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Apple announces 128GB iPad 4, available Feb. 5 starting at $799

Apple this morning announced new versions of the fourth-generation iPad, bringing the maximum storage level to 128 gigabytes. Same 9.7-inch retina display, same internals. Just more GBs. The upgraded storage applies to the Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of the iPad and doubles the previous max. Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, had this to say:

“With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs. With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.”

9 to 5 Mac first reported the impending change earlier this week.

The beefier iPads will be available Feb. 5, in either black or white (or both if that's how you roll), for $799 for the Wifi model, and a whopping $929 for the cellular version.

Source: Apple PR (opens in new tab)

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  • It would be great if this was the first step toward a full OSX tablet - but probably not. Wishful thinking,,, That's a ton of space on an iPad...I use my 64G every day and have only filled-up half of it.
  • I feel similarly although I think mine is more than halfway full. I was aching for a 128GB model. Some time ago, but I thought they'd drop the 16GB models and keep the same price range. I think I'd reserve 128GB for my ultrabook, at this point. (Although I wish 256GB wasn't so expensive on those devices.) The prices are kinda painful. I'd have to be a serious movie-watching fool to need that additional space (or never purging unused, oversized apps) on the iPad. The downside is that it takes so damned long to download a movie on the iPad. Even on blazing fast LTE, it takes forever to download a feature-length film. That means I don't delete them until I'm damned sure I won't want to watch them again, soon. So, the real issue seems to be related to Apple's servers/bandwidth.
  • I can't see paying that much for an ipad. It's clear that Apple wants Retina to be the defining difference between Mini and regular ipads. It's how Apple has named them. ipad mini, ipad with retina. A Surface Pro (or similar full windows tablet) and an ipad Mini (or refurb ipad retina) would seem to be the better value. Maybe that needs to be repeated. The surface pro would have itunes. A full chrome or firefox browser. Office 2013. You could even link into the Surface Pro from your Mini ipad using an app like logmein.
  • BUT would also have ugly, flat metro, that horrible windows 8, and it wouldn't have, airplay, ios apps that i already own. Plus i think the surface is kinda ugly hardware. And i'm on a windows machine now. But windows 8 was the last straw and i'm not fond of that multicolored tile look.
  • But, if you were to install iTunes, it would have airplay. Could you go into detail on how Windows 8 is horrible? Is it because it's different? Because I seem to remember similar complaints about Windows 95. And XP. As for the aesthetic design of both the OS, and the tablet, that's obviously your personal preference. I actually like the tablet design, and upon getting used to the tile-based design, have no issues.
  • 64 GB Surface Pro only has 23 GB of usable space: I know iOS takes up *some* space, but it's more like 2-2.5GB IIRC and not 31 GB. THIRTY-ONE!
  • Who cares? Throw in a 64gb sd card. Use usb storage. It blows an ipad away.
  • does this mean no new iPad this spring? we were waiting at the office to order when the new ipads hit.
  • I don't get the connection. October.
  • Holy Mother of God !!!! 128 GB??? +Dropbox????? +Google Drive??? Two max-capacity iPad drives for the price of one plus an extre $100 dollars???? I am a workaholic iPad 3 power-user with at least 40 productivity apps and have barely used 25% of the 64 GB hard disk since last april, even having a few hefty game apps and many utilities !!!! Who needs double the capacity, if not movie watchers and song purchasers with deep pockets??? iOs and OSX will become one and the same thing very soon, considering also processor speed of iPad 4. PREDICTIONS: Spring 2013: iPad 5, A7 chip, 128 GB, iOS 7
    Fall 2013: iPad 6, A7X chip, 128 GB, iOS 7.x
    Fall 2014: iPad 7, A8X chip, 256 GB, iOSX, version 1, is born, serves coffee Yeaahhhhh !!!
  • There are a few things I can think of that take up the bulk of most people's space. Music, videos/movies (including home videos) and games. Most of my productivity apps take up an inconsequential amount of space.
  • It's more expensive than i'd pay but as for "who needs double the capacity?" Lots of people. I'm not buying it cause it's too expensive but i'd easily fill it. Easily. i've got a 64 gb iphone. it's full of music, and some apps. i got 5 gbs spare for pics and video recording. the free space varies as i finish audiobooks and delete stuff, delete old podcasts, remove a game i finish like Asphalt 7 or something that's 1gb. but it stays around 9 gbs of free space. Clearly its not you but people that consumer lots of media have lots of it and need space. My whole music library is about 135GBs so it's bigger than two iphones. And its pretty common to be out and about and want to hear a song turn on my phone and it's not their. Now i strategically added my music in hopes of minimizing that but it does happen. My media is a lifetime of collecting. It's every cd i bought from 1989. It's ever dvd i've ever bought ripped. My video library is all digital, no dvds anymore. And it's over 1.4 tbs. that's movies, old sports games, i ripped all my family movies. All streamed through my wdtv player (similar to appletv) to my tv. Now i can't fit all that on a phone but point is if you're like me ALL your media is digital. it takes up massive space and 128gbs is scratching the surface when it won't even hold all my music let alone my terabytes of video. And video is exactly what i'd want to put on a tablet that big for traveling etc. you mention your 40 productivity apps. I'd bet most of you're apps don't take up a ton of space. I've got about 120 on my phone and they don't take up a ton because i've got only one really big game app. But the rest are like 3mb, 7mb, some 30mb or 60mb. Plus if it's work files like documents they take up very little space. Also consider if you're, like me taking a picture or two a day, at 4mbs per pic they add up. Plus when it's scenic i'll take 30 pics at one time easy. That starts to eat up space when you don't delete religiously. It's all a matter of needs. My mother has an ipad. She only uses it to read books. They take up no space. She has no music on it or videos. An ipad with no space is fine for her. My dad is an audiophile. He doesn't have an ipad but he has an ipod. The biggest one they made, i think it's around 160gbs, because all his music is ripped apple lossless. And his collection is very large. He's got way more storage then my mothers ipad because unlike here his usage needs storage where her ipad usage doesn't. It's all a matter of needs. You don't seem to need it. Be happy. It means you don't have to do like me, fork over money for a 64 gb iphone, because you NEED to have as much music at your flighty musical whims.
  • I just see the price being so high that it would just make sense to invest in a MacBook Pro from that price point going forward.
  • Wow over $1000.00 for a 9.7 inch tablet, yes i agree with you offdahglass macbook pro would be more suitable
  • I think the iPad and Macbook Pro are too different divices. iPad is like a car and Macbook Pro is like a crossover. iPad with 128GB would be a musscle car with a big engine, iPad mini is like a smart car. Desktop is ofcourse your SUV. Different customers different reasons. I think the 128gb is a good move.
  • i think its a way of robbing ppl.. u cant ask for 799$ jus for 128 gb of space as a marketing stunt. add a memory slot of 64 gb n it will cost less to both manufacturer n the consumers, jus another way to fill there money bags i guess.
  • When will it be available internationally (Ireland for me)?
  • I've been watching Apple's with particular interest over the past 6 months in regards to timing and repositioning of their release schedules. An iPhone 5, new iPad AND iPad Mini all at the end of last year made sense, to get all their iOS hardware using the new connector, but it also put all of those devices on to a similar release schedule. New iMacs are also available and we've been informed that new Mac Pros will arrive this year too. This fairly low-key announcement for a 128gb iPad 4 makes it unlikely there will be another big iPad release any time soon... The point is - the first six-eight months of 2013 is very empty for new Apple hardware... it seems to me they've been very carefully orchestrating their time so they have a quiet period now to launch... something new. Could be an interesting Spring...
  • I really doubt it. They're happily now just getting enough supply out to meet demand. We won't see anything new til iOS 7 beta in the spring and the iphone announcement toward the end of that beta. iPads are for Oct/Nov. It was pretty obvious all along, but this release of this new 128gb ipad 4 should tell you not to expect any new ipads til end of year.
  • "We won't see anything new til iOS 7 beta in the spring..." Knock on wood.
  • he said "something new", not "a new iteration of current devices"
  • I like your thought process... makes sense. And hopefully you're right!
  • I want a 128 g
    iPhone 5s
  • Apple charges $300 more for $100 worth of NAND (128GB). Just go check the price of a 128GB SSD. And yet a 64GB microSDXC card is $50. Sigh.
  • Until Apple's customers start complaining, they will continue to get away with that ripoff and to make the kind of profits we saw announced last week.
  • Feeling ya. I'm enraged and bound to stay that way over the ridiculous prices they charge for lightning to 30 pin converters no longer than my hand at the longest you can get. Ever try to hook up an iPad4 to a Sony 30 pin docking station? Good luck with that pitiful excuse they sell.
  • True. Which is exactly why I preach Data Management. Put some stuff you don't need on something else. Delete apps you don't use daily and re download them when needed. Frequent checks of memory usage reveal the true data hogs. Much cheaper than bowing lower than we already are to the Apple gods.
  • Awesome. 128GB local storage. Same 5GB of free iCloud storage.
  • Like anyone is really gonna fork over that kinda cash knowing a new iPad with a different case is due out this year!
  • The nice thing about being an iPad owner is you know the re-sale value is going to be there.. that's what a lot of people who are not Apple lovers tend to forget.. I purchased the 64gb Mini in Black and love it.. I have used 38gb no problem with about 8 high end games, 12 movies, 1,000 youtube downloads, and 105 not so high end games ranging from 658mb down to 15mb so I can enjoy anything I want whenever and wherever I want without the cloud for the next 7 months then I can sell it and get $475.00 of my $529.00 back and go with the latest & greatest this fall.. Content is going HD.. my 8 high end games are 1.5gb - 1.9gb each.. I know I need the space but like someone stated, if you are just a reader then why go beyond the 16gb model that has 13.3gb available for you to use?
  • In a sane world, the iPad would just come with an sD card slot and be done with it. Letting people pay fair market value for flash memory apparently isn't the Apple way.
  • I do think it is alot of money starting at around $799 - This world is so full of all the latest techy things. Do we all have to have the next new latest product out there and at whatever the price maybe.
    I would preffer to spend that sort of money on me kids and I do, but then I'm not a techy person and just giving my two sence worth...No doubt the kids will get me on this one soon enough. This is something I paid four, for my daugther she has been using it to learn how to use her ipad. she said it is helping her to understand her ipad more and more....
  • Before I bought my 32GB ipad I had an Asus Infinity transformer/w 64 gb micro sd card. Investment = 650.00. Now the Transformers gone I have a Nexus 10 32Gb along with my iPad and am doing just fine. Can't see paying 799 plus 10% tax here in Chicago for a 128 gb ipad. Yes I could use more space but not at that price.
  • Now that I've experienced both the iPad 3 and 4 and had time to realize just how limited, invasive , and problematic iOS on the pad can be? The last thing I'm gonna do is shell out more for a bigger storage. iOS needs an overhaul. Even the latest one has serious issues with what it doesn't do. Like my iPhone much better than my pad. It's a glorified tv. But it's great at that one thing I'll admit.