Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

Ablake84 says:

What more could a full time college student want!? The mini is as thick as a pencil and weighs as much as a pad of paper. Every book you need through a University, weighing less than one traditional book!! SIGN ME UP!!! Highlighting portions of a book in iBooks and not ruining pages, searching things like a PDF. Full time college student, full time single mom, just graduated with my AA and transferring to a University Spring quarter. The mini would be an amazing tool to utilize!!!

nchoksi says:

I'd like to win iPad Mini Please !

Maria Luigi Garcia says:

Wow i love the new ipad mini that just came out and i love the white color if only there was purple my favorite color! I'am very excited!

TwiTwinha says:

I would love to win a mini iPad, I'm stuck at my iPhone 3G out of commerce, I'm miserable!! every updates of the apps is unusefull... and my MacBook of 2009 is stuck with a low battery that need to be changed, but now I can't afford it... I'd looove win this new iPad... Hope to get it!!!

goya79 says:

You can compare the price on other smaller tablets that would be cheaper then the iPad mini. But u can't compare the quality that the iPad mini brings! There's no other tablet that can be compared better them the iPad & now it come smaller and easier to carry you couldn't ask for anything better.

Sameerak9 says:

Could you please let me win please, Iv'e looked all over the internet but there all to expensive and I cant afford it!
So please let me win.
Thank you.

Mikia Mayfield says:

I want ipad mini if i was to win it would be the best thing that ever happen to me. Out of my whole entire life i never had an electronic like that before and I sure wish to have one. If I win it my mother would be so happy she will tell other people about it and they would want to sing up on imore. If i do win i would like it to be white please.

Jayda Brandi says:

Question: so of i will it would i be able to sell it on ebay? Like if your really needed the money to help ur mom? is that ok? is it illegal? and do you have to be a grown up?

hrdining says:

Great site ... The new iPad would be a great win

April Thompson1 says:

Hoping to get my daughter her Santa wish with an iPod touch

M477YS says:

Little Pocket Book for iPhone® 5
Leather Cover Color:Onyx Black
Interior Leather Color:Merlot


AlexDerpy says:

I would love to win this please, i have no phone, no tablets, no laptop, nothing.. i would love to have this.. please let me win :(


I would love to give to my son .. For his 4.0 grade point average. I can't afford to buy him one, but he really deserves it!!

Sydney Howe says:

I would so like to get one for my family so we can keep track and playbon it when we want

Maryam Hadi says:

i hope i win this i pad mini really hoping for this i love this contest

biojoe says:

What if Apple would of come out with the mini iPad 1st. Does that mean the larger one would of been called the MaxiPad. Just asking...Just asking. Have a great Day!!

mpnine says:

I would probably pick an iPhone 5 so that my wife could have it and my mother in law could have her iPhone 4S, she needs to get rid of her LG flip phone!

connah says:

i would love to have this because i have never owend somthig so good befor !

milesreach says:

I want an iPad mini because it will make me cool amongst my superficial friends and budget friendly folk alike

Sangel366 says:

I'd appreciate it if I was the iPad mini winner, because this would be my first.

fjoOra 3thman says:

There's no need in posting because i know im going to lose, no matter how hard i try i NEVER win.Im just no suited for this.
Guess i gotta complete saviing up

fjoOra 3thman says:

I REALLY wish, hope, want and NEED to win!!!!!!!!!!

fujr osman says:

i wish i win! it would be a miricale come true! considirung the fact that i DIE for apple products!!!!

nisacik says:

i always wanted one from my father but i just found this oppurtunity and now i am wishing to be the lucky winner and if i am not well i will just say oh well. i hope it will be me

Sangel366 says:

I would just really appreciate having an iPad mini.

girish30 says:

I really love to ipad mini !!!!! I love it bcoz it is big in size . it have android . My family is not giving me ipad mini . So i want to get it from

girish30 says:

I listen my wish . bcoz it listen wishes of many peoples

Diego Flores1 says:

I want an iPad mini so much, I would do any thing for one. I wish I can win one. If I had one I would carry it around everywhere and face time with my friends.

Ralitsa Peneva says:

My 3 year's old son has written a letter to Santa drawing him the white Ipad mini he wants to find under the Christmas tree.

Vita Eragon says:

i wish i could use ipad mini.
i love it so much !!!!!

pavelk says:

I live in Belarus (Last Dictatorship in Europe) so this is my only chance to get such amazing device.

ProPro says:

I think the Ipad mini is very good with quality. Apple has gone where we never thought it would, with the iPad mini bringing the Apple tablet experience to a brave new budget world. I would love to have a Ipad mini, because this would be the first time I got a Apple product and I think it would be a brilliant experience. Also I love to read, play games, listen to music, watch things and much, much more! I hope I win! :D

cheneyiee24 says:

i want ipad mini please this christmass can u give to a christmass gift to me please this best gift ever had....:XD

trick0171 says:

I would love one. Enter me please.

maria raza says:

Please Imore :( select me please ,it's a deep req

Grimis15 says:

Purchased an iPad for my 2 year old daughter and now she will not let mommy and I use it when she's awake. Mommy no longer uses the desktop and neither do I except to maintain our extensive music library, pics, movies/video. Oh, and of course iTunes. But we both like to be mobile and a desktop is NOT that.

Ashley Smith3 says:

I think I will look good with an iPad mini..............

Tejas Shah says:

Happy New Year!
I would love to own an iPad mini because................
Back in time, I was a bright student but then I got addicted to internet giveaways! I wasted my time but still couldn't win any prize!
That year , I failed and I ruined my whole life!
That is why, I want to prove to my parents that internet giveaways aren't fake!
I have to win this iPad mini anyway!

Whitnaayy Reyezz says:

I hope I win. c.c
iPad mini will complete me. Bring me complete happiness. <3

LilSummerJoy says:

Odds are against me but it would be nice to win once in awhile.

Ryan Corneta says:

Thank you imore for sharing your blessings. I really hope I win. :)

rosepeddel101 says:

Omg ipod mini! 8D wouldn't mind winning one of these ^^

Alessandra Martinovich says:

Who wouldn't be happy to get one free :)

rocky praveen says:

I wish i had one of it.
I am honoureed to get the offer.
I am sure i will get one.

hanakata says:

i hope i can win it.....i just hope it.....if i not win,,,,,what want to a fate to everyone....i hope can win it.....

Monty Grant says:

I love the ipad and just want to get it before my girlfriend. Does

i want a iPad mini says:

So i Really would LOVE an iPad mini and hope i win this contest! My parents say i have to buy one myself but i don't have any money :(

RJ Natan says:

i like to win the mini will help a lot for me.

thekellychibi says:

I would look so cool with an iPad mini; seen I'm only 4'9 and have small hands

aquick20 says:

if i got that ipad it would help me do buisness and help me with children

Freshaw says:

I have know idea what to put here will i win something for the first time in my life ... No, but hey at least i try

Christevani Jenn Phifer says:

I'm using the iPod for my music and taking some pix..but I want to know how the iPad mini work too..I love taking pictures and having music on to go

ziggykowalski says:

I have actually never wanted something so badly in my entire life.. I would love to win one. It would be a dream come true!

David Cyril David says:

I think you would be happy enough to have a will to give this precious thing to the ones who needs it, not for ones who wants it. By the way, I am one of the people that needs it. It would help me in my future course in college, Computer Science. This would be a big step for my future. With the help of it, I would really thank you. Another reason of entering this is because iPad Mini is very easy to carry, I could carry it in any of our classrooms. It also has some features that would be a big help in ICT. Thanks for reading, enjoy your day, and smile at the bright sun that gives hopes.

sincitybaby says:

My dad got the ipad mini for christmas its Awesome worth the money. Smaller and less bulky

Burningblue says:

I want one. Need the 64gb version and the price is just silly.
Please give me a free one. You'll have my undying gratitude.

Kiki101816 says:

This is so cool!
I hope I win something!

Achref Catalon says:

I'm achref from algeria and I like your web site and who don't want a free ipad so I want to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherwin Sapatua says:

thanks to imore, they give chances for everyone to win this cool gadgets, God bless and keep up the goodwork

Love_you_97 says:

I love Ipad and Ipad mini!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to have ipad mini!!

Kamal Ahmad says:

I would love an Ipad mini, All I have is a dell inspiron 1520.

Khpalwaak Durrani says:

Hey sorry for late entry!! I am from Pakistan and I want an ipad mini because here we cant afford any apple products so it would be very amazing that I win it although Im from A country which is very very blamed acrooss the globe so please!!

bcs2000 says:

A mini iPad would be a really big help to me as I am very limited physically. It's size and weight would be awesome! I love to read, connect with family & friends, watch show/movies, and play games.

carzell2500 says:

I really want and need one.

Farina 67 says:

Hope to get an iPad Mini for my dad..

Tobias Stricker says:

Thank you for the possibility to win an ipad Rene.
I am a great reader of this website and now I decided to registrate me. I hope I have luck winning this Ipad as well.

Aaron Cunning says:

I would like to try this and win

usman5567 says:

i just have a ipad 2!!1 pls imore give me a ipad mini please!!!!

Kesiaa says:

oooh.. my..! people ..who ever wins is a lucky kid! (but my brother got a ipad for his communion and he wont borrow it .... he is 12 and he bullies me! i really want an ipad but when i had my communion there was no such thing as ipad back than !!! :( i beg you mystery imore if you can here me you should know that i will become happy if i win ! :D

Alyssa Jones1 says:

please i realy need a the ipad mini???!!! its my moms birthday and i want to get her something cool. this is my first time to get her anything online. so please let me win! thank you and i would like green please.

ndorsett says:

Love Apple Products even though your products are a little expensive for people like myself to afford believe me that's the only reason i use windows machines. Apple is by far the best in software and technology. Thank you for a chance to win the ipad.

StopKryan says:

I'd like to have a new iPad mini because I could use it for school because of its portability and could FINNALY try all those neat iPad apps for hand written notes.

maryum says:

I really really like ipad but these are toooo costly.hope to win one.

Tawhid K says:

does anyone know where to get a ipad under 100 dollars and this does not include chinese scam sites.

200125 says:

my family will love this .especially me i want a black

alyursinho says:

this would be awesome to have!!!

Paulo Mallorca says:

I love ipad .. I wish I could win. Cuz I don't have any gadgets.. I'm just using my aunt's old tablet with a crack on the half side so I have to rotate the tablet to touch the other side.. PLEASE I WANNA WIN AN IPAD ...ITS MY DREAM AND IT WOULD MEAN ALOT.. THANKYOU <3

Earl Soyosa says:

Using iPad for me is more fun because it help us to prevent stress and the way im from Philippines.. Goodluck everyone..godbless

kiddtay386 says:

ion really no what this is but i want to win the apple minie pad because im in love with everything apple.

Dexter Lloyd Sularte says:

Hi! I'm from Philippines and I really hope I win :) cause i really envy my rich classmates.They have tons of gadgets,and i don't even have a cellphone. :( please let me win.

veer10 says:

i want to win ipad because its my dream tab and honestly i love every gadget made by apple. hoping
that i would win this.

Ayngylyn Aragon says:

Too late for me, feelin sad, I really bless to have one if I only be on time! But still I'm not going to loose hope to have one someday! God Bless us!

Margie Ann Pablo says:

If I could win an ipad mini here. This would bey 1st time to use apple product. I really want this so bad. But badly... I dont have that enough funds. I want to be a part the apple community. =)

lolspamlolman says:

I-would-loooooooooooooovve-one-ple-plea-pleeeaaase! :)

Violet Greco says:

i know there are lots of people asking for an ipad but do you know how much i have gone through please read my last comment };

gloria saunders says:

Well this will be the first time in a long time
I win anything.I've had nothing but bad luck happened to me.soon as I enrolled in college I have to have surgery.

Destiny44 says:

imore you are simply the best. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to win.

juliajb says:

I'm looking forward to winning my ipad mini, I think it is a great invention by apple. I am a hardcore apple fan........

catface95 says:


diana204 says:

It is fabulous! I want it. :)

pinkfunnybunny20 says:

ipad mini please!!! i'd love to win!!!

mojtaba1987 says:

Would you let me win, please!?

Jakyra says:

It Really would be nice to win the ipad Mini Really Hope i Get picked It Would be a Nice Gift Even better than the phone i have my Fingers are crossed

Lovely Bacay says:

thank you for this oppurtunity ... i hope i'm the one who win this ipad mini !!! :))))

Lovely Bacay says:

i love and i wish that someday i have this ipad mini..

please pick me ..

Akshat Jain3 says:

Want to be one to win a ipad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky i win

Christym1231 says:

I need this ipad for my brother please we poor

Prathyaksh Navilae says:

Ipad mini waiting to see you soon!!

kastefanos89 says:

I think that the ipad mini is the best ipad because I can carry it everywhere easily! !!!

Rosales Manguiat says:

being poor person or individual is not my mistake being contented living in a small house and eat a few food in every day is my inspiration, inspiration to achieve my dream. I think my mistake is to dreaming I have ipad mini,,, i always wish in every day god makes is having ipad and i hope my wish came true and i want to win in this contest to achieve my dreams,

enriquebravo says:

I would love a I pad mini for me and my family!

dolcina says:

Are these people for real I like to have my pink mini iPad

Michelle Silva1 says:

Ipad Mini is very awesome ...i really really want to have it!It is very convenient to use.Hope God's permit me to have it.!love IPAD MINI!!!

Alazar Ketema says:

i love an ipad mini and please give for i don't have no money to afford could you give me

Daja Patterson says:

I hope i win an ipad mini will forever be greatful heard great things about ipads but never had money to get one please let me win...
Thank you very much

Ahtsham Munj says:

i love the computer technology so this is my wish or my dream that i have a ipad thankx for your support