Android-based iPad knock-off gets hands-on

Phil from Android Central -- whom I adore down to his robotic little socks -- just loves to torture me by sending over links to stuff like Android-based iPad knock-offs that get a hands-on courtesy of one of his readers.

So what we've got here is a Chinese Android MID. It has four buttons -- the home button on the front (like the iPad's), menu and the volume rocker, and a power button.It has a pair of speakers, one microphone, one microSD card slot, and one USB port.The tablet has 1GB of internal storage. Not sure about RAM or ROM. It's built on Android 1.6. the kernel version is 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty, and the Build number is 1.7.2. It has no market, but it has an "Apps Store."

Check out the link below for a photo gallery. Go on, I dare you.

(Hopefully when real Android tablets hit the market they'll be a little more differentiated than this...)

[Android Central]

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