Element Case SECTOR is coming to iPhone 5... but you can win one right now for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S!

Element Case SECTOR is coming to iPhone 5... but you can win one right now for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S!

Element Case is bringing their ultra-premium SECTOR case to the iPhone 5 and it will not disappoint -- It's their most advanced design to date and now attaches with only a single screw. It still uses aerospace-grade aluminum, but now has some "secret" polycarbonates in the package as well. (We didn't ask, they didn't tell.) They also say they've fully RF tested it for full LTE 4G compatibility. Of course, we'll have a full review of it when it's available.

But while we wait, you have a chance to win! That's right, If you're still rocking an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, Element Case wants to give you a chance to win a smoking hot SECTOR case of your very own. The SECTOR 4 from Element Case features stainless steel screw assembly, T6061 aluminum body, oversized accessory ports, and is designed to wrap around your device to provide the utmost protection. The single screw assembly makes it easy to install and remove the case from your device in one move, though why you'd want to remove this work of art is beyond me. The backplate is covered in Ultrasuede, providing not only a soft surface, but also a wonderful contrasting texture.

Just drop a comment below and we will choose one of you to receive your very own SECTOR 4, completely free! The winner will be chosen Monday night, one entry per person please. Good luck!

Remember, you're entering to win a SECTOR 4 for the iPhone 4S/iPhone 4, the SECTOR 5 for the iPhone 5 is coming later!

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Reader comments

Element Case SECTOR is coming to iPhone 5... but you can win one right now for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S!



I love how the element cases look. I've been looking for a replacement for my otterbox defender that jut recently gave up the ghost and this would be perfect. I really hope I win this...my poor 4s is naked :(

As a car enthusiast the precision cut aluminum of the case is a dream. I want to win this bad boy pick me, pick me :0)

Still rockin' the 4S... Believe or not, had the 5 in hand, but gave it to my daughter instead.... That SHOULD put me in the running for an Element case. Thank you in advance.

Does this case add a lot of bulk to the width of the phone? Also, is that the same color case on both phones? I think it is but it almost looks like they have a different color to them.

My little bro keep grabbing my phone when i am not around and i am sure one of these days he is going to drop it down . It would be nice if i had this sturdy and stylish case . Very futuristic. Thanks guys .Please send me one !

I've always admired Element cases and have always wanted one but they are just so expensive. Winning this would be awesome!

Please pick me so I can have my wife's 4s protected. It will probably save me from having her drop another one! lol

Holy space age! This is one of the more attractive iPhone cases that I've seen. I would absolutely love to win this case...It's so EXTREME that I'm gonna throw up! Does anyone have a hat? No? Excuse me!

Sooo want this to protect my 4 since not able to get the iPhone 5. It's extremely beautiful with a modern contemporary look that is sleek and sexy!

Would love to breathe some new life in my what seems like archaic iPhone 4. It's hanging on for dear life until Uncle Benjamin Franklin makes it to pay his final respects. Hurry, it's fading, fading, fading... Get the paddles. Charge to 300. CLEAR!

I would love to win this for my naked iPhone 4, one of the few cases that looks as nice as the iPhone design

I would love the Sector for my wife's Verizon I Phone 4 (since I'll probably inherit it after she upgrades to the 5 on October 10).

This case looks gorgeous. After using my OtterBox Commuter on my iPhone 5 for about a week, I'm curious to try something else. I love to win & convert over! :)

Yay I win!!!! Since I never win anything, not even scratch off, $1 lottery tickets, I thought I'd fill myself with a false sense of satisfaction first. Then after being inevitably let down, I'll pretend that I actually won this awesome iPhone case. I can't afford this case, so the only way ill ever get my hands on one is by sheer luck. Odds are (at this moment) 1 in 370. Much better than the lottery!

This is like the Autobot Transformer of iPhone cases. I only hope that it isnt like a Michael Bay movie and have a ton of explosions in it. I dont think my 4S can take that punnishment, assuming I win it of course.

when two awesome things come together , it makes difference from the rest!!!!!
would love to have the case for my iPhone 4s

This is a beautiful design. Very well constructed and the overall design is very unique. When this does become available, I will be purchasing one. Great job Element Case!

I want to win one. Always loved the element case, just couldn't ever bring myself to spend that amount of money on a case.

Please help me protect a poor innocent iPhone 4 that my wife dropped on the floor and in water many times ;-( If I win it goes directly to her!!

Wow! That's one awesome looking case. Would add a nice oomph to my dear old iPhone 4! Would really love to win that. Please. please.

Would definitely love to win this one, was just checking out all the element cases the other day! Thanks for the contest!

i would love to win one of these! it would be super useful for my 4S since i cant get the iPhone 5!! thanks for this awesome giveaway iMore!! keep up the good work!

oh please choose me i've just bought an iphone 4s white :D and i could really use this case its awesome and thank you hope i win

Count me in, will be a nice change from this Otterbox Defender I've been rocking for a year.

Thanks for the chance :)

Beautiful cases, I would love to have one for my iPhone 5 but if I win this one be for my wife's iPhone 4s, she had cracked the back glass after she had it for 4 days :(

I've had 3 Element cases which have been in motorcycle accidents, dropped down stairs and out of windows! My iPhone always survived without a scratch! Quite remarkable! ;-)

I currently own the black ops case but my wife doesn't have one! This case has saved my phone many times. I have dropped it on ceramic tile flooring as well as snagged the headphone wire while running on a treadmill and tossing it about 6 feet. It didn't get a scratch either time. One other thing was that there was no signal degradation like some other similar case designs. Excellent cases!!!

i just passed my iPhone 4s down to my mother :) and i defiantly need a good case to help protect the phone for her...shes not that great on the iPhone at all! its kinda hilarious :)

Not the best @ asking for things, but I've tried at least 2 Chinese external batteries. It would be nice to have a quality battery case. I've always used the Mophie cases on every version of the iPhone made. I would like to try another quality mfg of external batteries.

This is most powerful and beautiful case ever made for iPhone. I would like to have it!!!! But I can't we in Croatia can't buy it. And I'm sad :-( If I get one of this I will be wery happy and proud to weare my iPhone 4 in such fancy jacket. Thx

The case looks darn cool. Sleek lines, fast curves, and an awesome proprietary blend of materials makes the inside of me smile. More more more

I would love to get the case.

Have been receiving complaints from Home Ministry that she needs a case for her phone. This sure fits the bill.