Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

ceb1 says:

I am privileged to be given the opportunity to win such a marvelous device by iMore. THANK YOU.

dluchiu says:

I'd love to win one :) It'll come in handy for school :)

cshaw33 says:

Actually excited about the iPad mini

authentik1 says:

I hope I win this contest!

hydra94 says:

IPad MIni!!! ^_^ Hope to get one. Hehe...

SuperGlideSport says:

My wife spends three hours a day commuting to and from work by train. She'd really appreciate having a new iPad to stay caught-up with email, news and such. Wifi is now available on the trains which makes it even easier to stay connected.

JNCOMAN1636 says:

I would Love to Win a FREE iPad mini !!!

NOLA_Willie says:

Thanks iMore for the opportunity.
What a great Christmas gift the iPad mini would
be for my wife. Just her size.

jvm1982 says:

I want one lol. It would look pretty sweet next to the rest of my tech. Hope I win. Thanks a mill imore.

kidaloof says:

I would like to have one, since I don't like the huge iPad screen the 7" is the ideal size for me =]

mcmaui says:

Yeah, please let me be the winner of this FANTASTIC contest !!

Slinkwyde says:

Love the podcast. I'd like to replace my 4th gen iPod touch with an iPad mini now that I have an Android phone, but it's kind of pricey.

4sYido says:

I don't want one, I need one

dgishere says:

i need ipad mini so badly.....

droid4g32 says:

Would love to win an iPad Mini!

Todd M says:

iPad 1 crapped out, so winning an iPad mini would be awesome! Thanks iMore!

Yiannisefi says:

iPad mini, looks very nice
Sent it to Cyprus :-)

CaptainMarvel85 says:

This is my entry submission. Thanks!

Gmp2006 says:

Hello, I would love to win a IPad Mini :):))))))

brangiber says:

I would love to win this!!

Witness6 says:

IPad Mini! IPad Mini! IPad Mini!

Joseph1949 says:

It might be a bit expensive, but wow, what a beauty!

Bing_Cen says:

i love iPad Mini..
hope i can win this time.. ^_^

sa3d977 says:

hope to win the new ipad mini

bonjoo says:

I never be a lucky person. But Ill give a try. ;)

Pastortech says:

While the price is still a bit high, it does seem to be a little more attainable, at least for my pocket book. And as far as choosing between this and a cheaper android tab, meh. I've played with androids and just don't care how much I can do with it. I'm busy and I want my tech to be "magical" as Mr. Jobs put it. Meaning I want an easy and effective experience right out of the box. I had to do way to much to set up the droid to do even half of what I was doing in iOS. An iPad Mini would be great to read off of as well!

newlyn says:

Free iPad mini,,,WOW!!!! Ever since I laid my hands on an apple gadget I become addicted to it,,,love u Steve Jobs!!

koyut says:

Still undecided whether to get this if you already have an ipad.

jnamcharg says:

These look interesting, but too expensive in general-- Before I saw the price I was thinking they might be great for my physics classroom. Not sure the district will want to pony up that much cash, maybe if I have one to show them...

Supertilt says:

Looks like a great device. Would be great for my kids. I want my iPad back!

nsbrewer12 says:

I will do my best to be an incredible ambassador of the sight. Please pick me!!!!:)

Björn says:

I thought I would not care about this Mini iPad...but I do :( ^^

jrcdpm says:

Just got my wife iPad 3 would love a mini.

sohaf says:

Well I loved the new iPad when it launched and have never regretted buying it but it always seemed a bit bulky and impossible to handle with one hand
The iPad mini is just the right size for single hand holding and I just wish that apple would have considered including telephony in it as in the galaxy tab
Anyway once again a great idevice to own and use

AdamJonjo says:

Please pick me!
i would really like a ipad.
I have always been an iMore reader and like the contests while this is the first time i am entering one!
Rene Ritchie Rocks!
The Memory is up to you (16 GB) itself is already very much for me
The Colour is also up to you!
All i want is the device. Thank u
Please Pick Me!!!

cyndy johnson says:

I would just loveeee to win one of these! I read imore everyday for all the latest and it would be great to read it on a new iPad mini!

photyograph says:

i used to think, what's the purpose of having an iPad, it's not suitable for your pocket to carry it anywhere, and still you need a help from "the real computer" to do some stuffs, then i picked an iphone. BUT, after like a couple months using iphone and some other times ipad which is my friend's, i think i need both of them! for studying, reading etc.

lxxvii says:

worth a shot! Much better than a Kindle.

beaulieuserge says:

Ipad mini looks awesome


raffaelepicchio says:

Awesome. I need one IPad Mini!!!!

kdnolley says:

An iPad mini would complete my ifamily.

vpodgurschi says:

I guess I'll just have to take this one :D

Starshift says:

iSee an iPad on iMore. iKnow an iMini it is. iThank thee. i:-)

Petso96 says:

oo! seems so cool...i want it!

Zapflashgone says:

I won't go buy one, that's for sure. Winning one would let me feel like I was collecting the whole set.

DavieMan says:

Apple, Apple the greatest name on earth,
Why don't you send me one for Christmas,
Apple, Apple I use your devices in front of the hearth,
When the wind is cold and chilly outside at Christmas.

mady53 says:

thank you i would love to win>>

cogitodexter says:

Me me me me me!

New toys are wonderful. New Apple toys are even better :)

Mickkareem says:

Never won a contest but have nothing to lose by entering!

clue11 says:

Thanks for all the giveaways all the time!

raghavmyadam says:

Hope i win ipad mini because its one of the aniticpated tablet of the year


The fact that it doesn't have the retina display means I'll probably wait for a future version...unless I happen to win one ;^)

videorx says:

Sweet - thank you very much, iMore. I would love one of these.

naagodinho says:

Heyyyy i want one!!! thanks iMore!

Manish Arote says:

Perfect size, perfect price tag and on that IOS, I want one and if i dont won here I will get one my self.................

mz7590 says:

I need a new toy and there is no better toy then a free one

popsicled says:

Well it would be wonderful to win this. I think I would use it as a small textbook, 7 inches and light + slim would make it ideal for that job.

AxeMan#IM says:

I think the mini would be perfect in my classroom. I would love to use one while I teach!

crusty19 says:

Disappointed in price but the specs seem to try and make up for it. Will have to see how it sells.

JustinS1 says:

The new iPad mini is sweeeeeet

jcra25 says:

The apple will always be the best, this idea is fantastic mini ipad, I would love to have one.

i-zane says:

i just want to have's my dream!!!

chiefchyno says:

Thanks for helping make my transition to iPhone easy as pie! I keep coming back.

kipxym says:

i will happy to get one...would help me in my teaching

Leinie says:

I would be much more likely to use the iPad mini than the original size, so I would love to win this!

JoshuaO.Ward says:

iPad mini! No longer a rumor! Would love to win this great new device! Thanks for these giveaways!

Beteins says:

Excellent blog. Of course I NEED an iPad mini!!!!

Seegar says:

I could use one of these

nccjones says:

I love the iPad mini! So perfect to carry around in a purse and have at work. Good luck everyone!

Tony5272 says:

I believe a $249 - $279 starting price point for the iPad mini sounds about right. IMO they pricing the mini too high.

paulrkiii says:

Not sure I'll purchase since I just got ah iPad 3 about two months ago but when it goes Retina I may!

Rholford2 says:

I wold love to win the iPad mini!!! Pick me please!

johnnygoodface says:

As always, Apple strikes again! :) What a nice little device! and full of features... and 3G too!

moosed26 says:

I would love to win anything that iMore gives away... so I would love to win a white iPad mini please!

ivanp62 says:

iPad Mini is the best 7" tablet forever.
Thanks Apple. And thanks iMore for Contest win an iPad Mini

Storm982 says:

The new iPad mini is sweet!! I so would like to win one!

jungle17 says:

My husband would love to have this, but I won't buy him one. We need to win it! White one please!

Ant Skrebsky says:

I would love to win the iPad Mini. Looks like the perfect 7in tablet! <3

mytabo says:

love to have ipad mini.

jrephoto_op says:

A little high priced to get me to buy one. No retina display-it's just a glorified reader.

mjmillman says:

Good Morning iMore!!

It would be nice to win the mini since I never win the big stuff...HAHA.

Thanks for the contest!

jrywmk says:

Ouch, was looking forward to the ipad mini for the wife and was hoping for a lower price point! £269 is steep when compared to the Fire HD at £159 which is a good tablet, was hoping for about £199-£229. My problem now is trying to convince the wife on something cheaper as only wants it for books! An iPad mini from iMore would be amazing :D Thanks iMore.

PilotPhil81 says:

Could I get the iPad 4 instead of te mini?

Ciurlo says:

I've never had lucky with this sort of contests....hope this time will be the right one!
Thank you!!!

GingaNinja says:

The mini looks really interesting. Let's see how it fares against the Surface, Kindle HD, and the Nexus 7. Choice is good!

david_willems13 says:

Really love to win this one!

mxcoope says:

I would really like an Ipad Mini. Thanks.

LOLLY015 says:

Would be nice to get an iPad Mini. Would give either it or my current iPad 2 to my future mother-in-law. :D

emoccio says:

Very nicely designed and made. I am more intrigued than I thought I would be with the mini. Would have been great to price it at $250-300 but still a step forward.

maussie95 says:

With this product Apple shows they have a totally lack of innovation.

faith84 says:

The iPad mini is just amazing! It's the cutest iPad ever :-)

Greece awaits it...

Yonder says:

I'd like to hold one to feel its weight!

Tules says:

Man, I'd be so down for this ipad mini! C'mon imore you know you wanna pick me :D

hoosieriphone says:

Mini iPad = Mini me = Awesome... Thank you iMore

macalaner says:

In America the new iPad mini and nearly every product is soo cheap.
Only 329$ and in Europe 329€ ... every American can be happy about it.
iMac 1299$ in Europe 1349€ ...
Enjoy it...

jamiemarsh says:

Love my iPad and was waiting for the mini. Glad I did since there's a new iPad!

djf_jeff says:

I would like an iPad mini! Thank you!

bjwgorman says:

iPad Mini looks good and better than other tablets but the cost is a little high.

madisonlyn says:

Ipad mini love it want it!

jeffkeyz says:

I've never wanted any Apple product more in my life.

Jesu#IM says:

This is going to be a powerful substitute for the iPad as an ebook reader! :D

jgardner83 says:

My wife is threatening my life if I buy yet one more Apple product - so you guys can save me buy drawing my name for the iPad mini. 'Cause I just gotta have one!

jbrat13 says:

I love my iPad 2 like I love my car.... if not more.
I am fascinated by technology and people's creativity; their ability to think outside the box. And now the iPad Mini. Good luck to everyone!

bergman says:

I want a mini, but I really want a full sized ipad that's as thin and light as the mini.

TreoToni says:

Thank you iMore for entering me in the contest!!!

K_Chronis says:

Congratulations iMore for giving a free iPad mini. It would be great to own a new iPad mini

ParGolf07 says:

I would love to get my hands on this iPad Mini..

wallyford says:

Yes, thank you very much!

tibbi64 says:

Can't wait for the Ipad Mini. :)

djdosage says:

ahh awesome! hope i win it :)

iMacKalvin says:

Pick me! I need this awesome device in my mac collection.....

borceg says:

If it's free I'm in. Otherwise nope :)

MousePad says:

Would probably be a fine addition to my arsenal. Good luck to all.

webmonk says:

Please add me up in the contest.Hope to win :)

blackbombo says:

iPad Mini please please gimmie


Last weekend my birthday came and went uneventful. Obviously everyone was waiting to hear about the new iPad before making a purchase for me. NOPE. I was neglected by friend and family alike. So I'm taking care of my own and begging, luck be a lady! Thanks iMore.

PatMahon says:

You probably could do without sending an iPad to Ireland but I'll support the site anyway! ;-)

bullysmoke says:

would love to have one.. by the next 2nd gen mini, it will overtake iPad sales.. mark my words

tpherson1 says:

When will the winner be announced?

cgood8 says:

I've been waiting for this release. Can't wait

v.svet says:

I would love to get one :-)


It's all about value. $329 represents huge value in screen size and build quality over any
on the smaller competing tablets from other manufacturers. Not everyone will be able to afford the product, but I think those that can will see the advantages the mini brings to the table.
Throw in the number of apps available for the mini and the scales tip dramatically.

lombardmar says:

This new iPad mini is certainly a great addition to the Apple line of tablets.

ztsweetman says:

I would love a white ipad mini!
Thanks iMore. I love reading articles here all of the time!

speckbe says:

I would love a iPad Mini!

mzengr says:

I need this for my 8 year old niece! Maybe she'll leave my iPad alone!!


junovela says:

Thank you for all your awesome contests and chances to win free swag! Consider me entered.

aslowe says:

I don't care about the price if I get one free :-D The significant other has put a freeze on my gadget spending :-/

ckey24 says:

I really don't care how much it costs I would just like to have an iPad Mini!!!

Rickerd says:

would like to have a mini for the family to share... love the site, keep up the good work guys!

mksap says:

In the immortal words of "Donkey" from the movie Shrek... "pick me! pick me!"

Palmpeter says:

I would love an MiniMe!!!!

Michryn says:

Curious about target audience. Great product for the masses? Certainly...

juliandye says:

Fingers crossed. I need something new to replace my outdated 3rd gen iPad!

hoiberg2 says:

I hope it will be mine! Pick me!

cikoidiot says:

Best for students like me.

remyyounggg says:

I would love an iPad Mini! I don't have anything apple and would really appreciate it :)

kurskor says:

It would be wonderful to win an iPad Mini. It is just the right size to carry always with me.

sicpuppy says:

Am liking this newer size , perfect for ebook reading

velosport says:

Wish it were $299....but you can't be FREE - so, I'm hoping I'm the lucky winner! Thanks imore!

2beaks says:

It would be nice to win this. Thanks for the opportunity..

nmeredith13 says:

I would REALLY love a new iPad mini! True apple fan girl right here :) P.S. Love this website, especially the forums. So much good info shared!

chrl98 says:

Hey iMore,

I would love to have this new product! its so convenient and portable. I can use it to play my favorite games and i can use the brand new features on iOS 6. I would also love to take photos on my iPad Mini and show it off to friends and family!

rblackwood81 says:

I would love to win a new ipad mini. I have a 2nd generation ipod touch and I've long since outgrown it. Also, it will no longer update so I'm limited on what I can download.

camarelo says:

I would love to have one ipad mini

jkeeley1 says:

No more having to settle for android if I want a smaller tablet.

leenlopez says:

It would be so nice to win!

johnenglish says:

Would love one of these for the subway.

andre323i says:

The iPad Mini looks sweet. I would love to have one. says:

I'd love a "Mini" to replace an aging iPad. (I found the iPad a bit to large for my taste anyway.)

yosef610 says:

Please be me! iPad mini black 4G

dactyl27 says:

I would love an iPad mini!!

tony477g says:

Ipad mini!

I'd love to try some apple products!

Rudolph76 says:

Don't know why but I want one!

jake1044 says:

My didn't Apple surprise. Ipad mini, Mac book Pro 13 ", New IMacs, Mac Mini. Wow. No MAC Pro though. Maybe next yeah. oh and yea the biggest one was the Revamp of the IPAD 3 to a 4th generation. Wow, Wow, wow.

voodoo_ca says:

Sign me up for one!
Thanks for all the great prizes!

xkevincarrx says:

My first thoughts on the iPad Mini??? I have to say I thought it was a bit ridiculous. It reminded me of the cash grabs Hollywood does with rushed sequels of good movies. (No new ideas, same thing different shape...)

After watching the official Apple video for the mini I have to say I'm sold. I was a naysayer, but man, those things are cool.

Dang it I want one!

William Heber Percy says:

I'd love to use that iPad Mini in my classroom in Japan. I hope I win!

faraz89 says:

Would love to get an ipad mini .

RayJohnson says:

Like this contest . The mini looks like it could blow the kindle fire out of the water. We shall see

allmaddenpr says:

^^^^iPad Mini to me me baby!^^^^^<<<<<<<

toneoftears says:

woooow !! i need ipad mini please imore ^_^

Stides says:

The new iPad Mini looks sick!

wubell1 says:

Being a divorced father of 5 year triplets has made life expensive. Please.

blowndiffuser says:

Again awesome device released by Apple!

jvgross says:

The iPad mini looks great and I think a lot of people will be interested in this model. Since it is smaller, that means less weight to carry around which means it will be even easier to remain portable.

pchengye says:

finally, a device that is perfect to hold while reading my ebook. let it be me please.

OddlyNormalOne says:

Well if you're giving it away, then heck I'll take it!

spareshoota says:

I must say... I wasn't excited about the iPad mini before its launch but now that it's out, I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!! So cool and so portable; it would be a great compliment to my iPhone 5!!!

jerry25 says:

Give me one pleeeeease!!!!

traveller63 says:

Add one more to the i family!


I think the new iPad mini looks great. Thin, light, portable, big screen, great cameras, same 10 hour battery life, runs all iPad apps. Love it.

Only downside for me not Retina. I can live with that.

Bring. It. On.

krishnaj says:

Really looking forward to win the iPad Mini.... thanks iMore....

Callie25#AC says:

I would love to win an iPad mini. Thank you!

tpony says:

Looks really nice. And to win one would be even nicer.

ultimato says:

It is awesome that you have this giveaway worldwide. All the other times I have seen promos like this it has been US only. Way to go iMore!

IVIacGyver says:

I want to win the iPad mini so that I don't have to buy one. After all free is better ;-)

schartzr says:

Let's see if this thing is worth all the hype

zeagus says:

iMore FTW! The Mini looks like a fascinating product. Apple continues their strategy of conceding the ultra low end and creating a premium product just above. Well played, Cupertino!

iPhone_Therefore_iAm says:

Hey iMore folks, I was really hoping the new iPad Mini would be less expensive but, no dice. I guess I am going to have to rely on you guys to give me one for Christmas this year. Thanks for the opportunity.

Crypton says:

The black one looks realy sweet!

paulromero says:

another great prize!! :)

thanks guys, fingers crossed

Mountaineerfan says:

This looks exciting! I would love to win this for my wife, who is a high school math teacher.
Thanks for putting together these contests!

aarondelapaz says:

MABUHAY! From the Philippines... hoping to be a lucky winner! Thanks iMore!

migsluna83 says:

If Apple would of had the iPad mini starting at $199 with an 8GB model and 16GB at $249 it would have been a more compelling sale.

Reynold says:

please please please choose meee, i have an iPad 2 and owning an iPad mini would be just perfect!! i like the design a lot especially the black n slate model. Goergousss

zuned says:

Would be my first iPad ever WHOOP WHOOP

Darcey87 says:

I would love an iPad mini

Zahriki says:

The iPad mini looks amazing, i cannot wait to own one.