Xperia, Galaxy Note, Ativ-S, Galaxy Camera: New Sony, Samsung phones come out to play at IFA 2012

Xperia, Galaxy Note, Ativ-S: New Sony, Samsung phones come out to play at IFA 2012

Our Mobile Nations sibling sites, Android Central, and WPCentral are live at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and since Apple doesn't attend any shows but their own -- expected on September, 12, of course -- that leaves the stage wide open to companies like Sony and Samsung to show off new Xperia T, Galaxy Note 2, Ativ-S, and other devices. Here's what we've seen so far...

The Sony Xperia T, according to to Chris Parsons, will be the flagship for them, and will even find it's way into James Bond's hands in Skyfall

As we've seen in previous leaks, [the Xperia T] runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with an upgrade to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean shortly after launch. It also has a 720p display, 13MP camera and built-in NFC along with a 1.5GHz dual core processor

The Xperia V will be coming with LTE connectivity and NFC that allows for interaction with a wide array of upcoming Sony accessories. A 13MP camera will allow for HD video recording while the 1.5GHz dual core processor will keep Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich going until it gets upgraded to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and if that's not enough, it's also water and dust resistant.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, meanwhile, continues to blur the line between Smartphone and Tablet, but is mostly a way to get Wacom's advanced, pen-based digitizing technology into a highly mobile product. Richard Devine got his hands on it:

The Note 2 has a 5.5 inch HD SuperAMOLED 16:9 display at 1280x720, a 1.6GHz Exynos quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64GB of storage. Powering the whole show is a pretty sizeable 3100mAh battery, and we also get NFC and Samsung's latest Touchwix Nature UX based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. At only 9.4mm thick and weighing in at 180g the Note 2 doesn't feel as large in the hand as its massive screen would possibly lead you to believe. The overall design of the Note 2 lends very much from the smaller Galaxy S 3, which in turn sets it apart from the 2011 Galaxy Note.

Samsung also announced the first Windows Phone 8 phone, the imaginatively named Windows Phone 8 Ativ-S. Ativ is Vita spelled backwards. Vita is Sony's handheld gaming console. So... maybe they should have gone with Efil? And hey, at least it's, um, bigger than an iPhone 3G, right?

And then there's the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is an altogether new, if not unexpected beast. Richard Devine gave it the once over:

We shouldn't forget that this is a camera powered by Android, and not an out and out Android device. Samsung has put their latest version of the Touchwiz Nature UX on there, based on Android 4.1. Yes, that's right, this is a camera running Jelly Bean. The possibilities with a connected camera are pretty exciting, and we're seeing the start of a whole new category of devices.

Of course, image quality remains to be seen. However, with a 16-megapixel sensor and 20X optical zoom, Samsung looks to have created a compelling alternative to smartphone cameras for those looking to graduate from the world of smartphone photography.

Android Central and WPCentral will be live at IFA 2012 all week, so check back with them often for all the latest hot phone stuff that ain't Apple...

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Xperia, Galaxy Note, Ativ-S, Galaxy Camera: New Sony, Samsung phones come out to play at IFA 2012


Stop the presses! Samsung went so far as to take the name of a Sony phone and REVERSE THE SPELLING? Do they have no shame?

All phones are just a rectangle. So, by your comment the BB looks like an iPhone as well. Not everything looks like an iPhone. C’mon, enjoy new stuff instead of always slamming it down.

No, not everything looks like an iPhone. Some, gasp, look almost nothing like it. However, the Samsung phones pictured here? Looks an awful lot like an iPhone, down to the single "home" button. If ALL phones truly looked like e iPhone? I'd buy the "all phones are rectangles" arguement. Truth is that most are not. And black front and back, with brushed side? Yeah, tons of phones look like that.

Oh my gosh! My TV set looks like every other TV set! Right down to the power button! Glossy finish, black, rectangular, the power cord and the stand even look the same! Don't even get me started on the remote! Power button, mute, numbers 1-9, it even takes the same batteries! OMG the humanity!!!!

I see your point, but the “home” button argument is really old. Anybody can put a button at the bottom of a phone. Or did Apple patient circles too? Regardless the Samsung has a polished back, right? I’m not standing up for Samsung I just think iPhone peeps need to calm down. I have and use a 4s and Lumina 900 before you go flippin out that I don’t know what I am talking about. Understand Apple isn’t end all be all of smart phones. iPhone is good / outstanding for some stuff and bad / terrible at other stuff. Same for my 900.

All three you say? Did you even get, that one of them is a camera? Did you see all the phones from all sides? This is getting more and more ridiculous with each passing day. However I'm sure, that one day Apple will share all the money from lawsuits with their loyal fans. That is the only reason I could think, why people are doing this.

And do you need a carry/conceal permit to actually use this thing in public? It looks more like a weapon than a phone. Look at the size of that thing.......yeah I know I know....that's what she said.

Holy d*mn... Are those people holding dry erase boards in their hands? Those are the biggest looking "handheld" devices I've seen. Yuk.

Not all of em look like iPhones BUT... That windows phone 8 Ativ-s (someone please get Microsoft a few people that are good at coming up with names) looks like a big iPhone no way around it. It just does and anyone saying it doesn't is playing favorites. And taking a name and reversing it is still bad even if it's not the same product. If a tv came out called the yxalag you know you'd have a problem. With that said. I love the specs pumped into these products

I just watched that Samsung Galaxy Camera video....all I can say is WOW. That's so cool to have a camera running Android OS on it lol. It's gonna be so easy to upload awesome pics to social media sites and forums that way. I agree Samsung copies, but it seems they innovate somewhat as well. I have a white 4S of course, but my girl has an S3 and it's actually really cool it has a lot of features that make Samsung stand apart from all the other brands. I will always love Apple tho, playing with her S3 for an hour and then switching to my iPhone , I can def feel the difference within the UI , iOS is a lot smoother and more 'instant' when performing things such as opening contacts or email compared to ICS. But I have messed around with a galaxy nexus not too long ago and it was running Jellybean and it seems to me that google got it right with that one because it was equal to how smooth my iPhone is

Here's the problem with the Samsung and Nikon Android cameras. What normal consumer is going to pay $50-100 more just to get Android on it? Exactly. I understand that Samsung is trying to create a market here, but I can take a cheaper point and shoot that has equal or better specs, stick a $50-70 Eye-Fi in it, and I have all those same upload and sharing features with my smartphone or tablet. Even better, it can move from camera to camera, to boot, so it is a much better value.

The only place this is really going to work, outside of the tech geek niche, with be high end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that people are already willing to pay more for. In my humble opinion, Nokia is company on the right track here. The one who can bring a fully functional optical zoom (or functional equivalent, in their case) smartphone camera to market at a reasonable price will make a much bigger impact. Device convergence, not divergence, is the rule of the day. The rest is just details, sizes, and form factors.