Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

boozysmurf says:

Not sure I see the point of the device, but if I got a free one, I'd happily report back on it. They're pretty, but I'm not sure they can compete with the HALF the price options in the same size/portability bracket. Except with the folks who just buy iEverything.

BillJude56 says:

Hey, if I were to win the iPad Mini I could reinstall the iMore app. My ancient iPad 1 just can't keep pace.

Cashflo21 says:

Please pick me!! iPad mini 64gb with both wifi & cellular! PLEASE! PICK ME! I'll honestly take which ever one you guys choose! IMORE ROCKS!

Real_Risingsun says:

I really like what i saw of the iPad Mini today. The price was a bit of a shock but overall I think it would make a great handheld gaming device. I'm going to have to get it in Black, thats for sure, looks stealthy just like the iPhone 5.

glennkaonang says:

Another awesome giveaway, thanks iMore.

ripcity00 says:

Would love an ipad mini. Thanks for the contest!

BobTheBarber says:

329 is expensive! This free one will do nicely! ;-)

Kaasproav says:

I would LOVE an iPad Mini!!!!!!!!!!!

thegrumpymonk says:

You guys are awesome! Would love an iPad mini!

zeitschleife says:

Please let me win once a time.
iPad mini Wi-Fi with cellular 16GB

you did a goog job on our website.

maclovn says:

So I have an iPhone and iPad and love the new iPod touch and now the pad mini.....why do this to me Apple?!.....I do want want a iPad mini for my daughter, she is 3 and rocks IOS hardcore !

EKK330 says:

I'd love to win one of these. It'll be great for reading and taking notes for class!!

ndxhound says:

A good right-sized tablet I have been waiting for.

joemm12000 says:

Very informative site. Always looking forward to the podcasts.

delgrego says:

Yes I would like one very much thank you.


Just in time for the Holidays!! Perhaps this will be the second hottest thing since the IPhone, I have already committed to purchasing an IMini. Honestly, as much as I use the IPad I can't wait to get my hands on the iMini to publicly display the great usage of a non-Phone item. The display already superseded my expectations. Sorry, Google but I am an Apple fan and I know there will be tons of I'impact on the later years for Apple but for now I will I'njoy this new I'product.. Thanks!!

pateljj04 says:

I wouldn't mind having an iPad Mini!

bikerbillstbolt says:

I own a nexus 7 and love it, and love everything android , proove me wrong and give meThe iPad mini and change my mind about apple and this iPad mini. It has less PPI , isn't quad core and is way more money and I'll never buy it unless u give me one and proove me wrong

toszabol says:

This is absolutely gorgeous! This is the product of my dreams! Too bad I can't afford one it would be an awesome to win one! So come on pick me! And thanks for the giveaway! Great as always iMore!

Jobook1 says:

Would be cool to win one since my birthday is coming up!



benst says:

Can't wait to see the iPad Mini in the flesh.

vzwdavid says:

Mine ... Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine

quaidvc says:

Hi, my name is Quaid, and I'm an Apple fan boy. I juts love Apple products, so I would really appreciate an iPad mini.

SOOOOOOO excited.

courtneyk93 says:

I never win anything, but it's worth a shot! :D

captainmorgan says:

Yes please! This would make a great gift!

Yommer84 says:

Man this would be sooooo sweet to win ive been in so many of these give aways im feeling lucky this time :)

AlyssaSandoval says:

$249 or $399??
Doesn't's an IPAD
Love all my apple products, need a new one (; is my favorite website!!

rbgrules says:

I would love an iPad mini that I can actually read on comfortably!

woodwardt says:

Woot comment 2010. My son would really like this for Christmas.

nay_C0N says:

My birthday is in NOVEMBER this would be the best birthday present!!! (In white please)

TheIowaKid says:

Send one on over to TheIowaKid! Ill take it!

ikkr says:

Apple is customizing the software to meet the standards for different products, what a wonderful way to give users a superior experience!

drfyzziks says:

Would love an iPad Mini. I've got a Nexus 7 and while it's a nice little tablet, it doesn't have the same selection of apps available for it. As a developer with (IMHO) a decent sense of design, the majority of Android apps lack the cohesive design of their iOS counterparts.

iamtone says:

Pick meeeeeeeeeeee haahha Real talk tho iMore has the best prizes

Ytrehod says:

I'm sure the end price for even the low-end model will be in contrast to the new iPad costs. I'm sure that must be a price break I would guess of about 100$ difference.

anoak says:

I would love to get an iPad mini! Please!

aaquino3 says:

I'm a little upset with the new iPad coming out, furthermore having an iPad mini would be really awesome to have. Such portability and for me that is the key.

dr.lemon says:

I need one to keep the kids and wife happy...ahh tech-nerd problems!

madcat21 says:

Looks interesting to try out.

kx27 says:

an ipad mini? sounds interesting i think it will be just as popular as the regular ipad just because of comfort, ease to carry and all the benefits of it being small and cheaper

Gold Cobra says:

I would love to win a new iPad mini and give it to my gf as a Christmas gift with with the help of iMore!!!!!

jmac875 says:

I have a blackberry playbook. I love the 7 " form factor but I want ios. I would love a iPad mini

iphone22 says:

iMore pick me pick me! Please!!...The only thing i have ever one is a colorful eraser in elementry school ):

Mitushi says:

ideal for students but price should have started around 250$. Coz kindle is $199 plus no tax for most of USA. This is $329 plus taxes

xamy1903 says:

Pick Me Pick me! I would love to give this to someone for christmas!

carterwong says:

winning is always nice, winning an Apple product is better. Pick me

saw8414 says:

I've been waiting for this to come out! Would be great to get a free one!!!

seaner12 says:

Apple just handed the 7" tablet market to Google and Amazon by overpricing the mini. But I'll still take one if I win the contest

E Pow says:

PICK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarixuxu says:

I would love a Ipad mini. Thanks!

rpol86 says:

Want!!! I always wanted an iPad but felt that for my liking was a bit big. This one is perfect. Let me have it please!

TheHypeMachine6 says:

I have an iPad 2, and have been waiting and waiting....and waiting to upgrade, iPad mini looks great, so in short if your giving one away I'd like to win it, thanks iMore Team.

Therambler says:

Yes please, can I have one? :)

funman95 says:

Thanks In Advance for when I win

fribbit13 says:

thanks for the giveaway imore!

swade86 says:

oooooh lemme be the first Jamaican to win one...gooooo iMore!

thewolfsage says:

I'd love to have an iPad mini!

robespi says:

It would be great to have this, specially now that I'm going back to college. I still have my original iPad with a huge dent on the frame :P maybe it's time to pass that on to my kids

jahmadi81 says:

oohh this would be my first ipad lol pick me please!! lol

cmckg says:

If I win,I won't have to share my iPad with my daughter. She can have it! Please make me an iPad mini owner.

beastcmg says:

would be awesome to have one

mjdenes says:

The New iPad is wonderful and the size is ideal for travel and meetings! Way to go APPLE!

lennygoh says:

I really hope I win this. Fingers crossed. :)

Winski says:

Folks, I would love to have one of your new devices just to make that that when guys have already accelerated into 2015, I can at least still get a mssage to ya from way back here in 2013 !!!!! N

justin21711 says:

Def not gonna win. But here is my legendary comment.......

CBMem says:

Never wanted the bigger version, but I'd like to try this one.

dgorth says:

Love toys, love anything apple, love iMore!!

Tallon says:

heck yeah... would have to be stupid to pass on this...

Shankersaurus says:

Pretty please. I've been waiting so patiently for the mini to come out

fleive says:

Will the screen resolution prevent the iPad Mini to be such a winner as his older brother?


Good coverage today guys! Winning a mini sounds good to me.

Rbj69 says:

I need one I hop to win it

Timbo36 says:

With 2 daughters who want an iPad mini for Christmas I could do with winning one :-)

willgfc says:

As an android fan I have to admit this looks more appealing than I expected it to be

tannera54 says:

i'm giving you my blue steel face ¦ ⁊ *
No one can resist

rvoelker#IM says:

Thanks for the chance to win.

edaugst says:

Love to win one, but not sure I'd go out and buy it. Can't beat the available software.

rudarama says:

Love everything Apple. Hope I win!

Shepx13 says:

This would be great for taking on photo shoots. Much easier to stash than the full size one.

hannont08 says:

too expensive to buy, but i would love to win one!

msalmank says:

Wow! Now that'd be something if i won this... :)

ShipyStyle says:

I have a PlayBook and I love it. But I really, really miss having an app selection. :-(

vonAnden says:

to win a white ipad mini would be awesome:-)

SkottM says:

Oh man. Please, let me win one of these.

bmulayim says:

I will be happy if i win this...

aaronbuescher says:

please pick me! this thing looks very cool!

Nicola06 says:

I would so love to get my hands on the ipad mini thank you

ayoobshareef says:

I commented and I wanna win... please..

Palm-a-PREciation says:

This would be a great Christmas present for Santa to bring the kids!!!!

markdepeche89 says:

I comment, and now I hope... great presentation today!

Mluv says:

Yes I would love a new iPad


I would love an iPad mini but am I the only one wishing it had a stylus like the galaxy note 10.1?

gorvo25 says:

Really liking the anodized black aluminum. I hope I get it

ROSES5682 says:

Hope I'm a winner. Thanks!

andy_hoffman says:

iPad mini-me you complete me.

jaydemiral13 says:

CHOOSE ME PLEASE!!!!! If I can choose, can I please get the White & Silver one???!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! :D

Darthblaker7474 says:

If I am so lucky to win this Competition, please may I have the Black iPad mini.

Cristian Haro says:

Sure I want a iPad Mini, because the price is still expensive :P

nickL2 says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini. Having one would help me out a lot at school! Thanks for this opportunity! :)

benwu says:

Man that would be be terrific.

jbiff25 says:

Would love to try out a new iPad:)

Eric808 says:

Rene it's my birthday in November...seriously! Also, I'll start a Hawaii chapter of iMore!!! LOL!!! Keep up the great work!

xxcookie says:

Winning a mini would be marvelous :)

cchs227 says:

iMore has obviously LOVES us. And we love them. iMore has done it again! Awesome! I'd love love love an iPad Mini!

bkbailey says:

please let me win! even though i know I won't :'(

Iphone7291 says:


Algro71 says:

Please deliver to mini to me. And tks for all!

TaeKwonDonkey says:

Having a tablet would be fun, please pick me.

menomonee says:

If I win, I promise to give it to my wife.

doveink says:

Would love to have the gift of an iPad mini. Thank you

dark-hail says:

I would enjoy a iPad mini since I don't have any iPad at all

iamtina says:

I would love to have a new iPad mini!!

LOV3LikeRockets says:

Yeah I think I could go for winning a free iPad

N.N.D says:

the silver one is great!

Stanski1 says:

Here is my entry for a Xmas present for my son. :)

hawk1344 says:

Looks like a wicked travel companion

chipsterguy says:

me want ipad mini! this is a great device, and wondering why no retina display. great form factor though.

jwhettingsteel says:

Hey - I would LOVE an iPad mini. Hope I win :) Thanks!

Steelrain15 says:

Somebody has to win it...might as well be me :)

heysteve says:

It sure would be nice if i got a brand spanking new ipad mini :)

Gooshyz says:

A first tablet would do wonders :) Thank you~

surlymf says:

Worth more than a kindle any day.

davesasuke says:

I'd love to win iPad mini for my mummy..:)

iFranklin says:


RubyCastro says:

I would love a black one, thanks for the opportunity!

eriksnake says:

...iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please...
...iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please...
...iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please...
...iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please...
...iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please! iPad Mini Winner Please...

DikaiaKnight says:

Exactly what I was hoping for, pick me iMore!

dancing-bass says:

Ok I'll be honest. I prefer Android. But at the same time I like iOS too, and who doesn't love free stuff???

mgorman85 says:

This would be great to have. Love it. Hope I get it.

Rolf says:

Red Leader standing by.

chuck1231958 says:

ipads rule ,kindles drool.

Epolletta says:

I'll take a black one, please.

nchoksi says:

I hope I win iPad mini !

Bolt473 says:

DO WANT: One tablet to rule them all!

AncoraImparo says:

I'd love an ipad mini! Thanks for the chance to win!

smoose82 says:

We'll all feel like chumps when they release a retina version in March.

antmg says:

It may be nice to win iPad mini, since every other 7" tablets are not really nice.

MasterDoctor says:

Awesome can't wait to win a new iPad Mini. Thx iMore

bluescot1974 says:

Would Love to win a IPAD Mini! Good luck to all!

stelios7 says:

count me in for my first ipad!!!

jambriz22 says:

this ipad mini will be perfect for my son . . cant wait!!!

scottygoodell says:

Would love this, so I can share connectors with my iPhone 5 and ditch my iPad 1.

willows3 says:

OooO!! I shall win an ipad mini and it shall be my mini me!

mohammedfazeel1022 says:

The ipad mini sounds very interesting. i would like to have one for its size. :)

hoticelova says:

Really wanna earn my frist iPad!!! Like the mini alot !!!
From Holland, Eindhoven !!!!

SuperRonnie says:

Me! I want an ipad! I am just poor, sad little person who totally wants an ipad!! AAAAHHH!

Durae says:

I would love to have one !!

texasteddy says:

I would really like a black and slate one please, Thanks!

chicagomatt says:

You guys keep nailing it on iMore. The site is getting better and better. Thanks for all the sweepstakes, too!

pauljr366 says:

Love checking your site! Fingers crossed :)

sshumaker79#IM says:

My family would love to own one!

karkelkay says:

these are nice. i would like to win, but with the price point being $329, the iPod touch should NOT be $299

Apex550 says:

My daughter NEEDS an iPad for college and she would freak out if she got an iPad mini. Please enter me so I can give to my daughter as a much needed gift. Thanks imore!

antdwg671 says:

This would be sweet to win and gift it to my son so he can stop asking to use my ipad all the

Wildo6882 says:

Man, I'd sure like to not have to sell my children into slave labor to get one of these bad boys. Please help me iMore!

tsipka says:

just got a Mac. this seems like a good side option

PerfectTommy says:

I would love to get one of these, but not sure if the price is right for what it offers.

kalel23 says:

My wife never gets anything , she always goes without so the kids and myself have everything we want or need. She has asked me for in ipad mini and I would love to surprise her with one. she would be so shocked and happy if I won her one of the ipad mini's. She is a TAFE teacher and could use one badly as her computer is in dis-repair and she could use this for many things at Tafe , it would be so useful for her. Please help me out by giving her one, it is about time she got something I think ?

Vincent314 says:

sooo cool would love to win it!!!!!!!

marines71204 says:

Yes. I would like one. Most Definitely.

tyrran says:

This would be an amazing win! I just blew up my iPod Touch, so why not move up in the world?

ettobi says:

I am not happy about the introduction of the new iPad just 6 month from the previous one.

I need this win

gern blanston says:

Well, I'm an accountant and consequently too boring to be of interest. I would like to win the iPad Mini, however.

MooPenguin32 says:

I would like a black one please.

doughboy1099 says:

At the lower price point and more space saving size, the mini will be very popular this holiday season. As for the iPad 4th gen...the update came sooner than was expected. Had just finished getting the 3rd gen. Oh well...

Joebin says:

I think this giveaway is fixed.... for me to win it! LOL! I'm just looking at it for the first time online. Looks like a great device. The iOS line is just getting more loaded!

W10888 says:

count me in for the free ipad mini

Gooster says:

I didn't win the iPhone 5 contest but I still like puppies. Nothing has changed!

jgabler5025 says:

I'm in. This looks at least fairly good for college.

raven_x69 says:

you guys keep doing it big :)

Exynosl says:

I like these giveaways!

samchgko says:

If I win I can learn more languages... listo para aprender mas idiomas...higit pang wika, wiser..

Wynncy says:

I have been waiting for Apple to release this long awaited ipad mini. Thanks a lot imore for giving me a chance to own the much anticipated ipad mini. Though the probability is not that high...I am still taking my chance. I love this device.

smartz500 says:

i love how it does all that the ipad does just smaller!!

TallPaul86 says:

Might as well fancy my chances at replacing my now defunct iPad 3!!

Scooter625 says:

Add me to the list, wouldn't mind having one of these.