Win a FREE iPad mini in your choice of AnoStyle color!

Simply comment, like and/or follow for your chance to win a free AnoStyle colored iPad mini!

AnoStyle uses a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification. It not only adds color to mobile devices but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPad mini, it will greatly minimize the chances of scuffing and scratching in addition to providing fantastic new color options. Better still, according to the AnoStyle, it's now available internationally:

AnoStyle™ is now available internationally in over 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, and several more.

Best of all, to celebrate their international launch, AnoStyle -- which includes our own Ally Kazmucha -- is teaming up with iMore to give one of you lucky readers a free iPad mini in your choice of AnoStyle color!

To enter, simply:

  1. Follow @AnoStyleLLC and @iMore on Twitter
  2. and/or like and on Facebook
  3. Then leave a comment below telling us which color you want (see options here) along with your Twitter or Facebook name/link so we can notify if you win!

The fine print:

One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open internationally. And the prize is just the iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply. The contest begins now and ends Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PST.

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 2724 comments. Add yours.

andremr12 says:

i would like the red ipad mini if i win thanks for the giveaway imore my twitter is @youdontknowdre

cinnabubbles says:

I'd like it in red!

Following along via @cinnabubbles on Twitter.

boxer says:

I'd love to win this in teal! Thanks so much for the chance!

phatrak says:

Orange please and thank you!

twitter: @phatrak

steelmeister says:

copper please.



nthanos says:

I want that iPad mini in yellow. This a cool idea and would be awesome across the apple line.

piranhadonna says:

I would love to win a flat black or violet iPad mini.


nthanos says:

I want that iPad mini in yellow. My twitter I'd is nthanos.

Axdrake says:

Have to go with Red



Zlannie says:

I love the RED!!

Thesomedude777 says:

I would love a flat black one! (I checked their website...this appears to be an available colour)

Twitter: @unduereckoning


Noleen S says:

Violet please... Pretty please!!!

merlynmac says:

I have to say the copper looks pretty sweet.

Facebook: scott.hinkle.921
Twitter: shinklephoto

silverboy31 says:

Blue Steel !!!!!! Please

topsie53 says:

Since you haven't gor British Racing Green

blueyestm says:

blue steel please to replace my lagging NookColor


Gizmocivic says:

I'd love flat black please! Thank you!
My twitter name is: @gizmocivic
My Facebook page:
Please let me know when you choose me!

1oo1 says:

Choose me plz!

Jdesutter says:

I really like the blue one!!

introwebbernets says:

I would love this in flat black, please!



williamsbh76 says:

Blue steel please! And if I win can I pay to up grade to 32 or 64GB and LTE? @BigDaddy7696 on Twitter.

cbm says:

I love the Blue Steel. I'd like a shirt that color.

yzzilyzzid says:

Blue steel, please & thank you very much!


skattank says:

Hard decision - like flat black, blue steel but will go with blue steel


ChrisLuce#IM says:

Yellow would be awesome! My son loves Yellow and tomorrow is his birthday!


RobertHembach says:

Blue Steel for @RobertHembach please :)

netsyd says:

Blue Steel looks sweet!


RECON1 says:

Black would be awesome!

jabon13 says:

How can you say no to Blue Steel? @kkhsiao

King Shone says:

Blue Steel one please



mizzfirered88 says:

Violet please :-))
Twitter: @mizzfirered88

StawneyTW says:

I love that shade of blue.

Julesafc says:

Jules says red all the way!

EricPoz says:

Blue Steel....Zoolander style!


cepf says:

Looks really nice in the photos. Flat Black, it's my color.

RECON1 says:

Black would be awesome!

jimmers says:

If I win, it will be Teal for me!
Thank you!

SueTheBastards says:

Red please.


jack.pearce says:

Gotta be green!

SirPsycho84 says:

Blue Steel please.
@SirPsycho84 on twitter

mgdotnet says:

Sweet. Thank you.


And @mgdotnet_

HawkeyeFultz says:

Steel blue!



samversionone says:

twiiter: @samversionone

Pink would be awesome. For my wife.

Rossce214 says:

Blue please @realworldcara

jasonpolk says:

I know it is boring, but Flat Black.


cbosbourne says:

I wish I had a cherry RED iPad, that is what I'd truly like to have.
And if I had a cherry RED iPad everyone would be in love with me!

Thank you for the chance!

kostasgeorgioy says:

I would like a bronze please

erichof says:

Gotta be RED! Does the winner get to pick between a White or Black iPad mini? Not being greedy and all... but simply curious!


Eric A. Hofstetter

DarrenGriffin says:

Has to be Orange!

Dramlek says:

So many cool colors, it's hard to choose. I'll say Blue!

alasio says:

Mmmmm.... Would love one of these in the Green...


EricPoz says:

Blue Steel. Zoolander style!


Miklos22 says:

Blue, White or Black i like Them all

mr_avery says:

Loving the Blue Steel. Would look great in my classroom. I know my students would love to get their hands on an iPad Mini. - @mr_avery

WSavageHumphrey says:

Orange Please :D

dekarzol says:

Blue Steel looks sweet



Kemptonite says:

I'd like to give my mom the blue version of the iPad mini!! That way she can use it around the house and manage her fabric library using the iPad mini!!

apaulo_11 says:

Blue Steel - I'll fit right in at the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too school.

@apaulo11 -

Andrew Willits says:



ne0stai2dust says:

Red looks awesome!


Twitter: @T3amPossible

gerrymoth says:

Sky blue

@gerrymoth on twitter

brooklyndon2911 says:

That royal blue looks pretty sweet.


_hollywood says:

I gotta go with the red! Damn it looks good! @jwhittal

Luki247 says:


( www(dot)facebook(dot)com/?_rdr#!/lukas.schmid.79?__user=100002215003943 )

EAP1985 says:

Could I please have the color blue...

ajseymour says:

I would love to get my wife a purple ipad, I'd love to win this

sunkast says:

AnoStyle is sick! I'd love to have that Blue Steel color. My Twitter name is @sunkast

yunghollywood718 says:

What a cool contest! If the stars align and I'm lucky, I would want a RED one please! Birthday just passed on the 19th and what a cool gift this would be! So, hopefully I'm lucky and win! :D

Twitter: @Bulls_Maintance


kipstewart says:

Red please! What amazing colours!

Epic800 says:

I would like the flat black that would be awesome!

PepeRuiz73 says:

Blue, thanks.
Viva los Monkeys!

Domino72 says:

Would love a blue one. Thanks guys

Raiderguy says:

Blue or Purple please, great colors! Makes the iPadini look more user friendly.

jgoht says:



Thank you.

justinplett says:

Orange Baby!


eatbear says:

I'd love one in blue!


AnAppleADay says:

Pick me please! Color of choice, blue steel )

gabbykerri says:

Rose gold!

@__4leafclover :)

Kendall Smith1 says:

I love the Violet one!

Twitter: @kendallb00

dancing-bass says:

@andrewpenner78 (twitter)

or andrew.penner2 (facebook)

Flat black, or blue steel please.

jackiweaver says:

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Kasim Kaey says:

BLUE STEEL because I like blue and I like steel - what else can I say really.

@kasimkaey via TWITTER.

drewsonian says:

Flat Black please!

marcaq says:

any one would be great. They look fantastic!

Grapple says:

Green looks great! It would make a great gift for my friend's daughter, as she is getting tired of sharing her iPad with a 10-year old (nevermind all of the "whatever-ville" games she plays!)


EiiZee says:

Copper, please :-)

fabriciopatron says:

I want mine! Flat Black.



jaggs23 says:

Blue steel. I want it. I need it. You owe me one! :D

BlvckSovp says:

My birthday is on Sunday! Not that anyone cares lol but I'd love a flat black mini personally!

twitter @BlvckSovp

jaggs23 says:

Blue steel. I want it. I need it. You owe me one! :D

Twitter handle: therealjugga

tannera54 says:


mofoman69us says:


Definitely GOLD

dpolletta says:

Flat black please.



ght says:

Copper! Twitter: @GHT001

Clint Ziemer says:

I'll take a red one, thanks!
Facebook -> clint.ziemer

bd1212 says:

Flat black!

Twitter: @bd7349

Facebook: Brendon Delgado

alpine says:

flat black, please!!
happy wednesday!

acieszkowski says:

Copper please...


Keep up the good work!

jrwohlfeil0227 says:

Orange, my alumni color!


sallypnut1 says:

Violet please!



PRMediaMind says:

I would like GOLD one... It's so eye catching.... :-D

dhberry says:

Blue Steel


azknight says:

Pink. The wife would be thrilled! Thanks for running this contest!

Twitter: @knight_cjg

gnzl says:


I would like the super flat black!

iLoveiStuff says:

Red AnoStyle please. :) @ThatDudeLove

jjlucsy says:

I'd like the Blue Steel. @jjlucsy

BS7 says:

Orange please

ehagensen says:

iPad mini in Steel Blue.....Only way to go for me.

slyles says:

flat black is the ticket.


Daniel Anthony says:

Blue steel bird of happiness!

schuckys.keith says:

Blue Steel, please. Thanks.


CowboyFan814 says:

Blue thank you!


4ndzt says:



thanks :)

ay80em says:

Flat Black please.


ramcconnell11 says:

Definitely Blue


mled203 says:

Red. @mled203 on the Twitters.

Msan says:

Purple please...


Rafael Gonzalez III says:

I would choose the Gold! It looks nice!

Facebook: Rafael Gonzalez III
Twitter: @raffaflocka

CrzyP says:

I'll take that dark blue one!

bruteforce037 says:

Blue please. Thanks for having the contest! :)

Dredd67 says:

Flat black for me please. Haven't followed on twitter cause I don't want to open an account for that, but liked both FB pages. Hope it's OK with that, this and/or statement is kinda misleading.

Bah anyway, that flat -vador- black ipad mini would be a nice addition to my collection ;)

sortingitout says:

gold please on white mini


Nonocrack says:

Hello, thanks again for this great contest ! I would like my Ipad mini in cupper please :)

hoonaynay says:

You know I need the rose gold treatment! Loving the contest and work. Find me at @hooneyhova!

Sarrod says:

Cool, anodised aluminium always looks sexy in red :-)
@tonwissink on Twitter...

Bainn says:


Blue Steel please.

Just started lurking around iMore, good timing ;)

ademiroglu says:

Blue Steel please!!!!!


M_Stephens says:

Blue Steel, absolutely gorgeous!


allangalvan says:

Blue steel, thanks

phil9o says:

wish i was the winner :) blue steel please :)

sam81 says:

That bronze one looks awesome. @MakesH2o

Shax11 says:

The iMore logo is blue! So i shall go for blue too!! :D

Dionte says:

I want the color in the picture.

BillJude56 says:

Blue would be lovely. Thanks

RobertsDP says:

I am on a green phase in my life... So I would love a green one!

Yar33 says:

Blue, will do!


andy_hoffman says:

Flat Black please :)


JokerG23 says:

Blue steel please!! @JokerG23

Andrew Boyter says:


I like Blue Steel.

I just scrolled through every comment because I was positive already entered. Apparently I was wrong.

Kmarginal says:

Blues Steel would be great !


eltico40 says:

@eltico40 Blue Steel looks sweet!!