Apple changes policy, now accepts cash for iPads

Good news for those of you ready to lay down your hard earned cash for a new iPad at your local Apple store. With the help of 7 on Your Side and Dianne Campbell, Apple has overturned their credit and debit card only policy and you are now able to make your iPad purchase with cash and gift cards. The only thing Apple would like you to do for them is set up your Apple account in-store.

"As of today, anyone can pay for an iPad with cash as long as they set up their Apple account at the store. Apple accounts are needed for the iPad anyway, so that is not putting anyone out."

Originally it was thought this policy was set in place to make sure iPads did not end up on the black market but Apple claims this was not the case rather just a simple way to make sure the devices were fairly distributed during high demand.

[7 on Your Side via Mac Rumors]

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