Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPad or iPad mini!

Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Our complete new iPad rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, and iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you a chance to enter to win a brand new iPad or iPad - technically a $500 gift certificate! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday October 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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mjcostajr says:

Rene is the man! This is by far my favorite tech blog (love the podcasts too!)

Stalonage says:

Hi, I'm Matthew.

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hindu11#CB says:

An iPad would complement my iPhone nicely. Here's to hoping I win

Stalonage says:

Hi, I'm Matthew. Winning one would be really rad.

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dontjenksme says:

iPhone...check Mac... Check.. IPad is a must have! Puhleeeaase pick me

bubsgoal says:

would love to win an ipad so that I can help my 6 year old with his school work which is using apple products and they are using apps that i cant get on a pc. Good luck to everyone!!!

VinWin5 says:

Apple and imore are the coolest! I hope I win!

Sent from the iMore App

OhioBB says:

My wife would really like the new iPad. She gets it if my comment is chosen!

stevedee says:

I think Apple's best feature is integration - and iMore is integral to keeping informed.

7ftRussian says:

iMore is the best source of information for any and all Apple product. And for an Apple fan such as myself this is the place to go. I could read these articles for hours, usually leave comments as well. And to say why I love Apple, well, I was a fan for as long as I can remember Apple coming to fruition. My first computer I used in the US was iMac. Now I have the full line, iPhone, iPad, and the iMac of course. Everything is working together as it should be.

Ryanobo77 says:

An iPad would be great to take notes on in class!

DougFNJ says:

Apple makes products that do what I need them to do....they just work!
iMore gives me a great platform to discuss Apple products. I find it an excellent reliable forum for news, discussion, hints, tips, and great Apple chat.

Keep up the great work everyone!

CG68 says:

Love to win an iPad. Gotta luv Apple & iMore !

usedbywho says:

I love Apple products and I own a lot of them. I love iMore and I visit them every single day. Big day for both!

Tuckerdog348 says:

I follow all of Apples events on IMore and would love to have an ipad to follow instead if a small iphone!

Barefoottek says:

I depend on my iPhone to keep me connected to my personal life. It is my life line. Keep all the good stuff coming, iMore!! By far the best all things Apple site and the only on that I frequent on a daily basis. Thanks a bunch!!

jenil_295 says:

I love Apple and hence iMore too..
der is no place better on the net for apple news and tips and tricks...

pzanghi04 says:

I love my iPad and would love to update so I can keep coming to imore to read the latest and greatest apple news!

Pedro2NR says:

iMore brings informative Apple info. My family and I love all the different Apple products in our home.

ninjamattic says:

I love Apple this much |_______________________________________/
I love iMore THIS much |__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________/.

darrinpruitt says:

Love Apple and iMore. I look forward every week to hear Ritchie on MBW talking Apple and these events get me super pumped. iMore always has the latest news you can use!

Michaelmoves says:

i just keep coming back for More, More, More!!!

PGEddington says:

I love Apple because when other large American corporations are 1) cutting corners on quality, 2) offering atrocious "customer service" and 3) sending jobs overseas Apple is 1) setting world standards on product quality, 2) offering the best customer service in the industry and 3) bringing at least some jobs back to America...and I love iMore because it keeps me up to speed on all these things. :)

ElectricalBurgers says:

Can't wait for the insightful iMore breakdown of today's news in the coming days! Thanks for the late-October tech excitement, Apple!

Joe McG says:

Apple products are the best! I've been reading iMore since it was tipb and it is great!

Deepak Achariya says:

Never ever won any contest online. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Airah Laroche Toquero says:

Because Apple is the nicest and most interesting gadgets with many application. It is better than the other gadgets. That's why I love it and I want it :)

Airah Laroche Toquero says:

Because Apple is the nicest and most interesting gadgets with many application. It is better than the other gadgets. That's why I love it and I want it :)

VegaOrion says:

Been in love with Apple since 1990 and iMore since 2012. Where else would you go to get your Apple news? NOWHERE I tell you!

Fred Zarf says:

Love my Apple products because Apple makes it easy.

marchie_78 says:

imore has kept me up to date in the "i" world for a very long time. I would use this prize to help me spread the gospel of imore.

El Hache says:

I love imore. I read you guys everyday. I would love to win a new iPad mini 64gb!

bj-irvin says:

I'm a fanboy of both Apple and iMore!

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Jou Waled says:

i love apple because it gives me best modern technology ,and love imore because it tell me about it

Richie Davidson says:

I missed out on iphone and would love the new i pad love imore follow all videos on youtube as a subscriber.wold have to save for ages to get 1 so really really want and imore like peas and carrots.

Galley says:

I use Apple products because mediocrity is unacceptable.

Joshua Webb1 says:

I like Apple and iMore because Apple in my opinion makes the best tech and iMore does the best reviews on the internet.

troystaylor says:

iMore is my favorite place for Apple news. Now Apple, release a new iPod Touch so I can give you my money already!

Nick Wood says:

I love apple and imore. I have had an iphone since 2010 and I will keep buying them every two years. imore has helped me understand my phone better than I ever could. Thank you apple and imore!

tworth23 says:

I would love a new iPad! Please pick me!

berndtv says:

IMore iPad = iLovepp

Sent from the iMore App

axxple says:

imore i really hope i win this, love apple i just bought my first iphone 3 months ago and i have never had an ipad or a tablet, thanks you guys rock

ErickP says:

Through the good and bad times, it's been a love affair for over 20 years. Love me some Apple.

ShadowReaperX33 says:

Apple and iMore are two people and technology oriented institutions that work together to provide the end user, or reader, the best possible Apple experience.

nawadley says:

As a musician, Apple products are essential, so I couldn't use anything else. iMore is the absolute best resource for all things Mac, and home of the best Apple community!

305mp07 says:

Apple makes my life easier... imore makes the experience of using and owning apple products a lot more fun. Thank you for all that you do!

damenace says:

I love iMore and Apple more then my unborn children!!

Too far??

f4c3m4n says:

I love Apple for the design and for its easy to use OS. iMore because of its editors. :)

Ibanez GSA60 says:

I love Apple an their amazing design heavily, an love iMore even more because all my iOS news is in one place!

Sent from the iMore App

napman says:

I love Apple because their products work so well and are built to last.
I love iMore because it keeps me up-to-date on all the Apple products that I love.

Rob Stella says:

Love the iPad and iMore! Look for news, how to's, and rumors!

kybrid65 says:

I started off with a BB and was originally hesitant to make the switch to iPhone. Once I got my hands on my iPhone I fell in love with it, the simplicity, feel and look of the iPhone captured my attention. This love has spread from iPhone to Mac to apple TV and I have nothing but good things to say about these products. I appreciate imore as a reliable apple resource for all of my apple products. The amount information on the site has been nothing but helpful with discovering the new options and features for all of my products.

need to win this contest !!!!

nijoma81 says:

I love how Apple products just have that extra 'pop!' to them compared to their rivals and is by far the best at covering and explaining all things apple!

helen li says:

I love apple and imore because both are just so innovative and simple for people to use. Apple and imore both have a clean look and both are reliable. Thanks apple and imore! You both are my most trusted product and source!

smn74uk says:

Yes please! My iPad 2 has just gone to the Apple Orchard in the sky!!!

starrcourt says:

Apple + iMore = Emoji (you're site was marking my comment as spam when i tried to insert Emoji, so I just said Emoji and figured you'd imagine something special).

twinmomma416 says:

Apple just works. Well. Most of the time. And Imore gives me all the tips and tricks to make apple work even better.

lugnut1012 says:

Apple products have changed my life and without I would be lost trying to figure out all of the new things these devices can do. Thank you

bveno33 says:

Saying that I love Apple is easy, they have wonderful products with the software to back them up. Saying that I love iMore is an understatement. iMore is my one stop shop for all things Apple, and they have awesome contests on top of that. What's not to love?

normmac says:

I recently bought a Galaxy S4 switching from iPhone...I love apple so much after 2 weeks i traded my GS4 for an iPhone 5! And imore keeps me up to date on all things apple!

AnthonySnyder8 says:

Everyone knows Apple is the company to beat. People even say that they are going to fall out of the bug leagues and be replaced. That's not going to happen. They have the right people they will use them right just like the last 10 and up years. iMore is so great because its the only site whos articles make me happier than before I read them. Good job guys!

Thanks for reading.

YellowNewton says:

Who else has the imagination and ability to see beyond where we are!! Who else can motivate us to do that we thought we never could do and find our true worth!! With apple we share the world and Rene's iMore has been stupendous in covering this little fruit company. iMore is always the first I read for newly launched apple product. And today would be no exception when Apple releases new iPad which I am sure would be more magical than before.

iMills says:

Apple makes the best products and iMore has the number one apple coverage! Love you guys!

Sent from the iMore App

Taytoni says:

I love apple because they have a way of having apps run smoothly, and I live iMore because I seem to find all the info i need in one place.

Sent from the iMore App

iMike44 says:

I love Apple and iMore because they are both simply the BEST at what they do.

HC2.2 says:

I love iPads but not iPhones. I'm spoiled by bigger smart phone screens. So I currently tote an iPad 2, Nexus 4 and a Windows 7 laptop. It's like the UN of personal electronics. iMore and Android Central is my source for tech info that matters to me.

adrianod1993 says:

Been with blackberry my whole life, recently switched to iPhone due to all the problems with blackberry and I'm loving it so smooth and headache free. I got rid of my playbook so I would absolutely love to win an iPad!

Sent from the iMore App

Ludatyk says:

How am I an Apple fan? I'm a Apple Recruiter... I should of been paid by Apple by now based on my recruitment of people.

Thanks by the way for the giveaway.

lloydpearsoniv says:

I enjoy Apple and it's products because it's obvious that they take pride in every single product that they produce and imore does an excellent job of keeping me up to date on all the latest news, releases, rumors, reviews, you name it...

battada says:

Apple's immersive product experience is what makes it lovely. iMore's speed and accuracy in reporting developments at apple is what makes it lovely. Both can give me company for hours... No years together.

douglas_anders says:

iMore -- one site to visit for all the Mac/iOS news I crave.

ame says:

I love Apple because their products work, flawlessly almost, out of the box.

greentj says:

Apple has the best products & imore teaches me how to use them better. How's that?

ericsmcdonald says:

I love iMore for a few reasons. One, if it's anything apple or apple related, they'll report it very quickly, but more importantly, responsibly. You can trust what they report. And I think they do a good job of separating reporting and editorializing. I also appreciate the helpful how-to's that they post now and then. And -- the live coverage is great if apple isn't streaming an event or if I'm at work and can't live stream.

I love apple because their products work. I need my iPhone for work and to work -- and I can always depend on it for both. My iPad is truly one of the best portable computers I've ever had. And while it's frustrating sometimes, they tend to give you the right features when you need them, not when you want them. And they tend to find features you didn't know you wanted and bam -- you get them!

If I'm lucky enough to be chosen, I haven't decided which I want. If the mini goes retina I think I want the mini. Otherwise definitely the full size. And one that's ready for Verizon's network. Thanks! Can't wait for the coverage today!

Bweesh says:

I love Apple because they understand that making a product isn't just something that should be done quickly and sold for outrageous amounts. Instead, Apple carefully suggests ideas in creating a new product and perfects it until the new product is the most powerful, most beautiful device in the world.

ccostel says:

I have had other devices, but that was the past. Love my apple products. The number one place for Apple Information is iMore.

ytsukid says:

Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

borispsbc says:

Apple products are reliable and have a great build. iMore keeps the world updated on these great products

imDFNman says:

I(want)more I(want)more APPLE!!!

ae4365 says:

Love apple because of their products how well they build them and how smooth it runs. To top it off you have imore. If you need news on Apple or their products don't look any further. They are the best.

a_kdas says:

Time to get the iPad mini. Love the form factor. Desperately need one but just bought an iPhone5S so can't afford it right now. :-(

Joshua A Moore says:

I love apple so much I have used a mac ever since I was allowed to use a computer and convinced my whole family to choose the iPhone. iMores coverage of apple products and news has helped me keep up to date and introduce people to the world of apple!

uncommon-asian says:

I'm looking forward to the new iPad, as my aunt is looking to replace her 3rd-gen iPad that she's has gripes with. (I get to play with it if she does :P)

iMore remains the best site for Apple coverage that's truthful, and mostly rumour-free- if a little heavy on singing Apple's praises. (Nothing inherently wrong with that, I assure you.)

Tyger74 says:

why?,.. because it's iMore and Apple. I want more Apple. Do I need another reason!

Luis Felipe1 says:

I living in brazil and the imore is the world's best place to find news of apple, and I love the apple by its perfection in the smallest detail of your phones and tablets or computers, i want to win this ipad mini.

quibbles says:

They get the job done. What more can you ask?

HYNK says:

I love iMore because your reviews are unbiased and honest. No fanboy bs from the staff. As far as Apple goes, iOS is not for me. However I purchased my mom an iPhone because iOS is best for her needs... and she's been wanting an iPad for a while, so if I won this, I would get her an iPad for Christmas.

Parth nikam says:

Just love the experience which we get after using apple devices and imore is the place where you can get all ur apple stuff !

mohawk apple says:

<3 imore and apple best products n news feed! :-)

07GD SFD says:

I love Apple for their beautiful and innovative products and I live iMore for their great coverage and of course great contests like this!

Ermiasthe says:

Nothing excites me more than visiting imore between my classes break.. I keep up to date with everything I need to know about apple and their products..

jlamb30 says:

Have used and loved Apple products since the first Macintosh, and iMore for bringing the latest and greatest Apple news.

Sascha Kamisnki says:

SPACEY! And you still have a lot to cover...

sachin0002 says:

I just love Apple, It's the feeling that you get when using An Apple product... a Charisma a sense of "just works".... I Live in India where people tend to buy a cheap device always.. here I have made atleast 20 people to spend more on Apple because of Great experience.
Other things is I care about Planet Earth, I really do... Apple makes products that harms this Beautiful planet much less than others....
About iMore.... I am a reader of iMore since 3 years now.. I Specially like the way of presentation, quality of content.. Specially Pictures of Apple devices..they look so intelligently taken.... about best writers of all of you.. I like thoughts of Rene Ritchie most... Calculated, carefully considered articles..
About the readers of iMore.... In general they are sensible... but it pains me when one insensible comment is there about an Apple device or Rene's article... everybody jumps in for a nonsense fight.... I think we must ignore it if the comment is based on Nothing..or some crap Article published in a Famous journal or Newspaper or a Magazine... which currently are doing a baseless, fact less journalism...

DavewMac says:

Apple + iMore + TWiT= All the tech and tech news a person will every need.

Simon Nouws says:

Since a couple of years I am an Apple user, I really love their products because they always just work. Thanks to a friend I can use the iOS beta's before the GM is released. When you experience the bugs in the beta's you realize again why you bought Apple products in the first place. Their (final) products just work.

And where can read better about your favorite gadgets than on iMore. I really like the editorials and it is my number #1 source to follow Apple announcements besides (if there is any) Apple livestream.

kdewirth says:

The experience with Apple is just better than the rest.
I'm always referring new Apple owners to iMore. The news, reviews and how-to's are the BEST!

cbprod says:

gotta love imore for the great contests they have. first site i check when i get up in the morning.

Mriley1058 says:

Love the product and the commitment to the customer experience. And who doesn't love iMore! Bring back Leana!

labellev says:

Because iMore is the best place to learn what Apple is doing and that Apple products are awesome!

moses01234 says:

Apple and imore are just the best(:

andel7539 says:

iMore is where I read everything about Apple. So it's kinda win/win situation! I would love to get into the Apple ecosystem with the iPad!

shprakhya says:

looking forward to the Apple Event today! :) more love to iMore... :)

glennkaonang says:

I love Apple so much that I'm gonna be up and watching the livestream later although it will be past midnight in my location. I love iMore so much that even after watching the livestream, I will still be tuning into iMore for more coverage of today's event. Best of luck everyone :)

thatguykc says:

I love Apple because they are fearless in their pursuit of creating art in the face of irrational criticism. Their products are beautiful, functional and iconic.

I love iMore because it's a dedicated community of Apple fans that keep it real, shoot straight and always try to derail the crazy train of "Apple doesn't innovate".

Keep up the good work!

P.S. I'd like to win because I just started a new job and an iPad would be the icing on the cake. :)

DJT5 says:

iMore is a great site to find out about great new products!

Spenser Hatch says:

Ill be honest I don't own any apple stuff.....yet. but love the clean minimalist design. I love imore for the info they provide.

lfeuln says:

It's amazing how far iMore has come in the past two years - it's now pretty much *the* site I go to for Apple News. Congrats!

While I appreciate all tech including Android and yes Windows, I know if I could only choose one OS it'd be no real contest. Can't wait to see what Apple comes out with today.

6faders says:

With 3 kids, we have a total of 8 active apple devices and I've lost track of how many we have purchased through the years. We have tried the alternatives but always seem to come back to Apple and imore helps us helps us get the most out of them.

An iPad has been on the wish list for a while.

mrlibrary03 says:

Epic, I think fits for both!

CurtisPlug says:

I love apple because their products are such good build quality and so easy to use. I love iMore because they tell me the pros and cons of everything and they are fun to read

msgetf says:

There is no better combination. Apple just works and everything you need to know about your Apple Products is on iMore.

miwaca says:

I won't be so bummed if I don't win. I'll just buy it outright and add to their revenue. #AppleLove

boarder010 says:

Apple and iMore are the best...even better if I win!

tlo07 says:

I love iMore and I'm ready for a new iPad!

oniontears says:

iMore is my daily read, and the podcasts are great...I love the round table discussions!

Sent from the iMore App

Mohammed Mafraz says:

I am a die hard apple fan... Apple is the best ever... Its just the best... I love all the apple product... And yeah iMore make me love apple more... Great news about apple and iMore is doing the best for apple... Love you both so much...

CanadianMacFan says:

I like Apple because they usually work pretty well and I don't have to fight them. Just found iMore in the past couple of weeks but it looks like a good site.

nancom says:

I hope to win! I would love to get my husband an iPad mini with retina display. We are both big Apple fans and have been ever since we saw a demo of the original Mac back in 1984. Ok, now I'm showing my age!

Sent from the iMore App

piranhadonna says:

IMore is my favorite site for all things Apple. I love this site and all the staff, you guys are awesome. I am in love and obsessed with all things Apple. Apple products work and work extremely well. What's not to love about iMore and Apple?

PaulCostello says:

I love apple because of its simplicity.
I love imore because it makes following apple simple.

gregorypjordan says:

Love apple products, my household has 5 iPhones & an iPad. Imore is my first source for articles on apple products!

Chairman Plow says:

Apple and iMore..... how do iLove thee? Let me count the ways.

(Too much? Ha!)

John Flud says:

I love imore! give me an ipad! LOL

Daniel Ovalle says:

I feel in love with Apple not after I bought my first iPod but after I watched the first keynote. That's when I realized that Apple is about changing the world and making a it a better place trough the products they make because they care! And it's great to have iMore, who are the ones that make sure that everything that Apple does doesn't go unnoticed, not just for present gratification but I'd also like to think for the history books as well.

Lorinna Ramirez says:

I really love Apple i have the iphone 5s in gold, ipod touch 5g in pink, ipad mini in white. And i never ever win anything.

SpacePsych says:

I read you guys every single day! Seriously. I read my iMore news, local news, and national news. Have to stay updated in all my apple products. Thank you!

Sent from the iMore App

yeedub says:

I like Apple for the smooth and integrated user experience and imore for reporting it

seadweller16600 says:

I love Apple because of its app ecosystem, and I love iMore because it is the premier all things Apple website!

Garrytodd says:

My entire family has become apple fanatics. Love all my apple products. I would love to add a new iPad to the list. is my go to site for apple news.

jeroenvd says:

simple, Apple makes the best products and imore the best articles about Apple and their products

calred34 says:

*** Love iMore because they give me what I need to know about iPad - That simple! ... I LUV My iPad and need to update my original with the new ...

lawwilli says:

I love apple and I love iMore :D

mickeyginnie says:

The perfect combination, Apple and Imore! I love my Apple products and Imore for explaining the ins and outs. I love the information Imore provides about products to go with my Apple products.

LytesOut says:

Rene always talks about how Apple integrates hardware not just to put the latest in their devices. Instead, Apple thinks about the features they want then they integrate the best hardware that will support that feature. This is why I love Apple and iMore. iMore provides the insight on why Apple is a great company. It's like a great 1-2 punch.

Sent from the iMore App

icecrystal23 says:

I love Apple for making my life easier and I love iMore for giving away Apple goodies ;)

stevelpn says:

I have a kindle fire because I can't afford the real deal, I love technology but always always have to settle for the imposter

Alexander Whitney Sr says:

Apple's ease of use and being the forefront of technology is why I love them. iMore has real time and practical information not only on the physical products but apps and accessories!

Sent from the iMore App

mikejs78 says:

I'm not an Apple fanboy, I love all technology, and Apple makes some great stuff. I do love iMore and it is my one-stop shop for Apple news!

mitch_melkonian says:

The new iPads! I have been waiting impatiently for today's keynote to happen! I had to sell the 3rd generation iPad I received for graduation so that I could have a MacBook for college and that just puts a person down! Hopefully, I'll be getting an iPad when they are released! Thank you for all coverages and giveaways!

Sent from the iMore App

mrdmc says:

I love Apple because it proves that style and functionality is doable. I love iMore because they prove the knowledge and insight are indispensable (and the occasional free contests don't hurt either!) .

Team George says:

I have followed Imore since 2007 when I first got an IPod Touch. The dulcet tones of Rene and co. have livened up my drab commute to the school where I work each day. And now Apple are helping me once I go through those school gates, after we bought Ipad Minis for the students. Lessons have been enriched by these amazing gadgets. Thanks Apple for all the sparkle you bring to our lives.

Sent from the iMore App

Rholford2 says:

I love Apple and imore and would really love to have a new iPad!!!!

Sent from the iMore App

projectman says:

Thank you, iMore, for being a great source of Apple news and device tips, tricks and tutorials.


Somanora says:

Apple products just work. I don't have to mess with a thousand settings; I just wake my devices from sleep and they never fail to work. They are the first devices I've owned that seem more like a companion than a burden.

mrrogers84 says:

Rather then checking my non existent Facebook page or my twitter page, iMore is the first and last stop for info! This is made possible by the letters i(Phone) M(acBook Pro) and A(pple)!!

cacase12 says:

I'm here on iMore because I knew you'd have the latest 411 on the new iPad 5 ... I'll be getting more from you during the Launch!

Diane Driscoll says:

Hey iMore, would love to win the new iPad! It would aid with school and my passion of reading! I love my iPhone 5, but the screen just not big enough for something's! I have been a follower of IMore since before buying my first apple product (iPhone 4). Thanks for this awesome giveaway and good luck to all!

seaner12 says:

I love both Apple and iMore, but iMore lets me win free stuff, so I love them more.

Thomas_xsr says:

When I think of apple I think of imore, I love apple products and the Eco system is simply home for me, I'd love a new iPad since my MacBook Pro was stolen and as a broke university student the timing of the incident couldn't be worse. imore keep up the great work, I'm about the follow the coverage of today's event now via you :)

SuperGuam87 says:

I love Apple! I love iMore! Apple products are the best and iMore is the best way to stay in the loop with all your Apple product needs.

npasher says:

Apple is the best but I love imore just a little bit more... Hello? Is this thing on?

keyportkook says:

Gotta get my apple fix from imore, keep up the good work.

Would love an ipad mini if I were to win.

Bcloutier says:

I love Apple because everything works so well together, and iMore for bringing me all of the coverage of the devices, apps and more that I want to use!

WaterOz says:

I love Apple... During my nerdy teen years in the 90s, I used to argue about how great PCs were and how horrible Apple products are... but in my older, more wiser years, I realized the error of my ways. I love iMore because it provides me with some of the best info and news on the web about my iDevices

sl1r3 says:

I love Apple because they make great products and I love iMore because they have great helps and howtos!

SoCal Cal says:

My life is on my MBP and to some degree, my iPhone, too. Without iMore, I wouldn't know what was going on in the world of Apple!

TacomaJustin says:

My other apple products need a friend. I'd love to read iMore on a new iPad.

Kendall Harrison says:

Great work both on the site and on the podcasts. Informative, clear and well researched.

steve3140 says:

I would love one of the new iPads -

bassmanxu says:

I love having all my music, photos, everything really, accessible to me no matter where I am or what apple device i'm using. iMore is my source for keeping up to date on Apple news.

Hobbessti says:

I love the simplicity of apples integration, and iMore for the simplicity of finding info.

Jon Honess says:

Can't wait to see what Apple shows off! I'll definitely follow the news on iMore! :)

Scott McCormick says:

Looking to buy an iPad and the $500 would help

imacdan says:

My go to site for apple news!

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bensonjunior says:

Happy Halloween everybody. This would be a good treat.

ioannis t says:

Hallo from Europe,Greece!! Imore and Apple are an addiction,filling hours of relaxation and surfing on the web..wish you the best.. keep up the good work..

ericesque says:

When I use Apple products and read iMore's reviews and how-to's I get the most out of what current tech has to offer! says:

Would never ever leave Apple. Need a new iPad.

James Semaj says:

Apple products are cool and fun. iMore has great news and articles that I enjoy all the time.

cougar#AC says:

I was an Android guy until recently. I have seen the light! lol. I'd love for this to be my first Apple device!

kuler22 says:

This would be my first IPAD as we would love to buy 2 for the kids to use for education! This contest would be great to help get us started. IMore is the only place for Apple news and is a great resource! thanks.

amanmani456 says:

I am a big fan of apple since the original iphone and became ur fan since iphone 4 so would love to win an ipad :D

Brm5688 says:

My macbook just died finally so now I need a replacement, and the iPad 5 would be a perfect addition to my apple environment. Thanks iMore!

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kierangunn says:

iMore has been awesome for me, providing tips, news and reviews that help me decide what parts of Apples ecosystem fit best with my life. I need a new tablet in my life.

julcmar89 says:

I love iMore. You guys keep me updated and make this website a one-stop-shop for Apple products. Apple is pretty sweet as well (typing this from my iPhone) and I believe they're a great American company that has value at its code. Booya !!

Jkleinsc says:

I love Apple and iMore just as much as coffee!

nickpthemft says:

Thank you, Georgia! Stoked that iMore is doing another contest. Can't wait to upgrade my wife to the mini 2 since she uses it all the time!

drcrjw says:

I Love the reliability of Apple products (have an iPhone 5) and the informative news, reviews, help and tips that iMore provides.

jbarron4 says:

iMore provides a fresh opinion on Apple products. I am hoping their view today will help me decide between the new iPad mini or iPad 5th generation to replace my aging iPad 2. Never saw myself as a Apple fanboy but with two iPad 2's, four iPhone 5's, iPod Classic, two generations of iPod nano's and two iPod mini's in our home, I guess I have become one.

leenlopez says:

Apple is just awesome :D I love it because it works and mostly because all the products match and look so lovely together <3
Aaaand I love iMore because where else would I find the best reviews on the best brand? :)

deeptali says:

Thanks for the offer. Hope to win something at least once.

iJHart says:

I love Apple because their products are functional, stylish, & and unique.

I love iMore because they offer an entertaining way to stay informed about the latest Apple news.

Cybersco says:

Thanks to Apple for great products, and thanks to iMore for the great coverage of their products!

tomuky says:

I just told everyone around my cubicle here at work to check out because it's the best for Apple anything.

Hywelbane says:

Apple seems to have found a good balance between getting stuff done, and allowing control of how it is done. You don't get overwhelmed with overly detailed options.

iMore - great, balanced reporting on all things Apple. While the staff are Apple fans, they do offer balance in their articles, particularly in the "perspective" articles.

double3 says:

I'm an Apple addict and iMore feeds that obsession by being my #1 go-to source for all things Apple. Thanks for the chance to win! I'll record myself doing a happy dance and send it to you if you pick me.

sweDs says:

iMore and I more love Apple. I have a totally App-live-fied home. Wife and kid love apple and now even mother-in-law is totally convinced. Love that iMore keep me updated with fresh and crispy news.

psudoc64 says:

Apple and iMore - they both just do it right!

Ckepascoe says:

Always enjoy reading imore's articles. Keeps me informed. Much love yo iMore and Apple!

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steerqueer says:

I love iMore's immense coverage of my favorite tech company.

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Orie McIntosh says:

Love the iMore site news and reviews. Anxiously waiting for the news and Keynote for the new iPad as this will be my first iPad to go along with all my other Apple products. I would love to have one of these for free since I'm going to be spending a lot onf Apple products this year; new Mac Air for my girl, new Mac Book for myself and then an iMac on top of this iPad 5 I want.

Stephen Maziarz says:

Can't wait for the big event! A retina mini would be easy on these tired eyes of mine.....

SirBlack says:

Love iMore keeping me up to date, and I would love a new iPad to be up to date with my tech too.

LeninFernandez says:

I have never owned an iPad. I have been using apple since I was a freshman in HS. This would be an awesome thing to win and I always read iMore for the latest news and to just know more about technology.

west3man says:

I dig Apple's style and iMore's intellect.

Sometimes, I'd even switch those around.

thebeast3203 says:

As I slowly but surely add more and more apple products to my tech universe Imore is the first place I go when I have any question at all about any of my apple products. Always great information and insight! Absolutely Love it!

tkurtz says:

Love Apple!!! Love iMore!!! How does it ever get any better? You have the best news and information about the best products on the market. Great contests too! (Even though I have never won one yet. Let's change that this time, eh?!?)

mckillio says:

Georgia, Georgia. (Sung in my best Ray Charles voice)

jjolley says:

I read articles from iMore on a daily basis so of course I love iMore and Apple! Would love a new iPad!!

RazorBern says:

I'm an all apple everything kind of guy! I keep up to date with iMore through the Flipboard app and Microsoft Outlook at work! It's time to update my iPad!

cbalcom03 says:

I can't say that I haven't thought about jumping ship on multiple occasions. Then my parents decided to get smartphones and I instantly jumped at the chance to tell them to get iPhones. That kinda pulled me back into how user friendly they are. And I directed them to countless iMore articles to get used to how iOS 7 works. Thanks for all the great info!

Anne102 says:

First I read everyday, Imore....Apple and Imore togerther, it does not get any better

Leinie says:

iMore is the best source of Apple news, and Apple is the best because they build the best products!

duddy23b says:

Finding Imore web page for the Ipad, Mini Ipad, Iphone is like finding Platinum among Gold, as always the cream (the Best) rises to the top.

bburnett1219 says:

Apple products are the bomb because I don't have to buy a new computer every year like my wife's Windows PC! iMore is my default homepage, do I have to say anymore?

bmerkin says:

Looking forward to new gear in late October - as usual - I always want the latest iPad! Apple always seems to come up with compelling features that keep me coming back. I check out iMore every day - for the latest scoop, as well! I am a dyed-in-the-wool Apple and iMore lover!

Mark511 says:

Love Apple because their products just work and I love imore for updating me on everything Apple!

weblou says:

Could always use another ipad so add me in.

jhtechservices says:

I love apple products. They are really easy to use and rarely crash on me. All the apps are there and it is so easy to maneuver through. I love iMore because it provides me with daily news every day and stuff I can do with my ipad. I love apple about as much as one man can love a company, and imore I love you more than chocolate (I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!)

Onka Mronka says:

Best phone & tablets in a world

gsearles says:

Apple has great products that just work. iMore has great content with Amazing contests. Love them both.

Pessibi says:

I just love the fact that everything is just so user friendly.

hoiberg2 says:

Apple is a great company with revolutionary products and marketing techniques. I want to be up to date with all the news and rumors, so I read iMore. iMore is a great website with all the information and news I want in one place. That's why I love iMore!

crosscourier says:

I'm a huge Apple fan and iMore has been a great resource for us for quite awhile! says:

I love Apple because their products are simple to use, elegantly designed and well-built. Where do I get all my iNews? You guessed it - Rene, Georgia, et al.

Can't wait for 1PM ET!!!!

macbill55 says:

Apple and iMore is a life changing experience.

jakej914 says:

Apple is my lifeblood and iMore provides me all my Apple coverage needs!

Snipperdo17 says:

Love imore because they kill it with iOS coverage! Now give me a new iPad!

JaimeG13 says:

I love Apple products like crazy and love iMore for keeping me up to date on all Apple stuff.

thecruelone says:

I've loved Apple ever since I got my first iPod nano. I currently have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro and I've really been wanting an iPad. I think it would be SO convenient for everyday use and it would really help me out with school. iMore is hands down my go-to site to learn about all things Apple. I love it here!

bluegirl99 says:

What's not to love about Apple and iMore??
Both provide me amazing products, info, and a great community of people I call friends.

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nakaharaL says:

iMore is the first place I visit to know all about Apple and it`s products. And I've been coming back since the first time I've listened to MacBreak Weekly with Rene Ritchie. Thanks iMore!

Michael Harris8 says:

I love Apple ever since my First Performa i bought in 1995 running the fabulous System 7!

I bought the first iphone on Launch Day +1 and adore my current iphone and ipad mini.

PSelby says:

I love Apple and I love reading iMore to stay on top of what's going on in the Apple world!

shathis says:

I think almost any former feature phone user can admit -- Apple has changed their lives for the better... the world is surprisingly a better place for the small addition of a simple piece of technology that made everything easier.

maxrogr says:

From the moment I got my iPad 2 two years ago, I have it with me literally every day. imore is on my desktop and I am checking it as often during the day as I can. iMore is useful not only for the news it carries but also for the reviews and tips it has for iOS users. iHope to win an iPad to update my current iPad2.

stevemz says:

iMore provides great reviews/news/updates while Apple provides great products. A great pairing if I do say so myself.

outofratrace says:

Love Apple products because they're easy and elegant! Tried replace my iPhone 5 with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a few weeks ago and after just using it for a day I had to return and get back to my iPhone!

ArcticAlpha says:

iMore is the best way to learn about iPads and learn tip

thedzfamily says:

iMore keeps me informed about all things Apple. I love Apple for many works, it is efficient, it keeps me organized, and keeps all of my vital information easily at hand.

Dark_Blu says:

It's time to replace my iPad2 with an iPad mini 2. I could use the smaller and more portable mini at work. Go Go Gadget iPad mini 2!!

jblockcolski says:

Would love to win a new iPad, mine old gen iPad is having a hard time on iOS 7. Love Apple and iMore!

soloDOTcom1185 says:

I visit iMore daily to get the latest news and tips about iOS and Apple products. I appreciate all the hard work you guys do!

markafrazier says:

Love me some iMore and love me some Apple.

ELavar says:

Winning this would be fantastic because I'm too poor to afford it otherwise! Lol.....I'm a fairly new Apple and iMore convert and I couldn't be happier....unless I won the contest! In that case, I'd be completely overwhelmed with joy!

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rhlanham says:

I do indeed love Apple products!!!

micklpickl says:

Thanks for all the tips and news, iMore! You've helped make my experience with the iPad 3 a great one.

Raheem Nelson says:

I would use a new iPad to create more paintings for my business.