WWDC attendent gets mugged. Apple gives him new iPad. Steve wishes him safe travels home.

Apple invited a developer from TenCent, China's most popular instant messaging client, to WWDC 2010. During his stay in San Francisco, the developer got mugged for his iPad. He escaped with a few injuries and his completely smashed iPad. Afterwards, he went to an Apple Store and told his story. The Apple Genius was totally awesome and hooked up the developer with a brand new iPad. News of the incident eventually reached Steve Jobs and he sent the developer a very quick Steve-like email:

Safe travels home.

This story leaves me speechless. It's wonderful that Apple replaced that developer's iPad. It's also great the Steve sent him an email, but should he have at least said more than 3 words?

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Reader comments

WWDC attendent gets mugged. Apple gives him new iPad. Steve wishes him safe travels home.


Yeah. Those three words were almost like saying nothing, at all. "Hamburger Helper helps"would've been only slightly less meaningful.
It comes across like Mr. Jobs feels he is showing his great humanity by the very act of making digital contact with the little people, like us, who are so far beneath him. Human and yet more.
Maybe that's a bit harsh, but it certainly seems that the act is meant to convey more than the content.

It's very apparent that this has to be a set up lol jk more press! Steve prob planted Semtex in his ipad if someone tried to steal it again!
Steve the man of few words! Sounds like my dad...

or he could have said nothing at all. Which no one would even care at this point. I say it was at least acknowledged and nice of him.

CEO's hardly even do this, it's nice Steve reaches out to people from time to time.. I'll take an email from him if it simply said "hi"
I would go nuts :)

What did he do? Hit the mugger across the head with th iPad? Look at that bend. Might be some DNA stuck in that screen.

So the bums in San Francisco have gone from asking you for change 50 times a day to mugging you for your iPad? I have a few trade shows per year at Moscone and have never seen more bums in my life...

3 words is good. it say to me - he thought about me and it leave me hanging. what is next. i cant wait. ipad is good but not if someone take from my hand.

Okay, not really related but...
I thought that was the guys hair, but it just turned out to be shrubbery. Would have made the story even better if Steve emailed a guy with pink in his mohawk.

I have to wonder why the subject of the email has "Re:" in front of it? Does that mean Jobs was sent an email by the muggee? Possibly a thank you? Or is it just an office forward being sent around and everyone is getting a good chuckle out of steves short reply??

I think people are looking for something to gripe about! I think what they did was an incredible act of kindness and the fact that Jobs sent him an email shows that he's connected to his customers. Wishing the young man a safe trip home was a very kind and positive gesture. They didn't have to do anything! Kudos to the Apple attendant that handled it as well. Don't take a nice thing and tear it apart. Let it just be a good thing.

Wow... obviously you people never spend any time with real CEOs of real multi-national companies. Do you have any idea how many things someone like Jobs has to attend to in a day?! Its nice of him to write anything.

Dan: Maybe you're right, but johnzero's post kinda substantiates my position. It is that Steve said anything, at all, that makes this a big deal for most. What he said seemed hardly the point.
But fine, he could have said nothing. I just can't help thinking that the way the article is written suggests that Steve said more than he did. The free iPad was already a done deal before Steve got involved.
Sending that message afterward, and with so little sentiment (not that it should be full of emoticons) kinda falls flat - especially consider the apparent shrewdness of the man.
I'd love to just see this as a guy just saying a nice thing, but the "Wow, he took the time to type 3 words" reactions naturally push me the other way.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's great that Steve sent the guy an email! But while he was at it, he could've at least added "Sorry to hear about incident" or "Glad to hear you're ok" or something like that... no? Again, kudos to Steve for wishing him safe travels; he's a busy man.

I wish I'd be that lucky. My wife and I were travelling in Peru in April of this year. We decided to take an overnight bus from Lima to Cusco, halfway thru the trip we got ambushed by 5 armed bandits and they took my iphone 3gs.

Honestly find me another company and CEO that would do that? Kudos to Apple for giving me another reason to shop there and Iersonally think it was a nice gesture for Steve to wish him nice travels.

Wow. I'm seeing more puckered lips due to Jobs' 3-word response than complaints when AT&T changed their 3G plans right after the iPad 3G had been out for 30 days.
But hey, it's nice to be a happy customer. Keep it up.
Maybe I'll take a break from cynicism for...the rest of the day. :-)