This $27 Lightning cable will change the way you use cables forever

Ever get tired of plugging your Lightning cable into your iPhone everytime you want to charge it or sync it with your computer? Don't you wish there was an easier way? Sure, the Lightning cable can go into your iPhone and iPad either way, which makes it a little easier to use, but you still need to find the charging port, which can be a pain in the dark.

This Lightning cable will change your life!

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With the Pluggie Lightning cable you leave the charging end in your Lightning port all the time, and the magnetic end of the cable connects to it for even easier charging. The cable should last longer than other options thanks to its braided nylon & anodized aluminum casing, and it comes with a silicon strap to help keep it neat and organized.

Some of the key features of this cable include:

  • Charge your phone in a simple snap
  • Adapt a standard cable into a magnetic cord w/ the included adapter
  • Enjoy your cable for longer thanks to its braided nylon & anodized aluminum casing
  • Eliminate standard cords from your life - Plugies live in your phone
  • Organize your cable w/ the silicone strap

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Don't fumble around with trying to get your iPhone or iPad plugged in at night, and make it so much easier. At just $27 it isn't much more than you'd pay for another Lightning cable from Apple, but this one adds some great additional functionality. You can also get them in a Micro-USB option or combo pack, depending on your needs!

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