Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

steve.truong says:

I would love to win and iPad mini! I could finally start buying eBooks for university to save some money! Lol. Thanks for the amazing opportunities iMore!

annaba1 says:

i wish i was lucky enough to win.

ben44 says:

Thank you for all the giveaways!

rhruzek says:

Hey, I'm game! Bring it home, y'all!

::Montgomery:: says:

My wife totally commandeered my ipad. I would LOVE to win this!!!!

djozil says:

Would love one!
Please send some love to San Diego, California
Kee up the good work
Thanks iMore

buckethead116 says:

I love to have one of these. I can never afford all the new stuff have to usually wait for few years till price drops before I can purchase

Andrewheatley says:

I would like to have this very much. Thanks in advance imore even if I don't win. Your the best site for apple information ever.

jepjr2381 says:

here we go again... the third imore giveaway that i'll be entering with little statistical probability of winning. The iPad Mini would be a great start to my apple transition.

daviskacer says:

I came. I saw. I commented.

Boxless says:

So want one of these instead of a kindle for reading. Maybe even write my own book with it

LunarFlame17 says:

Okay fine. I'll enter this contest too.

mhfanjg24 says:

I would love to win the iPad mini! My mother-in-law is looking at iPads and this would make a great Christmas present!

Viperpsych says:

I thinks it looks very nice. I was looking at an ipad but i think i would prefer the slightly smaller version. Good luck to me and everyone else.

asuperstarr says:

MINI ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks iMore for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

GeniusUnleashed says:

Free is always nice, thanks guys!

hotrod#AC says:

I would love to win an iPad mini. Thank you iMore!!!

navjyotsingh says:

I would love to win this Ipad mini from the world's No. 1 site for apple fans. As I am.

nickmar123 says:

A6 or A5? Retina or non-retina? Looking forward to hearing answers to these questions from!

bu 3skoor says:

it is very cool device , its better for the college boys and girls ;; its brilllliant

therawproject says:

I would love to win an Ipad Mini, thanks for the opportunity!

Tanish32 says:

I like the way iPad air sounds..;)

bksujal says:

i would love to give this as a gift to my sweet mum! Plz iMore :))

sc13 says:

Oh, I want one. Pick me!

aquaboy1976 says:

Thank you for the opportunity to win an iPad Mini. I look forward to your coverage about it!

lambo_man_r2 says:

Wow, an iPad mini would be very convenient for school.

ladhaz says:

I hope the rumored price is wrong. Would love it to come in at 199-249.

F.mendoza says:

Your hopes are futile.

I would hope so too, but unfortunately that's not going to happen : (

theotrek says:

iPad mini...can't wait to see the announcement. Nothing like trying to win something before it's even announced! Love iMore!

nejanimb says:

This would be extremely sweet to win.

fabsgwu says:

iPad Mini.... you know, the perfect device to slot between your iPad and iPhone... And the perfect compliment to your Macbook Pro, Kindle, iPod Touch, iPod Nano....

Justintefft says:

I'd love a new iPad mini. Looking forward to the live coverage!

mjsavage says:

Would love to win one would make great Christmas present for my wife!

packers123 says:

LOVE THIS SITE! KEEP IT UP IMORE! WOULD LOVE A IPAD MINI (or what ever they end up calling it)!

Trentonhawk says:

Kids need an iPad Mini so I can have my iPad 2 all to myself again. Kids also want their own iPad, so a FREE iPad Mini from iMore would be fantastic.

nofxmatt1 says:

I love iMore giveaways! I hope i win.

JasonLA12 says:

The need to make a iMore Pad.

ColinWalker says:

It would be rude not to...

ilongbored says:

Count me in! I would LOVE a 7.85" iPad. Thanks iMore!

vincentdc says:

I would like to win one. Please?

rschlameuss says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

dkendr01 says:

iMore is great. I'd love to win the new mini iPad

cruleworld says:

Would give this to my girlfriend

Entertainers says:

"Rumors say the low end version of the iPad mini will be $329. Isn't that a bit high when considering the competion for similar products?"
There are no similar product! That's my thoughts.

lvjr says:

Going by all the rumors everything looks perfect for Apple and that's what they are "perfection personified". No sane person on this planet can question their quality when it comes to display, graphics, hardware and software barring some minor glitches. But with iPad Mini Apple is totally looking at a different league - might not be a direct competition to Kindle, Nexus yada yada but in a way it is. There's more market cap than one can imagine.

Given all that's at stake - only thing I expect from Apple is competitive pricing. If the rumored pricing comes true (300+ bucks) then it's a lost battle already. Being an Apple geek I might get it just for the sake of flaunting it but money wise it's not a true value (tangent reference to a mocking price based ad from Amazon). Every other Apple feature will be standard anyway, atleast that's what I am expecting!

Can't wait!

Delmauriow says:

iMore Rocks, great content, and generous contests.

orijinel says:

Thanks iMore. Love to have a new apple product in my collection.

vqunal says:

Loving these regular free give aways! Here's trying for another one. Hope I win! *fingers crossed*

slls says:

Here's hoping. Thanks for the chance.

KennyP#IM says:

I'll be following the commentary on iMore. My guess: it will be like an iPad, only smaller.

Phelippa says:

I could really use an iPad mini. Hoping to upgrade from my first-generation iPad.

lvnn says:

Thank you so much for the chance to win!! Crossing my fingers!!

etrigan says:

Nice! Let's wait for it.

cswanber says:

I would love an iPad mini ;)

akreischer says:

This would be awesome! Thanks!

john716 says:

Woulld love to win and lose my laptop.

tnrambler says:

Would love to have one to give as a gift to my daughter in college.

zinckey-o says:

iPad mini would be very convenient, thanks!

mllaws1 says:

I would love to win the iPad Mini. I have been following this when it was first ever mentioned.

ProfessorTripp says:

I'd really love one of these. Seems like a great way to get into the tablet craze.

Thanks for the contest!

engelsd says:

I want the ipad mini, but what will happen if apple does not launch an ipad mini?

rchartier says:

Pick me! I could use a win right about now.

cpagan2000 says:

Let's Have it Please. iPad Mini sounds good!!

patrickquirke says:

I would love an ipad mini, which colour? I'm not sure but it looks like it will come with all the same colours as the ipods looking at the colourful Presentation logo

drieetha says:

I'd love to have something that fits in my coat pocket!

eknapp says:

I'd love to win one for my family!

jimpalmer3 says:

I'm new to iMore and the iWorld of products. The iPad mini was one of the reasons I switched over from BlackBerry. Winning an iPad mini would be AWESOME!

blyths says:

"And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner." Might need to update your disclaimer, or just send the iPad to me - I don't need the disclaimer 'cause whatever you send will not result in complaints from me! ;)

patmick says:

Would love an iPad mini. Just what I need for Christmas.

Jay_B_II says:

I have been waiting for a smaller ipad since I first touched an iPad 2. You have to give this too me.

rtteachr says:

Of the mini was quad core this summer I might have gotten that instead of my iMac.

sims88 says:

Definitely appreciate the generosity with you guys. Here's to a new ipad mini/air/little.

msprunck says:

Would be awesome to be one of the first to get this! Yes Please! iMore rocks!

elwea says:

Choose me i never win :-(

jdonners says:

Looking forward to the Mini. Winning one would be totally awesome

s.davis9 says:

the problem with these forums is that I never win... I have left interesting stories in the past to no avail. However, I will continue to make comments and support because iMore is probably the best iOs blog on the internet.

bdm0905 says:

Can't wait for my mini iPad from iMore!

lmchugh96 says:

I own nothing new lol this would be a great start to joining the real world!!!

cyrodjohn says:

It would be a perfect Christmas gift for my mom to win an iPad mini. Thank you iMore ;)

myztero says:

Only suprise left is the price!

Jays1fan says:

Would LOOOOOOVE to win THIS. thanks for the contest

AkAttAk says:

Probably wont buy one, but a free one? Heck yes!

rpz3.14 says:

May as well throw my hat in the ring.

cgarcial says:

iMore, great site for an apple fan!!!

eafarris says:

Yeah, sure, if you're giving it away, I'll take it.

louwie says:

I would like one! Please pick me.. :) thanks..

NinjamusPrime says:

An iPad mini would be awesome for when I am traveling to Toronto to visit family, and it would be a lot more fun than just an Ebook reader.

macdude99 says:

Looking forward to a "totable" sized iPad!! Can't wait.

ruscolinni says:

BEST. SITE. EVER. You guys rock! #ipadminiforme!

rob911b says:

I would like to say thank you in advance!

F.mendoza says:

CAN'T WAIT, it's between an iPhone 5 or an iPad mini for me, I can't afford both. Hopefully today is my lucky day! Thanks iMore!

mikedaub says:

I would like one of these. It would round out my gadgets quite nicely..

Ctheo3 says:

I would love one for school!

Tcgiia says:

Love to have another Apple device to play around with!!

wanhazmir says:

Have to return this iPad 2 and iPhone 4S to the company, really need an iPad mini and iPhone 5.

systemaddict says:

I am so looking forward to this event and have been telling all my friends and family about it. I am a true apple addict and would live an iPad mini / air .

brh03 says:

Yay! iPad mini announcement that much closer! Or will it be called iPod Touch Jumbo?! Chew on that, friends!

Spdracer says:

Been waiting for an iPad the size of a Kindle. Perfect size for me and would love to win one.

jerelchacko says:

don't need to see it to know i want it.

thrash99er says:

I would love a free iPad mini! Hook me up!

Gaston says:

Contests are awesome! Love you guys :)

repinphilly247 says:

I'd love to win one. My niece dropped my iPad 3 and the screen cracked a little. Too cheap to replace it as it still works good.

miketko says:

I've been waiting for a smaller sized iPad since the iPad 1 was announced.

gunderson says:

Thanks for all of the great giveaways, Rene, iMore, and Mobile Nations. I'll take a mini in black.

joshmundy says:

who wouldnt want the mini!!

rooktdphi says:

Would love to win this so that I could give it to my wife! She's been WAITING for the iPad Mini

justinkoehn says:

I'm in. Lets do this thing!

NovaTornado says:

:O Confident in the iPad Mini release? Can't wait either though...

jbaconca says:

hmm, an Ipad mini, what would I do with you? I would show you off to all of my friends...HEY LOOK I won an Ipad Mini.

bj-irvin says:

I would love the new iPad mini for my daughters to use as part of their education.

brhodes24 says:

Thanks, I would love to win this.

BigMeat#CB says:

Would love to win this! Good luck to all!

cisneros.cad says:

I need an iPad, my 1 year old kid kidnapped the other one...

kpn says:

AT&T - Gold, please!

iPasqualo says:

I participate! I hope I win!

CK#CB says:

Would love to win an iPad Mini (iPad Air)....but if not really hoping for the $200-250 price range!!

skinnysig says:

An iPad Mini would be a great addition to all my Apple gadgets!

jan11 says:

yes, i want it (in black) !!!! i lov imore! <3 pls me!!!!!!!!!

tnations says:

My mini me (son) needs a mini iPad

Jason.S.Logan says:

I like the fact Apple is getting into the smaller tablet market. I find my 7 inch Acer A100 very easy to handle and useful for more task oriented uses. Playing games is still great on 10 inch tablets. I'm not interested in carrying a computer monitor around but the smaller tablets are a whole lot easier to carry.

hls811 says:

Me! Me! Me! Pick ME! :)

dclevy says:

For my daughter please!

hv265 says:

I would love love to have one !!!!

jhonmt says:

I am soo looking forward to the release of this new iDevice.

sbodyontheweb says:

Let this ipad see something bigger, the Eiffel tower :-) send it to France ;-)

kevinelaine says:

I'd love a mini iPad for my 33rd birthday which is tomorrow 24th oct, that would be a great pressie

toml2003 says:

iMore is THE best place for iOS news... Looking forward to a flawless apple event again!

jsimpson33 says:

You guys rock, giving away stuff that isn't even released yet. Best apple fan site ever!

Srikar D R says:

WOW! The iMore giveaways are just awesome...It will be even more awesome if i win something though...Hope i get lucky.

acwyau says:

This is the upgrade that I wanted from my original iPad, count me in.

Stychill says:

Sounds like a great opportunity, give it to mє A̲̅‎הd let mє get my hands on some of tђat great apple content

dispatcher307 says:

Oh yeah, hook me up, please. Love the great contests, iMore!!

JennaMStevens says:

Would love to win this! I've been dying to get one since the rumors first started!!! :) I <3 apple!

gadgetmom88 says:

It's just like the regular iPad, only mini. Yes please!

MXDrake says:

If it's free it's for iMore Rocks :)

belladonna75 says:

Would love to win one for my kids!

alizansari says:

Let's do this.

Like everytime!

Go Imore!

aegraham says:

Always try, never win...:D

jjolley says:

I would love a new mini!!!

iJuan says:

I want an iPad Mini!!!!

djayme7 says:

this would be great for avoiding the mayan end days!

Minnzy says:

I could do with some of that action.....

07GD SFD says:

You guys are on fire lately with the giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity!

Milandar says:

I'll buy one right away but an another one free would be great :-) Thanks

mrobertson21 says:

Will I ever win anything? Lol

arisham says:

iPad mini will be kindle killer.

freefall8 says:

Well iMore give away again!! And an iPad Mini of all things!!!

I would certainly be honored to win such a device but wish everyone the very best of luck!!!

Thanks again for another opportunity, iMore!

reggaeluva says:

Never owned an ipad before....What a great way to finally own one by winning one!! :-)

ennjayhay says:

fingers crossed! Pick me :)

vayda says:

Filing down my fingertips in anticipation!

spooneb says:

Thanks for the opportunity! I'd love an iPad Mini!

pommes says:

Thanks for this contest too ! I'd love to get a iPad mini !

qshio says:

Well pinch my toes, etc.

dkampmann says:

I like the idea of signing up for free things before they succeed.

greentj says:

Hope I win it for the kids. It would make an awesone Christmas present.

sotie says:

Thanks for this opportunity to win an iPad Mini. You're the best Rene!

TheGoodSon says:

That is awesome count me in please

bchester#IM says:

I've never won a giveaway in my life... Fingers crossed that this is finally my breakthrough!!!

stegs122 says:

I would love one of these...

Motifonly says:

iPad mini!!!! Mine mine mine

Sph33r says:

I wouldn't mind winning. Thanks for the chance.

bfordm63 says:

iMore is the best site for iOS information, would live to win an iPad mini!

TheFrameGuy says:

My "iPad Classic" is really crawling with iOS5, I need an upgrade really bad.

oppodude says:

would rather have the iPad mini than the iPad maxi, amirite?

eltico36 says:

And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. iPad mini/phone? Is there something your not telling us...

Booklas says:

Another apple product to add to my arsenal!

ar_garza says:

This would make a great x-mas gift for my wife! She is using a first gen iPad, that thing is slow and crashy.

SkiPPy087 says:

Lost both iPhone 5 contests. Hopefully I can win this one.

jellysandwich says:

Sounds awesome! Thank you iMore. - I'd love an ipad mini! :D

rosie0730 says:

This is awesome, thanks iMore! :)

In The Back of Beyond says:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

heavyhand says:

rather have an 11-inch air but I'LL TAKE IT!

jayman1201 says:

I think my wife would love this. Great Christmas gift.

keitharkins says:

Hopefully it will be as cool as it sounds...I already want one and I haven't seen one yet

drmike says:

The iPad mini looks interesting. Cant wait to try it out for myself.

julybug17 says:

crossing my fingers for this one!

Freezid says:

Wohw! All these prices you give away! Great, and I would love to win one!