Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

jennpurr says:

I think this is such a great edition. The other tablets are smaller and less cumbersome. I'm super excited the new mini is smaller and thus more portable! Thanks Apple... Love your products!

ctothill says:

I need an iPad mini for the wife!

viski78 says:

I would love to have one!!
Hope it's mine.. ;-)

blade86 says:

I'ts about what I expected, but I still want one.

4iheart says:

I was not happy to see the price point for the mini is still in the 300 dollar range. I have wanted to buy the i pad for my son but I can not get myself to spend the money for something I know he would use for playing "games". I have spoke with many therapist about the ability to use the educational apps for learning tools, but still that is a lot for a game.

eraserx says:

Let's go iMore ;) Thanks for the new iPad...

Jamie_G says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini, it looks great, danke/merci/gracias/thanks!

Sharkbaait18 says:

I've always wanted a tablet ^_^

Talker says:

I'm putting my eyes on the brand new iPad 4th generation, but if I get the cool iPad mini....count me in!!!

Kwatsoon says:

These give-aways are awesome. Thanks iMore! :)

mrsnork says:

My feeling is the iPad mini is superior to its competitors in terms of quality and overall user experience. Additionally, you have the name cachet that only Apple can bring to consumer electronics. The greater price compared to a Samsung tablet, Kindle, etc. is therefore justified. It's like choosing a Mercedes over a Chevy. They'll both get your from point A to point B, but the Mercedes is better appointed and higher quality (perhaps arguably), and it has the status, and you are paying a correspondingly higher price for it. Regardless of price, I'll certainly take one for free from iMore! Thanks for the opportunity.

gr1337 says:

I would love a black one!

techboy1980 says:

i LOVE free stuff! iMore rocks!

shahin7631 says:

I personally think that apple is selling bad hardware in a nice shell im apple fan but this is not a good policy

Gagerdude says:

iPad mini + free = Happy Me

MichaelGG#IM says:

Finally the iPad Mini is here!!! Gosh I love anything shiny and new from Apple.

reggie list says:

I am logging on here after seeing Rene on Macbreak Weekly!!!! Greatttttttt to see a super knowledgeable Montrealer giving the 411 on Apple and technology issues.

I would agree completely with some of the comments made during Macbreak Weekly 322. First, I agree that Apple is starting to have too many SKUs. I remember how terrible this problem was and then S. Jobs came in and destroyed 90% of the SKUs and that it's time for a repeat. Second, wow, after the big reveal yesterday, what is there left for Apple to announce for their March 2013 period? Third, if Apple is comparing iPad mini to the Nexus 7, the Nexus 7 might have a refresh on Monday and it might be a 16GB Nexus 7 for $199 -vs- iPad mini 16GB for $329. Stay tuned.

On another point, man, I feel the pain of any iPad ver. 3 owner. Just punishing to see the ver. 4 announcement yesterday and then to see ver. 3 for $379 on apple store refurbished site (they are now OOS btw). Brutal. I have been an Apple user for about 15 years now but some of their, we can call them policies, are so expensive, I just don't understand it! On newegg this week there was 16 GB laptop RAM for $67. To upgrade the new Mac mini through Apple it is [Add $300.00]!!!!!!!!!!! Just painful!!!!!!!!

temm says:

Same here. After seeing Rene on MBW 2 or 3 weeks ago i visit imore daily.

Great in-depth knowledge and nice articles.

ctakas says:

Thank you for offering this giveaway. I would love to own the iPad Mini.

Dave4 says:

Thanks iMore ... fingers crossed.

Belzad says:

Love to get a new iPad mini! What do you think next year the mini will get a Retina display?

Daryl178 says:

the ipad mini would be a great add to my apple products :D

Jeules83 says:

I want an iPad mini!!!!!!

Love you iMore!

martinjdub says:

iMore iMore we all scream for iMore

dezi20 says:

I would love one.
Thanks iMore

m.ryan322 says:

Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

TheGradi says:

Thank you for all the give aways and the connection you keep to your readers!

chris.lenderman says:

I'm Crazy Protractor face! I don't believe we've had the honor. My vision is impaired, but I can still see you have iPad Mini's. I WANT THAT IPAD MINI.

KevinOniMore says:

a tiny wish for my little friend mini.

scottfs says:

I'm ready for an upgrade from my original iPad 16 gig.

hahler2 says:

Not sure what I think about the iPad mini. I have no complaints with the price point. However, I would have loved to see them put a retina display in it. Will wait and reserve judgement til I can see one in person and play with it a bit.

That being said. Not gonna turn down a free one! :)
Thanks iMore!

Dalton.Iiames says:

Hey there! I currently do not own any ipad or apple devise but I'm thinking about getting one and the I sawl this site and I'm like ''wha! There's no way!'' But after I read the article my mind was blown! Now I have total faith! Also I'm BEGGING NOW,PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE pick me!

Gizmocivic says:

I'd love to win the new mini iPad. Please choose me!

robman62 says:

The 329 price is a killer when the ipad 2 is not much more.

Lucabrazzi says:

Ok, I'm entered.m thanks imore

kahnman says:

Thanks iMore! You rock!

scientia says:

would love a mini 53% lighter

sl1r3 says:

Thanks for doing this drawing! I'd love to win an iPad Mini.

bigghippo says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!! ^____^

just5mp says:

Black iPad mini please! Thank you so much for all the contests!

deadp1xel says:

Thanks for the contest imore :)

elbaso says:

Awesome! Hope I win one.

ezrider777 says:

the ipad mini would be great and this give away would be a great way to try it out!

jarvis7614 says:

An iPad Mini would be FABULOUS!!!! It would be greatly appreciated.

JameSilva says:

iPad mini has, from the day it was announced, killed all hope the other 7 and even 8 inch tablets had. It just crushed their dreams of market domination. Now, this reader would love to get his hands on this revolutionary product.

addictedlypink says:

This will be the best advance Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas present ever! :)

ritav66 says:

I don't have an iPad and would love to have one. As for the price comparisons, I agree with those that have said "but it's an Apple". There is something to be said for being the leader of the tablet/phone world. Just is pay for what you get.

Akcim says:

send one to Czech republic, please

chriscw72 says:

I would love to have a white iPad mini!

mrdmc says:

I may be late to the game, but I still want in!

wednesday123456 says:

I've always wanted an smaller iPad. The ipad mini sound like my dream come true since i always carried around my ipad1 to play games on. Sadly, it's too heavy. Didn't have enough money to buy an lighter version. Just great news when i heard ipad mini would be priced between $200-250. My luck run out after finding out it retail for $329 including tax (9.7% in CA). Hope i can win an ipad mini by joining this free giveaway.

The Canadian Daily says:

Another winner from Apple. Substantial educational and entertainment niche. Don't even have to lower the price ...

John Malloy

Kynyo says:

I'm glad to try Apple Products!

poweraso says:

i have no any apples products , i need one i love ipad mini i realy love it

smitty700 says:

I enjoy seeing Rene on Macbreak Weekly. Great stuff!

Sambo41 says:

The iPadmini seems a bit pricey. It certainly doesn't make me want to run out and buy it. But I'd love to win one!

karlosg says:


THE215kid says:

Big idea on the Mini iPad

geonautics says:

A bit disappointed this is an iPad 2 Mini. For the price, I rather spend $170 more to get the iPad 4. I will wait for the Mini with A6 & Retina, but I will take free one.

BoDLX88 says:

I really would like to get my hands on one:)) Thumbs up for the freebies!!!

mizzee says:

I'd love to win an ipad mini. I carry a small purse and it would fit perfectly.

drmish says:

I would be happy to win an iPad mini for my wife.

poste says:

Would live a mini. Great for travel and everyday use.

grzechockey9 says:

never had a ipad! TiPb please change this!!!

huffines says:

I'd like to win this. I would then attach my iPhone 5 to the back to make an amazing, dual-screened, back-to-front phablet capable of dominating the Galaxy Note. A pen (or stylus) may be mightier than a sword, but my FrankenPhablet would have lasers. Game. Set. Match.

seilke28 says:

I would love to win one so I can give it to my son for his birthday. :)

simonjgardiner says:

Finally an ipad that won't smack me in the face when I fall asleep in bed :)

nunopassarinho says:

Will this be the first win for Portugal?
Loved the Mini.
Love iMore.

IBFastEddy says:

I would love an IPad mini. Easier for traveling with. I use my IPad2 constantly and when it's not in my hands my wife has it. A second IPad would be well used. I'm hooked on Apple devices.

Abrante says:

iPad Mini it is! My first Apple product :)

LCW says:

Pick me please... ipad mini

bear_lx says:

been a loyal microsoft user for 8 years... i am sooo ready to join the apple eco system. this would be a perfect start. i would buy one right now if i had the money!

biniopi59 says:

I would love the ipad mni Thank you :)

phinfanne says:

Looking forward to my victory email :P

Canuck22 says:

Pick me! Pick me!


MartyMaier says:

Please pick me. I am waiting on your next podcast!

jTemplar says:

An iPad Mini with an A5 processor and a non-retina screen? YES PLEASE!! ;-)

hectorphoffman says:

I am already seeing my self with the iPad Mini !!

woopie1234 says:

iPad mini is going to be my little brothers Christmas present. Hope I win to give him one!!!

mikedavis929 says:

I want the iPad mini, I've been wanting it for months, I want something I can read more comfortably. Unfortunately I can not justify the $329, especially since I know if I do it will be updated in a couple months with Retina.

bigdad84 says:

I would really love one! I tried posting a comment earlier but it wouldn't go through. But, please, this would make the best early Christmas present! :)

lpclinic says:

I'd love to have this iPad mini...
I don't have a laptop at the moment, and this will be perfect for carrying to school.

iHaK_iOs says:

I would be most grateful of winning that iPad Mini, I love all the apple products, aren't they awesome! Gotta Love em'

tkim1 says:

I want a mini iPad. Thanks iMore.

mariaedholm13 says:

I think it's great for gaming, and reading the most!

duoFurious says:

Yes please. Want One for ATT LTE

olivier.basquiat says:

the ipad mini is a great device for an 8 hour flight over the atlantic this holiday. Airline movies and music sucks.

Rbminlv says:

My wife wants one sooooo badly

xtreme528031 says:

I think the price of this new Mini should be comparable to the Kindle Fire FOR EXAMPLE for competing against other fairly priced products. My daughter loves mobile apps but is also VERY big on reading. I'd rather get her an IPad but have to go with what I can afford.

sheerpoetry says:

I would love an iPad Mini! So cute and looks to be perfect for eBooks on the go!

mixmastrzzz says:

Woooo iPad mini...Wooo iMore Woooooo

Deni Hoxha says:


Thank you pleasee xx

Detlions8 says:

Would love to get my mom one for Christmas.

lfeuln says:

I just can't pay a premium for no retina. But if I won (yeah right) :P I'd be thrilled.

kirray says:

Love anything apple, would love to give one a go!!

aarongperry101 says:

Good stuff, keep it coming!!!

craigcurry says:

At $329 I say the a free one is worth it weight in gold. Let us wait and see where the sale figures are at after Christmas.

Curry222 says:

I can really benefit by having the ipad mini. Not to mention I LOVE IT. SO CUTE!!!!

DanielLui1 says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini!!!

jrebue says:

iPad mini!!!!! I'd pick the black/slate if I had a choice. :D

yh_7189 says:

I want it for free, please...

GadgetMomma says:

Please please please pick me!

BurntMaple says:

Yup - it's the way to go for me!

Thanks iMore

Rqomar says:

One iPad mini to go please... Thanks!!!

johntk says:

I'll be getting one for my wife. Sweet!

djepperson1 says:

Ipad mini thanks imore for all the giveaways

sbantco says:

Would love a free iPad Mini!!

Dawnsnow says:

I have a first generation iPad. While I like the size of its screen, I'm used to the performance of iPhone 4S and recently iPhone 5. I'm thinking about selling the iPad, and I'm going to get iPad mini one way or another.

Golfnerdgeek says:

I've always wanted an Ipad, of any kind, but I've just never been able to afford one. But noes my chance! Thanks iMore!

kona2day says:

That would be nice addition to my iPhone 5.
I have to tell you ever since I purchased my very first Apple product in March, you guys have been a great source of information and I would like to say Thank you.

davidbonatz says:

Thanks for the opportunity iMore....never won a thing in my life.

onetrick says:

I'm in it to win it! Thank you, iMore!

aqme93 says:

I wanna win this iPad mini, I didn't win the iPod touch, so I hope I win this giveaway

NeonCyberMacgyver says:

I have wanted one since the rumors started and my best friend from school has facetime and I haven't seen her in 2 years.

jamesdaly says:

Bloody excited! iMore you guys are the bees knees for hosting these competitions! Fingers crossed :)

jimdjel17 says:

I can use a new iPad I still have the first iPad .

ceb1 says:

I would LOVE ONE thank you imore you guy's ROCK.

alpha752 says:

Thanks Rene, count me in!

janetri says:

At $329 and the same basic specs as the iPad 2 - I'll accept a free one but won't be buying one. Bummer, because would have been perfect for my daughter.

jolucakool says:

I would LOVE to win a brand new iPad mini!

djenkins1961 says:

$70 difference for aluminum and glass and a camera. No brainier over the nexus 7. Please send me one

Neda11 says:

iMore is cool , I'd love a black iPad Mini !!!

roseydi15 says:

You guys are extremely the best please pick me please please please please please Time to bow to Imore.

FenSp says:

I would love an iPad Mini. Thank you very much, iMore! This is a great contest.

Tomswift25 says:

Winning an iPad mini would be a fantastic way to start the day! Please, pretty please, let it be me.

KungFuGrip says:

I want one for my daughter

seandre300O says:

I would finally be one of the "cool kids" if I won. Thanks iMore!

ILostMyShorts says:

I wouldn't mind having this iPad mini!

binnsy1138 says:

Thanks iMore - seems like a great site - would love the iPad Mini!!

leet_lee says:

Would be great for my daughter

jjordan360 says:

I would like an iPad Mini!!

Thanks iMore

sisedan411 says:

I would love to get my hands on the iPad mini! You have the best giveaways!

Lovly Peace World says:

iPad Mini, thank you so much!!!

silvagabriel says:

I would love to take part in this very generous contest in winning an ipad mini from iMore. Thank You Very Much ; You Guys Rock .

brianlees says:

Grubby hands, meet mini...

lelaine369 says:

I would love a iPad mini I've tried to buy myself one for months now and just can't find the extra money

Heelman67 says:

Any mini!!! Yes plz. Imore rocks

stevedee says:

My wife has an iPhone and an ipad, this would let me get into her reality.

Turbo_lemon says:

Give one to me and I promise you the best playbook death video ever created as this is going to replace my playbook as my work truck gps / computer / notepad - I should add the playbook is basically incompetent to perform any of these tasks and as such has never even spent a whole day in the truck on the road complete waste of money and I bought it before the latest price drop of course!

arvind42 says:

iMore is providing a great service to apple fans.

Keep up the good work!

gperozich says:

iPad mini, don't care what color or capacity!
Thanks iMore! XD

teo.calvin says:

Personally, I have an iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod 6G and an iPod Touch 4G. It will be cool to add a new iPad Mini.

Jaybarz says:

I going to buy my wife the iPad mini so can I have and excuse to play with. If I win one I'm still going to buy my wife one. You can never have too many iproducts lol

jlindsey.stu says:

I can't afford one right now but this would make an awesome Christmas gift!

apascual97 says:

I'd love to use the ipad Mini for classroom use.

Thanks guys.

vwl5004 says:

i need a tablet. plain and simple.

i wonder if anyone will have an iphone, ipad mini and ipad. would that be overboard?

mrfrandelacruz says:

Haven't bought an iPad because of no money and the size I felt was a bit too big for everyday use. This one though I feel is a great size.

saturobi says:

The mini just make my nexus7 seem inadequate. Now i want a iPad mini.

DCJava says:

iPad mini. Little. Yellow? (Think) different.

ron.roberts2 says:

I want an iPad Mini. Someone give me an iPad Mini. Do I have to beg? Thanks,

marsofearth says:

Mini-r and Lighti-r sounds just right for me! Our family would love one of these iPad-s

jlarosa1 says:

I was hoping that the iPad Mini would start at a $249 price point for the 16 GB WiFI model. This would had establised the pricing tier for the remaining models. Based on my experience with the iPhone I feel that I need a 32 GB model. Now it comes down to the decision of choosing the model with 4G which will be $559. At this price point there is no way that I am going to purchase an iPad mini without comparing it with an iPad for size and weight. So now I will wait until they are availalbe in the stores before making a decision of purchase the iPad Mini. Of course if I were to win an iPad Mini that would make the decision making much easier.

claybird says:

My wife would be ecstatic if I could afford this for her. Good Luck to Everyone!

garyburkhardt says:

The iPad mini would make a great addition to my Apple family.

Kissel says:

It was great to see and hear you Tuesday on MacBreak Weekly, Rene. Thanks for the giveaway!

Massie says:

I've been hoping to win something to give to my dad, who wants to get into texting at the age of 66. Here's hoping!

yost22 says:

I am in love with the new design! Please pick me!

DM52 says:

One of these days, I'll get lucky

ademiroglu says:

Pretty, pretty, please! :-) Thanks iMore!

jmccomas04 says:

I'll take it!!!! My iPad 2 isn't even useful anymore. (HA!!!)

mcboog says:

Thanks iMore! Would love to get my hand on one of these

padmkar says:

Incredible Great Best Gorgeous Product mini...........

cee3pee0 says:

pick me! "waves hand" these are the droids you are looking for!

bmg30 says:

iPad Mini = Awesomeness!!

chadec says:

Wouldn't mind checking one of these out

direkt555 says:

Another great giveaway. Best of luck to everyone!

calsccr9 says:

I didn't win either of the iPhone 5 contests but here goes nothing!

Jeffrey Camiling says:

any product is the best so as long apple made it!

jpena53 says:

Black iPad mini in any size capacity. The more the better.

baldypal says:

I would love to win this so i can take my mobile app development from Android to iPad. its just costs too much to start up with Apple. Please help!

belmore says:

Would love a white one!

heylookitsjon says:

Literally commenting JUST for the iPad Mini!


Mack_43 says:

I would love to win the iPad mini to share it with my family. It seems much more versatile than carrying around a laptop. So please pick me!!!

F34R says:

This would be my first iPad endeavor! Thanks iMore!

tamirz says:

Please, give one to our family. We have a child with huge (really HUGE) tumor in his right foot and his stomach. He suffers a lot. I think iPad mini can help him to ease his life by adding to it some entertainment! Thank you!

plumed says:

iMore, thank you in advance for the iPad Mini. Will make a great birthday gift!

TUFF Stough says:

The gut is just the same as iPad2. But for a person who still using HP Touchpad, this should be more than enough.

23Ad says:

Please give me iPad mini
I am a true fan of your site

geecee84 says:

me wantee!! I would love to have an iPad mini, as I've never owned any type of iPad or tablet

coylejp says:

Gimme! Pretty please, of course.

divshivesh says:

Ipad mini is a resourceful tool that is much more portable and will help encourage more growth for different markets

ianbond says:

I have several reasons to upgrade from my iTouch to the mini. But the most important is that it's the clear favorite for schools and students. I want to be part of all the smart young talent that will be using these in ways not yet imagined!

jw154j says:

I sure hope I win. An iPad mini would be awesome.

I love iMore...the only site for everything iRelated!