Air Canada ( has announced that you can virtually sit in their Boeing 787 Dreamliner and let travel agents and potential customers experience what each class or service will offer for the new plane.

Wine and dine too

Not only will it offer a mock seated view of the cabin, but you'll also be able to experience the various food options each service level offers. According to Air Canada:

"Air Canada is always developing new ways to enhance the customer experience and to engage partners such as the travel agent community, which plays a key role in helping our customers select the travel options best suited to them. Virtual reality enables us to familiarize thousands of travel agents and potential customers with Air Canada's offerings through the magic of an interactive, virtual tour," said Duncan Bureau, Vice President, Global Sales at Air Canada. "We have already seen an increase in bookings since we began using this technology."

Get a taste of it now

If you're not yet on the VR bandwagon (what are you waiting for!!) you can get a 360 degree view of the 787 on desktop or on your mobile device in what I call faux VR for Google cardboard and the like.

You can also try the company implementations of presenting their virtual wares such as the Ikea VR experience. Frankly, I think more companies should offer these experiences but must go much further such as not only simulation an experience, but being able to buy it as you experience it in VR.

VR coming in strong, slowly

We have a bunch of VR coverage on especially since the announcements of ARKit and SteamVR on iOS and macOS High Sierra respectively. Some media outlets claim that VR has been slow to adopt but as any nascent technology, these things don't get adopted overnight. It took nearly 5 years before cellphones were considered a success. the current VR implementation has been round only a year and a half. Once prices go down and ease of accessibility increase, it too will be commonplace in my opinion.

Any other company VR experiences?

Have you tried out any other company's VR implementation of their products? Did it convince you to buy there product or service? Let us know in the comments!