Apple AirTag vs. Tile Pro (2022)

Apple Airtag Tile Pro Side By Side Hero
Apple Airtag Tile Pro Side By Side Hero (Image credit: Apple/Tile)

Both the Apple AirTag and the Tile Pro (2022) are great trackers that can help you keep track of your keys, car, luggage, purse, best AirTag wallets, or anything you don't want to lose. With an app on your iPhone, you can track down the lost item you've attached your tracker to, so you're less likely to lose your valuables. Both trackers will do the job, but there are some important differences to be aware of before you make your choice.

Apple AirTag vs. Tile Pro (2022): Breakdown

Tile Black Pro Sticker Combo

Tile Black Pro Sticker Combo (Image credit: Tile)

The Apple AirTag and the Tile Pro (2022) have a lot in common. They are both pretty small and affordable, though the AirTag is slightly cheaper and smaller. Both have an easily replaceable battery that should last about a year. I've actually been using my AirTags for over year now, and still haven't needed to replace any of the batteries yet. I'm at about 25% power by now.

Both are water-resistant with an IP67 rating, meaning they can be dropped into a body of fresh water up to a meter (three feet) deep for half an hour. Both offer left-behind alerts, meaning that your iPhone will let you know if you separate from your tracker. Both can be bought singly or in money-saving multi-packs. Let's take a closer look at the specs.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Apple AirTagTile Pro
Retail price$29$35
Works withiPhone/iPadAndroid and Apple devices
Use Apple's Find My appYesNo
Battery lifeOne yearOne year
Replaceable BatteryYesYes
Accessories availableYesNo
Keyring holeNoYes
Precision Finding with U1 chipYesNo
IP67 water resistanceYesYes
Premium subscription to unlock all featuresNoYes
Left-behind alertsYesYes, with subscription
Dimensions31.9-by-31.9-by-8 millimeters58-by-32-by-7.5 millimeters

While the AirTag is tiny and round like a button, the Tile Pro is longer and has a built-in hole, perfect for attaching to a key ring. You'll need an AirTag accessory of some kind in order to attach the AirTag to most items. This may seem like a disadvantage at first but actually gives it quite a bit more flexibility in terms of how you can attach it to things.

For example, there are accessories with sticky backs, or long straps, so you're not limited to keychains and the like. You'll have more options for attaching the Apple AirTag to items than you will with the Tile Pro. You can also get the AirTag engraved, which you can't do with the Tile Pro.

The Tile Pro's big advantage is that you don't need to be an Apple user at all to use it. You access it with the Tile app on your smartphone of choice.

Airtag Hero (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

The Apple AirTag's big advantage, however, is that it integrates seamlessly with the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. It's incredibly easy to use and you have the power of the entire worldwide Apple user database to help you find your items. The Tile Pro depends on the Tile user database, which varies from place to place and certainly is nowhere near as large as Apple's. You'll need to pay for the Tile Premium subscription in order to get some of Tile's features, such as left-behind alerts.

The Apple AirTag works for Apple users with an iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later; or iPod touch (7th generation) with iOS 14.5 or later; or iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air 2 or later, or iPad mini 4 or later with iPadOS 14.5 or later. In order to use Precision Finding, you'll need to have a device with the U1 chip: any handset from the iPhone 11 lineup or newer. Precision Finding gives you exact directions to your lost tracker, as opposed to just giving you the general vicinity.

Apple AirTag vs. Tile Pro (2022): Which should you buy?

For Apple users, the choice is quite easy: go for the Apple AirTag. It sets up like a dream, integrates beautifully with the Find My app, offers free left-behind alerts, and takes advantage of the U1 chip on newer iPhones for Precision Finding. The endless number of accessories means you can use it to track a huge variety of items.

For Android users, you'll want the Tile Pro. With the Tile app on your smartphone, you'll take advantage of the Tile user database to track your precious items anywhere. You won't need any additional accessories; a hole at the top lets you slip it onto your keychain or similar item.

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