Android Cluzee not yet a Siri competitor

Rather than just throwing up a quick "#BREAKSCLUSIVE: Cluzee brings Siri to Android!" post, Android Central's Phil Nickinson actually took the time to test it out, and while it shows potential, it turns out it doesn't yet show anywhere near Siri's polish on the iPhone 4S.

  • It's not quick to launch
  • It's crash prone
  • It's still struggling to parse voice
  • It's not quick to respond

Apple's had more than their share of downtime even in Siri's current, carefully caveated "beta" state, but inarguably they've gotten the basics right.

The one nice things about Cluzee, however, is that rather than simply being dismissive in monotone corporate-speak the way Google and Microsoft officials have been, they're recognizing the future of this technology and making a play for it. Maybe they'll nail it in a future update, maybe not, but they're trying. Let's see if Jellybean/Klondike Bar and Tango/Apollo follow suit.

Source: Android Central

Rene Ritchie

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