Finish editing quicker with Adobe's Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2019 software

Adobe just announced that new versions of its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software for 2019 are available for purchase. These programs are perfect for quick photo or video editing, respectively, and make it easy for amateurs to begin getting accustomed to Adobe's software suite.

On Photoshop Elements, you'll find improved collage creation with a selection of new templates to use and enhance your photos, many of which are designed to make your photos pop on social media. Meanwhile, on Premiere Elements, Quick Edit mode has been redesigned to make tasks like adding music and trimming clips even easier. Automatic Face Detection is another new feature, along with the ability to choose from over 50 music tracks to score your creation.

Purchasing Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements is also a wise choice for those just getting used to photo or video editing because they require a one-time purchase of $99 apiece, while more advanced software such as Photoshop CC and Elements CC are available only as a subscription via Creative Cloud. If you're interested in both programs, you can save $50 by purchasing them both in the Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2019 bundle for $149.99 at Amazon.

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