Wife said no to iPad 2... but Apple said yes!

In the post-it note dual of "Wife said no" and "Apple said yes", any guesses as to which yellow sticky turned out on top? That's right, Apple's fantastic customer service strikes again. A man returned an iPad 2 because his wife disapproved of the purchase only to find one arrive at his door shortly after. The full story goes something like this:

Man buys iPad 2. Man's wife frowns upon iPad 2. Man returns iPad 2 with a note on it that says "wife said no". Apple finds note and thinks it's funny. Two Apple VPs find out and also find it humorous, so Apple sends man an iPad 2 with a note that says "Apple said yes". Man is happy to have iPad 2. Wife is happy that no money was spent. Apple is happy to make customer happy.

Very cute story. Very lucky man. Did any of you out there have to the pass the spousal gauntlet to get your iPad 2?


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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Wife said no to iPad 2... but Apple said yes!


My fiance about had a heart attack when I bought my iPhone 4 at the early upgrade price, but she eventually learned to love it...especially after I bought her a brand new iPod Touch with my tax return money.

My fiance has learned to deal with my obsession of gadgetry and need to buy new toys. What helps is that I'll get rid of the old to get the new and I dont end up spending too much out of pocket.

This doesn't seem really possible. Guy used hidden stash and sent ipad 2 to himself? Much more believable to me.

...and yet you are single and living at your parents basement.
Dan!!!! (Mom yells out) Your bagel bites are ready!

You can try to explain it to them, but sadly, some of them will never get it...
There are many folks who have a bad impression of it and most likely there are reasons why that even they wish were not there.

i dont have a bad impression of it...i just dont like to blindly follow social norms because everyone else is doing it...
thinking for myself...such a radical way to look at things...

This is a great story, if true.
Now all we need is a "My wife gave me an ultimatum, her or the ipad 2" story, submitted of course with the tagline: "written on my ipad 2" :)

You fools. You let your wives control what purchases you make? I tell my wife "don't like the apple product I just bought? Then go return all my apple products including the Mac pros used to run my business that pays for these lights to be on. And go jam your finger down your throat and puke up the food that was payed for by the recordings made with those computers." enjoy the fruits of your labor men. And grow a set too.

I'd rather not get married than have someone who leeches off my career at every opportunity tell me what I can do with the rest of the fruits of my labor.

@Joe - Dude, you do not have a clue and it will all catch up to you. It sounds you have your own personal issues to deal with between you and your wife. Maybe you forgot that marriage is a partnership. Partners agree on things - not fight against one another. Your your Apple device is really more important than your wife, then you do have issues. Growing a set has nothing to do with it. It's understanding and compromising. If she was making all of the money and the tables were turned, do you want her blowing it on things? To sum it up, your an idiot!

Calling someone an idiot because they do not have the same idea of a "perfect marriage" as you do...makes you come across as a real blow hard.
I bet your wife cheats on you.

@Steve. Thanks for the counseling. Do I owe you 40$ for that? My wife and I have no problems. At all actually. My point was not that I fight with her. But that I get what I want and she gets what she wants. She works hard for her money and she spends it as she pleases. She helps pay the bills and the rest is hers. I'm saying if I work hard for my money then I will spend it as I please. If you can't go enjoy the fruits of your labor then you can't enjoy the labor. We are both very happy because we don't jam every penny in the others face. If she didn't let me buy what I want then I wouldn't have a successful business. Bottom line, your should have been you're when you called me an idiot.

Finally, a man who understands what a marriage should be! I say this sincerely Steve, your wife is a lucky woman.

Great. Now if only Apple would say "yes" to shipping my iPad that I ordered. It has been sitting in China for 4 days.
Back on the subject at hand, I would kick any woman to the curb who tried to tell me that I couldn't buy an item of technology that I wanted. She would also get voted off the island for trying to guilt me about it.

Hidden stash. That is definately plausible. Gotta remember to take care of the wife though. I asked myself is this iPad worth going through hoops, Nah. Wait for the next one.

My finace knows that i have a tech problem. But I will say that ever since I bought my iPad (first gen, don't want the second gen) and IPhone 4, I haven't bought anything else. Mostly because these two gadgets do it for me 100%. The only new toys I plan on buying this year are the iPhone 5, a new computer (not sure which one as I don't use it anything really. I use my iPad for basically everything) and a new camera. That's not to shabby for a guy who bought 12 cell phones in a year before.

You have to put it in perspective with your wife. With me, I start looking at $3000.00 guitars. She will hit the roof. Well can I get an iPad 2 for a cheap $5-700.00? Sure honey, don't you dare buy a guitar. If that does not work, well someone said "Happy Wife Happy Life"

Love this story! Just when you think the world is going to sh*t, Apple do something that makes you go - aw, that's really nice! Well done nameless VP.....!!!

My wife also said no. She said my "iPad 1" is good enough. I work midnight shifts and watched the apple web site when they made avaiable the iPad 2 for sale at almost 1am PST. Several times i started to fill out the order form, but guilt got me and I backed out. Later I would convince myself to order it, but again I would back out at the last minute. Then early in the morning around 8am I noticed that the shipping date went from 3-5 days to 2-3 weeks then finally on the 16th of march I saw shipping was now 4-5 weeks. I said to hell with it and ordered a black 3G/wifi 64G hard drive. Today, on the 21st of march, my gray smart cove ws delivered by fed ex, yet my iPad 2 still has not shipped =(
Trying to be patient lol

Such bullcrap that companys like apple know the demand and dont release enough of a product. They think it keeps it in demand but all it does is give these dusch bags a reason to buy more then they need and sell for double

I'm not buying it... The iPad 2 first went on sale 10 days ago. Since the story involved shipping, I don't believe for a second this happened with an in-store purchase. So that leaves us wondering if it is plausible that on March 11, someone ordered an iPad FROM APPLE (not a reseller)... Then received it early enough last week to send it back... To then have enough time for it to arrive again. Yeah, I'm not buying it.

The majority of the men here talk big about how they would "kick a woman to the curve" if such situation came up in their lives. Attitude and characters like that are first signs of divorce down the line. Then you wonder why divorce rates are higher each year.
To those who comment on "for the wife's," Bless you, for you have found the key to life, and have much wisdom. ;)

How does this guy have the ability to return an iPad 2 and than have one show up at his door that same day when Hawaii is lucky to get a few in stock at Target? That's cool for him, but makes me wonder when I'll be getting mine in the mail..

I said yes but apple is taking forever. This is proof that it shouldn't take 3 weeks to ship my iPad

Any guy that doesn't respect there wife's opinion on any major purchase with his money is going to one day end up single, bitter, and surrounded by his own purchases.
I would rather not have an iPad 2 and have a happy wife/marriage. I'm lucky, I get both cause I do respect her opinion (and she bought I for me for our anniversary) :). So there!!!
Have fun with that macho men.

What is comes down to is, who made the money? If I made the money while she decorated the house, then I won't complain about how she decorates the house (using my money) if she won't complain about how I spend a reasonable amount of the rest of my money. $500 is not like buying a Ferrari.

It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. He would've been better off keeping the thing outright, for the sake of his marriage.

I'm skipping the iPad 2. My wife said wait when the first iPad came out and then walked into my job with an apple store bag in her hand with a smile on her face later! PRICELESS!!!

What if it wasn't to do with money? Some 'other halves' don't appreciate feeling like the other is married to gadgets like the iPad as opposed to them.
In my case it was my wife that queued up for 3 hours outside an Apple store on launch day to get an iPad 2 for herself :)

When they grant divorces and half your income and the house, cars, and kids, for no reason other than you wouldn't let your wife use you like a slave, or else she just got tired of you, that's why men can no longer be real men. Just stay single and make a lot of money, when a girl turns into a B**** find a new one.

Apparently a lot of people have mean wives. My wife is awesome, we have this thing where we don't tell each other no when we want something, we do the mature thing and help each other wait till we can afford something first, but if I want something bad enough to save for it then I get to buy it.

Launch day for iPad 1 wife said no. We walk into an Apple store, play on the iPad a week later, wife asks which one I want. I say 16gb I'd good enough. Verizon iPhone comes out and then she wants one with her upgrade. So I jump online and preorder it, and while I'm ordering "I ask can I get one too! Look at my Droid incredible! The screens cracked! I didn't want to use the insurance and pay deductible. She replies, "honey, u always get what u want!" Moral of the story. With a wife, we cant always get the new toys! But when we do, it is such a great feeling knowing she was cool with it! SHOUT OUT TO MY WIFE sleeping right now. LOL. Didn't get the iPad 2, but I'm pretty sure iPad 3.0 will be in my future...

I jus hope my BF doesnt get a free Ipad 2, if he will get it then he will be my X-BF coze he loves Ipad 2 more than me. I mean how can a guy tell his GF that Ipad is my FIRST LOVE! sounds completely INSANE to me....

My wife and I have separate accounts, split all household bills down the middle, except for the mortgage/property tax/insurance payment, which is split according to the % of our total gross each makes. And we NEVER argue about money, and never mention anything about the other's purchases.
She gave me a $1K gift card to the Apple store for my 50th in October, with the idea I would use it to buy an iPad. I decided to wait for v2, and after seeing what they put out, may wait for v3.

Can you imagine this story with the sexes reversed? What would you call a man who made his wife return something? You'd call that man "controlling" and his wife would be on Oprah crying about how abusive and controlling her mean husband was.
Seriously. Say these words out loud: "my husband said that I can't have this, so I'm returning it."
Say that out loud and marvel at how odd it sounds. Reflect on everything that you would read between the lines if you heard a woman say that. You'd think she was being "emotionally abused" at the very least.

I think my wife will queue for it, and bring home 4 x Ipad 2. One for herself, me and kids. If iphone 5 comes out any soone, I'll have to figure out what I can do with 2x iphone4, 2x iphone3GS, and 2x ipad?

My wife was upset when i purchased my first Ipad (Ipad 1) because i had just bought a laptop. She complained so much i sent it back to later reorder it. Only thing that helped with this argument was i decided to sell my laptop so that she didnt have to complain about the money spent cause it balanced its way out. When IPAD 2 was released i sold old ipad and purchased the new one and told the wife that i only payed $100.00 difference which was a flat out lie was more like a 200.00 difference but i also used the Birthday card that it was a birthday gift for myself which kept her from complaining although it may just be attributed to the fact that she fell in love with IPAD 1 when she finally started using it.

My wife had only one complaint against me, I buy things left and right, and do not respect the family budget.
In Dec 2010,my son got medicine seat. I was opportunistic and bought an Apple Mac, IPad and Ipod. Son and I shared, I got Ipod.
Soon I realised, my wife is using my Ipod most, and now is demanding Nano too, as her walk companion.
Poor Dinesh.

Yes I did my husband won't let me have one because of the financial hardship we are going through right now and every time I get my hands on the money and about to buy it I'm handed a bill or a list of things that are more essential. I joined zagg.com contest and had no luck. I just gave up on the dream of ever owning one!

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