzing I forgot to turn my Bluetooth on, I do so. Then there is no option in the music app to switch back to the headphone port. I have to unplug in and plug it back in so that it is the most recent source for audio.

Big miss on Apple for that one.

The icons are hideous for the most part. The Calendar sucks. For the Weather app they should just license the full Yahoo Weather. It's beautiful and actually useful. And actionable notifications are a must! I consider the lack thereof inexcusable.

Other than that I love it! I haven't felt at all homesick for green felt. ;)

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Personally, I really like iOS 7, I'm a huge fan of the new design, and I think most of the icons look great. However, yes, I dislike a few things. As the article said, the calendar is atrocious. Also, I think Apple could have done a little better with the new notification center, they they didn't change it much, and I would have liked to have seen it a lot more google now-like. Besides that, and wishing for all the cool features they could have added, I love it!

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It lost its fun. There, I've said it. Enterprise and business users rejoice, if that's what you even do.

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iOS 7 is great overall but the two things that annoy me at the moment are the bright colours that aren't easy on the eyes and the amount of bugs there still are.

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I don't like that the pictures are in bubbles. I'd like the ability to go back to a squares and to be able to use the whole picture. I know it's in keeping with the new iOS 7 theme but I like how Tweetbot has the option to use squares for avatars.

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The music app lost functionality. I hate it when any software or device loses features. I used to be able to make playlists that contained other playlists. Can't do that anymore...
Also, the list view on calendars... Why is it hidden inside of the search icon?
Otherwise, I am for the most part enjoying iOS 7.

I like most of the new features in iOS 7, but I hate the design so I'm not updating. Also not going to buy a new iPhone until the iOS 6 design is back. I didn't want flat design, otherwise I would have gone with Windows Phone. WTF Apple, I bought this phone because iOS was beautiful. I want my money back.

Too much white. I liked my notepad legal pad yellow (with lines and all) now it's just a bland bright boring white field.
Swiping open the camera from the lock screen then swiping it (down) shut was handy before, now you'll swipe down the notifications instead. Smh.
Too much flat bland ugly designs. It's like they don't care anymore. I liked the skeuomorphism. Why does everyone hate it so? It's what made the iPhone so charming. Now it's like playing with some teenage girls phone.
And why aren't the 5C's colors on the darker side (ie, burgundy, hunter green,… etc.)?
Why is newsstand a stock app when iBooks is downloadable?
Unless you have an iPod or iPad the contacts app on the iPhone is redundant, seeing as how it's part of the phone app (with its ugly dialer). Which reminds me, the 4 digit passcode buttons are up much higher than iOS 6. It's uncomfortable now to reach the top row without readjusting my hand.

If we can pull down for search it would be awful nice if we could pull up for the multi-tasking bar. My home button doesn't work worth a damn, and I'd long since forgotten this, as I've been jailbroken since iOS4.

Still can't sort reminders by date due automatically. I have 20-30 reminders on average all mixed up because its too much trouble to do manually. How hard can that be to add something as obvious as that?

The thing I hate the most is that it is not iOS 7.0 — it is IveOS 1.0, using iOS 7 as a Trojan Horse.

I hate that icons are no longer real objects but rather they are now bathroom signage.

Remodeling iOS after the Web, with blue text as buttons and big empty spaces is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in computing. It's like Rolls Royce stops making everything but Smart Cars.

I hate how it looks — like it is made of layers of plastic that somebody threw up on.

I hate that almost all if the art is gone from iOS.

I hate how the grid and design theme are like a virus that spreads to all my apps, so that Pages and GarageBand and iCloud apps and many 3rd party apps push an update that is essentially vandalism. You don't get a better app — you get your work and life interrupted by your tools arbitrarily moving around and changing and you have to learn how to use them again with zero user benefit. There is no need for an icon grid — the round rect shape and any filters you want to apply are enough conformity. There is no need for apps to look alike — there is no title bar in iOS, the apps are supposed to look different so the user knows what app they are in. Ironically, the Exposé-like multitasking view gets worse as each app updates its look to iOS 7 and becomes unidentifiable.

Not only do I hate all this stuff, but I'm showing it with a spending freeze at Apple Store and App Store. And every time one of my apps updates and shows me an iOS 7 look, I give it a 1-star review and delete it. And I'm moving away from Apple Mail and all the built-in Apple apps because the quality has crashed so badly. It is such a letdown because I was really, really happy before WWDC 2013 when iOS 7 was introduced, and I was ready to continue to keep buying new iPads, iPhones, and Macs forever. Now, I'm dreading the next version of Ive OS X, which will paint a bunch of things orange and make absolutely nothing better.

Maybe the thing I hate most about iOS 7 is there isn't a single feature in it for me. I had a list of about 10 things I was hoping to see added or fixed in iOS 7 and Apple missed all 10. They put a coat of paint on most of them, and made some of them unquestionably worse because of that, but nobody at Apple was designing any solutions for me or users like me with iOS 7.

I downloaded this update.... Exactly one hour later I found a working screen recorder..... It didn't support ios 7, only 6 and 5
.......I hate apple