Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

nnamt says:

Here is another try in another great contest. Thanks

matthewmspace says:

I would so love to win this as it would cut down on my backpack's weight as I would no longer have to take my computer to school.

daveshapiro72 says:

I would love to have an ipad mini to add to my ios collection

joe_kapla says:

I'm eager to see the new design!

mak93 says:

Thanks, iMore! Fingers crossed!

MattDing says:

The iPad mini will be cool, but I'm looking forward to upgrading my Mac mini even more.

spike22 says:

Thanks for the chance to win! Great follower-support as always!!

babyblues197669 says:

Can't wait for 10:00am! Winning this would be Ah...mazing!!!!

michaelwalling says:

I think that Schools (K-12) are an ideal candidate for the iPad mini. I am working with one school that is set to purchase several thousands of iPads for all of their students. This would be the perfect device for them

Jbbarrette says:

Nice job imore, always pulling through!

csd says:

I'm not sure if the comment text matters, so I will just say please & thank you for having contests like this!

redvett says:

I want one Pick Me Pick Me

mtitono says:

I'd love to have the new mini iPad!! especially since it will take months to get it launched in US and other big country

jerseyfresh says:

I love it....more Apple events = more iMore giveways! I love my iMore!

klecke says:

iNeed an iPad mini! iWill enjoy it ... iThanku!

ssjakhar says:

Being an Apple fan, I can't resist this chance of being lucky to win an iPad mini..

martinr80233 says:

Ill take it off your hands!

gobatto says:

Pricing will be what determines its success.

amaria1 says:

I hope they are able to keep the "mini" cheap enough to crush the Kindle.

dreeves76 says:

Oooooh a new Apple toy just in time for Christmas

Don'tPanic says:

A replacement for my HTC Flyer!

ChaosShadow says:

I've been wanting a tablet for so LONG and could never fork over the money for an iPad... I would absolutely LOVE to win this bad boy :D

uppitywmyn says:

iPad mini for mini me! Would treat it with love and care.

richard_rsp says:

I would like to win one! :)

thisworkingtitle says:

Here's my entry. If I win, you can have my Kindle. Tempting kickback, eh? eh?

axlbundy says:

I need one for my special needs family

Thegoat8664 says:

I'm actually very excited about this.

AidenElliott27 says:

my fiancee has commandeered my Macbook so it would be nice to have something to access the internet again

Bill_Johnson says:

Thanks for the chance to win one iMore!

dlocke says:

If I win my cat and I can finally play games together!!!.. Thanks for making dreams come true...

DamienTyler says:

The most recent device that I didn't realize I needed! Please pick me!

Fitz1015 says:

would love to win one it would make a great gift for my wife.

shamusom says:

Just a "little" comment hoping I'll win.

clearrants says:

I hope I win one! I've been waiting for this! Thanks!

Zlannie says:

It'll be a great gift for my sister!!!

harty83 says:

Would love one of course!

Tyrion Lannister says:

I wonder - will the iPad Mini come with iOS 6.1? And if so, will the .1 introduce the Power Nap feature that Rene heard whisperings of over the summer...? Here's hoping!

fehrmann says:

Free iPad Mini... yes please.

Roadrunner3429 says:

Thank you for the opportunity.

martina13 says:

Hopefully it will be just as great as the ipad.... but mini. :)

nmaguire001 says:

How cool, I'll take one please.

Jon_shiflett says:

I would be honored to win this.

Chapi-Gringo says:

Would love to be a winner of this soon-to-be-announced iPad mini.

badboysid says:

select me as the winner.. haven't won anythin yet. me me me...

drdoxie says:

I'm going to make my new iPad mini a giant phone. I always want Apple to make a big iPhone. But They never did. So this is it. I'm going to ditch the iphone 5 and make the ipad mini as my primary phone. What do you guys think?

freddyjdc says:

Oh My! Oh My! A Beautiful iPad mini. This could be my first tablet!

hutchidas says:

I would love to have one. I really want to see what the little machine can do. has to be more than just school and books ect.

mlbaker says:

This would be awesome to have!!! Thanks

ian74@ says:

Yes please, any colour!

javierb_55 says:

Hello iMore I would love to wil a new iPad mini, love iMore

joehero says:

Been waiting for this for months... Here's hoping.

bigginz says:

My 3 yr old can't keep her hands off my current iPad 2. If I win this, I will keep it hidden, keep it safe... it will be my Preciousssss....

SM31 says:

New to Apple products, would love to win this!!!

petska says:

A new iPad Mini (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) would be fantastic - thanks iMore!

rmejiaborja says:

Awesome! another great giveaway.

bold1193 says:

Wow!! so many amazing contests, iMore/ Tipb are the best!!!

Dana_K says:

It would be a great way for me to celebrate making it 1/2 a century tomorrow! :-)

jacobflo says:

This should be interesting, but I am still interested!

tlalonde says:

I have been looking forward to the ipad mini for months. I hope it does not disappoint.

Tammster says:

I think a mini would be a great tool for my son for college (in addition to his macbook).

HSingh11 says:

Hello iMore,
Again I really appreciate all your giveaway and see your appreciation of iMore Users,
I would really appreciate a free iPad mini!
Thank you very much again

rdelfgou says:

I wouldn't mind winning one!

Cobra46 says:

I WILL be getting one of these, I just hope that I can get iMore to give me one.

shihman says:

If the price is right, I'll snag this. Sadly after less than 2 years, my Kindle 3 got bricked! Still struggling to debrick it with different online tips.

mashono says:

An iPad mini would be such a wonderful thing to own! As an art student who is highly interested in owning a tablet for drawing and already heavily into the Apple ecosystem this is a must have!

kroman1975 says:

Oh for the love, please pick me! I need more Apple.

mfr1340 says:

I hope the ipad mini will have a standalone GPS like the Nexus7 has so I can use it as a GPS in the car, or I will have to keep useing my Nexus7.

DaiLLNAHnah says:

i want some new iPad love!

gammills08 says:

I would love to win this...please!!! :) thanks guys

Jpiper1 says:

Been holding off on upgrading my 1st Gen iPad.

FFSJared says:

I love that you guys do all these giveaways. Good luck everyone!

bhurlburt says:

Yes, I would like an iPad Mini (or whatever it is called).

bam_boom says:

Ipad air,mini,macro,small,7.85 or let's call the whole thing off

risingangel says:

As a student this could come in handy .

TRKelly says:

I'll gladly try to compare it next to my new iphone 5!

aspenboy says:

It'll be perfect for my 3 yo daughter!

schaller57 says:

An iPad mini with LTE would complement my iPhone 5 very nicely!

fishfarm20 says:

I'd love to get my hands on one of these! I'd like for my son to be able to use it for learning to read, etc...

msksmiles says:

waiting for the grabs! I hope it has retina and a good front camera for skyping..

Nick_Goodman says:

I have my fingers crossed too.

Mikeypizzle says:

Haha I love a giveaway before an actual product announcement! But in seriousness I'm excited to see Apple compete on the 7" tablet stage, which is my preferred size.

pstmd says:

I want a iPad mini to use in my car as a carputer. The iPad is too big for the space but a mini should be just right.

teachjdw says:

Best contests! Better if I'd be a winner :P

ridiculocity says:

I gotta get me one of these babies!

evilberg says:

Pleaaaase let the lucky son of agun be me ;)

martinp13 says:

Would love to win a mini!

DomFeeney says:

Hi iMore

Wow another chance to win! I hope I'm lucky this time.

Thanks again


bashered says:

Would be a great xmas present.

TMaestro says:

An iPad mini is not bad at all. Please give me one :P thank you :-)

toy68403 says:

The Mini is what I have been waiting for. Pick me!!!!

jyoung says:

Is the prize an iPhone or an iPad mini? I wouldn't expect accessories to be a part of the give though. Thanks for another great give-away!!

ddhmom says:

I need an iPad Mini so I can get my phone back from my kid!!!!

Jnkamau21 says:

Love imore for this. Hope i win:)

itouchclicker says:

I'm gonna win this iPad mini!

Webtech says:

Cannot wait for the iPad mini! It'll be a perfect traveling companion now!

EnzoAmata says:

"You can't win the raffle if you don't buy a ticket"

Good Luck Everyone.

amynunc says:

Let me get lucky this one time and win the much anticipated iPad mini!!!

st3phen says:

Would be nice. My little boy would LOVE one!

rboram says:

I really would love to have one!!!!!!

Ahambone says:

Wow, I can't believe I won! Thanks so much!
(the power of positive energy)


I would love to win this prize an iPad mini would go great with me to take to school. Thanks for giving us such an opportunity.

Jester095 says:

I was thinking about getting one for my wife on Xmas. A free one would make that easier!

aljudem28 says:

Wish I'm the lucky one!!!

Webcrsn says:

I look forward to seeing the ipad mini. Should be just the right size.

LFA551 says:

i would be honored to win the "mini me ipad"

twinmomma416 says:

Sounds good to me. I never win squat but I'll give it a try!

loudsnorelax says:

Please iMore selection committee! Let me win!

piranhadonna says:

I would love an iPad mini!!!

RichD says:

I think this new iPad would be a great gift for my grand-daughters, ages 6 & 3. This will be the perfect introduction into the Apple ecosystem!

CLEGGER14 says:

I'll take a black one please!

AMY-360 says:


gvndeb60 says:


OMR says:

Would love to have one but just can't afford one... fixed income is hard!

BB_Bmore says:

Yes please, would be so amazing!

fundamentoftech says:

I wish I could win one of these!!

ThomasJL says:

Hope I win it. I'll take black if there is a choice. Thanks.

Mirage299 says:

I would really like one, thanks :)

tjaxter says:

An iPad Mini in my hands to play
Maybe I'll win, as of today

pman219 says:

This is the iPad I have been waiting for. Perfect size !

Hatkid16 says:

Wooohooo! Thanks imore :)

MHMawali says:

I love apple more my wife :-)

joepuh77 says:

iPad Mini, iPad Little, iPad Nano?

mcfryus02 says:

I really love your site. Let me win. Please.

ezday42 says:

The school system has stopped issuing text books in my daughters 6th grade class. The ipad mini would make her life much easier

llewsarb says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini (or w/e name they give it). The 10" form is too big for my taste and I'd love to trade in my Asus Transformer for an iPad.

applealgeria says:

i'll not win! but I do not let my chance for another!!! ;)

marcelocampiglia says:

I want one please. Thanks, :)

Kage#AC says:

I think the new mini will be sweet! Nice companion to my iPhone.

jtrevill says:

Well I'm looking to buy an iPad, but I am definitely due to win something too!


Most likely called the iPad mini

oldajis says:

i like free ipads even better than regular ones!

nodaloda says:

All these items being given away... Such odds of winning... I just have to try. Thanks for the chance, iMore!

jimmysharma says:

Another one of these I never seem to win but I keep trying.

Daspoo says:

Yeah, I'll grab one of 'em please. Thanks guys! :D

cunningbrad says:

Can you arrange for mini Me also?? I need him to do some stuff around the house I don't want to do, like clean my rain gutters outs.

ronchon says:

Well, yes I want one ;-) thanks

Bibojim says:

Would love to see more iMore people show up on TWiT!

klipprand says:

Need ... one... bad... ;)

lvpaden says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini !!

Jackal says:

I need this, sold my iPad 1st gen because it was getting painfully slow and now I cant read my textbooks on the go. I miss iBooks.

Daver21 says:

Free Ipad MINI PLEASE!!!!!!

cruzmisle22 says:

Oh please pick me! Pick me!!

ratheesh.kesavan says:

Wow, I was just expecting this contest from iMore! But, I didn't expect this one very early :) Looking forward to the iPad mini event!

Piyushbmakhija says:

I-want-MORE apple products. The iPad mini deserves to be in my hand. :) I wish it is.

Cgunn49 says:

I love how has become one of THE leading, trusted sources of legitimate rumors/info on unreleased apple products. Great work guys! Now, could I PLEASE win an iPad [INSERT "MINI" OR SYNONYM HERE] !?!?!?

dgalanter says:

My wife wants this! Please?

SpankyTim says:

I would love an iPad Mini! It would be my first iPad ever. :)

tlhorgan says:

It will be interesting to see what the new iPad looks like!

vader5229 says:

I want a "Mini"!!! Need to keep Apple-fying my house!!!

Eric6151 says:

Always enjoy looking at the imore app or imore forums! Very helpful and useful information.

willwalker says:

You guys give away the best stuff! I'd love an iPad mini :)

poppinpenguin says:

Looking forward to finally finding out the specs of the iPad Mini. Hoping it will be a perfect addition to studies/work!!

west3man says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini for a family member. Thanks, iMore!

truav8r says:

Would be proud to own a mini! Thank you!

sowthpaw44 says:

It's iPad Mini day. Anxious to see what Apple has to offer there friends at home.

kenkenken says:

iMore is the best.
Maybe I'll win one of these days.

essex80 says:

Thanks iMore for the opportunity, win or lose.

anthonalogy says:

Having something smaller would be nice compared to my current iPad, but it would need to be retina display and faster processor! =D

Sket2Cr says:

I hope that if they come in colors there's still some difference from the all other fake stuff out there. Maybe following the iPhone 5's style with maybe three or four colors.
Anyway's I know I want one even 52 minutes before the event starts!

gregorypleau says:

Putting my name in the hat. I've been waiting for Apple to go Mini with the iPad :)

jsk79 says:

I would like to win for my son :)

superman927 says:

If it is as powerfull as the "new" ipad, it will be awesomes!!! I want one please

saurabh chhabra says:

i always wanted to own an ipad,imore i need your help for that!,thanks in advance,fingers crossed!

DarshOne says:

cmon imore, make me the happiest little darsh in california

checko says:

Please please please let me win this one!!

tejas mahindrakar says:

People all over world always waits fr apple's launches....n in the tablet section apple's new tablet mini seriously seems amazing with its compact size n numerous interesting feauters ....i think it is gonna prove a best seller tab fr apple....n more over its nt too want it...i want it...i want it....

bbooshay says:

Pick ME, Pick ME! - iHope iGet an early Christmas gift from iMore! =D

adr1anh says:

I would love one! Thanks for giving one away!

joenambo1 says:

Hello! I'm an expat living in Seoul, Korea, and I'm currently staying up waiting for the moment of the release of the iPad mini (hopefully at 2am local time) to order it for my girlfriend's birthday gift (who, btw, is in US)! It would be amazing to get it as a prize through iMore so that I can use the money to fly her in for her winter vacation!

byerspc says:

a mini sure would be nice

jer_ohm says:

I would like the smaller format rather than the older clipboard size iPad.

Pichikin says:

I would like it in Blue!!! If it comes in colors!

acWoodcarver says:

Please count me in. Thanks!