2011 TiPb Readers Choice Awards

The TiPb Nation picks their favorite devices, features, stories, and new or majorly updated apps and accessories of 2011!

Your votes have been counted. The results have been tallied. This is it, TiPb Nation! These are your 2011 Readers Choice Award winners!

iOS device of the year: iPhone 4S

By the narrowest of margins, the iPhone 4S edged out the iPad 2 as your favorite new iOS device of 2011.

I voted for the 4S since I still have not yet gotten an iPad or iPad 2 and still don’t really have a compelling reason to. iPhone 4S has a better camera for both photos and videos, and also has a retina display. I think if the next iPad has the same camera as the 4S and has a retina display, it will win for next - Brad Morris

iOS feature of the year: Siri

In another tight race, Siri won a hotly contested race against Notification Center. While some felt Siri's iPhone 4S exclusivity should have excluded it from entry, multitasking, video recording, and other now widespread features all debuted as iPhone exclusives at some point.

I would have to say Siri and the iPhone 4S are the top inovation. They changed the way we interact with our devices – look at what Apple has gotten us to do, we are speaking of an application, Siri, like she is a person I am excited to see what this leads to! - Sarah

Epic fail of the year: Netflix meltdown

In our third hotly contested category, Netflix raising their rates, splitting their services, renaming one division Qwikster, changing their minds about renaming one division Qwikster, and overall plain batcrap craziness this year beat out the lack of iPhone redesign as the most epic fail of the year. Wow.

Netflix was definitely the fail of the year. I love my 4S and nothing about it has been a failure! Siri is great, and I actually like that they didn’t redesign (because with every redesign comes the need to buy and make new accessories). I’m loving the bigger capacity (64g for me!) and the faster processor. Yep, my vote goes to Netflix. What they did just reeks of bad customer service. We canceled instantly and still have not re-subscribed. Not sure if we will. I’m looking into other options. - A. R.

Arts & Entertainment app of the year: Instagram

Out of all the photography, video, and music apps this year, and after briefly falling behind Snapseed in the voting, you picked the smash hit, filter flying, social sharing photo app, Instagram, as your favorite. No wonder it has so many users.

[Instagram] is one of the reason I’m sticking to my iPhone rather than move back to BB. The social features is great, it integrate with the built in photo library and the best thing it’s free. - Dee

[Instagram] in and of itself is enough to make me want to switch from Android to iPhone. - Mary Beth

Productivity app of the year: iWork for iPhone

Top 5 apps for iOS 5 iPhones and iPads: iWork: Numbers, Pages, and Keynote with Documents in the Cloud

Even Instapaper 4's makeover wasn't even to hold Apple's triple iPhone threat of Keynote, Numbers, and Pages, all newly ported to iPhone and amped up to support iCloud document sync.

I’ve been waiting [iWork for iPhone] this since before the iPad came out! iWork is my office program of choice on my Mac and I haven’t been a big fan of the conversions that happen in docs to go or quick office. Now I have numbers across all three of my devices…….finally! - JPwillis269

Social networking app of the year: Tweetbot

Tweetbot just barely managed to take the win from the controversial Twitter for iPhone redesign that we bloggers detested but you readers really seemed to like.

Nothing even comes close to Tweetbot! I even use it on my iPad, and I hate using iPhone apps on my iPad - Galley

Casual game of the year: Tiny Wings

There was nothing casual about Tiny Wings' win over Cut the Rope: Experiments -- it barely outran daylight to claim this prize.

Tiny Wings is definitely an awesome game. I love the music and the simple controls. The graphics are beautiful, even when playing on the iPad in 2x mode. I especially like the achievements that are called objectives in the game. I’ve been playing it all weekend. - David Levine

Hardcore game of the year: Real Racing 2

Always one of the first apps to adapt to the latest Apple hardware, like iPad 2, and software, like AirPlay mirroring, Real Racing 2 crossed the finish-line ahead of even Infinity Blade II-level competition.

[Real Racing 2's] graphics are beautiful. The cars are authentic and behave the way one would if you were lucky enough to drive it on the real streets. The on line multiplayer feature allows you to “meet” those that you race with all over the world. And, if you get bored with on line racing, there are personal time trials to improve on, quick races with AI cars at three difficulty levels, and why not go back through the career mode again? I have personally spent around 1000 hours playing this game since purchasing! That is just play time alone! FireMint’s associated forum adds an entire broader dimension to this little addictive game and friendships have been forged! Lastly, FireMint is extremely “on top” of this game and receptive to feedback like none other I have ever experienced! If it is not clear yet, I Vote for RR2!!!!! - Denisethenurse1

Jailbreak app of the year: SBSettings for iOS 5

Barely a tap ahead of the equally convenient BiteSMS app for jailbreak, your favorite this year was the newly iOS 5 updated versions of... SBSettings!

Navigating through menus is insanely unnecessary and causes loss of data for apps that don’t support multitasking so you have the fun of starting all over. There is simply no reason for Apple to make using those features as tedious as they do. High on my list of long-standing disappointments and a main reason to JB for SBSettings. - Talkin73

iPhone case of the year: Otterbox Reflex

By only a few precious votes, the Otterbox Reflex case for iPhone claimed the prize over Lifeproof.

Well… I thought I lost my IPhone 4 3 months ago… Found it last night in the bed of of truck beside a small bag of soil that I’ve been carting around…. It has been through numerous rain storms and car washes. It was totally protected with the Otterbox and works perfectly!! Great Product!! - Kerri

iPad case of the year: DODOcase

Even the magnetism of Apple's own SmartCover couldn't stop the newly redesigned DODOcase from winning your favorite iPad protection prize this year.

DODOcase is more than just a case. It connects me to layers of artisanal tradition, brings the past into the present and honors generations of fine craftspeople. AND the company is small, local and green. AND the cases are gorgeous! - Corey

iPhone and iPad accessory of the year: Jawbone ERA

While the Wacom Bamboo Stylus took an early lead in our general accessory category, the power of the Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset ultimately could not be denied.

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