All of Amazon's Fire HD tablets are now on sale with up to $50 off

Woman holding Fire HD 10
Woman holding Fire HD 10 (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's Fire tablets (opens in new tab) are some of the most affordable tablets on the market, and they're even more inexpensive today thanks to a sale that's reaching nearly every model from the Amazon Fire 7 to the Fire HD 10 tablet. There are discounts on the Kids Editions (opens in new tab) as well, and with prices up to $50 off for a limited time, this isn't a sale you want to miss. Options start at just $34.99 and free shipping is included whether you're a Prime member or not.

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Prime Day may have been rescheduled, but these Amazon Fire Tablet discounts can make up for its absence with savings of up to $50 off the latest models for a limited time.

The Fire 7 Tablet (opens in new tab) is down to just $34.99 today, saving you $15 off its usual price. That's nearly its best price ever too. Meanwhile, the All-new Fire HD 8 (opens in new tab) is now down to $59.99. The largest Fire HD 10 (opens in new tab) is also on sale with a whopping $50 off. Most of these deals include a tablet with Special Offers, which are tastefully designed and unobtrusive, though if you'd prefer the tablet without the Special Offers, you can choose those options with the same discount at Amazon.

The Fire 7 (opens in new tab) tablet was just updated last year, so you're getting Amazon's latest features with this deal. The biggest changes include a bump in default storage from 8GB to 16GB, a much faster processor, and built-in Amazon Alexa capabilities so you can control your smart home from your new device. There are also some nice new color options.

If you feel 16GB or 32GB is not enough space for you, you can upgrade your storage with a microSD card (opens in new tab). The Fire 7 tablet now supports capacities up to 512GB so you'll have plenty of room for games, movies, music, and more.

The Fire HD 8 (opens in new tab) was recently updated by Amazon and now features up to 12 hours of mixed-use battery life and twice the storage capacity, along with an 8-inch HD display, a quad-core processor, and hands-free access to Alexa. You can upgrade the storage, too, up to 400GB depending on what microSD card (opens in new tab) you go with.

In addition, the tablet now has Show Mode. This gives your tablet some of the same features that the Echo Show (opens in new tab) has. You can use your voice to ask Alexa to show you the news or weather, play a song, call a family member, control your smart thermostat (opens in new tab), and more. If Show Mode sounds like something you'll use frequently, you can pick up the Show Mode Charging Dock (opens in new tab) separately. Alternatively, check out this list of the best Fire tablet accessories for other ways to put your savings to use.

The Fire HD 10 (opens in new tab) gets high marks for its low price, high-definition screen, storage expandability, and multi-user support. With hands-free Alexa, it can serve as a great home automation hub too. It takes everything that's great about the HD 8 and upscales it — it has better specs, a larger display, louder speakers, and the same Fire OS experience. Today's price drop to $100 brings this tablet back to the low price we saw it reach during Black Friday week last year.

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