Air Canada to launch in-flight Wi-Fi for international flights this fall

Air Canada has announced plans to launch in-flight Wi-Fi for its international flights. The airline says that it will start installing Gogo 2Ku satellite tech on its wide-body aircraft, with a debut set for this fall:

Under the agreement announced today, Air Canada will begin installing Gogo® 2Ku satellite technology on its wide-body fleet commencing this fall with its Boeing 777 aircraft. At present, Air Canada is the only Canadian carrier to offer customers in-flight Wi-fi across its entire narrow-body fleet of aircraft on flights within North America.

Air Canada started offering in-flight Wi-Fi throughout North America beginning in 2015, but it has thus far been limited to its narrow-body aircraft.

Are you looking forward to getting some work done or just browsing your Twitter timeline on Air Canada's international flights? Let us know in the comments below!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster