Apple confirm there is no delay to iPad 2 launch in the UK (and internationally?)

Despite recent fears and rumors about a possible delay, the iPad 2 will still be released on Friday March 25... in the United Kingdom at least. UK tech site TechRadar managed to squeeze some confirmation out of the usually tight lipped Apple.

Everything that is on the website still holds true.

Well the good news is the UK Apple website clearly shows the release data as March 25. Most of the rumors stemmed from the Apple Czech Republic site, which clearly showed the release had slipped to April 25th. This appears to have been a typo; the Czech Republic site has now changed back to March 25 too.

We're still waiting on official confirmation from Apple regarding what time exactly online and in-store purchasing will begin

Are any of our international readers planning on hitting the Apple Store on Friday to grab an iPad 2? Let us know in the comments!



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