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It's fun seeing your island develop each day as you earn enough Bells to make improvements and add additional homes to your village. As you continue to work on your charming little Animal Crossing island, there comes a point where placing roads or pathways can really help your village look more civilized. You could wait until you unlock terraforming by completing Project K, or you can use these fan-made designs to layout your island right now. You'll find everything from wooden planks, to brick paths, to waterways. Here are the best QR codes and Design IDs for streets, pavement, and pathways.

If you don't know how to use QR codes or Design IDs, check out our guide.

Streets and sidewalks

Hit the road, Jack, and don't come back.


StreetSource: Bidoof Crossing

Painted lines

Street With PaintSource: @merongcrossing on Tumblr


CobblesSource: @hockeystew on Reddit

White Tile

White TileSource: Bidoof Crossing

Bricks and pavement

Follow the yellow brick road.

Brick by brick

Acnh Qr Codes StreetsSource: Inverse


Red PaversSource: @merongcrossing on Tumblr

Morioh roads

Morioh StreetsSource: @acliriell on Tumblr

Rocky road

Rock PathSource: iMore

White pavers

White PaversSource: Bidoof Crossing

Three designs

Three BricksSource: @Lauren Myland on Pinterest

Snowy bricks

Snowy BricksSource: @SHIKI on Besaid Design Blog

Multicolored bricks

Multicolored BricksSource: @cloudyacqr on Tumblr

Pathways and trails

I took the path less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Dirt trail

Dirt PathSource: @abhawk on Tumblr

Wooden planks

Wooden PlanksSource: Bidoof Crossing

Wooden path

Wooden PathSource: @Purristic on Reddit

Garden rows

Garden RowsSource: Bidoof Crossing

Grass path

Grass PathSource: @staticwind on Tumblr

Waterways and moats

Go where the water flows.


Acnh Water Qr CodeSource: @CallistoEx on Talk Amongst Ourselves

Pond tiles

Blossom LakeSource: Vivcore's Dolly Daydream

Fairy Moat

Fairy MoatSource: Vivcore's Dolly Daydream

Icy waterways

Ice WaterSource: Vivcore's Dolly Daydream

Make your own QR code

If you want, you can also upload your own designs to We've even written a guide to show you how to make your own QR codes for others to use.

Trails, streets, and pathways

These are some of the best QR codes and Design IDs for roads, paths, and pavement that we've been able to find. More are being created every day, so we'll keep an eye out and add any others that catch our eye. Have fun decorating your island with these pathways. It does a lot towards making your little village feel more developed, and it's really just fun to do.

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