Adobe Photoshop Touch optimizes for iPad mini, adds effects, support for pressure-sensitive stylus pens, more

Even though I use Photoshop CS 6 nearly constantly, I'm not a huge fan of Adobe Photoshop Touch. I think they made a lot of bad decisions, from not building a truly native iOS app, to creating an interface that's almost opaque. However, they're Adobe, this is Photoshop, and I'm just an overly opinionated blogger, so for those of you who are all up in the Touch, here's some good news:

Adobe has made some optimizations to better support the iPad mini (likely fixing tap target sizes, though it doesn't say specifically), and adding support for the new generation of pressure sensitive stylus pens like the Pogo Connect, Jot Touch, and JaJa. There are two new effects, Lens Flare and Stamp Pattern (and they helpfully tell you Lens Flare is under the "&" menu, once again proving no menu should ever be labeled "&").

Facebook and Twitter support has been baked in, and access to the last 5 colors is now just a tap away.

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