Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

goong522 says:

hope im lucky enough to win!!!

moiz.saeed1997 says:

Omg I would love an iPad Mini!!

blindemboss says:

Yes, please send me one. :-)

leemoon9 says:

iPad mini , looks awesome the size , the screen display and iSight camera , but why A5 I still wonder !!

gnforpeace says:

Would love to win an iPad Mini! Thanks for the chance (at least it's better odds than the lottery)!

candrikanich says:

iPad mini looks compelling (as an iPad 3rd gen owner). At $199 I would have bought 1 for every family member. $329 means I will probably just get one for my wife.

eric_tall says:

Still not sure about the price. $279/289 would have been more reasonable for the "outdated" specs (outdates in terms of Apple products).

maverick.taurean says:

ipad mini is a refined smaller version of ipad2. Now apple selling refurbished ipad3, at lower price than ipad2, could make ipad2 a history

gcardona says:

Even thou it has a premium price, much higher than the expected $249 sweet spot. The iPad mini is worth every penny, the whole ecosystem already in place would back up the investment. The only downside was Apple missing the opportunity to wipe out the whole tablet market. Looking forward to get my hands on one, maybe the iMore giveaway !!!!

meimaj says:

I'd love to have an iPad Mini!


I will be happy to get one iPad Mini

valapsp says:

iPad mini you'll be mine. :)

KathrinGalloway1231 says:

This looks like a great device. Any idea when it will be available in 4G LTE?

chasem says:

I'll put my name in the hat. Been looking forward to the mini; I've always thought the ipad was a little too big, personally.

fatt133 says:

I want iPad Mini!! Thanks iMore ^_________^

jason_geesun says:

ipad mini is awesome!
keep the contests coming imore!

iErica says:

Thanks iMore for the great giveaway! I hope I will get picked to win the iPad Mini!

mao mao says:

I would love to win the ipad mini!

JasonThomas says:

Can I win the ipad mini please?

andrew72681 says:

Time to get rid of the 2 year olds Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and get her an iPad mini.

The Writing Maven says:

Just bought by first iPhone and loving it! Also have an iPad2 which is wonderful as well. What's great about my iPad is my daughter can use it so easily. It's amazing how my kids are able navigate around faster than I can!

dragonlady5th says:

My daughter would love one of these for school!

doubleb5 says:

iPad mini, you complete me. Also now that product release dates are lined up, I believe we now have an open slot in the spring for an Apple TV, 55 inch style keynote. Bazinga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dantefc says:

Hope I can win this iPad mini, would be Lo Maximo!

melen says:

I won!!! Thanks iMore....

Victimsofgravity says:

I need to win this ipad so my wife can stop borrowing my ipad 1 to play farmville.


geek36 says:

i need that ipad mini so bad


dlemor says:

Actually useful? Who knows, but I want one anyways.

misplacedhatred says:

In agreement with some of the comments, a $329 price point is pretty steep. So steep I wouldn't mind a free one.. Hint Hint. It seems like a decent little device, but at $329 why not get an iPad 2 while they're still out.

r5murphy says:

I'd like to win the new iPad Mini. Thanks

martinsiry says:

WooT! iPad Mini...would be great to study for class on that

Kiarash2014 says:

i realy liked it :))) it was nice ,,,

corbot says:

iPad mini sounds interesting but would rather win one! I think it will sell well due to the form factor.

CaFe88 says:

this is what i originally wanted back in march when i bought the 3rd gen ipad..

pbatton54 says:

My son has taken over my ipad for his business! Would luv to have mini!!
Great job you guys! You rock!!!

philipposmich says:

I know this is a longshot, living in Greece, but I hope that I can win it!

cyberian451 says:

Because my girlfriend will never sleep with me again unless I get her one ! ;-)

ghost07 says:

I am super excited for the mini!

Ipheuria says:

I would love to get an iPad Mini. Although I have an 3rd gen iPad my wife borrows it all the time. When I told her about the iPad Mini she was thrilled to bits because she finds the iPad too big and heavy. What a mamby pamby baby suck *looks around nervously* lol anyway yeah I would love to win this for her.

Arshdeepc says:


mean soklun says:

How could be amazing for me to be the amazing winner of this iPad mini.!!!! How it happen for one in my life time..?

AngryCPA says:

win a lightning cable and get a free iPad mini!

nocks926 says:

iPad mini looks to cool. I'd love one. Thank you iMore!

ntimbrell says:

I would absolutely love to win the mini ipad so that I could give it to my girlfriend for our third christmas together!

Dennis_TM says:

The white iPad mini is mine! Glad i got rid of my iPad 2 last week lol

Clovertree says:

Looks like a great new device! I would love to get my hands on one.

Moesessoms says:

thanks for giving away some much good stuff to your readers:)

mraclj says:

Send my IPad mini. I will review and let you all know about it. PICK ME. PICK ME.

mcgradar says:

Great job as always on MacBreak Weekly! Nice scoops on the mini - I now know where to look to sift through the rumour mill.

Anique says:


curveball23 says:

Please choose me! I've got to have the new IPad Mini.....for my kids of course!

NamelessStar says:

ooo would be kind of cool to replace my ipod and play games on a bigger screen

dbeddie15 says:

Yes please. Would fit in my white coat pocket, which the current iPad can't do. But the only way I'm getting it is if it's free, because $329 is WAY too expensive.

budweiser45 says:

iPad mini will be $329 woow, that is a bit high, since i paid $800 for ipad2 32GB with 3G connection.
Now if i win one, i could give it to my wife, so she won't bug me for mine :>))

MickBiel says:

The iPad mini looks like it's going to be another great product from Apple. iMore does a great job of covering all things Apple. It's my go to site for Apple news.

/Mike Biel

maximopp says:

I hope to win this time.

justinnava says:

I agree with many people below, I think $299 (or even better $249) would have been a better starting price point for the iPad mini. But Apple seems to know what people will pay for their stuff. I think they don't want to target the Android-leaning audience with price, but rather by showing off their specs more. But this is only my thoughts, and I only express them for a chance to win an iPad mini :)

wickedrad79 says:

I've been reluctant to finally take the plunge for an iPad. I am considering it much more now that the mini is an option.

SMT says:

This looks like a perfect for my wife!

techkmr says:

The most important consideration is that the iPad mini is truly light and comfortable in the hand or wallet. i love iPad mini so much..tks

cam130894 says:

Glad to try and win a idevice, love my iPod

theitguy3 says:

Hi. I would really really REALLY love to have one of the new iPad minis. Please make me happy and give me one.

Thank you imore :)

Mattatattatt says:

Would love to win this. It'll mean I can stop wishing for a Kindle!

gil8484 says:

I am really curious to see how the Ipad mini sells.

cccammm25 says:

Would really love to win one for my kid. Thanks imore for this great opportunities.

rbf1337 says:

Do want. I've never liked 10" tablets.

anny31 says:

im just trying to figure out if it has an LED flash for pictures? i want to get the itouch 5 for this reason. if the mini has one im getting that instead. anyone know? i tried to look at frustrating
thanx for the chance!

no1tech says:

i never win, but it's always fun trying

Lazarus#IM says:

Oh please, oh please, such a cool device would love to win. :)


cbieregel says:


Raman0890 says:

Ipad is the best tablet.

JuusoK says:

One iPad mini for me, please:)

smart_n_naughty says:

Kindle HD, Google NeXus, Please pack your bags now.

SiG03 says:

I would really like an iPad Mini, please!

Jife66 says:

Awesome prize, hope i`m lucky this time !!

heggy1996 says:

My ipod stopped functioning and Apple wouldn't fix it :( So this would be excellent :) Thanks

gmonday says:

I would love to win a mini IPad. I'm not sure if I would buy one. I have two Kindles - the Original Kindle Fire and the 2nd generation Kindle.

jxc says:

i will need a belt clip for the mini

KDorsey12 says:

I'm a little confused on Apple's approach on this. i can understand that they want to have a tablet in this market can get what they can out of it. That's cool, but the price point that they're coming in at is too much i think and need to be lower.

Mbellfire says:

i think this device will do very well!

CSANTANA136 says:

Great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

sibebabe says:

I'm excited for the new mini. Can't wait to see one!

stsk says:

I've been waiting for yonks for the ipad to be shrunk down to this size and I think its the perfect size to bring around. Specs-wise its not too bad, save for the lack of retina display and a Ipad3 processor (late the ipad4 get the faster processor but nicer if the mini gets the slightly older one rather than a old ipad2 processor).
That being said, may i have an ipad mini for Christmas? :)

rodeb says:

iPad Mini from iMore hope iWin! Thanks

metstang says:

This would be great for my daughter.

ishedrick says:

i didnt get to get the iphone 5 but i'm going to try and when this new ipad mini,i got the iphone 4s and i love it,cant put it donw and im on imore 4 x a week,so i hope i can get picked for the ipad...

Fredster83 says:

OMG! This would be so cool.

Kelior says:

I know the iPad Mini is for me... Good luck to the rest!
iMore, keep up the good work, guys!

wpgteacher says:

Sure, I'd love to have a new ipad! Thanks.

Jer1ch0 says:

Be nice to have an iPad Mini :) Looks quite amazing!

xgraphica says:

Gracias por la oportunidad... iPad mini ven a miiii!!

ahamacher says:

This would be great to give to my daughter for school.

cmacjr says:

Hey a free mini. I'm in. I have the iPad 3 but a mini would be cool.

stein0726 says:

I would love to win an iPad mini from iMore!

jb7881 says:

Yes, please! Thanks iMore!!!

xtaffcb says:

I think that $329 for the base 16GB with wi-fi is a little much considering that the Nexus 7 is priced at $250 for same amount and will soon phase out the 16GB in favor of 32GB for $250! Although I can say that as with all Apple products the build quality will be second to none. You certainly pay to be in the "ecosystem". The sad part is I still want one!

guedees says:

Y U NO GIMME THAT? srsly, i never win these stuffs :(

Quarks_ says:

iPad mini, in black to go with my iPhone 5 and mini to go with my Mac mini. Thanks iMore!

SirOldcastle says:

I think I might get a 32GB iPad (4). My job will give me $200 to one.

laxcrespo1013 says:

If I win, I will call it mini me!!!!!!!

creativedeath says:

I would so want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AndyS_OSU says:

I'll take a black one. Thanks!

bouchs1 says:

I've entered several iPad giveaways and have yet to win. I think this one will be different.

DChap23 says:

the new design from both the iphone 5 and now the ipad mini looks amazing

dreschald says:

I would love to win iPad Mini. This is the iPad that I've been waiting to replace my first generation iPad.

xadmin says:

Thanks, would be awesome to win

ls108 says:

Hey tired of fighting my 3 year and wife over time on my iPad.Just toss it my way

osuntuyi says:

Looking forward to one day owning this beautiful device. Great job Apple on taking on the market and innovating at level no one else understands or can accomplish at.

EDubby says:

I would love to win one:))))Thanks!

avega619 says:

I would love to win this!!!!

dalyapp says:

An iPad mini would be great. Thanks.

amico0131 says:

I wanted to enter the contest for the new iPad mini.

shawnarsen10 says:

I'd like to win the Ipad Mini. I just moved to Iphone from Blackberry, and, I have to say, I find the iphone superior already. So, it would be nice to replace my Blackberry Playbook with the Ipad as well.

kritikal says:

Would love to have one!

Mauj says:

Ok so if I'll get an iPad mini I'll be having a big speech. And it goes here:
Dear iMore,
It is a dream come true, because I always wanted an iPad mini since it was launched but I knew I wouldn't be getting it myself because I'm not earning. But I made thousands of bucks using iPad mini and its applications to take my life professionally. I would like to thanks iMore, and my legs because without them both I wouldn't be standing here and making a winning speech. You guys can stop clapping now, hardcore fans these days.
I would also like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, so I could win this iPad mini from iMore and have a turning point in my life. *cries of happiness*.
Thank you thank you thank you........thaaaaaank youuuu iMore. <3

Raylene_A says:

An ipad mini is everything you need in the palm of your hand from fast wireless internet,HD video,thin and light not forgetting 10hour battery life,that's note even half of what its about! Now that's what you call an iPad mini.! Having to test all the features of an iPad mini will top it all! IMore and iPad all the way!!

peteeaston says:

The new iPad Mini look great!

themarblery says:

Great contest. Would love to win one of these!
Thanks iMore!

tyler2010us says:

Oh, how wonder it would be to have this iPad Mini! Thanks iMore!

bmerkin says:

I'd love to win a new iPad mini! Sometimes I don't feel comfortable carrying around my MacBook or my 2nd generation iPad - too big. This would be perfect for keeping up with my reading. I'm in!

agent006 says:

I like this little marvel, it's a child of an iPad 2 and an iPad 3. I want one.

Laura Knotek says:

The iPad Mini looks like an awesome device! I'd love to have one, since the compact size would be perfect for use on the go.

Thanks for your consideration in the contest, iMore and Rene. :)

Fred Hatton says:

Would love to try out the mini! Thanks for the opportunity!

nbarnes says:

I would love to win a new iPad Mini.
Thanks iMore

CavemanJohn says:

Very happy I found this site. Keep up the great work.

smileymimi says:

fingers crossed I can win this for my boyfriend's xmas pressie!

rustie says:

Thanks for the opportunity to try and win an iPad Mini. This looks very interesting as I love my iPhone 4. I think the iPhone is very efficient and much better than my Blackberry. However, I do think the starting price of $329 is a bit steep. I wished it started at $250-$275. But it annoys me that in March they'll probably have an iPad Mini II. Just my 2 cents.

anghislandi says:

I want a ipad mini for reading !!! Very nice live Coverage !!!

Laura Davila says:

I would like to win the iPad Mini. Thank you iMore for the opportunity to participate in the contest

kev46 says:

Since I have no iPad this mini would be a good introduction to the line....a white one if possible.

Considerable Boondoggle says:

Obviously entering this one too! Love imore.

family_man1 says:

I would like an IPAD mini thank you very much!

mmalex says:

I like imore no new day without surfing your web site

birkan says:

For me a white one would be cool ;)

Chief203 says:

An iPad Mini would be nice!!

Unchewable says:

another awesome give away you guys rock!

mlg321 says:

I'll be getting one because Steve Jobs said we'd never see one.

disneypincart says:

I bought a 3rd Generation iPad when they were first released, and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that they introduced the 4th Generation iPad at the iPad Mini event. I now definitely feel like my iPad 3 is obsolete. Maybe I shouldn't, but I would love to win an iPad Mini!

dave4555 says:

i would love an ipad mini.

melkev100 says:

I would love to win!! Great Prize!!!

Sam192011 says:

Great giveaway! :D
I want iPad mini.

yipjiaming says:

i wanna an ipad mini!!!!!!!!!

Suefnp says:

Would love a mini! I have the archaic iPad that I received as a gift in July and is no longer made. Would love something that will be cutting edge for a while. Probably would drop my Nook Glow for the mini.
Thanks for the chance, iMore!

lbclark says:

I'd be a little peeved if I had just purchased the new iPad. Plus the pricing for the family of products seems a little our of whack.

Johnnytk36#IM says:

A iPad Mini would be awesome!

techlust says:

I'd love to add a Mini to my iFamily!

Ranger2012 says:

It would be great to take the mini for a drive. So to speak.

williamsbh76 says:

Please so my kids will leave my iPad alone!

ColinJ says:

Hey Rene,

Love your insight and commentary. Looking forward to more. iMore.
+ an iPad mini!!

Rwiley52 says:

Thought the regular ipad was alittle bit to big so this would be perfect, I would sell my kidney for this lol pick me imore!

Tigr2003 says:

I'll take one, in white... and will sew a large pocket onto my jacket for it. ;)

paulthefencer says:

I'd love an iPad mini to give my niece as a Christmas present, as neither her nor I can afford one at the moment. Thanks iMore.

davisadm says:

Price is a bit high, but I will get one. Will go for one with cellular data because the wifi only units don't have GPS. This will be an awesome GPS for the car!!

meninadigital says:

Just found out this blog and I Just loved it =) So Cool!!

cjhpe says:

I would like the mini please.

tmanns says:

I hope I win the iPad mini.

aln9 says:

winning the new ipad mini would be so sweet!

nolan.webster says:

A comment for an iPad mini. Well here is my comment and my hope for an iPad mini

Beezzy says:

I would love a Black one please!

Bear7079 says:

wow, yet another great giveaway. would love one of the many items you are giving away.

Fadhili Andrew says:

I Real like the device but i don't have enough money to buy it at this moment i wish to buy another time when the price is down.

JC_Rich says:

Would love to get my hands on an iPad Mini, thanks iMore!!

crugola says:

iWant to win your iPad Mini

aspermont says:

I'd like to win one, though I am pretty content with my current iPad.

Ginmtb says:

Thanks again for sponsoring these giveaways! Ipad Mini in white thank you! :)

Martin.R says:

Oh oh me please iMore :o)

killzone22 says:

i wished upon a genie, for an ipad mini lol.. pick me pleasee!!!

Windlasher says:

NEWSFLASH: Ann Coulter is Missing.

Update: Ann Coulter's head found in Mosque Trash bin. It's Still talking sh...!

Thats a comment! :-)

dhutt005 says:

You know, When the iPad Mini was rumored, I didn't think it would be something that special But when Apple announced it yesterday and made it Official, it's actually not a bad product. I guess is just that I was expecting the screen size of that would be smaller Than it actually is.

na7rf says:

Pick me. Then my wife will have her own and won't always be swiping my iPad. Thanks iMore

jreyes_009 says:

it would be awesome to win one of these!!!

manneo says:

This will not directly compete with android, rather it will give people one more choice, especially iOS users who want a lighter tablet.

_Fluffy_kitten_ says:

I'd donate sooo much money to this websitw if i was the lucky winner :)

That will never happen though :(

prasanna020391 says:

IPad Mini......winning it will really be amazing and yes will be my first idevice...I would really like to win it and start a relationship with an android user till now and IPad mini will definitely blow all the android tablets in the market with its reduced size and weight but with the known quality of apple.... defiitely would like to win it....any colour..

zerog46 says:

Would love to win one of these. My son and daughter are asking for it for Christmas.

rmuller612 says:

Seems like a great product, small, light, and powerful.....I think this will take off, but just not as big as the iPad. I guess time will tell, I would love to receive for free though....thanks for all the offerings you give.

rap2k42004 says:

I would love to win a FREE iPad mini!!!! Thanks imore ur better than bacon :D

IamRuddy says:

I hope I win the iPad Mini :-)

mheatley says:

On a budget this year, that free mini would be full size appreciated.

woodman500#IM says:

I'd really use an iPad mini. It would be for School and Work. Please....

DonnaJeff1006 says:

I have this wonderful iPhone that I dearly love and I am also a owner of a small business that I also love and I have been patiently waiting and saving to buy this NEW and wonderful iPad mini. I have a family that I'm trying to support and OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how I would love to be the one to be picked for this FREE gift. Apple just seems to make my life soooo much easier and it helps me to grow my little business and take car of my family and stay in touch easier.

dtokarski says:

I hope to win the iPad Mini. My kids would love it!

jmecca09 says:

I'm traveling like crazy for work and the iPad Mini would be an awesome addition when traveling! :)

sabarig says:

Thanks for all the great reviews. Would love to have the new ipad mini.


tomuky says:

If I win the iPad mini, I'll let each iMore reader use it for 5 seconds (subject to change).

steand says:

Winning an iPad mini would be fantastic! Thanks iMore. Cheers!

alex21000 says:

i've never had apple products. But i would love to use them. I know all about iphones, using only my friend's igadgets

Aergad says:

Hoping this is going to be the winner! Keep up the great work iMore!

Nikaom says:

Hope I win.
Thanks iMore

laureng2012 says:

I'd take an iPad mini, thanks : )

cmoore75 says:

No way am I paying $330 for the mini when I can get a refurb 3rd gen for $380, but I'll gladly take a free one.

reivax08 says:

Having transitioned from the BB after so many years to the IPhone 5, need I say more. Makes for a nice early Christmas present (for me).

echaos1210 says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini

meskin84 says:

So I says to Mabel, I says....

ArigatoMrTalboto says:

iPad Mini FTW!
Thanks for doing this, guys!

ali_badshah34 says:


snow6979 says:

Would be great gift for the wife!