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Evolution of iPad: Specs over history


Apple 2013 iPad & Mac event preview

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPad or iPad mini!

Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Our complete new iPad rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, and iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you a chance to enter to win a brand new iPad or iPad - technically a $500 gift certificate! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday October 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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Eyad Abosway says:

In few words, I-Pad easy to use with perfect specifications and high security , I-Pad let you change your life style.

isuquinndog says:

Oh man, my iPad 2 could use an upgrade.

TheIowaKid says:

I think iMore has the best and informative news on anything Apple related, and we all know Apple has the best hardware on the planet!!

PanaSama says:

i love Apple because is one of the few companies who makes their own hardware and software, have great costumer support, and their products build quality is second to none, and i love iMore because is the best source to get comprehensive and unbiased news at everything Apple.

hershr2 says:

Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things apple!

Jordan Held says:

I love Apple and imore so much that I would seriously consider steady dating either of them.

seijio says:

Apple makes great products. Not necessarily cheap but you're buying quality goods

seijio says:

Apple makes great products. Not necessarily cheap but you're buying quality goods

MrBru06 says:

Man... Can I win something one time!? :-)

Sent from the iMore App

Thibious says:

I love iMore!! You do a great job! I also love Apple products, especially iPads...and iPhones!! :)

dennisjoyce says:

iMore and Apple two great tastes that go great together!

Mad_M says:

Who would complain about quality?

annaba1 says:

I love apple because of their simplicity and their high grade devices. I love imore because where else would I get my up to date apple news and tips??

indianareid says:

Love the way apple handle's iphone/ipad backups. iMore and the whole talkmobile team including android central brings us top notch insight to an otherwise dull technology world! And when I hear the word Georgia the state is not the first thing that comes to mind!

kitaisky says:

--My first comment on iMore, come to know it via crackberry\.com

dgalanter says:

I'd like to win. :-) The more apple in my house, the better!

surrealx says:

Best products from Apple, and best coverage from iMore!

safri031 says:

an ipad will change my life!

skydivertak says:

This will be a great addition to my line of Apple products that started with an Apple ][+, not to mention that my 4-year old twins could stop fighting over one iPad or one iPhone ;-)

Brianisok says:

I love apple and imore a lot.

alizansari says:

Ok, guys, I do this everytime. I've been following Imore from the tipb days and I'm feeling good this time around. Let's do this!

dtank says:

love APPLE for bring perfect experience on it's product and thanks to IMORE to deliver everything I need to love APPLE more and more

iririr says:

I hope I can win this...imore has very detailed reviews....

smartbrew says:

Being a recent convert to iOS after 4 years with Android, I quickly found myself without a useful/informative forum about my phone. After discovering iMore, I not only understand more about my new iPhone 5S, but I also have a more knowledgable understanding of Apple and all their products = I need an iPad!!!!

georgexile says:

Is this contest worldwide? My love for imore comes from overseas and the new ipad is gonna help me big time in my music and productivity endevours

pamsegel says:

Words can not express how much I love my Apple products. And who could not love imore. And I can get imore everywhere, on all my Apple products. A match made in heaven. I have sent many people to imore when they have questions. You have always been there for me imore. And you could be there for me on a new iPad. Please.

Pam S.

Liam Green says:

iMore is the place I visit to get all of my Apple news. Love the insights and good reads I can count on at iMore. And of course, Apple is the sleekest in town... Yes!

alacrify says:

I'm willing to be persuaded and now looks like a great time for iMore to persuade me :)

Richard 7769 says:

Apple makes my life easier imore makes my day brighter.
New iPad would make my smile bigger.
Love you guys.

Zepster says:

I just want something that WORKS!

Cleveland2k says:

I'm more of a Windows phone type of guy but this would be an awesome gift for my boyfriend. Though I'd be the one playing with it (Don't tell anyone though).

sshsjd10 says:

I check in daily everyday and love the updates. Excellent quality reads and always accurate information about my favorite electronics in the world. I just sold my iPad 3 in preparation for the new iPad. Keep up the good work!


scampi says:

Apple and iMore is the perfect combination. One surprises us with sweet new tech gadgets (like tonight) and the other one supplies our needs for apple-world-tech-news and that stuff.
That's why they are so shiny !!!

linsiris says:

What is there not to love? a company that provides great devices that just work no matter what you do! and iMore is the site that help us learn new info and share what we discover. Keep up the great work!

ChaosShadow says:

Been a fan of Apple since I was a kid, and iMore is my one stop shop for all things Apple :)

swapyboy says:

The reason I love Apple is the quality product they build, the satisfaction to the customers. They give people what people want, and what they should use. And iMore, no words to describe, I read it everyday, it keeps me updated about all the latest news on devices happening. I have iPhone 4, iOS 7 :( Can't afford to get the another one...

luckydwg says:

Love imore more than there are stars in the universe.

N1CH0LA5 says:

would love an ipad! cant wait to see them announced!

wrxnfx says:

Apple is great because of it's ability to differentiate itself through extensive polish and refinement. As consumers, we should expect nothing less in this mediocre marketplace. Thanks to Apple for setting the bar high, but also where it should be!

iMore, love your site and constantly reading it, everyday, throughout the day! Keep up the good work!

Bear7079 says:

Winning or not, you always have the best giveaways. thank you for being a great Apple news resource.

pieRr0Ur says:

I <b> love </b> Apple because of their sophisticated attention they apply into their creations before they apply their mark, Designed by Apple in California. Not to mention how they are the industry leaders and standard-setters in the current era. I can imagine the same with iMore. I have discovered iMore lately and after, reading a few articles, it got a spot on my Google Reader account for how everything is well-written from product updates, to rumors, and of course, tips. iMore provides one of the best coverages and editorial pieces!

U2Bono269 says:

me love ipad. me love apple. me love imore. we want win ipad air.

chipsterguy says:

iMore has evolved to keep getting better, providing more coverage of the apple ecosystem. The new iPad Air looks amazing - my wife would love my iPad 2nd generation (I want the new one!). Make me a winner!

Tre says:

I love Apple and iMore almost as much as I love Georgia ;-)

MXDrake says:

I've been converting to apple slowly the past two years and it has been a great change.

rizaru_rin says:

I love apple because of its products are so simple to use and have good design. And I love imore because it gives me the latest and greatest news about Apple products.

delldude405 says:

imore imore imore

iPad please!

dessobs says:

I know I'm not gonna win this giveaway, but I know what i love: my iphone, My ipad and my ipod, my Macbook air and i love to read imore.

arin.failing says:

God I hope I win this one! My iPad 2 (purchased on release day in 2011) broke a while ago, and I haven't been able to justify purchasing a new one (and still can't quite muster up the cash). C'mon baby! Daddy needs a new iPad Air!

dgjung says:

Loving the products, the news and the tips.

Just Neo says:

You have to admire Apple for producing some of the world's best selling devices such as the iPad. I love the imore provides me with up to date news in the world of Apple.

graysonip says:

I love that the new iPad Air is only 1 pound.

sMt73 says:

I love Apple. Bought my first Apple in 1993, and have not looked back. Been with them thru the dark days and the bright days. iMore is the only site I use for news and reviews. Keep up the great work! Would be nice to read iMore on a new iPad!

donalgio says:

I want an iPad so bad I've never owned one and my wife won't let me buy one. Please keep my dream alive. :)

cunningbrad says:

Why do i want a new iPad? Because iMore and more and more Apple products! i cant get enough but i cant afford more but luckily I can afford iMore.
You guys are great!

Connor Mason says:

That's an awful circlejerking contest comment, but Apple made some nice announcements today.

bigdad84 says:

Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a new iPad ;)

Alexis Fernandez says:

I can't even begin to explain how much I love Apple, its simply one of the best companies in the world when it comes to consumer products and satisfaction, and imore you always have the best info out there regarding everything apple and this awesome giveaways you do couldn't be better.

afuri says:

I love apple because it makes the best phones ever and I love imore because they keep me up the fresh news about the best company in the world :D

33497746 says:

Lo ve the name of iPad Air!!! I want it just for that!!! And all the other things are welcome to!!

redsymphony says:

Ios since day one dont plan on going anywhere would careless who wants to call me a sheep fact IOS just works better than all and imore is the greatest place to get my daily fix

BobJones19 says:

i love imore i love apple i love free things

lukejwalka23 says:

Always loved the concept of the iPad as the first tablet (big fan of the Retina Mini!!!), and love iMore for keeping me in the know on everything Apple.

Transtang z28 says:

I love iMore because of your ability to give great news and provide a place to people to come together and help each other (the forums). I love Apple for the role they have taken in the mobile space. Despite the arguments and anger from various mobile OS lovers, Apple continues to be the company to rival, and that's only good for everyone.

ongre10 says:

Apple is terrific my iPad was stolen and I have not been able to replace it. iMore and its friends are great thorough sites for the tech that serves us!

MAGNUS says:

Had to get rid of my iPad while back but would love a new iPad Air.... Not digging the name but dangit I really like slim bezel and A7... Please and thank you iMore.

chunp says:

I gave up my last iPad (along with my car and 1br apt) for a startup I'm working on (lovingly might I add.)
The FIRST pub that I go to get apple news now is iMore (then 9to5, then macrumors) because the content is that much better.
Then, I read this. I've been dying for a new iPad and of course I read about it here first.

Congrats in advance to the winner!

InsanelyGr8 says:

For once, the rumors actually matched reality. We get the Retina iPad mini in 2013.

mytime545 says:

I love imore because of their amazing line up of writers providing ultra fast more than a speed of a7 information and as true as apple.

I love apple for their values and their respect for customers.

Long Live Both.

louzer says:

I'll love iMore and Apple more if I win!

four4usc says:

I love my devices so much that I take them with me in the shower with Lifeproof case of course! Also, IMORE is the number one book mark on all my devices.

jman0829 says:

Great coverage of the Apple event. I always respect and value the opinion of every member from iMore. I think Apple did it again. It keeps making great products for every person. Amazing new iPads. Please I want it badly!


Great coverage. I'm really looking forward to checking out these offerings in person.

mojeska says:

I love Apple more than iMore, and I love iMore more than I love Canadians.

mamat7055 says:

Wow a new ipad mini. That a good news but I would go to iPhone 5s. Ermmm now I'm confused. Hahahahah

Rusi125 says:

This is my first day at work and i am watching the event on my iPhone and keeping up with imore on the company's desktop... Hopefully no one sees it...

Chris Werner says:

My 1st generation iPad is dying a slow death, please don't make me do without!

Delrahim69 says:

I love Apple because they make amazing products like the new IPad Air & I REALLY love because they keep me up to date on everything I need to know about Apple! It's the reason is my #1 bookmark on my iPad!

gkl says:

iMore kills it for all things Apple. I would be stoked to win an iPad!

ablerock says:

I'm sorry Apple, you know I love you. But I love iMore just a little bit uh, iMore.

cj100570 says:

To paraphrase....

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when using iSight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the heavens whenever we FaceTime in a random place
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, even as other devices for my attention fight.
I love thee truly, and heap upon you praise.
I love thee with the passion of childhood faith.
I love thee with a love I never shall lose
Smiles, tears, of all my life; because iMore and iOS 7 are a joy to use.
I shall but love thee better after death.

ROSES5682 says:

Hope I am the lucky winner.

deltascrew says:

Sign me up...Would love to try one :)

AdrianGabeChen says:

I love apple so much that I am one of the few people who bought apple batteries. I love imore for their in depth coverage of apple products and reviews and commentary pieces.

eandgolf says:

Fine both use our iPhones and can't imagine why you would use anything else. Without imore I don't know where else to get new info on using my iPhone and first gen iPad. Now I see a reason to upgrade to the iPad air.

Bigeric23 says:

Apple has once again made the best better. . . . And as usual, you can always count on iMore to bring you all the best coverage and most complete information available. I love you both.

omgtdubb says:

Apple by far has been my choice in computing and mobile technology. Their philosophy of what a customer is to them inspirers me to come no shorter than the experience any Apple product brings to each one. Imore only extends that by providing the best information, tips, and products so that I can get imore out of my iPhone!

dannyschmidt says:

I love Apple and iMore
<--------------------------- THIS --------------------------->

Thank you so much for giving me the new iPad. I can't wait to read your every posting in 7.9 inch retina. Love - Danny

yakimaray says:

I LOVE Apple because they continue to make stuff like the NEW iPad Air, that an Apple Fanatic like me cant live without!

I LOVE because they bring EVERYTHING Apple to me & the rest of us fanatics! has been the #1 Apple site for me since first finding it like 3yrs ago when I was looking into buying the first iPad. iMore told me everything I needed to know before making my purchase.

Thanks I LOVE YOU!!

iPhoneXT says:

I have been an Apple fan since the purchase of my first Macbook in 2008. I will never forget how that black unibody machine changed the way I use and see technology. That same year I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon with the iPhone 3G, and that too changed the way I see mobile computing. It was not until a few years later that I discovered then TiPB with a search for a good iPhone blog. Since then I have not gone but a day without checking in with TiPB/ iMore for the latest in everything Apple.

Hands down, no contest, the BEST writing staff in the industry.

A very warm thank you to all of you for sharing your passion for Apple and technology.

All the best,

ukmight says:

I complained and complained about how mobile OS upgrades were free and now Apple does the awesome by making Mavericks free. Thanks iMore for being the source to let me know after I missed the event.

RunzwScissorz says:

Got my first iPhone a few months back...Never going back to Android. I LOVE APPLE!!!

orvino says:

Simplicity and elegance, iMore and Apple divine.

crsone says:

I love apple because they've made taskhandling flawless & easy nowadays. I love iMore because they help keep me up to date with how Apple plans to make things even easier! Perfect match!

Mo Zainuddin says:

Already, This is awesome. I love it because I just sold my old one for the new one! That much I love them. It is fast, no matter how much space available still do great.

That what I love in iOS devices.

OSU_Que says:

I love Apple because it makes my life easier and it just works well. Imore is awesome because they keep me in the loop.

polar135 says:

I would love to get chance to check out another apple product besides a ipod. Imore rocks to!

Thanks for the contest!

tvstimmyg says:

Looking forward to holding the ipad air in hand to see if it's light enough to replace the mini (which I love). Thanks for the coverage, imore!

IMFSHN says:

iPad Air -well done Apple. Support, insight, how-to's, and reviews - well done iMore.

jaymandrumthingya says:

I love iMore and Apple! It's my go-to for news on twitter, and my iPhone 4 needs a buddy!

Albertomg says:

I love apple because their products work very fine and love imore because they tell me about the Apple products!

Joebin says:

I can't imagine my life without my Apple products. Well I can imagine an Apple-less world, and it looks a lot more frustrating. The Mac has been my tool of choice since the early 90's, (even had a Performa!) and iPhone user for life. iMore is definitely my main source for anything Apple: the podcasts, how to's, forums and news are all excellent. Way to go iMore!

jb7881 says:

Great coverage of the Mac and iPad event, as always! I would love a new iPad Air, I sure hope I win this time!

blindguy says:

I'm in. Thanks for the contest!

ahitagni says:

I really love Apple, cant believe that iLife and iWorks and the OS X Mavericks is for free! And i do love the iMore as its the best place to get the latest Apple news.

FlyingV79 says:

Listening to Rene and Peter right now love my iPad 2 but think I need an iPad air.

ZA_BB_user says:

Imore - best I-everything site. Ipad best tablet.

mikec8785 says:

Love the retina displays from Apple and great coverage from iMore.

tauseefqureshi says:

Apple= Amazing products.
iMore= Amazing place to find Apple reviews, news and updates.

khobia2 says:

I love Apple more since Mavericks is free. I am truly happy to be in the Apple family. Excited to get my hands on Mavericks. Loving iMore goes without saying. Followed the keynote coverage with Rene and Peter. Great job guys.

thomas_paterson says:

Apple products just have the best design. iMore just gives you the best news impartially.


iMore is the direct link to all my iPad needs.

DeeDev says:

Apple + iMore = maximus <3

thadclay says:

I love Apple products. iMore is the site with the best coverage of Apple.

Skinny_Pete_ says:

I LOVE my family. I think Apple products are really cool and iMore is my favourite source for everything Apple.

Rapunzel0625 says:

I love apple products cause is dummy proof! You open the box and Voila! It works. No fuss no problem. I love IMore cause you guys don't disappoint with all things Apple. I love the tips and tricks to do things and all news related to Apple products. Don't own an IPad. Can't afford one yet. Thank you guys for the opportunity to play!

Sent from the iMore App

Auturi says:

iMore is always a nice place to go to for updates on Apple news. This community is more personable than the others out there and it's great to come here to share thoughts about great products.

Also, the content that this blog features are a lot better too.

taeoh says:

Apple runs my life and my household ever since my dad got a Macintosh as a gift for himself 20 years ago. And iMore is a great place to catch up on apple rumors and read commentaries by its great writers. It makes perfect sense to start and end my day by visiting this site. Also, I like the fact that Rene is a fellow Canadian!

Chris81c says:

I love apple products because of the seamless integration, and I love coming to iMore for reviews and keeping up to date with what's going on with Apple. Also the iMore podcasts are the best.

macjim says:

Apple is the best in the world and iMore is more too!

giantbrownguy says:

If Apple were a food, it would be scotch....hard to pay for but oh so good.

If iMore were a food, it would be a porterhouse steak....a perfect pairing with scotch, and you'll be stuffed afterwards!

ef4ervescent says:

I've been using Apple products for several years and I love Apple because their ecosystem they developed is amazing and I love iMore because you keep me updated on the latest Apple news, tips, and updates. iMore is amazing.

Rick Doane says:

Creature of Habit - mornings consist of picking up my iphone5 - checking imore to see what is new - then make a coffee - everything else falls into place.

c_topherrr says:

Apples new ipads are what the last one shoulve been. I LOVE them, and Imore is the best site for all new apple!

matyou98 says:

Imore always has the best apple news. Apple always has the awesome new products. Win Win!

alpaq says:

long time lurker first time poster. Love them both!

tibbi64 says:

I would love to win an Ipad Air, not having a great month. Car broke and no insurance too pricey on marketplace.

Duscraft says:

So I guess I should start by saying that Apple has made my personal and professional life much better. I couldn't keep track of my business or even my everyday tasks if I didn't have Apple in my life. The amazing user experience and ability to keep all of my devices synced together is unmatched by any other competitor. That leads me to why I love iMore so much... I have a lot of options as far as getting my tech news is concerned and yet none of the other sites match the intelligence and personality that iMore has to offer. I enjoy reading what you guys have to say about the industry's latest news. Also, I dig the personalities of the contributors... I feel like I could have coffee and discus the tech world with you guys ha ha. I appreciate you and all you do.

cenny says:

Debug and Vector podcasts makes make my commute go faster and Apple makes me work and use with products i enjoy. Thats why I love iMore and Apple.

TomBeresnyak says:

When I need the latest Apple news I go to iMore first!

Sent from the iMore App

evilsofa says:

Apple and iMore are a winning combination! Keep up the great work both of you!

AndresE says:

This is the iPad upgrade I have been waiting for (yes I still have an iPad1). I can't wait to read iMore's coverage and hopefully win one too!

ferreirarq says:

If I could marry Apple and iMore and form an iTreesome, I would! please please please! pick me!

ericfultze says:

I guess I should've waited until the iPad mini retina instead of being stuck with a iPad mini displayisgoodbutikindastillseepixelssopleasehopeforaretina.

addimachead says:

Apple has saved my bacon more than once. I've made money from Apple products in so many ways. It makes me very, very happy. is my new "go-to" site for all Mac and Apple news and reviews. Keep up the good work

kicks says:

I love iMore more than Apple because they present facts. I love Apple for its apps

juerg.riehen says:

I can just feel the love - it comes from the bottom my heart. Not much to add to that. Love you all ;)

freemdoom says:

can't wait to upgrade my original 1st gen iPad!

jp1011 says:

Awesome updates for the holidays. Thanks for the contest. iPad here, please.

John Henderson1 says:

I really really love Apple & iMore! They're great together!

Dennisgarcia says:

i cant say with many words how much i love apple and imore. they are an amazing company/community of amazing people who love amazing products and ive definitely made some great acquaintances in both places. love these 2 hand in hand.

Dex13r says:

I love apple because their products area always built in high quality materials and their operating system is so refined that no others can match. iMore is the only source for me to keep up to date with apple products! Keep up the good work people at iMore.

derk says:

I love starting my day and ending my day, reading with my iPhone 5 on the iMore web site.

justiceandmercy1 says:

Again, iMore is awesome due to the Dalrymple, Richie, Gruber, Cohen syndicate, and Apple is awesome for obvious reasons.

mndude#IM says:

I love iMore and all of Apple's products!!

brainedead says:

There's no other site I go for apple/iOS updates other than imore! that's how I love this site and can't have a day without going to this site...

counterculture says:

I love Apple and this was a much needed Keynote! I personally wish that the iPad Air came in gold but the Space Grey version will be even more awesome. Good luck to everyone (but obviously I hope that I win)!


ultbruin says:

iMore & iPad Air is the perfect combination.

pgood4 says:

Apple continues to innovate in a way that matters to the consumer as does imore. Great job to both.

ChaiThai says:

I love the iPhone/iPad series and have been getting my news from iMore since it was the iPhone blog!

Jeeverz says:

I really say that makes you guys different from every other 'iPhone/tech blog' is the fact the you you not only cover the latest and greatest but the fact that you guys have walk throughs for novice users. That really is something extra ordinary that no one else does, and is really helpful to the person that got their 1st iDevice and is looking to get a one stop place to get all the information they need.

I myself really wanted to upgrade to the iPad mini coming from a iPad 2, but the iPad Air at 1 pound is kinda blowing my mind, and I just might stay full size.

kannon#IM says:

Apple launch day? I ALWAYS go to iMore first!

bgl321 says:

I love Apple because of their quality products and iMore because you are giving away a $500 gift card... and your website is tremendous as well :-)

THARD says:

Please Please Please :)

Waleed Swaileh says:

The Best Apple News Site Is iMore , I open it more than 2 times Daily , Great Website

jkspn says:

I'm just happy to have a company like Apple in the same piece of time as I'm living in this world. I currently personally don't own any Apple device, but their belief in their values and dedication to their mission is an example that's more valuable than any product they sell.

pntbldan says:

Apple keeps edging us closer to the future we were promised when we were younger and iMore keeps us as up to date as possible, sometimes even more than should be possible!

davedev says:

Obviously because iMore has the best and the fastest coverage out there!

Abhijith CD says:

Apple & iMore are "Beauty and the Be(a)st". What more do u need to fall in love?

sv650 says:

great coverage of great products, thanks. I was watching your live stream the whole time

DiMaggio Paris says:

I love apple and imore so much. They are great. Imore has anything you want to know about apple. They keep you up to date. It's awesome!!! Also apple is awesome too. They have the best products in the world. They are great. Let's go imore and apple!!!!!!

Enes Tasdemir says:

This device will make me switch back to iOS and will gain you +1 hit for your site, just saying.

310mike says:


Dare7878 says:

For a long time I was a staunch android user. However, since we got iPads for school, I've been hooked. I've loved using the ipad and an iphone might soon be making its way into my pocket, Imore has been the best reference for new stories, apps, and everything else iOS!

Moses Olsen says:

I absolutely love Apple and the new products they announced today, and I absolutely love iMore for letting me know all about it!

mich1248 says:

officially became a apple lover this year with the purchase of my iphone 5..sold my android and never looking back...and always staying up to date with iMore..Thank You

tjfrench says:

Apple, iMore, Love. Three words that mean the same.

cubanhoya says:

I have followed imore for a long time when they were tipb. Would love to get Retina ipad mini!

Chuck08 says:

Love apple products as the integration across multiple different devices is awesome. Also the simplicity of all them (my 5 year old knows how to work my wife’s iPhone better than she does) is great.

iMore is just a great apple site and I love all of the podcasts. Keep up the good work.

EggTarts says:

I love Apple because they provide me with devices and tools that just work. Also with minimal to zero fragmentation. And love iMore because it's always first in posting the latest and greatest on Apple.

Neal Horowitz says:

I love all the things, especially if it leads to free stuff!

scottae316 says:

I love Apple because the products just work and are intuitive. I love iMore because you guys feed my Apple addiction with news, reviews and great contests like this.

jsb55 says:

I love Apple as much as chicken pot pie and iMore as much as Taco Tuesday's!!

gameson says:

I love apple product because the only device in the market with updated OS and controlled environment
and for iMore? my first site that I check every morning to deliver the apple news. :)

would be awesome if I can win some iPad. :) gotta apple-ized my home, you know... :D

Phillip Lemons says:

How much do I love Apple and iMore? I believe the correct answer would be 42.

PrePlus79 says:

iMore! iMore! iMore!

(see what I did there)

austriak says:

Love Apple's hardware. Just wishing they would update IOS 7 so that it isn't so buggy. Thanks IMore for always being great.

rap1 says:

Honestly don't love apple but my family does and this would be great for them. I do come to iMore from AC whenever I'm looking for apple news.

tsipka says:

I love that the new Mavericks OS is free. Way to go Apple! iMore did a great job covering the event. Always watch the live hangout.

iosified says:

Yes! Apple now has the iPad mini Retina, this is my next iPad. The mini form factor is better for my particular needs, and while the regular sized iPad is also great, I like the way the mini allows me to keep more things in my desk while in class. Also, iMore, thanks for the coverage today and the days leading up to this, you guys work hard, I hope you play hard too. Keep it up!

thisisconlan says:

I like stuff that's cool. Duh.

Biga173rd says:

I have never owned an iPad. it be great to win one!. Apple has always made high end quality Products with the best materials. That they stands by there products and sets new standards every time. There innovation is above everyone else is why i love Apple!! And iMore i love guys even more. You guys are my daily driver when it comes to the most up to date news and updates on Apple Products and insites. Thanks for this awesome contest. And keep up the Great work iMore you guys Rock! I love iMore!!!

hhakeem says:

iMore the information on Apple.
One of my main go to for Apple news.

MDG99 says:

Imore & Apple how else would I stay in touch with the Tech world.

Danielle D says:

I'm hoping Santa brings me a mini for Christmas!

BuddhistGirafe says:

I love how iMore because I am going to win a free iPad!

nimhsugar says:

Thanks Apple for releasing an update to address the battery life on the MBP Retina. Hopefully it will fix the only negative part of my most excellent computer. Thanks iMore for the great coverage of the event.

ptbahr says:

Loving all of the iMore contests lately and would love the new iPad Air!

thebaap says:

Apple consistently creates solid products that work as advertised albeit not always on the cutting edge. iMore helps me utilize these products to their full ability.

boovish says:

I use iMore as a go to source for all the new Apple products. I love iMore, and I would love an iPad Mini 2

Marathdamane says:

I just love Imore, that's the best site for Apple-related news, I visit it daily for news, hints, and tech changes. And surely I love Apple and it's ecosystem, I use RMBP 15, ipad 3, iphone 4, love everything and enjoy using. The best tech company at the moment.

John Monnett says:

I need the Retina iPad Mini for Cubasis (like GarageBand) . Its difficult to work with this tool at the old iPad mini resolution. Rene, as usually great job - I can't wait to see this week's Mac Break Weekly.

Sean Jackson says:

Rene hosting on MacBreak Weekly is awesome. iMore FTW.

_patrickc_ says:

I love my Mac and would love an iPad to go along with it!

theericwilliams says:

So excited about the new products announced today! Retina Mini! Finally!!!!

J_Droid says:

Apple is a delicious, healthy fruit. And iMore has Georgia.

gharleyjr says:

Been reading all the iOS7 help articles by Rene and am looking forward to getting an iPad Mini Retina! Love Apple stuff, HOWEVER they need to launch one of those iOS7 gamepads ASAP. I'd be an even bigger fan if iMore could discover a release date for this elusive accessory =).

buzzinhornets says:

just moved from crackberry to imore user... please pick me!!!!!

bigginz says:

Apple is top in computing, and iMore is top in Apple news and info! Sure would love me a new iPad to check out iMore on everyday...

EmJack says:

imore is the "go-to" site for hottest apple info. Love you guys!

vates says:

If an (A)pple a day keeps the doctor away, then (i)need(More)...i am constantly on both the site & app (iMore).


firic says:

iLove iMore for the content and iLove Apple cause i can get your content from their devices!

Gabriel Syme says:

Apple is awesome! Just want to say that iMore's podcasts are must listen podcasts for me. Thanks so much for the great content!

614kiki says:

I love apple because their products just work and everything works together What is there not to love about imore? Thanks you guys/gals for keeping us informed.

jvernwald says:

Please save me from my Playbook!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE iMore!! I would also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a new iPad!

jtwebber says:

I love Apple and iMore more than Leslie Knope loves Pawnee.

delgrego says:

Love my iPad and would love an upgrade. iMore always keeps me informed of the latest. Thanks!

Kevin Cooper says:

I love Apple because they've revolutionized every single piece of technology I've ever loved... From computers to cellphones, Apple has given me more than enough reasons to continue my interest in technology. iMore has always been my favorite source for Apple-chat because they have a friendly staff and always have the latest, up to date news and articles. As a senior in high school, I'd really love to have a new iPad to make it through the rest of the school year and into college to help pursue a degree in computer science.

NaderOuali says:

i love apple because its the most creative one, and i love imore because its the first way i go to know about apple

Jon Lewis2 says:

Apple is the most reliable company. They're products are innovative and long-lasting. You can't be technologically savv without reading Imore!

Eustacia#IM says:

I love everything Apple because everything Apple is amazing and I love iMore because they know everything Apple! My two sons that have autism love their iPads!

Stiebs says:

I love Apple for making flawless products that look beautiful and work great.

I love iMore for keeping me up-to-date with everything Apple-related.

Thanks, iMore contributors!

Fully says:

Apple has become a global giant raking in massive profits and most of their fan base would yell, "Shut up and take my money!" no matter what they do or release. What I appreciate about them most is they're always willing to shake the industry up and offer unique value to their customers (even when they really don't have to in order to remain successful). Offering Mavericks as a free upgrade along with free iWork and iLife offerings is crazy. Moves like this force their rivals into action and creates stronger competition. Stronger competition benefits us all. Thank you Apple.

iMore, keep up the top-quality coverage. Thanks!

jamiesuttles says:

Apple is great because all their products just work & look great. iMore is awesome because they keep everyone informed on all of apples great products!

nudgez says: is always my source for everything Apple. I love imore because I love Apple. I love Apple because it first loved me :)

mefive85 says:

I pledge allegiance to Apple and the Tim Cook for which it stands! :-)

avelvethammer says:

Comment...just kidding. this i great that imore is doing this. You're awesome. this site is the best site for apple updates.....keep them coming. I read this before reading the paper.

hockeyhawk77 says:

Apple products are beautiful in form and function. Thanks, iMore, for keeping us informed and bringing us quality news on quality products!

CyberXenon says:

hello imore team..
i loved the previous apple when we have jobs to make true revolutions but now i am quite shocked to hear that ipad air has nothing new then the same iphone 5S chip not even camera is improved so actually i am saying that ipad mini with retina display and 128GB storage is the best apple device so far so it would make a great deal.. i mean it does the same thing with sharper display and smaller size which is great for games and photography.. so i would love to buy one .. i currently own an ipad 3 upgraded from iphone 4G.. i would say that iphone 4 is better that ipad 3 when it comes to satisfaction i mean look at the site they already have all idevices with retina display's so why they need to sell ipad 2? answer is simple it is clearly the best ipad ever made when it comes to satisfaction.. so i am only saying that every single device which steve released is perfect in any sense.. i upgraded from iphone 4 because apple made ios 7 to support device at the same time make it laggy which means any ipad 2 and iphone 4 owners who runs in ios 7 are having so many issues... any one who still owns and ipad 2 or i4 on ios 5/6 will still do fine.. two years back when i bought iphone 4(first apple device) i joined imore and seven other site by exploring from pulse app.. and now there are only three of them which i used the most and pleasure to say that imore is on number one among those.. i loved the contests and i loved the contents.. imore is doing a great job.. for the contest, i would love to have an retina ipad mini but there are like 0.00001% i would say for my winning so i should just end this comment by thanking apple and imore for making our lifes awesome...
Thank You Apple and Imore for the knowledge and awesomeness..
Please Change The World Again!

CrackOne says:

We own many Apple products and love them all. is a great community and helps us get the most out of our devices.

Rocket_Girl says:

Air or Mini? Mini or Air? How to decide??? Either way, iMore always wins...

abaggy says:

Call me an Apple fanboy! In fact call me an iMore fanboy!

rames says:

I have almost all apple products, I do not want to miss imore even a single day.

xtinktor says:

I've been an Apple user for years. Long before the commercial explosion since the iPod came out. It's all I have for a computer, phone, devices in general. They make a superior product, hands-down. iMore is my source of everyday Apple news. All others are just riding the coattails!


Bosque Bill says:

iMore is the best and so is Apple.

blu8503 says:

The new ipad mini is everything I have been wanting! Please pick me

shinuyuki says:

I love apple because I've never had problems with their software like I did with Droids. I love iMore because they constantly update themselves with news that matters.