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Apple 2013 iPad & Mac event preview

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPad or iPad mini!

Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Our complete new iPad rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, and iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you a chance to enter to win a brand new iPad or iPad - technically a $500 gift certificate! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday October 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 4210 comments. Add yours.

ScottHekking says:

I love Apple's awesome ecosystem and beautiful products, and I love how iMore perfectly complements them with their great editorials and reviews! Thanks for the opportunity :)

ls108 says:

Current owner of an iPad 2, its time for a change for something new

Culdee says:

Love Apple; Love @ first sight, iMore ;-)

mrtazdevil says:

love apple, imore and iphone. need add ipad to the list.

neelagopi says:

Apple makes good-complete products... and iMore is the best source for all iNews

trwhite says:

I can't imagine a boring life without my iPad. Love it, and always have an imore podcast loaded to keep me up to date.

MooPenguin32 says:

I love Apple and iMore thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

TommyQ94 says:

I would love one in Space Grey or silver

eswanso1 says:

If it weren't for iMore, I would never have been willing to give in and give Apple a try and realize the awesome hardware designs. Thanks iMore!

alokeprasad says:

How much do I love Apple and iMore? Ginormous
I could love them even more more if I win :)

Reavus06 says:

Loving what Apple is doing with their latest hardware and software and loving iMore's coverage!

This is where I go for any news about Apple.

jrssms97 says:

Already downloaded Mavericks and am setting up Keychain. The iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display look sweet. Great coverage as usual by iMore.

maikeroo says:

Nice upgrade to an already great product!

x1mask says:

Apple and iMore, both simply amazing!

WyckedAnkh says:

I think it's high time to upgrade to an iPad Air from my iPad 2. Apple still knows how to innovate!

youjustgotflipped says:

I'm bound to win one of these sometime.

asfrank16 says:

Apple just makes fun, easy to use, products that make you more productive, that is why I love them. iMore gives you all the news and information you need about said Apply products and makes them MORE productive. That is one of the reasons I love iMore.

indio24 says:

Apple and Imore just go together. Visit Imore site everyday.

RoboWarrior says:

Nothing beats the perfection of Apple and iMore's dedication to delivering everything Apple.

John Christopher Bautista says:

I simply love APPLE, it has it's own unique features that's so easy to use and with help of iMore it's even more convenient. hope to win the prize! good luck to all..

Barry Kushner says:

love Apple and iMore! Georgia is cute as well.

takiv says:

I love Apple products and love imore keeping up to date on all. I would love to get a new ipad.

Steve Trotto says:

iMore and Apple what more is there?

KarmelVixen says:

winning one for my mother would be so much better then buying her a new

dlarocca says:

Why wouldn't I love Apple? Their products are SO beautiful... and without iMore, how would Keep up to date with all of these beautiful products?

firebirddmt says:

Thanks for the review - I want the iPad Air!

NAMISH says:

iPhone (first gen) was my first major smartphone that I had purchased having saved up titbits from my minuscule salary at the time. It lived up to all my expectations and surpassed many others. Years later I happily purchased an iPhone 5. Not a disappointment at all and totally worth every penny. In between I also was able to proudly own an iPod Classic as well as an iPod Touch 4th Gen - the latter being in use to this day usually hooked up to my car's stereo system as we drive through green pastures. It was the only music system that I used (with a docking station) while on my honeymoon, marking our trip to the northern regions of the country far more enjoyable with a mellow soundtrack to go along with our journey.

In a nutshell, Apple's been with me, by my side, through some major milestones in my life. Definitely having proven itself to be a reliable brand that you can rely on to get you through any day or event. And iMore has been the ultimate source of information since long, proving to be the best community for anything and everything Apple.

Never had the chance to own an iPad, though I did have the pleasure of using one on loan from my brother for a very short period of time. Short as it may have been, it was enough to make me fall in love with it. So what do you say? Should I save up... or? ;)

boxer says:

I love Apple and I love iMore for keeping us so up to date! The new Apple iPad Mini is everything I ever wanted in a iPad and more! I've been entering your contests for year! Now would be the most perfect time ever to win!!!!!

boosted06 says:

iMore is awesome and an iPad would work well with my iPhone, Macbook Pro, and Apple TV. Loving apple products.

geroy10 says:

I love Apple because their products works great and iMore is the best site to follow the last news around Apple's world!

immawaniac says:

I love Apple because (more often than not) their products just work. iMore keeps me up to date with all Apple ios devices hardware and software related news in a more objective (less fanboyish) manner compared to other similar sites, keeping me coming back for more.

patrickpiteo says:

I would luv the new iPad Air...

kona314 says:

I love Apple because of the way all of my devices talk to each other and work seamlessly, and I love iMore for keeping me up to date on what they do. Thank you, iMore team, for all you do!

rivenagares says:

I love apple because of its utility. I use my iPad for nearly everything - from an external monitor during photoshoots to my step-by-step cooking recipe helper. its just a nice, tidy, do-it-all device. iMore keeps me up to date with all my apple needs. a perfect combo!

sorinc03 says:

I love iMore but iMore iPad!

mrsha says:

I have loved Apple for many years and had every new phone and imore is THE best support and goto site for everything related.

rhyme#CB says:

Apple(s) are nutritious to my soul, more than blackberry and android robots; I always want More from imore.

Firesoda says:

Apple and iMore are awesome, plain and simple.
Both have great products.

munchkinsdad says:

Everything Apple! iMore gives more! The first site I run to for news, reviews and tech help.

Adam Sewell says:

...because my first gen iPod nano can't run iOS 7 haha

Bonn89 says:

This comment shows how much I love Apple! (But also that I love iMore.. well, more :D)

jdmiphone says:

I love Apple so much that I write about them almost everyday. Keep up the great work guys.

mmusic247 says:

Use Apple iMac for music recording and family
Watches any tv trough the Apple TV. Love the airplay
For home audio and video. Shopping for new Mac Pro
And trust info offered through imore. Thanks

gcantrell says:

iMore is always there when I need them! Always keeping me informed on the latest as it pertains to my love of Apple products. iMore is always on top of the latest news!

Thanks so much for offering great opportunities like this. Best of luck to everyone and congrats in advance to the winner!

tdosthp says:

Why do I love Apple and iMore? Because both are at the top of their game. One gives you the best tools to work with and the other puts "tools in your toolbox"

aamortimer says:

Love apple and imore and would love to win. That's a whole lot of love

Fanatix85 says:

Yo Quiero un iPad por favor! Would be great though!

Alexander Vasilescu says:

I love Apple because its products are cutting edge and work really well and the software and hardware and customer services is all integrated. I like iMore because it provides great tech coverage and is pretty honest in its reviews and commentary. Well done.

JoeyCast says:

I love Apple because they are genuine and truly care, or so they make it seem.

dp4cb says:

iLove iMore because it is SO great all the articles and reviews and it makes me love Apple even more!!!!! :)

citibori says:

I love Apple products because they just work and I love imore cause it just outperforms the rest. Hoorah!

eyecanmakeamess says:

love getting my apple news from iMore. gotta be in it to win it for this contest!

haxrnick says:

Great site and great product. I'd love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

JerardF says:

I had a windows Gateway, then i went Mac in 2003, and i never went back...

Sheltonjonathan says:

Two awesome companies. Love you both!!

cdhabolt says:

I love iMore SO SO SO much!!!!!!! for always keeping me updated with the great articles and reviews!!! AND I love Apple SO SO SO much too because their products have never let me down, I love them and today after their announcement I fell in love AGAIN!!! ♥♥♥ Fingers, toes & eyes crossed =)

zac_tastic says:

iMore keeps me up to date on all the latest Apple news and they're just all around AWESOME!!!

coryrupert says:

I will watch every podcast Rene is on, on an ipad mini retina purchased with this gift card.

ABTitanLive says:

iMore has given me the information I needed to make the decision to jump to Apple and get an iPad over a year ago. More recently, it helped me decide to get an iPhone 5S. I'm a slow convert from Blackberry to Apple because of this site and the quality products it produces.

geetarnub says:


visualkei says:


kevbot19 says:

i can't think of any More websites to read for Apple tips and tricks; I also can't think of ever using a non-Apple device

Ed Perez says:

I love Apple because it changed how I thought about computers way back in 2002 and I love iMore because of its insightful reviews, compelling content, and incredible in-depth analysis of Apple-based journalism.

sledsworth says:

Apple produces quality devices, iMore produces quality news and reviews. What's not to love about either?

myrk28 says:

This is awesome! Great coverage of the event too! I'd like two please ! :)

mick868 says:

Apple's got the best products and imore the best reporting on apple products. give me that iPad!!!

drknight says:

I love apple because their products are user friendly. I love imore because they provide latest updates on Apple news!

andrewr727 says:

Apple is great because they make high quality products. iMore's great because they get new news to me quickly and efficiently, which is important as I myself run a blog so I need information ASAP. :-)

southpawmedic says:

iMore is my go-to website for all things Apple. My house is nearly completely converted to Apple products. The gift certificate would help me get this to completion!!

phreddyl says:

I love apple because they always make quality products that work. Imore helps sort it all out for me. Plus I made some fun tech friends.


I love apple cause it's quality and I love iMmore cause is my gurú in apple devices...

Igotti08 says:

I would absolutely be in shock if I have won of new iPads from Imore! I love Apple Products because they are built with quality and enjoyment! If I won an iPad I would not only use it for gaming, social media and movies, I would also use it for school to make my life easier!

Without apple, I don't know what I would do! I love my mac, iphone and iPod, the only thing missing is an IPad! And the best part is iMore is giving me a chance to win my very own! I am very happy we have a website like imore to keep me updated with all the technology and do contests for people to win items!

In other words I am grateful for Apple technology and Imore!

I hope I win! Thanks :)

kevinthoule says:

I've been using Apple products since the Apple II in he mid 80s, and iMore to follow Apple news ... not quite as long!

paynehj says:

I love Apple because of they're polished, quality products, and I love iMore because of the great stories and content they provide on the tech world. Thanks, guys!

kev46 says:

Love my Apple and iMore...both go hand in hand...need the Retina iPad to soothe my eyes.

hggs says:

I love iMore because of it's no nonsense reporting and honesty. I love Apple because they make the best hardware and software for my needs.

MacMike1000 says:

I like both Apple and iMore because Apple makes good products and and iMore provide excellent news sources. Best of both iWorld.

stylesbythree1 says:

Because at the end of the day Apple works people can complain about how they don't change much. But they work and keep working! iMore is the best source for any Apple news that is why it is in my bookmarks because I am here almost every single day reading about new Apple news.

RyanPcarney says:

I love apple because as a divorced dad who doesn't get to see my young daughter as much as I'd like FaceTime makes it so we can talk to and see each other when we are apart and I love imore because their twitter feed keeps me up to date on all the new developments and advances without having to spend hours searching.

Jmurraymedia says:

I love Apple's attention to detail and iMore's attention to Apple. Both make me happy. :)

moffatman says:

Apple is to technology products what iMore is to technology journalism.

bradcah says:

iMore is a glass of ice water in the hell that is Apple and tech journalism. Love iMore! Love Apple and the new iPads!

senor_1 says:

I love Apple products /software and love reading about them on iMore.

Tim Shaw1 says:

Love Apple and would love iMore even more if i won the iPad!

Stillearth says:

I love iMore because I enjoy learning new things about different devices and operating systems, especially Apple products and information.

jasonelmore says:

Thanks for the contest! Here is my entry

I love apple ipads and iphones. I use them everyday doing things ranging from listening to podcast, to mounting my ipad mini in my truck for a glorified gps and tv station. I would love the new retina mini.

Jus10Mar10 says:

Thankful for their design and your reporting.

RM305 says:

I love Apple because of top quality products and iMore because they keep me up to date with Apple product news.

TBone-82 says:

Love apple for the products, love iMore to learn all about them. Can't say enough good things about both!

pia_colada says:

I am an Apple junkie, and iMore is my enabler.

Rickyshio Bertie says:

you can't be serious i stayed up all night Sunday Monday an Tuesday morning took a 6 hour sleep wake up more then a 1000 comments OmG im heart broken no in sleeping tell Wednesday night

crwoo says:

i love apple products too much and imore maybe just enough.

BenitoC says:

iMore is the best source of Applr info around and Apple makes the greatest devices in the world!

Jude34 says:

I love Apple because of the ease of usability, and the warranty and AppleCare plus! I love iMore because I can happily anticipate all the latest Apple news right from my iPhone

Stillearth says:

I love Apple because all the devices work together well as a system and they are quality products.

jmalloch says:

Awesome contest love apples simplicity and power. Love the knowledge from imore.

Aaron says:

IMore has the best coverage of the Apple things I want to know.

dougdog says:

When I used to love blackberry I was a crackberry addict. Now that I love Apple I'm a iMore lover. Is the best way to keep up to daily iOS and Apple related news

cnohan says:

Amazing articles. I love Apple simply cause they keep it playful with innovations and keep it real with performance.

mutigbeere says:

I love the new iPad imore than I can even believe.

NWNirvana says:

If I don't win I'll be getting a maxed out iPad Air! Oh yeah!

TheRealLuis says:

iMore is a one-stop shop for all the best reviews, news, and exclusives for apples products! I love apple! And I love imore because they do too!

Melvyn Marrero Herrera says:

I love all Apple products, I always watch the keynotes, and I love iMore

tnahumck says:

Would love to win something from Apple & iMore because it would help my day be way more productive! And free is WAY better than paid (for devices, anyway).

jwlethbridge says:

Moved to Apple products two years ago, and frankly I now shake my head as to why it took me so long and I am completely blown away by the build quality and throughout user experience. And imore is a great place for all things Apple. As well I love seeing imore represented on the network!

bigjohn99 says:

Apple and iMore are THE BEST!!

allordm says:

I love iMore and their great reviews and info, apple just makes great products I really love to use and play with

crav4speed says:

I guess iPads are cool... iMore is cool, too!

gunjanlab says:

I love apple as it's simple but still with lots of innovation and imore tells u how to use all those thing in ur phone before anybody knows it

Yoav Weiss says:

I love Apple because I'm using an Apple product to enter an iMore giveaway. I love iMore because they're giving away an Apple product.

nyry says:

Apple is great for putting out consistently awesome products that provide an excellent experience
iMore is an excellent website for getting any information on anything Apple :3

birthgirth says:

iMore, I love you..but I need you to help me out. Help me get my hands on an iPad Air before I do something really buy an iPad 2 for $399.

Jake Derrick says:

I have been a long time apple fan and would love to have one the new iPads. iMore is where I go for apple news.

jamesbemery says:

Apple breaks the laws of physics with both designs. What more couldn't you love. And iMore is my only trusted Apple source.

railstop says:

I love Apple enough to get the whole family on i-devices and Macbooks. iMore has the best reviews, writers and editors. Best Apple site by far!

DNRuffin says:

The Apple ecosystem just can't be beat (tried Android and Windows Phone and came right back to the iPhone) and of course iMore is the BEST site for Apple coverage.

Eric_Kow says:

Excited for the iPad Air. So nice to see this amazing construction.

althalus204 says:

imore is awesome for all sharing all the amazing shiny apple toys

nmaguire001 says:

Me please, I need more power than my original iPad.

smileyboy says:

Thx again for all the awesome contests!! Love this forum!

Sent from the iMore App

ajhall62 says:

Apple makes good products and IMore covers apple products well.

Brady KEITH says:

apple is cool for focusing their efforts on design, and rolling out software updates in a timely manner. imore is cool for covering apple.

Cody Burgess says:

I love Apple products, they are really high quality and we'll worth the money. is the only site I come to to check out the latest news on everything Apple. I tried other sites, and none compare to Imore!

entoncool says:

I love going into the iMore section on flipboard everyday and learning all I need to about Apple. I love all Apple products and could really use this iPad. Thanks!

TechTalks101 says:

hey imore, i really hope i win this ipad. im starting my own youtube channel i have to use my brothers macbook and mom's kindle tablet. i really need a productive tablet, but i don't have the money. i hope you read this and consider me as a winner. thank you

zergwind says:

Screw you both, I read iMore

Sent from the iMore App

tysartor says:

Answer here is simple... Love iMore because you guys bring me the most in depth, realistic information on my iDevices. Whenever I have a question, I look to you. I love Apple due to their ability to draw me into their ecosystem by making such quality products that "just work" without leaving out any attention to detail.

netsyd says:

Because with Apple it just works... but when it doesn't iMore shows you why it doesn't and how to get it going.

kboy#CB says:

Apple + iMore = Techie Porn! Keep up the great work!

Jonah Mendoza says:

Pall is cray cray and would love to upgrade. What?

imoochoo says:

I would say, if Apple is my body, iMore could be my heart!

bgall021 says:

Apple products work so well for me. iMore is the only place to go for Apple info.

Can't live without either one.

lanmac30 says:

I so need a new iPad. I have an iPhone 5 and now I need an iPad so bad. My first generation is so far behind now. Please help me...!!!

kallitype says:

Apple creates some of the most innovative and beautiful industrial design in the world. I love their products!

Sent from the iMore App

brettj80 says:

Winning the iPad would help me be less of a "Dad that doesn't get it!" in the eyes of my 14 year old daughter! So please help an "old man" seem with it!

stevethomp says:

Love both! Also love that iMore brings me a Canadian perspective (thanks rene!)

mdokken says:

Love my iMore app to keep up with great Apple news!

Sent from the iMore App

Jonas Timothy says:

Apple is my favorite company in the whole wide world. I thank you, my beloved iMore, for providing us Apple-related news. Lol I really want the new iPad, so please let me win!

phrequency86 says:

I love Apple because of the great accessibility features in their products, and iMore for setting up contests like these!

kedwards1217 says:

I love Apple products so much! And I love iMore for keeping me up to date on all the latest Apple info!

xMatter says:

Love the quality of Apple products and love iMore for giving the community the knowledge to use Apple's products to their full potential.

StevenThomas says:

Apple user since the very beginning of the Mac II. Never stopped, never looked back. The invention of all Apple products changed the course of my work life and playtime! Never gonna stop.

psiclne says:

I love Apple for the great products and iMore for showing me how to use those great products!

satishleo says:

Apple and imore are more reliable than others

simonelias says:

Me me me, pick me please. I am all apple product at home.

FrankDeG says:

I love Apple because their products work great and look awesome. I love iMore because they keep me up to date every day. Keep up the great work!

iGotMoreFromiMore says:

I love iMore and Apple so much that I've began trolling...Have an addiction! I asked Siri to help me but she searched Apple and iMore, sooo...thanks guys! I need rehab!

mhemmes says:

I love what Apple has done for my business, easier than any other platform to manage and makes my users more productive. iMore, to me, is the perfect Apple accessory, only it's free. I'm on the site every morning to start my day; which helps, as I'm bombarded daily by my IT clients with iQuestions. Thanks for being such a great site!

erdichia says:

Apple makes some great hardware and iMore does an awesome job telling me all about said great hardware.

Mr.A5 says:

Ive been an Apple fan since 10+ years and ive loved every single product i owned from them which is why i love Apple so much. I Also been an fan for years and i can happily say ive loved every review and tip they have made to enjoy the most out of my Apple products. iMore keep it up with the good reviews!

kashirat says:

Yes please! Sold off my iPad 3 a long time ago bit seriously missing the iPad experience!

N0M0reUsernames says:

Please pick me. I would just absolutely I love the new iPad.

Goh Lin Hoe says:

I love it. Apple just makes it simple.

jhulgan says:

Love love love great products from Apple and great coverage from iMore!

Rev320 says:

Apple products and iMore coverage rock!

pl0323 says:

Nothing better than Apple or imore.....NOTHING!!!!!

vincechiu says:

I love Apple products - best design in the class and I love iMore too for its informative....

dphillippi says:

Imore is the best. Just like apple

johnowoss says:

iMore is the best for iOS news and I am love my macbook air. Just installed Mavericks a hour ago and so far it is great. A new iPad mini with Retina display would go good with my Mac. :-)

Christopher Casement says:

I love imore because Rene and Georgia are MMA fans and I live Apple because well...they make great stuff

Gaylan F says:

I love Apple because they're user friendly and every time I use my iPhone or iPod or whatever I feel like it honors Steve Jobs in some sort of way or his memory. And I love imore because you inform me and educate me on all things "i", I like to think of myself as computer geek but let's face it I don't know everything! Even I need schooled on technology every once and a while.

Palomino302 says:

Imore has the best reviews and keeps me up to date on what's new in the world of Apple. Just left Blackberry purgatory for an Iphone 5s, OMG life is good. Also own an Ipad 4, who needs a pc. Thanks Apple.

Matt Sweitzer says:

I get all the latest updates from Apple, and even more with iMore! Thanks guy, for everything you do!

joepuh77 says:

I love Apple & I love iMore because they love Apple.

Deb Zych says:

I can be MORE with the new iPad. ♥️ both!

dialooc says:

I love Apple for the simplicity, and I love iMore for the quality of the articles and comments... And because René is a Canadian!

kgostrander says:

Always been an Apple fan, would be really cool to

Aditya Tumuluri says:

Brilliant new product from apple. The iPad air is a brilliant package

rhenford says:

I am an avid technovore and I make it a point to visit wpcentral, androidcentral and imore multiple times a day. I've been using Apple for years. I like what I see out of Mavericks. I STILL wish I had the spaces back from 10.6 though.

Stephen Tsai says:

Been a long time MacGeek since college starting with a Macintosh SE, then LC, iMac SE before going to several laptops, including the Powerbook 5400 (?) and MacBook Pro and Air. Used the 1st iPhone, 3G, 4, and now iPhone 5 and have gone through several iPods along the way.

I love iMore podcasts and videos (and love to hear Georgia's voice ;))

Shankersaurus says:

I check imore everyday, a couple of times a day to continually find ways to improve my apple experience. Apple makes the best products and imore helps me maximize my abilities with them

conductorchris says:

My iphone has just become part of my life; seamless. I use it to work, which is to advocate for better train service. I'd do the same with an ipad, should I be fortunate enough to snag one. (I can't do so now, on a non-profit salary.)

Gunnerstahl7154 says:

I've been a fan of Apple since the 1st iPhone, only recently found iMore. But so far most relevant Apple news, and rumors of them all!!

Sent from the iMore App

ShannonAnne23 says:

Apple and iMore are both trustworthy, iMore's reviews have been spot on and I have never been let down my Apple

Shadowxpr says:

Touch ID is a big miss, with both iPads having A7 chipset and hey are pushing productivity free suit, security is big. A7 instead of A7X means it won't be much faster Han the A7 in the iPhine 5S which is a disappointment. Keeping the storage at 16/32/64 instead of 32/64/128 is a disappointment, paying 100$ for double the storage should give you more. iPad 2 instead of the 4 at 399$ is also a dissapointmet, it's 30 pin and performance is way behind with the A5(same for Iran mini 1). 5m camera is a dissapointmet it's 3 years old now.

iPad 5 weight just 1 pound and being smaller is amazing and iPad Mini 2 having the same hardware makes it now a decision on size not performance. iCloud web/pc/phone/tablet collaboration is great for business. 299$ iPad mini will be big on schools with the iWork free suit. IWork free on the PC side is great for college kids and business. Free Maverics is amazing even for leopard PC's.

Again they did enough but not everything you will want on the iPad side.

abear1619 says:

I love apple because they don't take pot shots and make jealous commercials like the competitors do. Class act.
I love imore because the have the most detailed info and always the first to report it.

MrDABailey says:

Thank you guys for Debug and Vector. They're two of my must listen podcasts and I always learn so much when I listen.

BruceBarmer says:

I love Apple because of their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Though I don't always agree, I like their ability to tell the consumer what they want and often be right about it.
I love iMore because of Rene Ritchie's ability to cut through the rumor mill, both here and on TWiT's MacBreak Weekly. Plus, he's the only one consistently pointing out the flaws of the iPad 3rd Generation! The 4th Gen was what the 3rd Gen should've been! But, that's ok, because now I'm getting the new iPad Air! Right!? ......right? ......>_>....

Desiree Hillmon says:

Apple today, Apple tomorrow, Apple forever!

DikaiaKnight says:

Apple is the best tech company in the world and iMore is by far the best site covering them, that is why I love both!

lewag says:

For me, Apple represents the 'magic' of technology.
So I love Apple for giving me wonder and awe in their products.
iMore not only revels in this wonder, but provides a sounding board for others that enjoy sharing the 'magic'.

Marcel Rougeau says:

iMore has the best Apple coverage, and Apple makes most best tech products on the market.

Desiree Hillmon says:

Apple today, Apple tomorrow, Apple forever!

TheJoeBailey says:

I love Apple!!! I love how amid all the rumors every release has something that wasn't rumored. They constantly update their software so my devices feel new and keep me plugged in to the ever changing ecosystem. Flawless performance. iMore is the best source for Apple insight wish I worked there.

Desconocido says:

I must be one of the last people on the planet who doesn't have an Apple product. Just returned to Android from BB. Would love to have some QT (see: win) an Apple product. Thanks for this opportunity.

Gunnerstahl7154 says:

Apple fan since the beginning of iPhone, newly discovered iMore fan!! Great articles and Apple news, rumors and more!! Love em both

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Patrick Pierobon says:

Simply put, the iPad is the best tablet period! This new iPad will take the device to a whole new level that will not be beat for a long, long, LONG time.

BlaineD says:

I am an Apple convert! I use iMore to keep up on it!

Imtheweezel says:

Apple products just work out of the box and they are far superior to others. They won't release something just for specs or to beat anybody else until it's perfected. This makes user experience far better. This is why I love Apple!

Tom MacDonald1 says:

Purchased an iPad2 a while back, really interested in the specs on the new iPad. Didn't pull the trigger on the new iPhone even though I'm eligible for upgrade. Maybe it's time. Love all the great articles and podcasts from imore, your site is my first stop for ios news!

magykmaster says:

Apples good because they have well designed hardware. I more is awesome because they have the most in depth reviews EVER.

GPWestjet says:

I would love to win a new iPad.

rjeidy says:

Convert from samsung android ecosystem. Couldn't be happier with the grace and elegance of Apple in comparison. And iMore for keeping me up to date on everything!

dlum says:

I go to iMore to get insightful comments on the daily Apple news. It's not about being first with news but helping me put the news in context. And the reason I follow Apple a lot is because I'm convinced that they always try to deliver the best product they can and usually they deliver.

cnrhernandez says:

Apple products just work and imore makes the work beautifully

realdjphaze says:

Just brought my ipad mini 2 months ago now i want the ipad mini 2 :-(

i4garza says:

An iPad would be the best for me because i always want to get the Best of the best Quality. I also want to have the apple signature, "Designed by Apple in California" on the product that i believe is the most best innovated and has revolutionize the Tablet world. Without the help of iMore i wouldn't know what to do because they are the ones to keep me up to date with the Products that WE believe are the best, the ones signed
"Designed by Apple in California".

jalba3 says:

I believe iMore has faithfully covered all of the latest Apple news. Loving the new iPads. Debating on the iPad Air or mini. Does the size really make the difference now that the 2 are on par?

belladonna75 says:

Would really love to win this! I love this site and I really love apple too!

Littlebuddy says:

I read iMore everyday on my 5s. If I win a new iPad, I will donate my old iPad.

jfcoughlan says:

As usual, iMore had amazing coverage of the iPad event today. The iPad Air looks incredible, I can't wait to get one.

stefanmarchetti says:

You guys are the best for analysis and thoughtful info!

GeorgesBlazah says:

Just bought my first iPhone and liking it so far, would love to add a iPad to the collection!

Boostz06 says:

Great contest! Love to Apple and iMore!

christophermn says:

The new iPads look great. I can't wait for a retina mini. Thanks for keeping up with the latest, imore.

woody88 says:

both are awesome and precious, apple and imore. Come to me, my precious!

Rex2d2 says:


no1tech says:

I love the quality of Apple as a company through their products, and i can count on iMore for the latest Apple related news.

obae says:

I love Apple because the few products of theirs I use never let me down. I love imore for explaining how I can transition to more of their products easily.

j8298c says:

I love apple because their products just work and going from one device to the next is a seamless process, I can go from my iPhone to my iPad 2 (yes it's time to upgrade) without missing a beat. I love imore for a lot of product reviews app reviews and the articles that are always on here but mostly I love watching the battle in the trenches of the comment area it's always brings a good laugh.

Austin Rice says:

I love Apple a lot. I also love iMore, mostly because the above article tells me to.

36dbldz says:

Love it b/c has better news than on crack

fuzzeeman says:

I've been on Apple since i was in diapers and i've loved iMore since i got an iPhone.. actually since before i got one. it made me get an iPhone. Thank you iMore!

ray6712 says:

I just wanna freakin win!!!!! something for once

zdn1042 says:

I love iMore because they are going to give me an awesome new iPad!

mysimba97 says:

I have the iPhone 4S and am wanting something bigger to read on. A new iPad or iPad Mini would do the trick.

Paul5555p says:

iMore is my guide to all things Apple, you can't have one and not the other. Thanks iMore for all the help and info and of course thanks Apple for the stellar products.

john_bergsing says:

I love Apple and iMore because they both brightens day!

daddyex12 says:

apple has given me the tools to grow in my field and imore keeps me informed about everything i need to know and more in the tech world. i luv u imore and apple. :D cheers

dweexfuad says:

everyday is read news from iMore and hope something new from apple

bmonkey1 says:

I love Apple products because they are sleek and just work seamlessly together, Imore gives me all the great and usedull extras i need

Yar33 says:

<3 to AAPL and 2X <3 to imore..........

cujens says:

iMore is excellent not only for their coverage of Apple news, but also their engaging and well-curated editorials. Like Apple, they offer tight integration of hardware (news) and software (editorials). It just works.

by1333 says:

Pretty Cool. Since Ive been an Iphone owner, this site has been my to go to... keep it up..

Chex313 says:

Love to win....Like the new light weight of the Air's

tttc24 says:

I love apple for the products that I use daily and I love iMore for keeping me up with the latest.

danieltorres563 says:

I am an apple fanboy. I love their products especially the iPod nano 3rd generation and the iPad mini. At my house we hav 5 apple products. I especially like what they did with iOS 7. anyways androids are to confusion got use.

I like iMore since they provide me with all my apple news. I'm subscribed to you guys on Flipboard. so when I wake up is immediately check to see what new information you have put up.

foglock says:

I love apple more now that they released there new OS for free.

Maile Garcia says:

Apple is Amazing! But I probably think iMore is better. Just because I feel like they Inform me way MORE!!! :)

arnabocean says:

Love Apple for its unrelenting focus on cutting edge engineering and depth of vision; love iMore for its insightful journalism. (And for lack of link-baits. And for Rene Ritchie.) Here's to both, cheers! :)

keith06t says:

I'd love to jump on the iPad bandwagon and experience the full Apple computing device product suite - iPhone, MacBook pro, apple tv.

alanyost says:

I like apple because they make products that just work. I don't have to tinker with them. I get enough of that at work.

yanksfan161 says:

iMore is the best apple news site for the company and products I love. It's one of the first sites I navigate to every day

kwm2 says:

Apple is quality I'm new to iMore but am loving it so far. Pick me!

Name Error 404 says:

Apple's overall concentration on user experience is by far the best out of the competition. This may mean a lack of features present in the alternatives, but those benefits currently win out in the long run.

iMore has been the place I go to first for Apple related news since it was TIPB. TIPB was my first real introduction to the world of Apple related iThings. Now I am an iPhone and Mac user.

iMore gets bonus points because Kevin Michaluk is featured on it occasionally and he is awesome. I started paying attention to TIPB (and thus Apple) because of Crackberry.

lucashend1 says:

I love Apple and iMore! But I wonder, what makes you choose that one specific winner of a contest like this? Is it the creativity of the post? The truthfulness of the post, maybe? The comedy? Correct grammar? Perhaps the charming good looks of the individual's profile pic?

shill1300 says:

Apple is eloquent simplicity and imore keeps me well informed on all things Apple.

breezywriter says:

I'd love to add the new iPad Air to my Apple toys!