Are you having Wi-Fi connection problems with your iPad?


Dieter mentioned this in the hardware section of our iPad review, but we've seen enough reports (and gotten enough email about it!) that we wanted to break it out and see how widespread a problem this may be for our readers:

Speaking of that aluminum casing, it blocks WiFi signals pretty effectively. To get around that, Apple placed the WiFi antenna behind the plastic Apple logo. While all reports indicate it’s a good antenna, I do find that I’m getting slightly worse reception on the iPad than I do on other devices.

I haven't had a problem either at home on an dual-band Airport Extreme in 802.11n mode or at work on an ancient Linksys in 802.11g, however I'm going try it out in more places on more routers and compare it to both laptops and iPhone/iPod touch to try and get a better idea.

More importantly, however, we want to see what your experience with iPad on Wi-Fi has been. Is the signal strong and steady or sparse and subject to frequent drops? How does the connectivity compare to your iPhone and/or iPod touch?

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Are you having Wi-Fi connection problems with your iPad?


I can't tell if it's the wi-fi being spotty itself, or if the OS is misreporting. I have noticed that there are lapses in connectivity (it seems), but it could also be due to memory allocation or something like that. I'm not sure, but I'm hoping if there are issues, it's fixable via update. What was all that R&D money for if it's HW-related?

I'm not having a problem at home, but at starbucks. In fact, both of the starbucks I frequent I'm having problems staying connected.

I've had mine on at least 5 different WiFi networks since Saturday and haven't had problems with any of them (keeping my fingers crossed).

Of the four wifi networks I use, I haven't had any problems yet. Matter of fact, it seems quite good and seems very fast.

There is a 12 (so far) page discussion on Apple's support site. I do not have an iPad (if I get one, I am holding out for a 3G model), but my neighbor has, and has most of the problems outlines in the article. To sum up:

  • Weak signal. His iPhones, Macbooks, and Dells all show full bars anywhere on his property. The iPad fluctuates a room or two away from the router, and drops out completely at distances all those other devices still show full strength.
  • Dropped connections. Within the same session, he is frequently asked to rejoin his network, and re-enter his password.
  • Slow speed while connected. My neighbor does not have this problem, but several people on that Apple support thread report their iPad is downloading far slower, and showing far worse speedtest results, than their iPhones from the same location. (I would guess that is a factor of signal strength.)

Fixes suggested by users on that thread:

  • Turn off "Ask to Join" in their connection preferences
  • Switch your router to g-only mode (if you have a b/g/n router)
  • Turn off encryption (not one I would recommend in any case)

Some users have reported these helped, others have said they had no effect.
In the thread is a link to an Apple support page ( ) which suggests similar fixes to the above for the dropped connections. There is no comment that I have yet seen on the signal strength.

Mine is working fine...I would say it is better than my iphone. Watch some movies on Netflix and shows on ABC without any disruptions from wifi.

Mine looses WIFI connection at home where strength is strong, and asks for password again. Not sure if I should exchange it or if an update can fix it.

I am actually quite impressed with the speed of my iPad, I have used it on 3 different wireless networks so far and my browser loads pages just as quick at my macbook. I have been very happy with the speed and performance of my iPad. Way to go Apple!

My iPad doesn't find as many access points as my iPhone - when they are next to each other!
I was at a new coffee shop on iPad launch day. My iPhone picked up the AP just fine, and strong. My iPad didn't see it and I had to move around a lot for it to finally show up.

No problem with mine. I'm using a dual band modem and I'm running the ipad on the "n" network

I haven't had any issues except at school, but this isn't new. The building my office is in is known for it's spotty wifi. The only other place I've used my iPad is at home and I have had no wifi issues anywhere in my apartment... however, my apartment is MUCH smaller than a house.

I haven't noticed any issues. Mine has been blazing and i use it both at work and at home. Several WI-fi spots.

No problems at all with mine, in fact it picks up signals in our house better than my laptop or iPhone.

I was actually embarrassed this weekend as I tried to show off my new iPad. The constant Wi-Fi connectivity issues caused pausing and disconnects on web pages, videos, the app store, etc.. How do you explain this to someone you want to impress? It wasn’t easy.
My Linksys WRT610N provides good coverage throughout my house. The 5GHz band on the router is N only, and 2.4GHz was set to mixed. Every device and laptop I’ve had connects everywhere with no problems.
The iPad connected to 5GHz / N just fine, but quickly began dropping the connection from only 50 feet away. Switching to 2.4GHz / mixed was better, but instead of dropping the connection, it began pausing. Again, it ranged between frustratingly slow, to unusable.
Ironically, I had to pull out my cheap netbook in order to browse the Apple forums, where I quickly found out I wasn’t alone! I tried several different things that were suggested, such as restarting /resetting the iPad, and resetting it’s network setting to default, but nothing helped. Finally, the partial solution for me was to disable mixed mode on my router. I changed the 2.4GHz band from mixed to G only, and suddenly Wi-Fi is relatively fast and solid. However, I’m still seeing fairly wild Wi-Fi signal strength fluctuations on the iPad.
Also, get this… The application eWiFi is installed on my iPad. eWiFi is a third party Wi-Fi finder. Where the iPad Wi-Fi settings don’t see wireless N in my home, eWiFi does! Very, very odd.
The changes I made are obviously only a temporary measure. Something is wrong.
How can a company like Apple manage to ship the iPad with such a defect? Amazing.

I have seen sporatic signal strength in my iPad. Basically, the iPad will randomly go from full strength to no strength and then back again. Of most concern is that other devices have no problem. I am visiting the Genius Bar tonight to have them take a look.

I have a signal strength problem too. I noticed it on Saturday and feel kind of glad I wasn't the only one. In the house it works like a dream, but if go out on the deck (where the iPhone and macbook pro work great) the signal is very low and unreliable.

Who cares, this iTampon is a joke anyways. $500 for a big iPhone basically. It's so limited in functionality it's not even funny. At least give us a full browser with Flash support.

Apple has put up an announcement page linking a few troubleshooting possibilities (mainly those suggested in the forums and on the earlier linked support page)
One of the links is a new troubleshooting page, , but the suggestions on the troubleshooting page range from "move closer to the router" to "restart and reset network settings," so I would hazard to guess Apple does not yet have a firm grip on the root cause.

Hmmm...well, hopefully this problem will get fixed with an update. I don't have one YET, by the time I have the cash to get one, the second Gen iPad should be out! LOL, but seriously, I still want one. Even with the random WiFi issues going on...we'll see.

This is kind of sad. My ipad usage is so heavily dependant to wifi as much as others here depend on it as well.
I can't imagine there being much of a software fix here rather than it being hardware related, but I hope I'm proved wrong.
I don't have enough personal experience to comment on this subject. I guess so far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed. Love my ipad but it does needs wifi to be fully functional.

I've been on vacation since Saturday (picked up ipad at apple store and got on the road...). I've been at two houses, two hotels, tethered for 6 hours on the interstate and a starbucks and have had no WiFi issues...(infact, it did better than my 3G). Wonder if it's a N instead of G thing?

No issues at all, but I've only used it at home on my house wifi signal. It's been fantastic!

I don't know if this is the same problem but my wifi connection in my house seems to keep "restarting" ever since the iPad was introduced to the home network.
This means my macbook pro loses connectivity as well.
I have an airport extreme.

Have read about this on some other blogs as well. I am having the problem consistently. Seems to connected with FIOS wireless router. I have tried both changing router setting for single band N and also resetting the network settings and neither seem to resolve the problem.

I have a Linksys router w/ DD-WRT installed. I wasn't able to hold a connection for longer then 25 min. I was about 20 feet from the router separated by 1 wall (drywall, studs and paint). Also I didn't get a signal in the bedroom (on the 2nd floor) eventhought I was able to connect on my iPhone. I tried limiting the router to b/g only (no N) and that didn't seam to help. With DD-WRT you are able to see AP's around you and what CH they are on. I was on CH 7 and ppl around me were on 8 and 10. I remember reading something about channel separation ( so I switch mine to CH 3 and enabled N. Since then I have not dropped connections to WiFi at my house. I was able to download apps and podcasts (diggnation) w/o a drop. I am also getting a good signal in the bedroom where I didn't prior to changing to CH 3. I am getting faster speeds according to "DSLR Speed Test" (probably because of N being enabled) and my iPad is now faster then my iPhone which wasn't the case when I was on CH 7. So for me it looks like it was more of a channel separation issue then defective WiFi board or antenna placement in the iPad. Hope that helps! - Rick

When I have a connection it is great the speed is comparable to my MacBook but the one issue I am having is I constantly have to reenter my router password to stay connected on my home network and in a number of other locations. I have been on the road with it and used it in two hotels and a few coffee shops and restaurants. I have the same issue everywhere I use it. I know Apple is giving us some router fixes to try but this does not help me when I am in a location that I have no control over their network.
I like the iPad and it has it's place in the world but unless this connection issue is fixed soon, I think I will eat the 10% restocking fee and return it.

Mine occurs every time the device auto-locks and goes to sleep and then when you wake it up, it will lose the connection to wi-fi. So you have to choose your network again, very frustrating.

Upon waking, my iPad would often prompt me to re-enter my WiFi password, or simply say that it wasn't connected to the internet.
I was using an old D-Link DI-624 Router with 64-bit WEP encryption. After talking to a senior support tech, I switched the WEP to 128-bit and it's been smooth sailing ever since.
This is still a bug, because if you're in some random hotel, you can't change the router settings. But this workaround may help until a patch is released.

Wow. I'm not alone.
I am having issues with my Linksys WRT52G router and iPad. It seems that every few hours or so, when waking the iPad, my router locks up. I then have to go and rest the router to get back on. All of my other laptops, netbooks, Xbox 360 WIFI works great. Never had an issue till iPad.
Someone had stated that it could be a "push" issue. Some apps look for data at certain intervals. (Email, Facebook, etc.) I tried disabling the "Push" and Notications settings. Last thing I am going to try is reseting my network settings in iPad. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to do. I have tried WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc. etc. etc.

I drop about 5 times or more a day, all I do is go to settings and move the screen brightness all the way down a back up and it reconnects every time. Very strange but it works.

I'm having issues at Starbucks getting on. I have the Wi-Fi model not the 3G and AT&T doesn't want to let me on. I keep getting a rejected message on the login. Not sure if it is an iPad issue or not, but that is the only device I have a problem getting on with. My MacBook pro is fine and my iPhone I don't have any issues with. Going to mess with it some more but so far after 30 min no luck.

I read on one forum that increasing the screen brightness on the iPad fixed the problem for some people. Seems weird, but worth a try. I don't have my iPad yet - will get my 3g version on Friday, but have been reading about possible issues and getting prepared.

Very real and annoying problem - Apple needs to get on this before they tick everyone off on an otherwise awesome device. Use MAC Book on same network with absolutely no problem - carrier is Verizon FIOs.

All of the very technical fixes mentioned re router settings, etc. are totally unacceptable in a device marketed for a mass consumer market.

I had my iPad wifi 3g for two days and the wifi was unreliable so the kindly Apple folks replaced my iPad. That did not solve the problem. Comparing my iPhone and my iPad literally side-by-side… wifi stable on iPhone, not on iPad.

Steve F. exactly right. Iphone wifi fine. MacBook wifi fine. iPad constantly dropping, and then after a bit, re-asks for the password, which is a big pain in the next because it is from the provider rather than my own, which means it is impossible to remember. Everyone should tweet about this and get Apple to pay attention.

On thing I haven't tried yet on my router is change the maximum data packet size (I forget the name of the setting on the router) and see if this helps. I worked when I first got the router and had problems connecting with my computers but it's been fine until this iPad.

My new 3G iPad looses WiFi connects and password constantly. I had the iPad replace and it is just as bad.

I've got a 64gb iPad and it keeps forgetting the wifi password. I have figured out that I can cut wifi off then immediately back on and it works without reentering the password.

I purchased the 64gb ipad 3G on 4/30. My device will not stay connected to wifi. I have to constantly reconnect it and enter the passcode. It then tells me that passcode is invalid or unable to connect. I have to put it in airplane me and then switch it back to get the connection back. The connection last for approximately 3-5 minutes and then I lose it again. If this issue is not resolved I will return it. I do not have this problem with my iPod touch or iPhone which is what I am using to send this message. For now I am using the ipad as a $900.00 book reader.

All I can say is wow...I was trying to buy an iPad today but they are no where to be found. So I came home to see where I might get one and came across this blog. This WiFi issue seems outrageous. Thanks for the heads up. I am not even going to gamble and hope I get one that works. I will not purchase one until the wifi problems are onfirmed to be fixed. Thanks again!!!

I have a 64g wifi iPad with connection problems at public places. As far as I can tell, it won't work at any McDonalds because the login screen at McD is in flash. Anyone have a solution or workaround for that?
Also, have had absolutely no luck logging on to free wifi at airports. Have been to 6 airports in last month. Sees the free wifi, but never get the login screen. Wondering if it's the same flash issue

I am seeing the opposite: iPad stronger.
My iPad (3g) gets better WiFi than my iPhone 3gs sitting next to it.
iPad picks up same networks (& strength) on default "settings" app, and iPad gets MORE networks and signal on "eWiFi" app.
Perhaps folks hold iPads closer to their bodies (which absorb RF) and mistake artifacts of proximity for poor device performance, in some cases anyway?
Both my devices ran the same apps & circumstances for observation; Apples to Apples ;-)

I had to just restart mine for the 1st time to be able to connect to wifi. It has always worked great except just now. It didn't even show an available network to connect to... even though my iphone was connected 6 inches away from it. I do still get speaker feedback when the ipad is in standby mode. Anyone else? It squeals like a happy pig thru powered speakers.... ugh...

My iPad is constantly dropping the wifi connection. Either says cannot connect or invalid password. Running fios. This either needs to be corrected soon or iPad is going back to apple - so annoying!

Have a 32 G WiFi & 3G model, have not tried the 3G yet, but was having a lot of these WiFi problems until I went to my routers website and looked for firmware updates.
I have a Dlink router, which would tell me in it's own browser that there were no new updates available since 2009. Just to be sure I went to the site and guess what? I found a firmware download that came out in March 2010.
So I backed up the router config file, installed the firmware update, reinstalled the router settings file and the Ipad went from a 48% signal up to 100% when it is in the same room with the router. It also started working better when out and about in the house, the signal is just much higher now.
I think the 802.11 version went from g to n from the update, and did it make a difference. Recommend you check your router's site, I think they have been doing things to keep up with Apple on Dlink.
that is the good news, most evertyhing runs faster and better and everything reconnects on return from sleep except for Weather Channel app. And still occasionally the browser will popup a note that there is no network, but that goes away in 2-3 seconds.
So Apple still has work to do on WiFi

My two week old iPAD 32Gb wifi loses my home connection several times a day. I have to reenter the WEP Key. At least it remembers the SSID.

I also have the connectivity issue. I have found that if you turn the ipad on and off the device will automatically connect to the network. It's a drag, but it works. I use FIOS and have Verizon's router.

I have fios and my iPad drops connection constantly. Signal is strong and fast when it's connected. When iPad drops connection and asks for the WEP or WAP passwors (I've tried both) I just press cancel without entering password and it connects. If iPad drops connection but does not ask for password I switch to safari and iPad reconnects without asking for password. Not sure if this will work for everyone but it beats rebooting the iPad.

Same issue here. Fios, and I drop about once an hour, and have to reenter the password. Also, connection seems really slow.

I got a 16 gig WiFi iPad. And am having all of the WiFi connectivity problems described here and elsewhere on the web. I own a house full of Apple products, and the constant dropping of WiFi signals by iPad is totally unacceptable, none of their other products do this.
To me, it appears to have nothing to do with the iPad antenna positioning. iPad drops connections, and then doesn't know the wep password to log on again.
Apple is clearly ducking this issue, and is shi_ting on its loyal customers. If there's a software / firmware upgrade to fix it then they need to say that, but they haven't. Their silence on the issue leads me to believe there is a hardware problem. This is corporate American greed at work.
I'm going to have to return the iPad.

My wiFi iPad came in with the initial shipment back in April, I've never had an issue with WiFi connectivity until last night at a friends house.
I've connected to at least ten or so networks without an issue, one of them being a connection to an Apple Time Capsule at work, that several other devices and laptops connect to on a regular basis.
Also, at my brothers' house, I was getting a weak signal, but a router firmware upgrade resolved that issue.
At my friends house however, here is the story. I had used the device previously at his house without a problem. This time, however, I had a problem. Several other people were connected, including my iphone, but the signal was fairly weak. I also connected a PS3 to his network and discovered in the network settings that his router didn't support Universal Plug and Play. I turned on my iPad and it immediately recognized he network, however the speed was really slow. I tried turning wifi off, then back on again to see if I could get a new IP, no luck. I'm sure if I was able to get to his router and if I had the ability to upgrade his firmware, the issue would have resolved itself, but by this time, who cared, we were partying!
In my case, I say a 1:10:problem ratio isn't bad enough to warrant calling the iPad at fault.
Before complaining to Apple about it, upgrade your firmware on your router. I've got an "ancient" linksys G router with the latest firmware installed and use Wireless security at home, I connect and it works great.
Apple has addressed the issue, but is still working on a solution:
Be Patient!

My ipad works great at home but I've had alot of problems with wifi connection issues at hotels that offer wifi. Either it can't find the network or the connection is so weak it is useless. At the same time my iphone and my husband's laptop have no issues with the hotel network.

Had iPad for several days, 32GB WiFi, drops connection several times a day. Have an iTouch, Mac, and 3 other PCs in the house that have 0 issues with Wifi. Apples issue, they need to address it, period.

I have a 64GB 3G and I'm also having the same issues with it constantly dropping the signal when it's upstairs (my router is downstairs). I adjusted the router antenna to be horizontal which provided better vertical coverage and that helped a bit. When it loses the signal (and annoyingly asks for the password), I just click the standby button to turn it off and then turn it back on again. This usually works for me. Hopefully apple will apply a fix soon.

I have 2, 64 Gig 3G models for me and my wife and mine drops all the time and my wife's doesn't ever drop it...
VERY annoying...

My 64Gig 3G model drops the wi-fi signal most often when it awakens from sleep and never when it is on. Also if my other computer is off when it wakes, it does not drop. It might help that we have fast cable internet.

Had mine for a few months with no problems till last week. Both my 2g and 3G constantly drop connection. Never happened in the past. It was always reliable 24/7,but now it just is useless to try to use these devices. I've tried everything and it if a total fail. Apple sucks and I am going to try to return these p.o.s's.

I've had my iPad for six weeks and it had no problems connecting using my Belkin wireless router. Then all of a sudden, I am getting "Failed to join" messages when attempting to connect. I've spent time with Time Warner Cable procuring another ip address (one that does not begin with 169) and then contacted Belkin where they made a few changes and still, I can not connect. My 3 iMacs and 3 iPhones have had no problems all along.
I'm really surprised that the iPad connected fine for the first two weeks and now NOTHING!

My iPad is 32gb/3G. Using a UK SKY router which I cannot reconfigure or replace.
iPad almost always fails to connect after sleep, unless I am in the same room as the router.
This is a flaw in a product which is otherwise wonderful. I guess that it is a basic breach of consumer legislation - but I am no lawyer. The main reason I bought the thing is to use it on wifi at home, quickly and easily. I don't want to fight with it to get basic functionality.
I keep checking for a software update but I suspect that fix will come on the day that they catch the Loch Ness monster.
As a result I chose not to upgrade my 3GS to an iPhone 4. Now i read about the problems with that. Apple is abusing our trust in their products and will pay the price sooner or later.

I found that if I user a static IP then I don't have a problem with having to re-enter the WEP password on my iPad. If you try this make sure you use an IP outside the range reserved for DHCP in your router's setup.

My iPad (32gb/3G) drops its wifi connection all day long!!!! it's crazy!!! Every 5-10 minutes, I get another request for my wifi password. The crazy Verizon one. And even then, sometimes it can't find the signal. OMG, help!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

I bought a 64 gig Ipad right when they came out. I leave it docked playing music all day with my wifi router 15 feet away and its always losing wifi connection and I have to power it down then back on and it works fine for a while. My ipad is basically useless to me I quit trying to take it with me after work because of how it won't hold a wifi connection. I sent it back to Apple and they just sent it back after reinstalling everything and it still loses wifi all the time. What a huge waste of money and more valuable my time.

Same here (16g WiFi). Connection will drop in the middle of a task. Usually just have to restart Safari to get it going again but sometime I get an "InvalidAddress" message which means then I have to turn WiFi off and back on. Very annoying.

Just got my (64G WiFi) iPad and went through the setup steps. Got to the United Red Carpet Club in LAX and cannot connect to t-mobile WiFi. Well, it does connect like someone said earlier and displays the t-mobile page and I can click login, but before I can enter my number, the connection drops. My laptop Linksys Dual Band N USB wireless works just fine. I've searched, but all I can find is others with similar connect problems, but no real solutions. Apple where are you?

I had my ipad for 2 weeks now and still unable to connect to my home wireless. I have tried everything and spend tireless hours on the phone with support. Don't know what else to do. I think the only thing left for me is to ask for a refund. What a dissapointment.

Same problems at home and work. without moving or changing positions the signal goes from full to partial then drops out.tries to reconnect, sometimes makes me re-enter password(real pain)I have to carry index cards to do that.Phone and laptop have no problem...even my mother next door uses my wifi at her house without a problem.This was a first step back into the apple world in a very long time. Going to test the water before doing a complete pc changeout at home and work.Not too inclined to pursue that at this time.

IPAD wifi connection issues are a real pain on Verizon Fios. Apple says it is router settings, Verizon Fios says they only support one setting. Cant connect at home. Apple totally no solution inlcuding "genius" bar at Apple Store.

Having the same problem... APPLE does nothing to help! What a scam they are...knowing this is a BIG problem yet blaming it on everyone else.

I had the same problem with dropping my wifi but the Apple Store tech did a deep restore and that has solved the problem, at least for the time being.

I bought one of the first iPads to arrive in the UK and stopped using it after 2 days except to play scrabble. The wifi is so unreliable that I can hardly be bothered to try anymore. I'll have my iphone and ipad side by side and the iphone will connect to the internet and the ipad won't. And even if it does, it loses the connection within a minute or two. Unfortunately my iphone touchscreen is also playing up and jamming continuously. It is my second iphone and I was a huge fan before I traded the old one in for this new one. I've been back to the shop twice and the geniuses/genii just tell me that there isn't a problem with it. Am I an Apple fan? Ha! Will I buy anything from Apple again? Not on your nelly!

I purchased the wifi 3G model about 10 days back
For the first 5 days or so it was just the best thing since sliced bread. I could connect to the wireless at home and in the office. Also connected to various wireless networks as I got about. fantastic.
Then last weekend I noticed - started having problems. Couldn't connect to the same networks that I had been connecting to just fine previously. Home / office / 3rd party wireless won't connect.
I'm convinced this is an issue with the device itself. I have numerous other laptops and devices connecting to these same networks with no trouble.
I've read the numerous posts and made sure I have the lastest patch installed. Tried the brightness and the full reset. None of these are working for me. It must be about time to take the unit back. I own and run an IT business so I have some knowledge. I have reviewed the router settings and all looks good.
But I agree with the previous post. This device is marketed to the masses who are not expected to have any IT skills. Apple to needs to urgently address this issue.
Apart from WiFi - love the device

My 64Gb iPad drops the WiFi connection about 5 minutes after switching it on - every time. It asks me to re-input the weep code. I ignore that request and switch the iPad off and back on again immediately. It re-connects straight away and stays connected this time no matter how long I have it switched on. Strange, but it works and is the simplest way round the problem.

Just bought new i-pad 16GB at apple store in Sydney. Back at the hotel, where my lap-top has worked fine from day 1, I keep getting message "There was a problem connecting to the server". Driving me nuts, does this just mean it wont pick up the wi-fi in the hotel?

My iPad constantly drops the connection. I thought it was my router so updated that but it didn't solve the problem. I also tried setting the screen brighter but that didn't help either. The weird thing is that the settings page shows the WiFi connected but the applications give me not connected errors. Going to the settings page and opening the wifi list seems to reactivate the connection but what a pain! Other options to get reconnected are turning the iPad off and on again. This is really getting annoying!!!

I am having the same problem. Turning it off then back on when you are trying to do stuff on it is really irritating! This IPad was way too expensive for this kinda troubles. Really frustrated with this outragousely priced problem!

I am having the same issue Laura is. I've had my iPad since early June and it has been fantastic until yesterday. According to my settings, my WiFi is connected but can't open anything that uses the Web. I have tried to update and even restore through itunes, but it tells me the server stopped responding. I know it's not my router because I am on my laptop and it's working fine.

My ipad had been working great with wifi for the past month and suddenly last week i noticed it's dropping the signal as well.In all the locations i use it in it starts up full bars and then a minute later drops down to barely one bar.I had been using speed test to test the signal speeds i was also getting at different the speed is half to a third what it was a week ago.I don't get it.I haven't updated any software(besides installing apps) in a while.

Same as everyone else I'm afraid, only haven't been able to keep connection now for over 24hours. Just drops out as soon as it reconnects. Extremely frustrating, not to mention disappointing.

Same here as well, fine until one day it just stopped working. Can't be my router as i just watched a 3 hour f1 repeat streamed from the internet via iplayer on my pc absolutely fine! I now find my iPad connection is faster using 3G than it is on wifi, in fact I'm using 3G to type this!
Anyone know how to resolve it? If not I'm taking it back and swapping it!

I am having the same issue. It seems to have just happened in the last couple of weeks.
Sometimes going to settings doesn't work for me. I have to re-boot it.

Well, I thought that fixed the problem, turning off push. It worked for a few days. Now today, it started up again.

Wow. It's not just me then. Have my iPad since end of May and this just happened today. I am really annoyed about it.

My ipad had been working great since April when I got it and suddenly this week i noticed it’s dropping the signal every minute. What's going on?

Yep, same issue here. Slightly different behavior depending on whether I'm using WPA, or WPA2. With WPA, I sometimes drop the connection while I'm using the device, 10-20 minutes, have to turn wifi off then on to continue. With WPA2, it never drops the connection while using it. However, after waking up, It wont connect without asking for passwords, and sometime I have to power down the ipad, or forget the network and reconfigure it to reconnect. A giant PITA.
I don't think its the ipad, because this is the 2nd one I've tried. I'm hesitant to replace the router because everything else is working fine.
I will try the suggestions from the princeton papers when I get home.

I also have this same problem. I have a 64GB WiFi only iPad and it constantly loses connection. I tried reseting network settings, but it still doesn't work. I'm running iOS 4.2 GM.

Same here. The iPad never loses the network but the Internet connection cuts out every 20 minutes or so. I always go into settings and renew lease, which fixes it. It's very frustrating but mine has done it for much longer than a couple weeks. Tried the Princeton paper suggestion but no luck...

Same problem as everyone here. I had this iPad since day 1 and never had a problem until today. Now my iPad won't hold the wifi connection.

Same here. I don't lose the network. I still have bars, but it drops the connection and I have to do what everyone else does. I know it us not router because everything else works.
At my work we have multiple wifi and my iPad will drop a connection and go to another one without me doing anything.

"Same here. The iPad never loses the network but the Internet connection cuts out every 20 minutes or so. I always go into settings and renew lease, which fixes it"
Snap! Mine's exactly the same....

Bought my iPad two days ago.
I am having the same issue as everyone else.
Are there any fixes? or software updates?

my i-pad dose the same and I called apple and a tech told me I needed to update i-tunes and i have not seen how to do that yet I am going to keep trying has any one tried this?

Just got my ipad yesterday and it is doing exactly what people are describing. Should I return it?

I do not losse network ,keep the bars but wi fi And 3 G connection cut And I have to reboot ,never happen before And now happens frecuently I check it on wi fi also because happen first on connection 3 G. What we schould do ? Return it back to the store?

Anybody else still having this issue with 4.2 update? I am on static IP and still lose signal when switching apps. Frustrating. This is 3G 16GB version.

I am having the exact same problem as everyone else. I have a buddy that works for apple and he told me to upgrade to 4.2. I did this last night and problem NOT solved. Manually disconnecting and reconnecting is getting old real fast.

The 4.2 update seems to have made it worse for my ipad. I lose the signal all the time now.

I've had no issues with my connection till I upgraded to 4.2. This is a serious issue as 90% of my usage is online. If I renew the IP it will reconnect but only lasts a few minutes. Apple really needs to fix this! If I find a fix I post here. Good luck all.....

Same, same, same... me too!!! have my ipad just 2 days ago
Did all the troubleshooting I could but still not successful in connecting the net, although I have a strong wifi signal. The message "server stopped reponding" always pops out... =(

I've had the connection problem as I received my iPad in June (I live in Switzerland). But it was my wireless router that was around 5 years old. After replacing it with a Cisco router the problem was gone -> until I updated to 4.2.1!
Now the iPad constantly drops the connection after not using it (but indicates that it has a connection) and I have to reset the WiFi connection in the settings.
I changed some things after updating: Added my wifes Exchange 2007 account and changed my exchange account from Exchange 2003 to 2010, both Exchange accounts are set to Push. I also configured MobileMe for locating.
As what I read in the Princeton documents it has to do with DHCP (I'm aware of they're writing it's fixed since 3.2.1 and 4.2).
I'm going to use a static IP on my iPad and see if it works. If a static IP won't fix the problem I'm going to disable all the Push and notification stuff.
I'll write here if any of my attempts are successful.

I have had my ipad since May! Constanly drops connection and have very slow downloads even when the signal indicator shows 3bars. We have 2 blackberrys, 2 ipod touch, 1 mac notebook, 2 thinkpads, 1 iphone, 1 nintendo wii and other gear. None of these products have any issues! What else proof do we need? Ipad wifi is a rubish product unless youre sitting next to the router!

Wifi connect problems did not exist prior to os4.21 update. Connection on to two iPads no longer stable as they had been for months. Distance appears to be a big factor. However there does seem to be a big increase in download speed on itunes tv shows.

I had no problems until the last update. Now it shows as connected but can't find server. I constantly have to power off and on.

Ok, I tested my two attemps:

  1. Static IP does NOT work. My iPad still kept dropping the connection. I'm now back on DHCP.
  2. Disabling every Push setting DID WORK! I set both Exchange accounts to refresh every hour and disabled the notifications for all apps.

After doing point 2, my iPad didn't drop the connection over the whole weekend!

I'm having the same problem! I'm going to try turning off push ... But that really sucks because I like the notifications. The problem started with the 4.2.1 update... Apple needs to get on the ball and fix this!!! It's making me REALLY hate using my iPad....

I am ready to throw my ipad against the wall. It will not stay connected for more than 10-20mins and I am constantly having to "reset" everything. I am ready to sell my Ipad 3G if you know of anyone who may want to purchase it. It's worthless for my home setting.

Same problem here. After wake, No connection possible although 3 bars Show connection. Let me try disabling the push notifications.
Stefan, did you disable push in mail settings?

I've a 32gig iPad, had it for 6 months and it ALWAYS looses wifi after going into sleep or power down. I've tried everything that can be found in a lot of user groups including resetting router, adjusting brightness, passing a ripe banana over the screen at 1.2 inches and even swearing at it but to no avail.
Why will Apple not just bloody admit it and tell us "there is a problem" and they are looking into it instead of leaving us all floundering around trying everything conceivable including which-craft.
Come on Apple - own up!

My mom's and my ipad, that we just got, is not working. Apperently we are not connected to our wi-fi, so we can't get anywhere with the ipad. It's kinda strange considering the fact that I'm connected to my laptop. Since my laptop and my ipad are using the same modom, it doesn't make sense to me that I can't get connected to my ipad. i just need help finding the password to get me connected, but i can't seem to find it. please help me.

My password to connect my ipad was on my router, mine was a 10 digit number within ( ) for example (1234561890) I added a $sign before it and entered my numbers, for example, $1234561890 and it accepted it and also showed up on my pc network. Placing the $ sign before the password did the trick as far as getting DHCP connection.

Got the ipad from Christmas and was over the moon...UNTIL it went to sleep mode and it lost the wireless. This happens every time it sleeps and is really getting on my nerves!!
This ipad will be going back for a refund.

Same here, got the ipad for Christmas and since it is not staying connected, is going back for a refund today.

I am having this issue with my iPad and now my Apple TV. Problem seems worse on the Apple TV than the iPad. REALLY annoying! Hopefully Apple realizes that this is a real issue and does something to fix it!

With all of these problems, why hasn't Apple done anything about this -- I am headed back to the Apple Store - 30 minutes away - to get my connection back again -- think they could tell ME how to do it?

I just managed to 'fix' my problem.
The problem: My wifi was dropping approximately every 20 minutes. I had to go to settings and turn the wifi off and then back on for it to work again. I was using a D-Link DI-624 router with WPA encryption.
The 'fix': Once I changed the router settings from WPA to WPA2 my problem went away.
I recommend changing encryption types on your router if you are having the same problem as I was. It's still dumb though -- none of my other stuff had a problem with my router and some of them are Apple products.
Good luck.

I spoke too soon in my last comment. I'm experiencing what Anthony mentioned in an earlier comment. WPA drops connection every 20 minutes (but connects easily upon iPad wake-up). WPA2 keeps connection once I manage to make one -- after waking the iPad up it takes me several minutes of playing around to get it to make a solid connection. Awful.

I lose connection in less than 1 min. I have done everything suggested in this forum, still does not work :-(( I guess Apple is getting the big company attitude... if we don't admit to a problem then it doesn't exist

Been a loyal Apple customer for years and got a 32G for xmas. I am having same problems. Went to "Genius Bar" at local Apple store where genius said she had seen this problem only once before (hmmm) and reset my wifi. Worked fine until I got home and started again. Apple offered a replacement but after reading all of this, forget it. This puppy is going back for cash. Will wait for 2nd or 3rd gen. Maybe by then Apple will have fixed the problem that doesn't exist. REALLY DISAPPOINTED.

yes I have problems with WPA2 and Ipad/phone going into sleep modus. It looses the connection, and I've to turn wi-fi off and back on again to fix it

Really disappointed with this 900.00 iPad 2 .wifi connection problem requires constant forgetting network and re-installing all the time to keep a connection. Why are they being sold with this problem I can't believe it has not been fixed yet.

iPad2 wifi scenario today.
Turned on Wifi in coffee shop with WPA/WPA2 security
Locates and connects for a few seconds or less then disconnects but still sees signal then starts searching. Opportunity to enter Password never appears and then 'will not join' shows up.
Other secure wifi signals ask for Password.
Next step is to turn On 3G. After 3G is established, Wifi asks to join either signal, but my desired signal still says 'will not join'. On the second appearance of the secure signals, after desired signal is selected, it asks for Password and everything seems to work appropriately.
This particular location thus far is my only problem area for Wifi.

bought ipad2 on 12 May 2011. Worked fine on public network for about 7 days. no longer connecting with wifi.
Have HP laptop which is still working fine on the available network (I'm currently away from my home router).
looks like I will be taking it back, pity, loved it when it was working.

My iPad always loses my wifi connection. I've had an iPod touch for 3 years and it's always worked with my home wifi. I have the iPad 2 3G 64gb. Seems to be a big problem apple needs to fix.

Further to my moan dated 24 May 2011
Found out that wi-fi is working, by connecting to a site at a local marina.
Got my original wi-fi contact back by physically entering the iPad identity on the network. So everything is working again.
However the iPad Wi-Fi set up does not seem that good at picking up on weak signals. My iPad2 is 64 Gb Wi-Fi only.

Just received an Ipad 2, soooo excited.. UNTIL... I drop connections almost every 2-3 minutes. It will show full signal but says it's lost connection. I'm on a work wi-fi and when I go home i have wi-fi. Can't seem to find my location (for certain apps) from my home network. Can't stay connected to send an email with a photo in it either. Why Lord.... Why!!!! (shakes fists above head). I just want it to connect as it says it does, send photos in email and work smoothly with gmail. I have had the IPad 2 for 1 week and due to these issues has been a great 'angry birds' and 'words with friends' console.. though expensive for that lol.

I am extemely irritated that the wifi works off and on when using the ipad and not at all on the itouch!!! My hp laptop works fine with the present wifi.
HELP. The router and modem are a combined unit from Comcast.
Any suggesttions or help will be apprecitated.

I just got my iPad2 wifi+3g a couple of weeks ago and ran into this same issue. I tried 3 separate wifi routers (Linksys, D-Link and Cisco) all resulting in connection drops. It appears that the iPad/iTouch is not very tolerant with adjustable wifi speeds. After a bit of testing and troubleshooting I changed my wifi speed from auto or auto 20MB/40MB to static 20MB. This resolved the issue on all 3 wireless routers. This setting should be in your wireless parameters on your wireless router. If you change it to a static speed it should fix the issue.

I've had my ipad for about 6 months with no problems. Yesterday it stopped connecting with my WiFi. Tried everything I know! What's up with this Apple????

Ive had an ipad 2 working fine on my home wi-fi. Then I downloaded the TED app and tried downloading a lot of content overnight, but the connection kept dropping. Ive added quite a few more apps this last few days but now seem to be getting atrocius Wifi connection issues. The device now seems unable to retain the connection for more than a minute. I uninstalled all the new apps in case they were causing and rebooted but the issue is gets worse not better. Would live to know if anyone has solved this as without Wifi the device is not really that useful.

I place my ipad next to my laptop and the laptop picks up the signal while the ipad has no connectivity. This is really frustrating. Has anyone else used the fix that pcoats describes? I have a router/modem combo from TWC so I guess I'll try that suggestion although I have no idea how these things work.

i have an iPad 2 wi-fi only 16gb, it worked very well from the day i bought it until i updated its iOS to 4.3.5. it connects to a wi-fi network but i am having problems accessing the internet which is very vital to me. i hope apple will be able to fix this problem with a better firmware update.

I bought my Ipad in January and was working fine. The past three months it connects to my wi-fi only part of the time. My HP laptop, Dell desktop and HP notebook connects just fine. What's up with that?

Try resetting network connections. Seems apple has a bug with lease renewals for ip address. I did this & rebooted my modem & "so far" everything is back to normal. Princeton university has a complicated work around that may help. Good luck!

Someone have installed iphoneitipad on my ipad 2, after that I could not connect to internet with my sim card. Even I reset all setting or erase all setting data, but it still not working. So what shoudI do now?

Same here. I'm more than frustrated now. I have had mine for almost a year, with no problems, until I did the last update, now I cannot stay connected for more than a few minutes.

I have an I Pad 1 and 2 and when working from the same location my I pad 2 drops constantly . I haven't found a single spot anywhere it will stay connected. I never lose a connection from these same locations with my I Pad 1.

My new iPhone is not online 40% of the time. More maybe. Perhaps the Wireless option wasn't such a good idea. What's the return policy if I can't use it. It constantly drops off. Constantly.

I have a strong wifi home signal however the internet will last a while then go off line. This happens frequenly?

You probably just need to change the broadcasting channel on you router. It is sorta like a remote control car. Sometimes another electronic device will interfere with the iPads reception of the signal that your router is broadcasting. Try going to your routers address and changing the channel. It may take a few tries, but it usually works.

Thanks for this idea. Although I did not change any channel (did not know how to do it, either), your post gave the idea to blame it on the router. So I unplugged from ethernet cable as well as electricity. When I plugged it back again, my Ipad start getting signal. I am happy now!

I used to be able to connect to the internet through my computer's dsl connection. Have no idea what happened. My niece set it all up so I have no clue what to do.

The signal is strong, but the wifi connection keeps dropping off even when aim sitting next to the router.

My Ipad stop conneting with the wi-fi. I tried everything possible: re-setting the ipad, went into Ipad web access, read a many many blogs with very complicated answers... I was really disappointed. Then, I went to my D-Link Air Plus Xtreme G router and pull the electricity and ethernet cable out of it.. while blaming it for all my troubles..... Guess what, after connecting the router again, my Ipad came back to life!!!! I am happy again!!!!

My Ipad stop conneting with the wi-fi. I tried everything possible: re-setting the ipad, went into Ipad web access, read a many many blogs with very complicated answers... I was really disappointed. Then, I went to my D-Link Air Plus Xtreme G router and pull the electricity and ethernet cable out of it.. while blaming it for all my troubles..... Guess what, after connecting the router again, my Ipad came back to life!!!! I am happy again!!!!

I am also having the wifi connection problem. on my homewiress, it drops connection like once in 30 mins. my android phone has no problem with the connection.APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS!

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