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Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

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Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Our complete new iPad rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, and iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you a chance to enter to win a brand new iPad or iPad - technically a $500 gift certificate! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 4210 comments. Add yours.

alan.rudo says:

I love Apple's simplicity and that they revolutionize communications. iMore provides all we need to know about getting the most out of Apple's products. Win or no win, great job by two great companies!

Abrahim Zazai says:

Ewwwwwww I waited a long Year for This Day it was so hard for me to stop my self from buying Ipad Mini but anyhow I had to wait for retina Display No More Wait After The waiting Of A year it is Very Special Day For Me Cheers I was Like flying When I was Watching Mr Cohen And Rene Of IMORE :) Thank You So Much For The Great Broadcasting

franksfi says:

I have to admit that Apple makes an incredible product... But gotta love iMore more. Although that sounds a little redundant.

pjs312 says:

I love iMore because it has great reviews, news, and contests for apple products and I love apple because they have quality products and great stable OSes and app ecosystems.

jsmith7635 says:

I love how everything works across the board! I use my iPhone and my MacBook Pro for textbooks, writing assignments and more. My iPad (original) doesn't like to play nice with my other Apple products though... :/

JeremieJones12 says:

I love the new iPad Air name and iMore of course for bringing all the latest Apple news!

LyndaP says:

I've had Apple products since 1984, and I read iMore every day to learn how to better use my devices. I'd love a new iPad Air!

Noah Schepers says:

Apple is one of those companies who CARES about what they sell to the consumers. They don't just throw things at the wall and hope they 'stick'. They put products onto the market that people ACTUALLY want to purchase! iMore makes it even easier to sort out all of the fine details. From reviews, unboxings, and podcasts, iMore makes the experience all the better! As you can probably tell, I'm a HUGE iMore and Apple fan, and would be very honored to be able to get this gift card to own a finely crafted Apple product. Thanks for the chance iMore!


John Doe 5 says:

I love Apple's premium products. They are of high quality and the software and hardware work great together. Imore is awesome because they keep me up to date on all the latest tech! I find myself spending more and more time on imore.

TipMe says:

I love Apple because they care about the details, and I love iMore because you care about us!!

Ahmed Ayman says:

I love apple to the way that I hate myself. I know everything about the company every rumor, I always open imore to check if I missed something. I always want to own every product they release.
I am so obsessed with apple!!

john_v says:

Why do I love apple? Because they take care of their customers. Timely updates, good service in store.
It's why I've come back after trying all the other platforms. No more wondering if and when I'll get the latest update.

Sent from the iMore App

thecondor33 says:

I love iMore, best place for reviews and Apple news!!

rtfeasel says:

iPad Air will definitely be better for using as an e-reader.

giang09 says:

Apple's new product never cease to amaze; however, it's iMore's generosity that goes beyond expectations all the time!

James Dundas says:

IMore keeps me up to date on the latest deals and info on Apple

david_brush says:

I bought a first-gen iPad and I am now completely obsoleted!!! I would love a new iPad; but alas no cash to spend...

Ducallan says:

Love Apple for all the great products it releases that just work (and work together so well), and love iMore for bringing the news about those products to us (and it doesn't hurt that they give lots of the products out as prizes)!

Domino72 says:

I use apple products religiously. And I read Imore everyday for the latest and informative articles on apple. I would really like to win this. Thank you.

Eddster says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple and iMore! Apple continuously puts out great products for me to use and iMore keeps me up-to-date on the latest products along with helpful tips and tricks.

Antob125 says:

I love imore and I love apple! Me wants some new gadgets! I've never owned an iPad, just an iPhone. Just made the switch from android.

jhargra says:

Apple + iMore = Amore.

Thanks for the excellent news and commentary!

IceDree says:

I'd give it to my brother who's going to college this monday , It will make an awesome gift & retires his BlackBerry PlayBook .

bitrate says:

Re: Love for Apple and iMore: I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

mikekelly09 says:

Apple has been a fav for over 25 years and iMore will now be a fav for the next 25!!

spoofer09 says:

Apple - it does what it says it will do ... simple - straight forward!!
iMore - my source for Apple info!!

sakebomber77 says:

this site has the best info about apple!!! Need to upgrade a ipad 2!!! Please let me win!!!

cthememo says:

It's all about me, especially if it's freeeeee!

ChrisDeMaster says:

A new top of the line apple product with the perfect website to give you tips on how to use it! Match made in heaven!

bmtenney says:

I just love how apple products work! No more getting frantic emails from the wife saying her phone froze. The information on this has allowed me to appear smart in my wife's eyes. Thank you

Dng5005 says:

Apple devices just give what the consumer wants and imore does the exact same they deliver the tech news we want to know about.

Remi says:

I love iMore because it is a good source to get updates on everything related to apple. I also love apple because they have made such great phones. Apple products are way more reliable than android and if it wasn't for apple we wouldn't have iMore. Thanks and I really appreciate everything.

daehanminguk says:

Love Apple products and love iMore's great reporting, especially when they avoid overreacting to rumors or the latest numbers that claim dominance of one platform over another.

Stardoll says:

I love Apple, it's become my go-to product in the last few years. Have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone that I can't live without. Only thing I have never owned is an iPad (BUT I do have a BlackBerry Playbook!) iMore is my go-to on up-to-date news, so free me from my PlayBook!

prewanabe says:

Nothing makes my work easier and more enjoyable than my iphone and soon my new ipad. iMore is the #1 place I turn to for apple news and events. Keep up the great work!

ShesMixed says:

I love iMore because they always make sure they have the latest (apple) news. They also write the most useful guides. I just LOVE iMore =D. Apple .. all their products are sexy and they just work like they should. I really hope to win something for a change but if I don't may de best (wo)man win !


iMore is my favorite site. you guys always have the best contests by giving away the best products

glazedfaith says:

I'm not a big fan of Apple as a company, but I proudly support all members of the Mobile Nations. I also love entering unbiased contests, and hope I win.

oobeto says:

I've been a Mac user since the IIe with its external 5 1/4" floppy drive. The iPad 2 I use is owned by my School District. As a teacher I can't afford to buy my own, so would love to win this to get one.

vader327 says:

I love Apple more than Liverwurst and iMore more than lingonberries

SmartFah says:

I love Apple because they make great products. I love iMore because they run contests like this that give away Apple products!!!

hobojo says:

imore is the most informative place for everything Apple. Apple makes the best looking hardware. Please pick me

InvalidRobot says:

Apple has, and always seems to offer one main important quality. They "simply" work. It's amazing how easy, and intuitive it feels to use an apple product. My house has slowly grown into an apple home over the years, and my entire family loves it. My wife and I love sharing things together through airplay & airdrop.

By following Imore, I'm always up to date on what's next from one of my favorite brands. I love knowing every little detail, and watching the footage that may lead me to my next purchase.

With the recent new addition to my family (newborn son), income towards an upgrade is not available, so a little love from Imore would go a long way for us. ;-)

cjhpe says:

Love apple more everyday. Imore keeps me updated with what is happening from Apple so I love reading the site to keep me in the know! Pick me!

iFishD says:

Yee haw!!! Well, nothing to get excited about. I never win anything. But the new iPad Air is freakin' sweet! I want.

king lease says:

The quality of an apple product is so good and just the feel of an apple product is amazing since the ipad is even the fell will feel lighter and more premium of an device and apple is such a great company if u want a truly unique and premium device

David Crabtree says:

Apple and iMore both do what others can't or are not will to do, perfect and go deeper with the newest technology and information. From the first Mac I used in Kindergarten to my first iPhone, I feel Apple has gone the extra mile to create the most intuitive technologies of the time.

DynaGix says:

I love apple, but iMore makes me tingle. Hahahahaha

ReedMA says:

The only thing I love more than apple products, is reading all about them on imore!

allure08 says:

i luv apple and imore i love even more so give me an ipad please:)

Mikhil Patel says:

Apple is not just a company, IT IS A WAY OF LIFE! The amount of effort and time Apple takes in creating its products is immense. Every single product made by Apple since April 1, 1976 has been revolutionary in one way. Steve Jobs vision of changing the world came true, and he will always be in our memory. I love Apple products because of their sleek, sharp, and clean look. Their products are always made from the finest materials and are consistently pleasing, especially from an aesthetic point of view. Additionally, each device is also easy to use and they just work. iMore is probably my top site for Apple news and reviews. They provide interesting and fact-filled articles that give me the most helpful information. I would LOVE to get this new iPad and it would add to my love of Apple!

mikep72 says:

The iPad 2 converted me to an Apple addict. iMore feeds my Apple addiction...Imagine what will happen if I win a brand new iPad...

redkarmapa says:

My 4 year old daughter loves my new iPhone. An iPad would be a perfect gift for her as she starts her early learning days :)

Sent from the iMore App

jevalladares says:

I have a lot of respect for apple products and, but after talk mobile, you guya simple rock. Now hook me up with the new iPad.

Dawnsnow says:

I would be happy to have a free Apple's new iPad from iMore.

Dwood1970 says:

I'd love to win. Don't have an iPad yet and it pains me that my wife doesn't use hers to its full potential. (Sigh)

Sent from the iMore App

Ommadawn says:

If you guys are giving me a shiny new ipad, I will love Apple and iMore forever.

dannyd86 says:

Not only do I love Imore, but I love mobile nations. I need me some apple products in my life. An Ipad Mini would be amazeballs. Mobile nations already has me for life but you could still win me over a little bit more by giving this prize to me!!

Austin Sasquatch says:

Apple... It's unique in its own way. It doesn't copy other company's ideas. It's design of the iOS 7 is brilliant. It's beautiful. Apple is the best of the best. It takes time to design one small little feature (ex. Siri,touch Id) apple is amazing. Imore is amazing also. It's where I get all of my apple news. My friend got a prize from here once. I like the app. I use it all the time. Its amazing. But I'm very poor and only have an iPod touch 3. I really want a iPad. That would be great.

Tedross Black says:

I love Apple I wish they'd introduce the iGovernment to replace and radically change the defunct one we have now. I love iMore because they give this fanboy more of what he loves and promotes a company whose products, ethics and culture make this world a better place.

geezz#CB says:

I love my iPad Mini and can't wait to view my favourite Apple product review website on a 7.9 inch 2048 x 1536 resolution 326 pixel retina display of iMore

Matt Burleson says:

I love Apple because they're not Google, and they make my life a lot easier. I like iMore because you make it easy to keep up with Apple.

ghundiraj says:

Apple is awesome at getting things done in various situations. I have an iMac, a MBP and an iPod and they satisfy the requirements and then some :)
iMore is easily the best place to get the latest and greatest Apple news and facts :) :)

Ahem! Pick me :)

MayhemMaybe says:

Love iMore, as with all of Mobile Nations. keeps me updated on all things Android, Apple, Blackberry and what there is new in WebOS since HP shot and hung themselves after digging their grave and chiseling out their tombstone.
I do also love the Apple iPad, my 64GB iPad2 is constantly full of 'stuff'.

exodus34x says:

Rene is great! Apple since powerbook ages!

Sun Hyung Hong says:

I love Apple because they make great hardware and software that works flawlessly. And the design? Gets an A+ from me!
For iMore, if I want anything Apple related, iMore has it. Can't forget about the awesome iMore family and community as well. Can't get enough of Apple and iMore! :)

Javier Pelayo says:

apple is great cuz they make all their products polished and elegant! imore i love because they rock at giving us daily info! and needs <3

xtimtx says:

I love iMore. It gives me news I need and things I want to know. I use it everyday and it keeps me updated with the latest Apple craze. It helps me and it's much more organized than other Apple news site. I also like the appearance and layout of iMore.

I love Apple because they have wonderful products. They know all the things that should be included in a device. Apple is smart and innovative. They know what their audience want. They come up with ideas no one has ever thought before.

Refael Yehuda says:

Apple is the best company ever I would never switch my iPhone to a different company .. But it's sucks that their products are too expensive ! I wish I could get an iPad ! It can help me a lot with my studies ! Imore you're the best ! I live your posts! It would mean a lot to me if I would win !

TChoniT says:

I have been using Apple products since fall of 2002 and have been in love with their product and design since then. I can't wait for them to release their rumored "iWatch" but hope it will not be too expensive (given that they have started hiring head honchos of Luxury brands like YSL & Burberry).

In addition to providing qualitative updates, I find iMore's How To's extremely helpful especially the ones on 1. Blocking calls 2. Blocking specific websites ( my nephews are now in their late teens)

Heledor says:

I love apple products! They might not have all the top of the line specs but, they always seem to work just as you need them to, and that is what counts for me. Now put all of that with excellent coverage from our friends at Imore and who could ask for more?

csd says:

Build quality, design, & simplicity are probably the three biggest reasons I stay with Apple products year after year.

jbkilluh says:

Apple's attention to detail is something I aspire to match in my design career, and iMore's RSS feed in my outlook keep me up to date on all of apples details!! Love love love them both! Been following you since tipb!!!

EauRouge says:

I love Apple and their beautiful products and reliability. I love iMore for bringing the best coverage of ALL things Apple

jaybillel says:

I bleed six colors and think imore is a pretty cool site.

Mayson Lancaster says:

I want me that iPad Pro. You say they haven't announced it yet? I am convincing myself that it will appear Q1 or Q2 '14.

avega619 says:

I love apple not just because they make amazing products but also because their customer service is superb.

nstark07 says:

Love Apple. Best combination of hardware and software out there. Love iMore. News, device & app reviews, tips & tricks and forums all in one place.

jkurl15 says:

My family and I have 3 ipads, 2 imacs, macbook pro, a ipod touch and a iphone 5. iMore is my first stop for getting all my news and updates on apple. Would love to get a hold of the new ipad mini.

Jon Kurylowicz says:

Lots of cool new products to review and looking forward to reading the reviews. Can't wait to experience both.

Matt S says:

Love Apple and iMore. Best Apple news site.

Volcanicstrad37 says:

Thanks imore for providing great coverage!

huntersworld says:

Whatever Apple does is original and unique. Apple is a trendsetter and best in the business, that's why I love Apple. iMore gives through analysis and information about the Apple products, so I love iMore.

rkd2398 says:

I love Apple and iMore because both are simple.

bradbanwarth says:

I'm ready for an iPad mini Retina Display! The best way to read iMore news!

alexislgz says:

Why i love apple?! Because their products are super easy to use, always have a refined and classy look and they're amazing at what they do! from the iphone with its amazing camera and software to the super fast and incredible mac they're gorgeous but also fast and productive! i mean IT'S APPLE!!! And i LOVE iMore because its the #1 source for apple news and to be honest the only apple blog i read! they have the latest news AS THEY HAPPEN and always have handy tutorials and giveaways!!

please pick me! i REALLY want a new ipad mini!!

Trotts says:

iMore's RSS feed brings all the best Apple news I love to read!

tigo30 says:

I love apple and imore, and I want the iPad air, it's time to retire my good ipad2

kenters915 says:

Love iMore, really in-depth articles! And love Apple!

iPhone4Jay says:

I love apple so much I quit eating bananas. Fingers crosses...

czarzander says:

I love apple, their build quality, the environment, the easy to use interface, and the updates!
And I read iMore everyday, same as my daily newspaper: all the rumors, contest, review, and every commenter that help me decide what should i buy. Hope I can get an iPad mini with retina display, it will help much of my mobility. Thank you iMore for the chance in this contest, so that someone like me can hope to have one.

jhpx123 says:

Your both number 1 in my book..

ArturitoFraire says:

I am from Mexico and I love apple products. My wife has an iPad, MBP, iPhone 5, and iPod classic. My kids have iPads, iPod touches. I have a 2010 MBP and I would love to get the iPad mini retina that screen is to die for.

tech.girl says:

I love Apple products and would love it if I got my first iPad to complete the collection. I appreciate iMore for giving me the opportunity to maybe have one for free :)

NamelessStar says:

in need of a tablet to replace my playbook would be awesome to try the new ios 7 as well

GerlachAndrew says:

I love apple because they are amazing and they make products that seam to integrate with my life so perfectly that it becomes a part of me. I would love to get an iPad to use for studying at my location of education! Thank you.

Wesley Goldfisher says:

Apple is what my true love looks like. It is the forbidden fruit and I would partake of it any day. Thank you Imore for giving me a chance to enter to win one of the greatest products on the face of the planet

Island Fever says:

How much do I love Apple and iMore? I can think of 500 ways.

Ernieican says:

We only have a iPad mini & we share it with the four children - time management becomes a issue here - please help us out - we just don't have enough hours in the day - special when school work is still getting done at midnight - Another iPad would mean some quality family time together - that's a bit too much - All in 24hrs ! loLLLL

Wolfmore says:

I love, love iMore show, I hit refresh everyday on my podcaster waiting for new episodes. Love the retina Mini!!! Finally

iamtone says:

nobody gets hype over technology company conferences like apple conferences. the proof is in the iPudding. I LOVE APPLE AND I LOVE IMORE.. more!

jcmusicman says:

I love Apple and I love iMore. Now pick me!!!

Jimmy S says:

Imore and a iPad is awesome!! Would be great to read the news on it!! Thank #imore

Tamanda Msosa says:

Apple has mad good build quality always be a sucker for that nd easy OS nd Imore gives me more

KJowers says:

This could make a great Christmas choose me please!

elmerlr says:

I really would love an iPad mini with Retina Display! I have the iPad 3 and is fine but is kind of heavy for reading, the new iPad mini would be better for that and I really love iMore for giving us the opportunity of winning this great products! Keep up the great reports that you do!

ctl904 says:

I'm a recent convert to iOS and couldn't be better off. Everything just works the way it is supposed to. iMore is a great community and has been very helpful. Here's to hoping I win my first iPad!

theluther says:

I've loved Apple products for a long time, and iMore has become an indispensable site for Apple news and analysis.

puma8100 says:

Would love to upgrade to retina ipad mini! Great coverage imore!

Jeremy Diehl says:

I love the innovation of Apple and I love the always quick, always informative news on iMore. I would love to get the new iPad Air!

Electronical-Girl says:

I love Apple because all the products have such great cameras! Their quality's of the cameras are just fabulous! The apple products have faster processors compared to any other products like Sony or Samsung. The Apple store is also very great! It's just very cool and outstanding! I love imore because it gives us all these awesome Constests to win from and it gives ranges of walpapers and ringtones. It also has loads of Apps and Games tips that we should get. It just gives lots of good tips!

Tujax says:

Winning would make me love them even more.

clue says:

I love Apple! and I love iMore for running this contest!

antonio_jimenez says:

come on i want this so bad because i love so much imore since i saw the first post lool and the ipad it's just the best tablet in all the world. come one let me win this time :D

Coy Oliver says:

Long time reader first time commenter.
Decided to sign up and get in on the iPad contest action.
Love imore and apple.

Mr. Los says:

i love Apple because of their ability to make sense of technology through design, having you oblivious to the fact that technology is even present.
i love iMore because they help me understand Apple better :-)

Cody Norton-Steeple says:

I have always loved apple products. There's no company like it. Only apple devices seamlessly sync all your content across all your devices and has a growing app stores that contains the best apps in the world. The connection between their hardware and software make the experience of owning an apple device amazing. Their device are so easy and fun to use. I use my iPhone all the time and an ipad would be perfect for working on documents, editing videos and pictures, and more. I always look forward to hearing what apple has released next and there is no better place to find out everything I need to know than on imore. Their comprehensive reviews and insightful articles keep me updated on everything I need to know. imore is by far the best place to get all the information I need on the apple products I love.

fishscale28 says:

Oh now me really love you long time!! Apple Party!

eahinrichsen says:

Pull me away from my Nexus, I dare you. :)

Arturo285 says:

Ever since I took my iBook 4 to my freshman year of college, Apple and I have gone hand-in-hand. Three iPhone models and an iPad later, I cannot wait to get my hands on any new Apple product. Can't wait to go to a store and just feel how light and thin the new iPad is! iMore has been added to my Flipboard account and is now my go-to for Apple related news.

jjbreakspear says:

iMore is my go to for all things Apple.

hollabackdude says:

I always end up with apple products, no matter how much I try android and windows products. I also like iMore for their dedication to providing readers with good apple information.

jb0615 says:

I love all things Apple and all things iOS. Whatever Apple makes just simply works! IMore works, too! And whenever I need to find accurate Apple and iOS info fast and want the straight scoop, I turn to iMore. I wouldn't have one without the other!

Jiena says:

I love your contests ! Hoping i will win one someday... Love the ipad 2 that I currently use but probably need to upgrade soon :p

antibala says:

Give me give me give me a New iPad! We love you Apple!

menomonee says:

Two years ago I was part of the WebOS nation and used Windows 7. Since then my household has welcomed an iPhone 4s, iPad 2, Apple TV, Mac Book Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, Mac Mini, and most recently an iPhone 5s. I have forgotten how to scroll on a Windows machine, and my old Palm Pre is only used to stream Pandora. The four HP Touchpads in my house run Android, but my kids have stopped using them. My family has completely converted over to Apple in the past two years, and the IPA (can that be short for iPad Air?) looks like the tablet to use along side the iPhone 5s, instead of the iPad 2. And iMore was the first Apple site I found after leaving WebOS, and I still go to iMore for the Apple fan info I need.

Pat Trudeau says:

Typing this on my MBP while updating my old iPad and iPhone. Would love the new iPad from iMore. Started reading last year when Rene started joining MacBreak Weekly. Love the site guys. Keep it up!

Sean Simkins says:

I would love to have the new ipad mini w/ retina.

nismomax says:

I have swapped all PC products to Apple. I love their products and imore

shaolinfinest says:

I love Apple because of how all my products seamlessly work together. ANd I love iMore simply for the fact that they bring the info I need to know about these amazing products.

topgun36 says:

I love Apple products because they just work!

I love iMore because its the best site to get Apple related news! and great podcasts!

losingsighthxc says:

I do not have an over zealous reason or descriptive comment on why I deserve this over someone else. I am a just a huge Apple fan and I simply enjoy reading iMore because of the content and reliable updates they provide. Thank you guys and keep doing what you are doing!

TheStoryUp says:

BlackBerry fan boy here, iPromise I'll love and switch to Apple if you hook me up with a free iPad, and I've always had love for Mobile Nations.

BigLarr2121 says:

Apple makes the best products in the world, and imore provides the best coverage of all those amazing products.

nthn says:

I had an original iPad that i sold because of bulk and slow speed. This little beauty looks like it nicely solves both of this problems. Thanks for these great contests iMore!

pdbail01 says:

As a proud owner of an ipad 2, ipad mini, and iphone 5, I am happy to be part of the Apple family. Sadly, with my own growing family I am not getting as much me-time as I would like with my devices. Apple has made me happy yet again by developing such amazing devices, and I would love to add another device (for me). Apple never fails to impress. In the same sense, iMore always keeps me up to date on all of the latest Apple device releases.

PWarn says:

Wish they had included TouchID and offered a keyboard cover, and would offer pre-orders. Still going to buy an Air...

sucil says:

just love apple products and imore for its reviews

nokia4life says:

I am going to hopefully sum this up correctly guys imore - there is no better everything apple site in the world the job that you all do is awesome and requires long hours to give exact info and so much help with all devices apple just the best very hard working crew. Next apple folks can say what they want but here is the thing they make great products from my macbook pro retina to my iPhone 5s its not about what others are doing its quality design and a lot put into these products that out does everything else to me its the diff between a BMW and a Hyundai there is a reason it cost more. Love it all bring it on world. apple for life

edamitz says:

I love how Apple products make my tech life easier, and iMore understands the importance of this!

NickyTerentino says:

I would really love to buy my daughter one for christmas, I love Imore, I hope I win

PhamQu says:

Hm. I'll start with Apple, and round it up with iMore.
I was first introduced to Apple in 2009, with the iPhone 3GS. I was also gifted the iPad 2 the summer of 2011, which I still own (iOS 6.1.2 and jail broken). I just recently upgraded from the 3GS to the 5s, and wow, what a jump that was! I prefer Apple and iOS over Android and Windows in the mobile category because, simply put, it's a better fit for me. Apple's outstanding hardware quality is so appealing, I'm more than willing to overlook the lack of expandable storage. Apple's devices also hold resale value extremely well, something that cannot be said for the majority of their rival's products. Their operating system? Sure, iOS definitely lacks the extensive customization of Android, but I do not need all that to convince myself that I'm content with what's insider device. I will admit that I'm glad my iPad 2 is jail broken, and am anxious to jailbreak my 5s as well. For example, 2 and a half years later, my iPad 2 still has the option to be up to date with the latest software and can perform almost any task I need it to. That longetivity is rare in the fast-moving world of mobile technology. "iPad" and "iPhone" have become a household name for tablets and smartphones, and that is not an easy task for any company.
Alright. So when I was ready to tune in to today's Apple event, I went to iMore without any second thoughts. I read A LOT of articles on a lot of topics, so I use the app Flipboard, which is a compilation of inter articles. Under "Apple News", every single day, I see one source that is updated and cited more often than any other site. I've come to appreciate their articles, their views and opinions, and even their editors' choice of humor. Do I sometimes disagree with some of their articles? Of course. But I always find myself reading those articles anyway, to see and understand their point of view. I like the community that has built up on iMore, only from what I can tell from comments, and how iMore actually get INVOLVED with their users with polls and giveaways, just like this one. Overall, I'm grateful for the day I discovered your website. Thanks to the whole iMore staff!
Best of luck to everyone! (But not as much as for myself) ;D

SteveSwing says:

iMore: my new favorite site for all things Apple. Rene Ritchie is a great addition on MBW.

mschadejr says:

Apple is a true innovator which is always trying to push new technology to the limit, unlike others who just copy and claim they did it!

iMore always has the latest and greatest news without all the BS!

rushden4362 says:

I love both Apple and iMore so much.

weiLALA311 says:

I love apple products because they look so nice

Drefson says:

Apple for hardware and iMore for Apple news. Who could ask for more.

Greg Holland1 says:

I need one for my law school!

Ryan Galan says:

Love apples ecosystem!! Love imores spot on rumors and renes visits to macbreak weekly

nickbasham says:

I'm a fan of great products, whether hardware, software or the written word. There's an abundance between Apple and iMore.

smthkat789 says:

Lovin the iPad and iMore everyday, like they say it just works

Fokas914 says:

Love apple! Love imore! Wouldn't go any other way:) loved imore since they were tipb and loved apple since forever!

moosed26 says:

I have been loyal to Apple using their products since 1989 beginning with a Mac SE/30. I would love to have the new iPad mini. iMore is definitely my go to site for Apple news! It does the best job of keeping me up to date and gives me great tips on how to use my Apple products!

infiniti says:

I waited for the mini to have the higher res. Now I can have one. Would be nice if I can win one though.

cartooncool says:

I love Apple because they make the best tablets. I love iMore because they keep me updated about all things Apple. Thank you!

mkdll says:

iMore, the best Apple related news ever.

Evan Deerfield says:

Exciting day...great new products from Apple and great coverage by iMore

noni675 says:

Love Apple and your coverage of their products.

macness says:

Apple + iMore = AMAZING!!

texasdeb says:

i never met an apple product I didn't like! I also like imore for information regarding apple products!

WatersWest says:

I love my iPad 2, but would love the even-more-portable iPad mini, so that I could read iMore anywhere!

Josh P1990 says:

i would love an iPad oh plz chose me

B_J_A says:

I have loved Apple products since our first family Macintosh SE (loved Brickles, Stunt Copter and Shuttlepuck Cafe on that great computer!).

Anyway, had a few generations of macs but haven't been able to afford one lately since my mac died a few years ago so I'm having withdrawel!

I listen to the iMore podcast each week, it's the best source of all Apple news. I'm also pretty excited about iOS 7 and Apple's latest products. I would love to win an iPad so that I can give it to my wife for her work, she really wants one.

herbert1225 says:

I enjoy using my mac book pro for reading informative imore articles everyday!

Raymond Frisby says:

Air Me !
Air Me !
Air Me !
I love Apple and iMore even More on the new iPad Air !

Vollathlet says:

I just love that Apple makes everyone in the market work that much harder.
Imore & wpcentral are my #1 sites for mobile device news. Keep it up!

Lorena Alga says:

I love Apple because of its unique design and software and I love iMore because it is a great way to be updated on all things apple. :) GOD BLESS ME!

okstateboi07 says:

I love Apple because they are the most innovative tech company in the world…. I love iMore because it's the absolute best place to go to read about Apple.

Vsundonna says:

Would love an iPad mini. (Please)

ebtrumpet says:

I need to upgrade from my iPad 1! I love the new design, and I love the constant cutting-edge reports from iMore! Plus I really love all the Twitter conversations, as well!

reevester says:

Good. Quality. Design.

That's the only reason why I am an Apple fanatic!!

spareshoota says:

OMG I just bought the new ipad and of course i wasn't patient enough to wait until this announcement, so of course i want the newest one. Guess I'll just have to wait until I win this contest... :/

robkd says:

Great contest, count me in!


JayStreet says:

It's a sickness. I'm on iMore everyday looking for news and rumors about Apple products. Tips and tricks on released products and software. Reviews and suggestions on product accessories. Every Tuesaday goes a little quicker because it's Macbreak Weekly with Rene and when the budget allows I'm in line waiting for hours for the next Apple creation. The only thing that can ease the symptoms of this sickness would be a nice new ipad :)

Ckkkkk88 says:

I love Apple because their products work consistently, reliably, and efficiently year after year. I use the notability app for grad school, which works great for annotating powerpoint lectures.

jacobjanzen says:

I would love an iPad AIR! iMore ROCKS!!!

anish67 says:

Apple ipads r 2 good and leave competition copying them, imore gives them free and keeps updated info which is gr8, gotta win this one

reptarwilleatu says:

when i had my iPad, i loved laying in bed watching podcast videos and using Reeder before bed. especially when iMore articles popped up :)

Monty17 says:

I would love to get a new Apple iPad Air 128 GB Space Grey/Black! Pick me!

Sent from the iMore App

xasaman says:

hey! for a new iPad i would even kiss Tim Cook (no homo man)

yonester says:

I <3 Apple & iMore cuz they're awesome!

garynky says:

I've been an Apple guy for over a decade. Their products just work; and, they work the way consumers want them to work. Not only do I use Apple products, but, I'm a consumer of Apple information.

In all of the time I've been with Apple, no one delivers that information better than iMore. That's why I keep coming back. Just like I do with Apple.

Keep up the good work; and, thanks for opportunities like this to get and use the best products of their kind.


Torrquemado says:

I love Apple because they caused Georgia to appear on my timeline every so often! <3

Francois Marais says:

iMore keeps me in the loop with what is new and up to date. So I can give my clients the best advice on devices.
Why I love Apple: Quality products. I love my iPhone and iPad 2 to bits. And this gift voucher will go great towards the purchase towards my next iPad...

Thanks for keeping us in the Loop!

bartclan says:

Apple provides beautiful interfaces and interaction experiences. iMore accurately publishes the great news about the Apple-sphere. Thanks, iMore!

ArtDiz23 says:

iPad Air has my name on it :)

Monty17 says:

I Love Apple and iMore because they both show the same level of commitment to giving their customers the quality and excitement they deserve.

Sent from the iMore App

rubiconreader says:

May I win please? I want my mother to love me again.

R007705 says:

Love Apple ... Love iMore .... Love them too much ♥

jd78 says:

I got an original iPad at launch because I saw the potential (and I like tech), but my friends and co-workers thought it was dumb (many of them own iPads now). I was late to the party for on OSX, getting my first Mac in 2011, but since then my household is completely Mac now. I bought an iPad mini for it's size, but it has since become my son's. I would definitely love a new one to call my own.

anthonybaker says:

Loooovvve Imore because Rene and the team are awesome, love apple cuz they make good products and I love my first gen iPad mini

pcguy514 says:

I love how Apple make everything seem like magic! (easy/simple to use)
Imore is where its at for I-nfo (Mobile Nations is the best!)

AlexHundenborn says:

I like imore because of their links and connections to other ecosystems of mobile devices. The psychological inputs from Georgia are mind blowing. Love that!

Edward Wendorf says:

I love Apple AND I More!!! Can't wait for the new iPad Air!!!

ryansingerism says:

I love @Georgia_Prime ... and Apple of course. Since everyone is talking history here, my first apple was the Apple IIc and I had a Apple Stylewriter II. Around 1997 I moved away to NYC and worked in a corporate firm with all Windows PCs and it was a dark sad time for me. It wasn't long that the first iMac came out and I got that.. Was also on the waiting list for the 1st TI powerbook. I could certainly use a new ipad!

hesback2 says:

Apples done it again! Was there any doubt! As always love the site and Apple is #1!!!

ckalli says:

hope to win! someone has to! =)

gagetbOy says:

I never had an ipad as an apple blog its your duty to give me one.

Chirogreg says:

IMore is my favorite place to get Apple related news.

singularity79 says:

Thanks for all the great info! Stop at your site daily for info and the check on the verge and what's going on elsewhere. Love apple and imore, keep it up! Even if you don give me an ipad, thanks for the work.

Jorbingham says:

I can't afford any of the pick me!!!

Yannik Hofmann says:

iLove Apple and iMore, because there're both doing a great job.

sharon888 says:

I'm still using an iPad 1. Would love to have something shiny and new though. I get all the Apple news from iMore in my RSS reader and I enjoy watching Rene on Macbreak Weekly. Thanks for the chance to win!

John Lamano says:

i love apple and because iMoore is all about apple then i love them tooooo!

jeffnucci says:

Just updated to Mavericks. It flies! I would love a new iPad. Would make up for the nav app I won on here not being available to me anymore for some reason.

avokodo says:

Nothing is more sleek and sexy and exciting than imore and apple matches them <3

rokuvaan says:

Recently bought a Mac mini and I'm loving it, a very awesome experience. Goes well with my iPhone 5. I discovered iMore thru a podcast show and been using it for Apple news updates. There's no other place to go for the latest and best information on Apple, iMore is that place to go. Thanks

Martin.R says:

Apple delivers the best products & iMore delivers the best news!

Matthew Chow says:

I love Apple's design philosophy and focus and I always go to iMore first for the latest Apple news. An upgrade to my aging iPad 2 would be wonderful!

illbebaek says:

i love iMore for the great info that it provides. love apple for the simple platform

rungnapha says:

I love Apple as much as I love iMore.

ET95 says:

iPad Air is amazing. It is an example of how much Apple cares about its products and people using it. iMore is great at generating appreciation for products like this. I want to win.

jabellpepper says:

Apple products for me are a great way to engage my classroom. There is so much benefit, and it am just now beginning to explore them. A new iPad would really improve my ability to reach the kids with the interactive books and the iBooks I can create for my more advanced kids.

alejandro.lopezavila says:

We get great products from Apple, I love my iPhone, the iPad Air looks great, and we get the best coverage and news from

sawf says:

Apple is amazing. I have been using a MBP for years now and I would never go back. Of course, iMore is the place where I get all my news from!

mariusdevilliers says:

I love Apple products and I have a lot of appreciation for the iMore/ Mobile Nations team. You guys and gals do an excellent job of supplying us tech enthusiasts with the latest news in tech but what I like the most is that I absolutely trust your posts! I am always aware that you do your research before posting which is great in this day and age where some journalists just race to be first, no matter the source or whether the information is correct?! That's actually sad. Luckily for us, the iMore team always does the responsible thing and posts only correct, factual articles, thanks for that! Great work with all the podcasts Rene, I listened to the one you did on your own recently and even that was great! A thanks goes out to Pieter and Richard also for helping Rene with the podcasts.

Anyways, that's about that, keep up the great work and keep on keeping on!!!


proshwit says:

I love Apple for its innovation and I love iMore for its dedication to innovation.

DaViD_BRaNDoN says:

Need to prevent a friend from going Android so if I get a free Apple iPad mini (with Retina display) from iMore, I could save the world by donating my current iPad mini :)

Cliffmode2000 says:

Both apple and imore strive for excellence as do I. Thanks love you both.

MikeJamesiMore says:

Apple products have really enabled my way of life, and iMore is a great source of Apple information, to keep me up to date with all that's going on. Thank you!

RusticRustyRust says:

SImple, I love Apple as they make products that last, with real materials, Not that plastic stuff like some manufacturers... (Lets pretend the 5C never happened, Ok?)
And iMore brings me wonderful news and updates daily :P

sirwilliam says:

Hate them or love them, Apple's products just continue to seamlessly combine into a system that just flat out works! And the coverage on iMore is top-notch. #whyiLoveboth

khl says:

iMore has the best info source on all things Apple.

melan26 says:

I would love you both more if I win ;).

bluestarpro says:

Apple does it again... Free software updates is awesome. iMore always keeps me updated on latest news. New iPad + iMore = awesomeness!

chazbcn says:

Love is in the Air... The iPad Air, that's it!
It's the perfect form factor and lightness to enjoy a good reading on iMore!

marcundm says:

You and Apple is everything i need! You´re the Best.

Cant imagine Life without you ,-)

RobertsDP says:

I love iMore and Apple so much I would name my first born after the 2 "Georgia Imoria Applea Roberts" if a girl and "Rene Imorer Air Roberts" if a boy!
Can a brotha get points for creativity!

DarkCobra20 says:

Love having my iPhone for work, dropped my droid quickly for something much more user friendly...missed having that smooth interface. iMore has been a great source of information too on everything coming out!

pauley79 says:

Apple helps me stay in touch with my kids in the states, while I am living overseas. iMore keeps me informed with the latest happenings with Apple. The two go hand-and-hand.

Andrew Purvis says:

Please, please, please, please, please.

M4Q says:

Converted to a full Apple product line up over the last couple of years and iMore has been the "Bible" for both keeping up with the latest news and reviews as well as learning EXACTLY what each product can do and how to do it. For me the two go hand in hand.

nottingham_sel says:

Have relied on iMore for information on all Apple products, love all of my apple devices...not only do I use Apple product but I'm my own Genius Bar as all my Aple using friends and family!

allanhiga says:

I love iPad because it changed the way I organize my notes and study in grad school. I love iMore because I've found so many different tips and tricks to streamline my studying process even further. They've made me more efficient and time management has become a lot easier to do!

pritiba says:

I love apple so much because it is the most advanced , reputable and fashionable technological product in the world that adds value to one's lifestyle by enabling you to get connect to the world, be it social , entertainment or business effortlessly with great ease and sleekness. It is allowed by availability of numerous interesting choices of apps available for Apple products complimented by ground breaking security. I love iMore a lot because it is giving us a good review of each apple products and blogs about how to use it . It is pretty good and awesome to be a subscriber of iMore's newsletter. It has the widest news about Apple products which make one's lifestyle more easier for get to know about Apple products. I love you iMore. Update me with your marvelous news everyday. :)