Apple Card won't support exporting data to Mint at launch

What you need to know

  • Apple said Apple Card won't support exporting data to apps like Mint.
  • Apple Card can be managed from the Wallet app on iPhone.
  • Apple Card is now available on a limited basis, with wider availability later this month.

Apple Card is slowly rolling out to iPhone users with an invite, with wider availability expected later this month. Now that the credit card is available in a limited capacity, some important questions are being answered, like whether or not financial information can be exported to other apps.

The answer is no.

In a support document about spending history, Apple details how transactions are categorized and broken down into weekly and monthly views. In the same document Apple specifically mentions Mint.

"Exporting data from Apple Card to a financial app like Mint is not currently supported," Apple says.

Mint is one of the most popular financial apps on the market, giving people tools to set budgets, create goals, and keep track of their spending habits. It can also aggregate information from a number of financial institutions, making it a great service to see everything in one place.

At launch, Apple will only let users see Apple Card data from the Wallet app available for iPhone, keeping your info separate from other services. (An iPad app to manage Apple Card is also rumored.)

Before Apple Card becomes available to more users later this month, check out our guide on how to apply.

Brandon Russell