Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

adriancabrera says:

Nice! Another contest. I hope I get my chance this time. :)

erikejf says:

I am registered for my new iPad Mini!

necigrad says:

Unemployed, so winning SOMETHING would be awesome!

AyoG says:

iPad mini please ! Thank you!

dk206 says:

Just moves back to the iOS with my white 32gb iPhone 5.
This will complete my set! The iPads are a little big to carry around with to uni!
I promise to do an extensive Graphic design student's lifestyle review of this if I get picked!

fyreball says:

Wow! Great contest! Good luck everyone! :)

PhotoRon says:

Wow! Nearly 3000 comments already.

BassFJR says:

Count me in for a mini me. Thanks for the chance to win!

mikegoldnj says:

Great Contest. I'd love to win one of these!

bu 3skoor says:

its incredibley intelligent ipad ;il be happy if i have one
thanks imore

timsofa says:

Adding a mini comment to win a mini device!

ajl06808 says:

THIN is the name of the game

n7ryy says:

I would love to have an Ipad Mini!

nikbert says:

I would love to win an iPad mini please.

DCaliboy says:

Would love to have an iPad Mini. Would give my bro my iPad 2 then. I need something a bit smaller, and the iPad Mini is definitely worth it in my opinion.

huynp1 says:

Can't wait to get my hands on this mini iPad.

brencc107 says:

I have an iPhone and want an iPad. Which should have the 32gb?

afrye says:

I think the iPad mini is going to be a great size for transporting and gaming. I'm excited to see see how it performs in person after I hopefully win this.

njcoutinho says:

Well the iPhone 5 is not yet launched in India . Who knows when the iPad mini will come. Would be nice to be the first in India to own one. Anyways Cheers! iMore. Good things in life do come in small packages !!!!!!

briang23 says:

Hopefully I'm the lucky winner!!!

juan17h says:

let my dream of owning an ipad come true!

LiyahQ says:

I want one! I want one! Please pick me! Plllleeaasseee <3

miguelborkez says:

Please please guys I waaaaant the new iPad mini!!!
Please make day, week, month, year!!!!

Pastormaddox says:

Please! My wife needs an iPad so I can get mine back!!

ArgoFX says:

Cool. I would like to win one :)

Ville Auvinen says:

Would be great to win one of these.

PiotrJot says:

I would love to get one, so I can compare it with my Playbook :-D

edoles says:

Just got my wife the iPhone5; this would make a for a lovely companion for it.

Aleerezasohrabi says:

Plese give me my black and slate ipad mini ;-)

rxincdmb says:

iPad Mini!! I'd like to win this! :)

summit_84 says:

I want to win an iPad
i enter in all competitions hopefully i win something

alexislgz says:


hayong says:

iPad Mini, I want. Choose me. Me, me, me.

raswart says:

This would be the perfect prize to make me throw away my blackberry playbook :D

jjkdrs says:

i really really really really want one !!!!!!!!!!

iOSten says:

Me too, please... Black one... Thanks!

natcott says:

Really wish they kept the 30-pin

mploetner says:

Here I am so please give it to me...

satriamahardikha says:

I think ipad mini is amazing. It has the same camera as ipad 4. Better display than ipad2. And it came with smaller size. It is easy to bring everywhere.. Ipad mini will dominate the 7inch tablet market. "Ipad Mini. The smallest ipad since ipad" ....

Suefnp says:

I haven't even been able to get an iPhone 5. How long before I can get a little wifi! Come on I More, show me some love!

ryanleeus says:

Never owned an iPad before so I'd definitely appreciate it so much if I am lucky enough to win this! ^_^

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!!

Two thumbs up! Kk

nwvic says:

I like it. I think the smaller size and lighter weight would make it real handy.

fdesa12 says:

I'd like to win an Ipad Mini!

Bigchris says:

I'll take a Black Slate one, that way my son as he says it can be just like daddy with a mini version.

AirAaron says:

Would be an awesome birthday present to myself! My birthday is on the 6th of November. Thanks for giving one of these away to us!

abezzilla99 says:

Wish I had some cash to buy one, this would be so helpful for school. Well, hope I win!!!

julian.ngu says:

I would like to be lucky winner of iPad Mini. Thanks iMore :D

bilalsattar24 says:

I want a black iPad mini!!!! so sexy

sugarglide says:

I have ipad 2 and i think ipad mini more mobile my days, wish i have it.

jeffnucci says:

So broke right now. Would love one of these. Black 16GB wifi. Rene Ritchie is still my favorite blogger.

akkigreen says:

Always wanted to have an ipad but the size did matter for me. And atlast what I needed the ipad mini. Can I get it?

nitpicking says:

I would love to have an iPad mini!

miika75 says:

I would love to have one. So my little daughter could have the mini and I will get back my IPad :-)

jklc123 says:

Thanks for the contest. I'm in for the win.

JonJon77 says:

Cool :) I'd love to see this iPad mini compared to the New iPad. Size is just about perfect.

ketchuponeverything says:

I still can't believe they made an iPad mini! I'm thinking of it as the iPad being Papa bear, iPod touch being baby bear, and now, iPad mini as mama bear. It's a whole family!

bbrain#WN says:

If i won a free iPad Mini i would be soooo happy.

Nathapple says:

This will be so good for education, my school is making iPad's compulsory to all students and teachers, will make make a smaller impact on my parents now that the entry price is $369. Thanks iMore. ;D

diegonei says:

Testing multi-site login... 123...

Wait. What? This comment can get me an iPad Mini? Niiiice. 32gb if that's okay! ^^

Deifie says:

Thanks for the chance to win a iPad!

WakaVaca says:

I am joining the crowd and signing up!

jadihussain says:


I would like to get ipad mini in white color.

AlbinZG says:

Right tablet by wrong price.

mr_chen says:

Halloween: who shrinked my iPad?!?

assassin25 says:

This stuff is really gorgeous, I'd love to have one!!
Thanks iMore :D

fuzzeeman says:

I think it's an awesome idea. Even if i dont win one i will def be saving for a short while to get one. My iPad 3 was too big and annoying to justify before (in my opinion)... this is perfect! Glad i didnt pick up a Nexus 7 last week.

phnorph says:

Personally I love the size. I do a lot of reading on my iPad and I would love it to be a little smaller. Can't wait to get my hands on one and see if the size is right. So can I please have one iMore?

syedhasanzaidi says:

iPad Mini giveaway...!! Wow!! iMore, I want this one... OMG!!! :) You are going great!! :)

Duscraft says:

Im pretty excited by the announcements today. Hope I win by the way ha ha!

rajtakhar71 says:

Typical apple - wins on looks alone - ok the tech specs are not the latest and greatest - but you do get a sublime looking device which is perfect size for ibooks - the ipad was a little too much like an encyclopedia - this is perfect size 10/10 for reading, bit of surfing, gaming and watching vids.

I guess apple were in a strange position you release same specs (retina and A6) as full blown ipad - then you erode the market share too much, but then create a smaller compact version of earlier model (IPAD 2) and you have something which is still very accessible and works well - (just no super fancy retina display) - its going to create the same scenario as the macbook and macbook pro - just in tablet zone.

Would of argued for cheaper pricing - but then it is a premium product which should create a whole new range of followers.

Now just got to sell all that I own to afford one - would be great to get my hands on one.

FurthestPrism says:

I actually think that the original iPad is slightly too big, and that the mini fills what I would want in a tablet better. the original sized iPad for content creation, and the mini, similar to what the Nexus 7 is designed for, as a media consumption device.

Rubjr254 says:

This is such an awesome piece of engineering

hpyung says:

FREE IPAD MINI?!? It'd be great to bring and use it at school instead of my heavy and slow laptop :(

omgtdubb says:

yessssssssssssssssssss me please. lol

transalp03 says:

iPad Mini give-away comment

minhlpn says:

I love iPad,

Thanks iMore

MRGL says:

Hope I am the lucky ONE!

ET95 says:

I want an iPad mini. Thanks iMore

dictoresno says:

entering my first contest here, hopefully ill win!!! i could definitely use it. if i win, ill donate my iPad 1 to someone here in need as a good gesture!!

hakuroji says:

Great products from Apple yet again...and a chance to get one free...That has to be good.

Hovik818 says:

iPad Mini would be great in my possession!

lita0206 says:

Hi, I would like to have one ipad mini, and iPod touch and iPhone 5. I love apple gadget.

fwd says:

Well, I can get this one :-)

hayguy says:

cool site It would be nice to win an iPad mini for my
granddaughter 's

thank you

zlynx says:

The iPad 4 is indeed a kick to the teeth to existing new iPad users, but iPad mini can be a sweet to the mouth :) thank you iMore

Asham9494 says:

awesome. In Dhivehi "habeys".

Alroy Fernandez says:

Mine Mine Mine....! (nemo style)

Der Wanderer says:

Love the new size factor, only wonder how can I go back from the retina display. Also wish Apple would introduce a handwriting recognition input à la Newton; I am a stylus person :-)

ap3197 says:

Quite amazed that apps for the ipad 10inch will run on ipad minis. It was the other way around for the ipad 1, 2 and 3 with the iPhone. Also, seems a bit expensive compared to nexus 7. Thank heavens iMore continually does these comps, otherwise I'd be broke trying 2 keep up with tech!!! Thanks iMore

zaidthunder1 says:

The new iPad Mini, pretty amazing.

Pinkycheeks says:

Of course it will be a hot seller,apple has not missed the target yet, you get what you pay for!! Great products!!

heynik88 says:

Please pick me iMore! Thanks!

erikfromdebrecen says:

I definitely would like to win the iPad mini! :)

Twixman says:

Aaaaaaargh! Just bought my ipad 3 not 19 days ago even. An ipad mini would at least be of some comfort.

nikhil hiwrale says:

wow wat a innovating technology...i juss cant resist...touching it ..happy i will if i get it...really nice site... and awsum giveway thanx.. white colour is adorable

kindaskimpy says:

Could my first iPad be actually a mini?! Here's to good things coming in small packages! Thanks, guys

chhivpheng says:

I Love iPad Mini and Also Love iMore. Thanks

stovis says:

The iPad mini
Smaller than it's big brother
Still a lot of fun

Kailuagirl94 says:

I would love to win an ipad mini. Looks fantastic! Thanks for the contest.

blitz12034 says:

7.6inch HD retina display, smaller motherboard with dual core A5 chip, smaller body, 7.6mm, the new lightning adapter and HD facetime. what more could you ask for? seriously?!

kfrye707 says:

iPad mini is going to be a great investment for business men. Especially in the UK! It's also going to be great for college students to buy their text books on and even be able to do their homework from them. I don't have money to get one considering I just got back to the US from being away for 2 years now. Hopefully I will be able to round up some money!

gameson says:

Thanks for the chance. I would love to win iPad mini as I do not have any tablet yet. *wishful thinking*

dmoney17 says:

Please, please, please, please let me win!!!! Fingers crossed.

phazer89 says:

Thanks for the giveaway!

Gooner26 says:

Dear iPad,

I've just heard the good news. Congratulations on the birth of your iPad mini, I can not wait to see it and have a little hold. You must be so proud.
Anyway keep me updated how your getting on, and please, please come and see me over in England. I would love to help you out and baby sit for you any time.

Much love

Ruchir Purohit says:

It's about time an Indian wins something from iMore.

pidjay says:

That'd do a nice treat :]

jakoo89 says:

I like this smaller size

meintjra says:

I am loving it!
From sunny South Africa!!

aba502 says:

Would love to have an iPad Mini. I love the 7" form factor and was waiting for Apple to create one.

Rivertx says:

Finally an ipad that fits in the hand.

j2eng says:

its time for my 1st gen ipad a time to rest, with iMore giving me this ipad mini!!!!!!!

Trodecke says:

I would love to have one of the iPad minis. Thank you very much!

Vertigo976 says:

So many comments, so little time.

Oxygen22 says:

Perfect I could need one. The only way that I am likely to get a tablet, is if I win one! So...

dimitrijedika says:

I know all guys want that ipad mini, i want it too :) So please pick me
iPad Mini
Thanks iMore

ank15990 says:

I hope i m the lucky one

mukati says:

Thanks iMore!! Hope I win!!

chicagokilla says:

Thanks once again for another great contest! :)

skhuda says:

what a wonderful gift this would be from iMore!

prashob619 says:

I can't afford this awesome gadget anyway :(
If iMore is kind enough, i'll be getting one! =]

Well, god and iMore help me.
Fingers crossed. :)

4moshe says:

I would love to have one.

m_khairul says:

Look more like note with bigger screen..
But still nic desig

xproc says:

My New iPad has been owned by Newer iPad...

edpld says:

i think the price is a little bit to high... but hey it's apple, you don't only buy the product but also the experience (which you cannot get it by money).

thomashui says:

Thanks for all the chances at winning new hardware!

9of13 says:

I wouldn't mind trying one out for a while. See what all the hype is about.

nick290696 says:

I would love to have one :D

s2by10 says:

Would love this! And I request that the comments area sort by latest entry at the top and oldest entry the opposite. I also thinks it makes sense to have the "Add new comment" field right after the post instead of at the bottom. This way, the user doesn't have to scroll through all the comments to leave their own.

MysticDistance says:

I sadly was not able to win the new iPhone 5, so this time I'd like to try to win the iPad mini, which I found out about due to the rumor reports on your amazing website.

a.zahy.z says:

this is another "Apple Thing" that many people will buy..but i simply dont see the point of this..other than to sell in large numbers.. Apple know how to do what they do!

thebrain2u says:

As always, here goes nothing!

polonious says:

I never win anything, would love an iPad Mini! Thanks iMore!

djnukleus says:

I'd love to win this one... Would be great...

Ledbetter14 says:

iPad mini? Why yes, thank you!

highlander10 says:

It would be nice to have it..
Thanks iMore...

Greetings from Croatia.

yagopico says:

Let's hope I'm the lucky winner!

billybaldin says:

Please oh, please oh please!!!...:)

darrenthegreat says:

I would love a tablet! All I have is a 12 year old P4 computer I need an upgrade badly!

semaniaci says:

Hi iMore, please let me win this great device!

vmachiel says:

Loving this, android sized, everything else apple.

Bigkev247 says:

I look forward to getting my iPad mini!!

ssjjcc78 says:

The iPad mini looks so cool! I never win anything...pick me!! :-)

Spazbite33 says:

Well seeing as i didnt win the ipod touch for birthday off you guys i would love to win this!

Suzi Searles says:

I would LOVE to win this I-pad for my son who is non-verbal and would so enjoy being able to communicate with his family by using this awesome new machine.


Jaimel0l says:

iPad mini looks so awesome! I'd love to win one from iMore :D

jamesderbo says:

The ipad mini would help me loads with revision

flexy24k says:

I would totally love to win one of these! My original iPad is starting to get out dated... :(

TranceAddict72 says:

I want it, can I get it in diamond encrusted gold wrapped in seven pounds of one hundred dollar bills for safe keeping?

Anthonie Beuker says:

iPad Mini is awesome! even i have a normal iPad.., i want it!:D:D:D (just like all other Apple stuff;D )

pdagadget says:

iPad Mini would be great to help me at work. I probably have a 100 lbs of manuals and it would be great to put on an iPad Mini.

Mehnaaz says:

now i am sire that imore is the best site
as they are giving free ipad,ipod,etc
i would also like to
get one

adz1990 says:

I feel that my life would benefit from one of these :p

MacMakem says:

Hi there, little bit dissapointed with the price point in the UK (£269 which equates to $430 USD at current exchange rate), so here's hoping that iMore can make me a very happy chap!

maccmacc11 says:

I would dearly I mean dearly love to have an I pad min so much thanks Imore

intuicity says:

After the iPhone 5 giving away...after the iPod touch giving away...still i don't have a chance, I hope that i can win an iPad.

vivekmahesh says:

well, i love giveaways. hoping to be the lucky one.

cocconconcoc says:

I like ipad. Hopefully i get it.

SteveW928 says:

I'd love an iPad mini for my son. :)

CrazyiJET says:

Well, enough said. I'd would really like a new iPad Mini. Thanks iMore for all the hard work.

igagan_ says:

I would love to win the 'little more' one

alanjc says:

I have the iPad 3rd gen which has just been wiped off the face of the planet by the 4th gen. Winning the iPad mini would cheer me up a bit now I have such an obsolete device ;)

ebanrebjr says:

I'd love to have one for Christmas. Good luck everyone for this iMore contest.

amine038 says:

i'd love to thank imore for this great possibility to win the brand new apple's product ipad mini and i would like to be the lucky winner for this contest :p :)))))

gigiboy says:

I've never had an iPad before, but a black 16gb ipad mini would definitely be awesome!

bobtj says:

A good product but at the wrong price. I have an iPad 3rd gen. and it is not enough to tempt me to the smaller format for me or my children. If it had retina and the A6 maybe at the premium price. But with these specs and price not a chance. Maybe next year when they bring out the updated version and they have had a rethink!

tinbilly says:

Let see how iPad mini enters into rivalry with other 7'' competitors. Cannot wait more.

Daniel Silva says:

I really want to win an iPad mini.

Thanks iMore (You guys rock)

epedersen1 says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win a terrific device!

icu says:

I would not throw an iPad Mini out of bed for eating crackers.

mariachi4 says:

Starting a band called 1023MB, we'll never get a gig.

lkstew says:

I'd love to have one of those iPad Mini books in my hand right now.

15israellai says:

I'm getting it! Poor boy's wish.

boofarino says:

Sure, ill take an ipad mini, thx :)

karanpunjabi99 says:


wing_zero says:

I want one! :p the black one btw :p

Patkennedyjr says:

I would love one of these to give to my kids!
Just in time for the holidays!

f96lrs says:

att ipad mini please thank u

napaceni says:

I think the $329 is a reasonable price considering the quality you get compared to the competition.