Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 captures cleaner audio than AT&T and Verizon 3G models

iLounge was able to run a few tests on the microphone housed in the new iPad 2 and found there's a noticeable difference in quality between the Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 and the Wi-Fi + 3G models.

When using Skype and Garageband on the iPad, iPad 2 with Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G, we found that audio from the 3G iPad 2’s mic sounded somewhat more muffled and echo-prone than with the original iPad’s or the Wi-Fi-only iPad 2’s mics

This is due to the microphone being moved from next to the headphone jack on the original iPad to a top-center position on the iPad 2. The Wi-Fi-only model is fully encased in aluminium where as the 3G models have a plastic strip along the top which has an impact on recording quality.

Have you noticed a big enough difference in microphone quality between models for it to actually mean anything to you? let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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Tony says:

Obviously nobody noticed!

nickpthemft says:

+1 for WiFi. Your move, 3G...

Bob Dole says:

Reminds me of robocop. "your move creep" ;)

Chris MacDonald says:

I can't say I've noticed this with my 3G.

msw323 says:

Didn't even know there was a mic. Thanks for the heads up!

Boy Who Cried Wolf says:

Oh please, we don't need another overblown antenna-gate. Why incite panic like this?