AnoStyle anodized color options for iPhone, iPad now available

In case you've been living in a drab black-and-white world and missed the preview last month, our own Ally Kazmucha has teamed up with The Pod Drop and is now providing a fancy new color service for the iPhone and iPad. It's called AnoStyle and it's anything but your typical color modification service.

AnoStyle not only adds color to your iPhone or iPad, but also provides an anodized finish (just like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini) with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPhone 5, it will greatly minimize the scratching and scuffing issues in addition to providing fantastic new color options.

Since Anostyle is a modification of your original iPhone 5 parts, failure rates often associated with third party color kits do not apply. And since the repair experts over at The Pod Drop will be the ones handling the process, your device will be in good hands the whole time.

AnoStyle is now available for order online. Turn around time will be about 1 week.

Need to know more? Hit up their new website for all the details.

Source: AnoStyle

Rene Ritchie

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