Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

hacheh says:

wow sign me up.... thanks

nccows says:

I want an iPad Mini SOOO badly, but $329 seems like a little much. Here's hoping I win!

ShesMixed says:

I'd like to win this cute little apple.

iendi says:

I would be awesome to win this thing! I hope the screen is crisp. I know it's not retna but I still want one.

Sarrod says:

Would love to try it :)
Was looking to buy a Nexus 7, but the iPad mini sure seems tempting!

RoboWarrior says:

I want one, why? So i can fit 16 gb of my other music into this. -.-

Moses Meisner says:

I'm a new subscriber to iMore and looking forward to win the min iPad.

lewag says:

Can I pick the colour? Just kidding :-)

King_Mark_VII says:

Finally something that will fix my school bag perfectly and put all my textbooks in.

thunt1 says:

Pleeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee pick me..!! My wife really wants one baaaaddddd!!


otgescence says:

I'd love one in black, hope I win :)

oh1blksheep says:

I'd love an iPad Mini. Choose me please.

bigcountry347 says:

Personally the galaxy tablet cannot compare to the iPad because the iPad is so much easier to work!

colbypaints says:

Would love to have a mini! Think apple had a dope idea here and would love to have one of my own! Never had a ipad so this would be sweeeeet!

lzstorm says:

I would love to win a black one!

mystique_t2 says:

i think its $50 over priced!!! either pick meeee!

drmarolf says:

Yes, I would love to have an iPad mini. I would also like to have a free upgrade from my third generation iPad to the fourth generation iPad, since I just purchased it about 4 months ago!

Agaethon says:

I can see this being great for reading books. Nice comfortable size and weight for sitting back in a comfy chair or your bed and reading a good book. Works for me ;-)

Profondo says:

Give me the mini please, it will go wonderful with my mini boyfriend (5FT 5) and my gorgeous (refurbished) retro mini cooper!

goldsmith82 says:

iPad Mini puts a whole new meaning to big things come in small packages.

airmaxx28 says:

An iPad mini sure would go great with my shiny new iPhone 5.

mainstation says:

It's great!!! Thanks Apple!

madrich says:

I want a bigger screen for playing Angry Birds. An iPad Mini would be great. Thanks for give-away. May the best person win!

KyonCoraeL says:

I would love an imore sponsored ipad mini

Ultra50#WP says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini Please!!!!!!!!!

JustinSmith81 says:

Please pick me the new iPad Mini looks perfect for my needs!

Mroper says:

Oh my goodness! I'll have one! Don't care what it's like just gimme gimme gimme! :-P

basiddiqui says:

I would love to have one of this....

cjurdaz says:

Would love to win this for my son

Chad_Mobley says:

Apple, Apple, Apple!! iPad Mini!!

Oberon79 says:

I just had to sell my 3rd gen iPad for extra cash for school...please hook a poor student up!! I miss it soooo much, lol. Thanks iMore, even if I don't win anything you guys still rock.

gpony22 says:

I want a black iPad mini !!!

Jaguarr40 says:

Does iMore except veryyyyyyyyyyyy long praises of this being the best iPhone, iPad IOS Blog on the internet. If you respond to these kind words I would love a new iPad Mini please.

Thank you iMore and staff.

Mordecai2411 says:

I would like an iPad Mini so i can replace it with the 3rd gen iPod Nano my Dad lost!

Numbuh101 says:

I want one! Count me in!

mikebirmingham13 says:

Thanks in advance for my new ipad mini!!!

trevclev0 says:

Hmm...$329 for a new iPad mini or $299 for a new iPod Touch? They seem identical except for size.

chuckz28 says:

This would be an awesome gift to give for Christmas to a family member.

AgentRaj says:

Looks great..smaller size and lighter weight makes it a great tool for Realtors..

lotango says:

Salut René!

So much great news today i just dont know where to start....

InitialR says:

This device will be a killer in the educational department!

jguite says:

This new iPad looks great as I am going in to college next year and this would be very useful for typing things such as essays. This would help me a lot because I'm on a low income budget so having to pay for a tuition and a computer/iPad is a lot, where if I win this contest, I will only have to pay for a tuition.

safri031 says:

My precious, me wants it!

lilnicky1031 says:

I want one of them iPad mini ;)

four4usc says:

I would really love to have one.

esfoad says:

It would be nice to win anything from iMore. Thanks for having all these contests, they are fun even though the odds are small. But someone has to win, right?

matkas says:

I am more of a BlackBerry person, but that I'm curious about this little one.
I'd be happy to try it.

zach888 says:

pick me. it would be cool to have one.

ViganJashari says:

Thank you IMORE for this opportunities.

Roo Zilla says:

White or black... hmmmmmm......

rmontyq says:

Hard to choose. Sell my 3rd gen to Gazelle for $500.

1. iPad 4th Gen
2. iPad Mini.


tool022611 says:

I think this looks amazing, I like the new back. I wish it was retina like my new ipad(not so new anymore) definitely want to get one so I can leave my full size ipad at home and have this one on the go.

ailpp says:

i want one. Black :) please

ricbmw says:

Love the size...wish it had retina

cleggy1969 says:

It looks great, I can't wait to get my hands on one.

drmarvin2k5 says:

I didn't get the iPhone. maybe I'll get this one. :) Thanks iMore!!

debwebhub says:

I didn't get my free iPhone 5, the least you could do.....

thisoneisa says:

Would definitely love an iPad mini! Thanks!!

MAVS2 says:

Thank You Imore for choosing me!!!!!!

crazykid94 says:

I'm here for the iPad mini

digitalhomeboy says:

Yeaouch! Apple sure know how to price them. Still any digital artists will still this as a next great tool to quickly digitise their creative thoughts. Good luck to me :)

yocubed says:

that's an expensive 7inch tablet. But i'll take one if you let me!!

Jdeezy85 says:

Please help me give my younger bro a present for Xmas :)

Alexis Fernandez says:

I'd really love to win this I've always wanted an iPad and now it's finally my chance :)

iMike44 says:

Mini me... Please. Contests like this is why iMore ROCKS! Thank you!

Drkev says:

Just like an iPad only bitsy!! Now apples come in all sizes!!

Tab_Man001 says:

I would love an iPad Mini, it would be so great for school books. As soon as I saw the Keynote, I returned my Kindle Fire HD. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys, a black one!

AndyLu says:

I'd like a black Ipad mini

haxrnick says:

I'd love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity

rubenfan says:

$329 for an ipad mini with no retina display ? It's highway robbery.
winning a free one from imore ? that's priceless

GavinCampbell says:

Love the size of this. Please pick me.

ali5yusef says:

It's very beautiful, i like it, better than the old ipads, this one is smaller and easier to take where ever i want, i loved the black one

tekkshaman says:

An ipad mini is just right - exactly what I've been waiting for - more compact - most of the capabilities.

paulopereira says:

Adorava ter um para fazer companhia ao iPad 3 ehehehehe

garrett96 says:

pretty please with a cherry on top? please?

moegumby says:

Been waiting for this for a long time. Sold my Playbook for a Ipad2, But really missed the Size and portability i had..Now i can have my cake and eat it too..:-)

merlynmac says:

I'm a little torn on what to buy...iPad mini is pretty much a smaller iPad 2 (with some updates) or iPad 4 (latest and greatest but bigger heavier and pricier). Either way its am up from my original iPad. The best solution is to win a mini here and buy the big one and then compare em head to head.

Barachina21 says:

So want one of these instead of a kindle for reading. Maybe even write my own book with it

addiarmadar says:

Mini!? Why yes please! :)

joesandwich16 says:

You never know, some time statistics do lie. Maybe I'll win, just maybe.

Guestmike says:

Thanks Again imore for all the (APPLE LOVE!)...keeping us up to date. iPad Mini in the air!

superninjabagels says:

ipad mini ipad mini ipad mini!!!!!!!!!!!!

BryanTheRed says:

Another awesome contest from iMore and Mobile Nations! Thanks a ton you guys rock!

sswfarm says:

Apple does it again. Beautiful!!!!!!!!

eNavaC says:

Yes, I would like one for free... thanks!

intellectronik says:

Would love an iPad Mini considering I've yet to own a tablet.

mans550 says:

Thanks iMore for great competitions :)

heygtech says:

I need a tablet , please let me win!!!!

DannyUC6 says:

Recently had to sell my iPad..need the cash for the little one...would love to win one. Thanks!

cdnrs2002 says:

Would just love to be chosen.

mrtazdevil says:

mini meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarahcgee says:

i really want one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE:))))

davez57 says:

I'd like an iPad mini please.

e2design says:

If I win this, I promise to write a song about the new iPad mini-- including unicorns, magic, Jony Ive, and ketchup.

Now, isn't that something?

jyoung911 says:

I hope to win!!!!!!
The price on the new mini iPad seams higher then I thought it would be. It should still sell well.

jayblazer says:

My son would wet his pants getting one of these for Christmas.

101dhamma says:

Nice,international! Good luck everybody!

CyKo#CB says:

I'll only believe you give these out for free, if I win one. :)

dunce002917 says:

I bet Apple would slash the prices of the iPod Touches and bring them to $199 so that they can bring down the price of the iPad Minis to $199... this would happen after Mac World or right before WWDC or the iPad Announcement (around March-April).

jmalloch says:

Always count on imore for great giveaways

Dopekidnate says:

I'd love one the white one in the picture is gorgeous

ras03 says:

I'd love to have one.

tomvarela says:

Nice mid-range device, the mini.

Theamazingiman says:

Please give me an iPad mini!!!!!!!! :)

benobi1 says:

This the perfect form factor for the road. I would love to get one

jbgrace says:

im ready for an ipad my nook tablet is sad

qzilver says:

This is perfect for taking it out but don't want to carry a bigger tablet around

Charlf says:

Love the new design, would be great to be selected to get my hand on one and experience it in all its glory!

techgirl19 says:

I want one!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty Please! :)

bksnider says:

Id love to win one of these....Mac Addict here.....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.....
consider this my humble entry to your fine contest!

catskinsox says:

Ooooh! I want, I want! Thank you!

Gpooner says:

Apple is my life and id love a black ipad mini

mapd44 says:

I truly want this iPad. Already posted my nexus 7 for sale

Nicodm says:

Would be incredible to get an iPad mini in black, it looks amazingly sexy.

bentsh says:

I want to win this so I can give it to my best friend!

Bandit#IM says:

Would love a new iPad mini to replace my wife's Kindle Fire.

Iammedina says:

Can't wait to get this, putting all available college books on it. It's going to be great!

yotoe says:

great event. hopefully i win!

CPFB says:

Excited! I hope I win. Thanks for running the contest.

mahertza says:

I was lookin at this, seems really cool, i bet all ipad 3 buyers are stunned

iWantMoreApple says:

I'd love to have one! ♥ I currently don't own ANY Apple products because I couldn't afford any. :( I'm so glad I have the opportunity!! Thanks iMore!

ausb1997 says:

Would be nice to have like all the other apple stuff!

pamplemousse0812 says:

iPad & Does iPad really work in Myanmar mobile net work???

juleguilfoyle says:

I agree with boxless. I want one for reading too. Thanks for the chance.

bbreckling says:

You people are great


frogger00ca says:

Hook me up with a white mini.... Please!! I said please...

cdneeley says:

This would be great! Love the mini

abutterfly says:

It would be great to win the "mini" one..

RejectKid says:

Id love to win the new ipad mini!

in0wh3r3ul1v3 says:

Having a smartphone and a laptop, I've never been able to justify having a tablet... but I can't argue with free! Hope I win.

jawe347 says:

I didn't win the iPhone giveaway, this would sure make up for it. Please?

Jean07 says:

I just received my ipod touch 64gb this would go well with my iPhone, iPod if I get and iPad mini I would have a little family :).

EPJS says:

I'd like one, thanks! 64GB and white please.

Ireadmore says:

ipad mini free?! whoa mind blown! thanks

Naivian says:

Choose me please........

rich1017 says:

Still hoping for that October Birthday surprise!

Guitarman2355 says:

Would be awesome to win one of these. Looks super nice.

Martok says:

I would love to win one of these.

dfb8085 says:

This would work out great if I were to win one. My granddaughter school has a DYOD program and she would be able to use it there

desmondjackson says:

Thanks for this opportunity to win something. That's why I love imore, always there for fans. Hope I'm the lucky winner. Good luck to everyone else!

lucky--lad says:

The success of Kindle Fire probably made them jealous. This reminds me that the BlackBerry PlayBook was marketed for its small size now this. Also that BlackBerry phones was marketed for ease of use with one hand now Apple took the idea and using it on iPhone 5 campaigns. Shameful!

polarbear8985 says:

looks good will fit in my cargo pocket.

upurassets says:

Hi, I would be honored to be picked.

Djn4ever says:

iPAD mini for me porfavor

geewhy50 says:

My analog iPad mini (aka paper notebook) just don't cut it any more. :(

MiguelCh says:

It seems like a handy tool! I'd really love to get one!
Keep up the good work guys! I follow this blog every single day and it's really impressive the work you're doing! :D

rescue133 says:

One in black would be cool

TranquilNova says:

It will be interesting to see how the mini will fare against the Nexus 7 and Kindle. I think that it will attract a lot of attention, but not steal too much from Amazon and Google. Still think it's sexy.

Evan_Beezy says:

I believe i have already won this. Im already throwing a mini shower so my friends and family can bring the mini gifts :)

cwilliams706 says:

I'm praying that I'm the winner, Lord knows I could truly use this blessing right about now.

iypk says:

Would love to win one! I don't want to buy cheap Samsung tabs... Have been waiting for the smaller version of the iPad !! If I win one, it'll be great and also save me 500 bucks! Thanks!

Pokku3 says:

If I'm right, my actual chance of winning is about 0.04%. Oh well...

k_ward says:

As a fan of the 7" tablets, i've been waiting for this! *fingers crossed*

colsheppard says:

Please Sir, may I have some iMore?

ozyus says:

This would be my first apple device. My friends keep telling me that I will never turn back to windows or android if i make the change.. Could this be the turning point for me? Pick me and lets see!!

wins_lord says:

I really want the iPad mini! Thanks!!!

Pruhawk says:

Mini is in a size I like at a weight I like, disappointed in the screen resolution and the cost. Not sure 16 GB is enough memory for a iPad, as I already have 24 GB on my iPhone with no movies or books or videos and $429 for a 32 GB version is hard to justify when memory is so cheap and competitors models cost far less to upgrade to 32 GB

jdomin24 says:

I want an ipad mini. and i want it now. pretty please.

Lirio16 says:

hehehe (: hopefully i win *-*

palaniav says:

The mini looks amazing!

Lui says:

**seagulls from finding nemo**

Chris B 1364 says:

I would love to have one...

mellos10 says:

Thanks for another chance to win. Hope I win one of the three prizes

bmcovington says:

Thanks for my new iPad mini!

JSR7 says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini. Thanks, iMore!

immawaniac says:

memememe mini ipad for me

jordtbh says:

the new iPad mini looks pretty sweet!

VerdugoP says:

count me in! love the black edition andd if I win it I would totally buy the product red smartcover

jCameron052508 says:

I know it'll never happen to me but I figured I'd try, love Imore thanks so much for our articles and information

Quantic says:

White iPad mini please.

beatkat says:

I feel it. I'm going to win!

brentchavez says:

I think the iPad Mini is actually really great! Would love to win one!

ali.9 says:

Choose me...for the iPad Mini :D

Ariza16 says:

i want it, i need it, mini me please!!!

dtank says:

defenitely say good bye to 7inch android tablet...welcome ipad mini?...can't wait forthe black one

cyrusn says:

I want it too... mini is great ^^

Jjustin0011 says:

I Dont Care which color. please pick me!

Drewbert12 says:

3rd time's the charm...I hope

Irinanana says:

The price is too high, they were talking about making this product more close too people, with the price I mean. They should take another shot!
Would love to be able to aford one, great gadget!

asx168 says:

First try with iMore thanks for the contest~

word2u says:

Nice iPad...nice size and weight! I would love to put this to good use.... :-)

johnrharstine says:

I'd like one. I like the smaller form factor, but the main selling feature is Apple's iOS ecosystem.

Robearl2x#IM says:

I think the price point is pretty spot on, in comparison. It's just as good as the iPad 2, but cheaper., I think it makes sense.