Steve Jobs with iPad on Chair

Apple has just announced that they sold 300,000 iPads on launch day, including pre-orders delivered straight to the door, and sales made at Apple Retail Stores and partners like Best Buy. In addition, over 250,000 iBooks were bought and over 1,000,000 App Store apps were downloaded to iPads. Says Steve Jobs:

“It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world—it’s going to be a game changer. iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad.”

Congratulations to Apple on the launch, and for successfully pushing the iPhone OS further than many thought possible. It will be interesting to watch what happens now, post-launch. We know one thing right now, however -- we here at TiPb downloaded a truckload more apps than average, how about you?